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Romance of the Three Kingdoms II (NES)

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Title Screen

Romance of the Three Kingdoms II

Also known as: Sangokushi II (JP)
Developer: Koei
Publisher: Koei
Platform: NES
Released in JP: November 2, 1990
Released in US: September 1991

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Unused Graphics


001C: Hua Tuo 00B2: Sima Hui 00BF: Xu Zijiang
ROT3K II portrait 1C.png ROT3K II portrait B2.png ROT3K II portrait BF.png

Unused portraits for the physician Hua Tuo and the advisors Sima Hui and Xu Zijiang. These three figures appeared in the PC version of this game, but in the NES and other console ports Hua Tuo was replaced by his medical book and the roles of the other two were folded into your appointed advisor.

Portrait Parts

Like other Koei simulation games, generals who aren't important enough to have a unique hand-drawn portrait have portraits composed from mix-and-match parts. In this game, the portrait parts are divided into 8 sets with each set containing 4 upper faces, 4 lower faces, 4 pairs of eyes, 4 noses and 4 mouths. A few of the available parts aren't used by any general's portrait:

Set No. Part Part No. Graphic
1 Upper 2 ROT3K II set 1 upper 2.png
6 Lower 1 ROT3K II set 6 lower 1.png
6 Nose 3
ROT3K II set 6 nose 3.png
7 Lower 1 ROT3K II set 7 lower 1.png
7 Mouth 1
ROT3K II set 7 mouth 1.png

Nobunaga's Ambition II Leftovers

CHR ROM areas 0x47810-0x47FFF, 0x4B7F0-0x4BFFF and 0x57890-0x57FFF (all offsets in a headered .nes ROM image) contain leftover graphics from Nobunaga's Ambition II.

Also, in the Japanese Revision 1 ROM only, unused areas of PRG ROM are filled with data from the corresponding position in CHR ROM (in the Revision 0 and US ROMs, unused areas are filled with 0 or 0xFF instead).

Unused Text

In the Japanese version, the names of the items that you may obtain as "war spoils" upon capturing a province are stored in the ROM both as double-byte Shift-JIS text with kanji, and as single-byte kana-only text. Only the single-byte kana names are ever displayed; the double-byte names contain characters that aren't even present in the game's font.

Kanji (unused) Kana (used) Name in US version
孟徳新書 もうとくしんしょ Meng De's new treatise
孫子の兵法書 そんしのへいほうしょ Sun Tzu's war manual
太平要術の書 たいへいようじゅつのしょ Book of Heaven
青�の剣 せいこうのけん Luminous sword
倚天の剣 いてんのけん Sword of Trust
七星の剣 しちせいのけん Seven Stars' sword
青竜の剣 せいりゅうのけん Black Dragon's sword
芙蓉姫 ふようひめ A Ruby
大喬 だいきょう A Pearl
小喬 しょうきょう A Jade
芻氏 すうし An Emerald
弓腰姫 きゅうようき A Sapphire
赤兎馬 せきとば The Red Hare
的盧 てきろ Black Lightning
華陀の医学書 かだのいがくしょ Hua Tuo's medical book
玉璽 ぎょくじ Ruler's seal

The second character in 青�の剣 is encoded as a gaiji (system-specific character) but there is no corresponding character in the game's font table. Based on the context and reading, it is almost certainly supposed to be 釭. 青釭 (Qīnggāng) was the name of the sword Zhao Yun captured from Xiahou En at the Battle of Changban in the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms; the sword appears in many Koei games, usually translated as "Sword of Light".

Regional Differences

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War Spoils

Japan US
Sangokushi II spoils.png ROT3K II spoils.png

In the Japanese version, the category of war spoils that raise a general's Charm ability is "women". In the US version (as well as in more recent Japanese ports of this game on handheld consoles and mobile phones) these were changed to "jewels".

Sound Effects

The Japanese version plays melodic sound effects using the MMC5 sound channels. The US version plays them on one of the internal sound channels instead (although both versions of the game use the same mapper, the NES doesn't support audio input from the cartridge slot).

(Source: FCEUX bug report)

Revisional Differences

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Shen Rong's Loyalty

Japan Revision 0 Japan Revision 1 US
The result of brainwashing? Sangokushi II (PRG1) Shen Rong.png ROT3K II Shen Rong.png

In the original Revision 0 revision, in Scenario 2 Yuan Shao's general Shen Rong starts with a normally impossible loyalty score of 255. It was corrected in Revision 1 and the US version (note that the difference between the Japan Revision 1 and US screenshots is due to random fluctuation, not a version difference).

Text Differences

Japan Revision 0 Japan Revision 1 US
Sangokushi II (PRG0) Han Kai.png Sangokushi II (PRG1) Huan Kai.png At least they got his surname right.

In the original Revision 0 revision, the name of the general 桓楷 (Huán Kǎi) was incorrectly written as 韓楷 (Hán Kǎi). It was corrected in the Revision 1 revision. In the US version, his name was mistranslated as Huan Cheng (again, the difference in loyalty between the screenshots is due to random fluctuation).

Japan Revision 0 Japan Revision 1 US
Sangokushi II (PRG0) withdraw.png Sangokushi II (PRG1) withdraw.png ROT3K II withdraw.png

When you go to withdraw a general whom you have sent as a spy to an enemy province, the Revision 0 revision displays the ungrammatical message だれをてったいますか. It was corrected in Revision 1 to だれをてったいさせますか (Withdraw whom?)