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Return to Castle Wolfenstein (PC)

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Title Screen

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Developers: Gray Matter Interactive (Singleplayer), Nerve Software (Multiplayer), Splash Damage (Game of the Year multiplayer maps), Timothee Besset (Linux), Aspyr Media (Mac)
Publishers: Activision (Windows/Linux), Aspyr Media (Mac), Bethesda Softworks (Current releases)
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS Classic, Mac OS X, Linux
Released in US: November 19, 2001
Released in EU: November 30, 2001

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Well, Jack. Have we heard anything?
Yes sir, we've just received a coded transmission from the T.C.R.F. It seems they have discovered some un-utilized assets hidden within the refurbished Castle Wolfenstein.


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Notes and whatnot that never get to be read.

Regional Differences

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Regional Differences
No swastikas may be featured in German singleplayer.

Revisional Differences

So very stubbly.
This page is rather stubbly and could use some expansion.
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Notes: Apart from the Collector's Edition released alongside the original v1.0, two additional editions were released in 2002 and 2004, respectively.


  • Fixed zombie clients filling spaces on servers left running for more than 24 hours.
  • Fixed Lieutenant grenade spamming: the bug allowing Lieutenants to throw grenades while looking through binoculars.
  • Fixed issue with loading single-player maps fixed: There were many problems caused by launching single-player maps in multiplayer since they were not intended for multiplayer use. It is no longer possible to launch single-player maps from within a Multiplayer game.
  • Fixed various server stability issues that caused crashes when left on for more than 24 hours. These fixes should greatly increase the potential number of servers available on a daily basis.
  • Added link to easily find future updates: This new link would allow checking in with www.CastleWolfenstein.com to view any additional updates, maps, and other official downloads.
  • Added Voice-Chat abuse fix:
    • The max number of voice chats players can issue within 30 seconds was defaulted to 4. Every time a voice-chat is issued, it looks back 30 seconds to make sure the client hasn't already issued the maximum number in that time period. Having for instance repeatedly hit "VRA", the client will get four "I need ammo!" calls in a row, and from then on, it will only issue one every 8 seconds with the default setting. This allows for normal usage of voice-chats, but not allow someone to just continually holler requests a dozen times in a row (which is generally hated). Servers that wish to change the setting can toggle the new cvar g_voiceChatsAllowed, defaulting at 4. The number given is how many voice-chats within 30 seconds. A higher number will allow for more chats, while a lower number will allow even less.



  • Fixed a corruption caused by leaving the Flamethrower or Tesla Gun idle on some cards.
  • Fixed a problem where hitting the "default" button in the Options menu made it impossible to load old saves.
  • Enhanced support for ATI Truform: More options are added and the potential for more visible improvement. When it's active, users can select different degrees from the Options menu.
  • Some translations were tweaked and a few problems with the menus were fixed.
  • Miscellaneous optimizations and fixes for minor issues that had been uncovered since release of the game.
  • Owners of Matrox G400 and G500 families can now enable GL Extensions in the Options menu.


Many minor issues uncovered since release of the v1.1 patch were cleaned up. Below are some of the more significant ones squashed.

  • Allow Download for multiplayer assets: Players can now turn on "Allow Downloads" from the MULTIPLAYER SETUP menu. This will allow downloading new maps, sound files, and PAK files directly from game servers so as not to require users needing to search the web for these user-created maps.
  • A few bugs with the Flamethrower were fixed: it is no longer possible to get the flame to travel through geometry, nor is it possible to multiply damage by bouncing the flame off multiple surfaces, nor will it be possible to prolong flame by chatting.
  • Fixed a bug that caused objective items like documents in doorways to be removed upon doors closing.
  • Picking up a weapon is no longer a quick reload. (It was discovered that players dropping and picking up a weapon was faster than reloading it.)
  • The power bar charge is no longer retained after dying and being revived on the battlefield.
  • Players are no longer kicked when out of lives due to "inactivity timer": It was discovered that people in a "Max Lives" game could use up all their lives, and then be kicked by the server due to inactivity.
  • Public messages no longer echo.
  • Fixed a visual bug that was caused when a medic revived players on or near large moving objects.
  • Some translations were tweaked and some problems in the menus were fixed.
  • Nvidia GeForce owners can now switch the fog type under the OPTIONS / GAME OPTIONS from the main menu, or in-game using the OPTIONS menu.
  • Owners of Matrox G400 & G500 families can now enable GL Extensions in the Options menu.

Multiplayer additions

  • An auto-updater was added to allow automatically downloading future updates to the game. It only works for the multiplayer mode.
    • If there is an update available, players will see an additional button added to the multiplayer main menu. Clicking on it would allow downloading and installing updates, following by restarting the game. The Auto-Updater would only be used to fix bugs and problems found after release.
  • PunkBuster support!
    • PunkBuster was an automatically self-updating anti-cheat software system. The PunkBuster system is designed to hold all participants accountable by scanning the game computers looking for known cheats, game hacks, and exploits similar to the way antivirus software would scan a computer looking for a virus. PunkBuster is optional, but without it players will not be able to play multiplayer on PunkBuster-enabled servers.
  • "Ice" multiplayer map added: It allows for both objective play as well as a checkpoint mode.


Additional support for MODs, community-created free modifications of the game. Sometimes these add new story elements, new game types in multiplayer, or a wholly new game built on top of RtCW. The MOD button allows for easily switching between different installed MODs. This new button is found under Options in both Single and Multiplayer.


  • Fixed bugs introduced in v1.30 related to reviving players and teleportation, or warping, on certain maps. These issues were a byproduct of a fix for reviving players on and around script movers (the giant doors in mp_assault, for example).


  • Enhanced support for ATI Truform technology.
  • Added the Multiplayer map "Tram Siege".
  • Added support for moving objects such as trams.

Game Of The Year Edition

Released in 2002 as v1.33, the Windows and Linux versions add, in addition to Ice and Tram Siege in previous patches, five new multiplayer maps (Trenchtoast, Chateau, Keep, The Damned, and Rocket). The Mac version doesn't officially come with these, but they and non-GOTY owners can download these maps for free by manually installing the .pk3 files.


Fixes brought on starting with this revision only focus on multiplayer mode.

  • Fixed a bug where the person revived by a medic would be "stuck" to that medic.
  • Improved the PunkBuster WebTool: additional features for the PunkBuster WebTool for server admins.
  • New Cvars
    • g_axismaxlives and g_alliedmaxlives, which superscede g_maxlives when set. Used for setting maxlives independently for each team.
    • g_fastres 1 (defaults to 0) - Player instantly gets up, is instantly mobile, but is only invulnerable for 1 second vs. 3 seconds previously.
    • g_enforcemaxlives 1 (defaults to 1) - When a client enters a game, their IP gets added to a list. Any IP that is on the list is banned from connecting until the next round starts. This is to prevent people from disconnecting and reconnecting to get by the maxlives limitation.
    • listmaxlivesip (debug console command) - Prints the current list of clients whose IPs are being enforced with maxlives.


  • Soldiers and lieutenants can no longer drop their weapon while holding the grenade: doing so would result in them losing all weapon functionality when doing this while throwing a grenade.
  • Engineers can no longer lose weapons by leaning while dropping dynamite.
  • Using /kill while at MG42 forced player to stay in MG42 animation mode after respawn.
  • Fixed buffer overflow crash caused by a long say command.
  • Addressed some minor flamethrower exploits.
  • Addressed some minor air strike exploits.
  • Prevented centerview exploit on sniper rifle.
  • Limbo chat now wraps.
  • Lieutenant ammo pack now gives 8 Colt/Luger rounds.
  • No longer gets impure client if connecting to server during map change.


  • Weapon prediction enhancement for multiplayer games:
    • Hitscan weapons (such as Pistols, Light Machine Guns, and Rifles) have been balanced for connection latency, leveling the playing field between those on modems and players with a faster connection. Additional checking ensures that people on fast connections don’t get shot once they’ve already hidden themselves from a modem user.
  • Multiplayer Browser:
    • Server "Ping" text colors have been changed to yellow or white. This will help determine the servers that have enabled the Anti-lag weapon prediction enhancement.
    • White "Ping" servers mean that Anti-lag weapon prediction is ON.
    • Yellow "Ping" servers means that Anti-lag weapon prediction is OFF.
  • Filter Servers Button:
    • Allows players to sort Anti-lag servers via a filter option. Players can now toggle the "Show Antilag" field to Both, Yes, or No.
      • Both - Shows servers ALL servers regardless of Anti-lag settings.
      • Yes - Shows only servers with Anti-lag weapon prediction set to "1" which is on.
      • No - Shows only servers with Anti-lag weapon prediction set to "0" which is off.
  • In-Game Options Menu:
    • Now has a Server Info button that gives you the current settings of anti-lag within your game. This gives players an in-game method of determining whether Weapon Prediction is on/off.
  • New PunkBuster commands for improved admin control.
  • Improved speed for AutoDownload feature.
  • Added "Auto-Reload" option, selectable in the menu or the Cvar command \cg_autoReload.
  • Added ability to add web links for users to get more info about mods, maps, and servers.
  • Added voting configuration.
  • Added in-game server info in options menu:
    • Go to mod URL: Should point to the homepage of the mod (if provided).
    • Go to server URL: Should point to the homepage for the game server. NOTE: By clicking on the "Go to server URL" button, you will exit your current Wolfenstein session.
    • The server info popup and the server connection error diagnostic screen show quick jump buttons to those URLs if defined.
  • Improved Message of the Day (MOTD) support.
  • Added team-based max lives.


  • Fixed a vulnerability letting a malicious client download files from a server if auto download is enabled (sv_allowDownload 1).
  • Fixed allowing a malicious server to exploit a buffer overflow to execute a shellcode on connecting clients.