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RoboSport (Mac OS Classic)

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Title Screen


Developer: Maxis
Publishers: Maxis (US), Ocean (EU), Imagineer (JP)
Platform: Mac OS Classic
Released in JP: April 1992
Released in US: March 27, 1991
Released in EU: 1991

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

In RoboSport, each player gives a team of robots exact orders in advance: where to move, when to duck, how long to bombard that alley with automatic weapons fire. When the round begins, all robots simultaneously execute orders until disabled. Will your plan survive contact with the enemy?


RoboSport (Mac OS Classic) - Player Debug.png

The RoboPlayer application (for watching recorded gameplay movies) contains this inaccessible menu.

RoboSport (Mac OS Classic) - Game Debug.png

The equivalent in the main RoboSport executable has one extra command, "Debug Seed"...

RoboSport (Mac OS Classic) - Seed.png

...and a dialog box that would have let you manually supply a seed value to the random number generator.


Also present are some remnants of a level editor:

RoboSport (Mac OS Classic) - MapEdit.png

RoboSport (Mac OS Classic) - MapSize.png

RoboSport (Mac OS Classic) - Add Tiles.png