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Risk (Commodore 64, Virgin Games)

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Title Screen


Developer: Gang of Five
Publisher: Virgin Games
Platform: Commodore 64
Released in US: 1989
Released in EU: 1988

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.

Developer Messages

In the .D64 dump, there's a message that can be found starting at hex address 16700. It is stored in PETSCII upper/lower case format, where lowercase is stored from 41 to 5A, and uppercase is stored 80 characters later from C1 to DA (in hex, obviously). The messages are stored across the unused sectors in the directory track, at the beginning of each sector. The remaining bytes of each sector are filled with 00. The data on disk does not contain any CR characters, new lines represent one space unless noted otherwise on the previous line.

Track 18, sector 2

Virgin publishing ltd. holds the copyright to this disk!!! <2 spaces>
if you are a hacker phone 727-8070 and ask for ext. 3201 and say "garfield"

Track 18, sector 3

If you liked this game I recomend that you play "Diplomacy" on the IBM-PC
(thats an honest and unbiased recommendation as I didn't write it!!!) <9 spaces>
love and kisses,from Tony Smith.

Track 18, sector 4

Nichole would have left a message for all you hackers out there but she couldn't be bothered!!!
(personally I think she couldn't come up with anything that she considered worth saying!)

Track 18, sector 5

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding this game then
keep them to yourself, after eight months I'm sick of Risk and any thing
to do with it!!!

Track 18, sectors 6 through 18


The last line is repeated a few more times before ending, once per sector, for the rest of track 18 (which has 19 sectors, the above numbers are zero-based). The copy of this text in sector 18 has the first H replaced by the byte 1F. It should also be noted that it's supposed to be "THAT'S ALL FOLKS!!!", but the above text is straight from the original disk which does retain the typo.