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Rhythm Tengoku (Arcade)

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Title Screen

Rhythm Tengoku

Developers: Sega AM2, Nintendo SPD Group No. 1, J.P Room Recordings
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Arcade (Sega NAOMI)
Released in JP: September 20, 2007

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

When the GBA version of Rhythm Tengoku was popular with the staff of Sega, they approached Nintendo for an offer to make a port for arcade systems. It's still the very same rhythm game as you know it, but there's some new additions such as a Multiplayer mode, and an Extra Stage consisting of "high speed, no less!" rhythm games based on Stage 1's games, along with some visual changes for each of them.

It's also notable for being one of the very few games developed by both Nintendo and Sega.

To do:
  • Investigate into the game's files for unused content, such as leftovers from the GBA version of the game.
  • See if there is a debug menu like in the GBA version.
  • Check for unused sprites with Flycast. A few games that have some are:
    • Rhythm Tweezers
    • Mahou Tsukai (Wizard's Waltz)
    • Showtime
    • Bunny Hop
    • Space Dance
    • Hanabi (Fireworks)
    • Ninja Bodygaurd
    • Toss Boys
    • Tap Trial
    • There are also unused greek and cyrillic characters in the game's font.
  • Make sure to check all variations of each game as well.

Rhythm Tengoku KarateMan Icon.png Karate Man

Tempo Up!


An unfilled heart for the Flow Meter that goes unused, as there's no color being filled in it.

RTARCKMTUUnusedEnglishText.png RTARCKMTUUnusedSmallAButton.png

Unused English text prompting you to press the A button, and a smaller version of the A button intended for the tutorial. These are never used in-game.

RhythmTengokuTCTicon.png The Clappy Trio


A possible placeholder sprite of one of the Trio's members.


Red text to indicate that the player is marked as "You" in English.


Ears meant for The Clappy Trio.


An exclamation mark.

RhythmTengoku Snappy Icon.png The Snappy Trio

RTA Snappy Italic Exclamation.png

An exclamation mark which is in italics.

RTA Snappy Hat2.png

A hat different from the one used in game, this one being a top hat.

RTA Snappy Four.png

A four which goes unused because we never get to see four on the floor.

RTA Snappy Wig.png

An unused wig that The Clappy Trio was meant to wear.

Rhythm Tengoku NightWalk Icon.png Night Walk

RTA Unused PlayYan.png

Unused sprites where Play-Yan crouches, stands, squats, blinks and possibly runs, alongside a faceless Play-Yan.

RTA Unused DuckAndCrab.png

Unused sprites of a duck and a crab, which are also present in the original GBA version.

RRTA Unused BubbleAndNote.png

Unused sprites of a speech bubble and a note.

MarchingOrders icon GBA.png Marching Orders


RhythmTengoku Unused tempoup nohelmet.png

A TEMPO UP! squadmate with no helmet. Their hair mostly goes unseen in-game.


Japanese text to mark the player as "You", but without its metallic box.


Gray text to indicate that the player is marked as "You" in English, similar to The Clappy Trio.

RhythmTengoku Quiz Icon.png Quiz Show

RTA Quiz UnusedNumbers.png

These numbers are most likely a leftover from the original game's Quiz SP.

RhythmTengokuR1icon.png Remix 1

Unused Music

To do:
Which ones are used?

There are unused portions of Remix 1's music in the sound files, but they go unused here apart from the starting portion, as some were later repurposed for Remix 7.

RhythmTengokuR2icon.png Remix 2

Unused Music

Unused portions of Remix 2's music are also in the sound files.

RhythmTengokuR4icon.png Remix 4

Unused Music

Remix 4 also has unused portions of its music in the sound files too.

RTArcadeRemix1TempoUpicon.png Remix 1 TEMPO UP!

Unused Music

Just like the GBA Remixes 1, 2, and 4 in the GBA version, there are unused portions of Remix 1 TEMPO UP!'s music that are never used in-game.