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Risky Woods (Genesis)

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Title Screen

Risky Woods

Also known as: Jashin Draxos (JP)
Developers: Dinamic Software, Zeus Software
Publishers: Electronic Arts Victor (JP), Electronic Arts (US/EU)
Platform: Genesis
Released in JP: February 19, 1993
Released in US: 1992
Released in EU: 1992

LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Risky Woods, aka Jashin Draxos (邪神ドラクソス, Evil God Draxos), is an action-platformer game about a young man wandering the world, throwing daggers and other things at demons, freeing powerful monks from stone, and matching wits with guardians who serve the evil god Draxos. This particular port makes some rather drastic changes from the Amiga game, making it feel and play like a somewhat-different game.

Unique Features

Amiga Genesis
Ready for an adventure! Ready for a pilgrimage!

Though the storyline and core gameplay remains the same, Rohan's sprite was drastically changed from adventurer's gear to something more "saintly." Presumably, this was done to tie him more closely to the old monks he has to rescue – who are mentioned in the manual of every port. Rohan's map and ending graphics are also changed to match.

Amiga Genesis
Even holy men need currency... ... and scale mail armor, maybe?

Rather than collect coins, Rohan collects "Armor Links." Upon collecting 33 or more of these Armor Links...

"I feel much stronger." "I feel like I'm asking to be mugged."

... Rohan receives a major upgrade to his defense in the form of Silver Armor. This reduces the damage he takes by half. Collecting a total of 67 or more then gives him the Gold Armor which makes him invincible to enemy attacks. Just like with Coins in the computer versions, though, Links can be lost by being hit or falling into pits. Losing enough Links will degrade the armor.

Amiga Genesis
Draxos watches from afar... Do as I say, not as I do!

Instead of simple Door Eyes blocking the player's path, the Sega 16-bit versions uses Gatekeepers. Gatekeepers, unlike Door Eyes, will challenge the player to a memory skill game where they must input a series of D-Pad presses before they can continue.

Amiga Genesis
Shiny and kind of creepy. Just plain shiny.

The keys for the Gatekeepers still come in two parts, but their sprites have also been changed. However, they can no longer be infinitely used to clear the screen of enemies. This functionality was changed into a power-up.

Other Changes

  • There are no Shoppes in the game. Instead, the player can gain upgrades via items dropped by the Gatekeepers.
  • Curiously, this is the only version of Risky Woods that allows players to upgrade the Knife – the default weapon which gets permanently replaced when buying another weapon – without hacking.
  • Levels don't end automatically. Instead, the player must enter the Exit portal – which were Shoppe portals in other versions.
  • Skulls are no longer power-downs but instead a screen-clearing "smart bomb" that the player can use at any time. Different armor levels provide different strengths of attack ranging from a quick flash to several earthquakes.

Level Select

Risky Woods Genesis Level Select.png

Get a high score (minimum 10,000 points), then enter EOA as a name. The level select will replace the sound test in the options menu.

Regional Differences

International Japan
Risky Woods-font1.png Jashin Draxos-font1.png

Unsurprisingly, the Japanese version uses a blander font for many things, such as the HUD, copyright statements and high scores.