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Remington Big Buck Trophy Hunt

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Title Screen

Remington Big Buck Trophy Hunt

Developer: Stellar Stone
Publisher: GameMill Publishing
Platform: Windows
Released in US: August 2002

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Unused Graphics

Alternate Title Screen

Remingtonbuck Back1.png

Back1.bmp is an alternate version of the title screen, with a different logo and deer image.

Ten Commandments

Hey, you need to learn somehow.

10com.bmp is an unused screen teaching you about firearm safety, because why not. This particular variation is the one used by Remington in product manuals.


Remingtonbuck AmmoInfo.png

AmmoInfo.bmp is a crudely drawn box probably meant to display ammo. In the game, ammo is displayed over nothing.


There are five reflection images. The first is an image of a road, the second is a stock photo of the ocean (note the watermark), and the other three are an image of the sky with various Photoshop filters applied.


Taxiracer EnvMap.png

EnvMap.bmp is an unused environmental map. It comes from the DirectX SDK and is the interior of the Microsoft building. It can be found in a few of Stellar Stone's other games.


Is it a dog? Is it a goat? Is it a llama?

Skin5.bmp is a texture for a... creature. Whatever it is, it's unused.

Unused Text

At 88508 in the executable is some placeholder text for each map's description.

Map Area 1 description
Map Area 2 description
Map Area 3 description
Map Area 4 description
Map Area 5 description
Map Area 6 description

Error Messages

Throughout the executable are a few interesting error messages.

Shit happens
Removing unnecessary terrain nodes (detail factor = 25)...
There's no options to changes
$o, yeah!$