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Rugrats: Search for Reptar

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Title Screen

Rugrats: Search for Reptar

Developer: n-Space
Publisher: THQ
Platform: PlayStation
Released in US: October 31, 1998
Released in EU: November 1998

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

DevelopmentIcon.png This game has a development article

The first Rugrats game. The Rugrats are on a quest to find Reptar (particularly Tommy's Reptar puzzle). You find pieces from random places by playing minigames.


Read about development information and materials for this game.
Development Info

Unused Graphics

E3 Demo Leftover


E3SCR512.BS contains a leftover screen from the E3 demo version. It seems to be from a fairly early build, as the game is just called "Rugrats 3D Adventure" at this point.

Early Company Logos

RugratsReptarN-space.png RugratsReptarTHQ.png RugratsReptarNick.png

The game has animated logos for n-Space, THQ, and Nickelodeon. These still image logos differ from the final designs. Interestingly, the Nickelodeon logo was recycled and used for the second PlayStation game, Studio Tour.

Unused Music


DATA\SOUND\SEPS\INTRO.SEQ is a peculiar sequence that does not sound like something from Rugrats, and may be leftover from something else. It also has a duplicate called INTRO.OLD.


BRAZIL.SEP contains two unused music sequences, neither of which have the proper sample data, so will be presented as MIDI files.

A four and a half minute long samba song based on Aquarela do Brasil

A short rendition of Stayin' Alive by The Bee Gees.


An unknown jazzy tune.

Another unknown jazzy tune.

A rendition of Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 by Franz Liszt.

An unknown janky tune.


An unused tune intended for Circus Angelicus.


An unfinished sounding victory tune.

Unused Voices

Take 593

In DATA\SOUND\XA\DB08.ISF is where all the game's speech is. In this take, you can hear Cheryl Chase read the take number 593 at the beginning. This does not play in-game.

Unused Areas

The Return of Mr. Friend

MrFriend2.png MrFriend3.png MrFriend1.png

An unused level is in the game's coding, which is a sequel to The Mysterious Mr. Friend. Upon defeating Mr. Friend, he falls apart and disappears, but no cutscene plays, so you're stuck until you quit to the main menu. There are also two unused items in here; a daytime version of Tommy's Airplane, which you can see a dark version of in "Let There Be Light", and a push-ball-popper toy. Both items can be held and carried like normal items.

Be Bad

An unused level titled "Be Bad" is in the game's coding (level ID 19). However, if you try to load it, the game crashes. The level ID takes place between "Egg Hunt" and "No More Cookies", both of which were minigames, which implies "Be Bad" was also going to be a minigame stage, versus a full level.

Ice Cream Mountain

Another unused level is titled "Ice Cream Mountain", and crashes upon loading. The final game has a separate level titled "Ice Cream Mountain Hole One" for the actual mini-golf minigame, so it's unknown if the original Ice Cream Mountain was going to be a full adventure stage. The unused version has a level ID that's in the same area as other adventure stages, as opposed to the minigames.

Unused Videos

In DATA/OPEN are duplicates of each video, ending with a B. They are all just a black and grey square for 7 seconds.


Developer Messages

In one of the level folders (DB19) is a file titled "Q.DAT". Below are the contents.

"Bob put your teeth back in, I can't understand you!" - DJ

"Why Stacy, You're a married Woman!"
"So, like that means anything....." - Keith & Stacy

"I once had an 8:30 to 4:30 job..." - Bob

"Why aren't the feathers working?"
"Just sit on it, Bob."             - DJ & Bob

"Well, everything's ok except the lobsters keep burying themselves"
"That's normal anthropod behavior, leave it in!"                      - Keith & Tim

"Is Chuckie supposed to be break dancing like that?" - Kathleen

"I'm not blaming you, just your species" - Keith talking to one of the Artists

"Have your bags been in your possesion all morning?"
"Unfortunately, Yes." - Dan coming back from E3

"Haven't we already done a game that stinks?" - Scott talking about adding fragrence technology

"Do it for the children." - Bob

"Rugrats Racing, Rugrats Bowling, Rugrats Football; damn Look out EX Sports!"

"No Bob, if I were trying to trick you, I'd do something much simpler" - Woz

"Hey Scott? What hole are you in?" - Bob

"A couple more milestones, and we'll all be riding around in Limos!" - Bob

"The Art staff here, stays very restricted to the confines of the software"
"BWhahahahahahahahhaahha" - Bob & the Programmers

"That's an awefully big putter Tommy has." - Bob

"It's only 1 am, I'm going home. I'm only working a half day today" - Bob

"Your lips say 'No' but your scent says 'Yes'" - Scott

"I'm serious, this time. " - Dave

"Scott, you didn't just say beret & cool in the same sentance did you?" - Keith

"It's not the size of the pencil, it's the size of the pen." - Scott

"Are we really sure about this 3d concept" - Unknown (2 months from ship date)

"Show us puck monkeys what we need to do here" - Bob

"What do you have to do to become a producer?"
"Fail at everything you've ever attempt"     - Brad & Scott

"Everyone seems so defensive today"
"You shut up!" - Keith & Jason

"Hey Woz, why's there a puzzle piece stuck to Tommy's butt?"
"Is this a trick question?" - Bob & Woz

"If it involves me dressing up like Chuckie -- The answer is NO!" - Kathleen

"Keith, if you ever get married, don't show your wife how to use ICX" - Scott

"Dave, you're a sad little man." - Bob

"Bob, what universe do you live in?" - Woz

"That's not that 3 week old pizza that was sitting by the dumpster is it?"
"I wouldn't care...." - Jason & Dan

"I've wasted money on stupider things, I'll go!" - Scott

"The other thing I'd be interested in adding just before October 1st is....." - Bob

"Boz is looking at it with Wob." - Keith

"Would you like a drink with your order? -- I'm practicing..." - Bob

"Brad, you drive like a drunk 90 year old." - Dave


"So why is mine so much slower than yours?"
"Genetics."   - Scott & Keith

"I like the fat one --- I like the big huge fat one." - DJ

"I just spent about 15 mins trying to figure out what the g'head program is." - Bob

"Just slap me around a little bit...."
"Be careful what you wish for, Bob."      - Bob & Keith

"Oh Mamma!"   - Fred

"It's my mom Bob, she says to leave me alone." - Kathleen

"Repitition is the mother of skill."
"WHAT!!??!"				- Bob & Everyone

"Gene, Shove it in your soundcard!" - John

"I'm getting excited, where's my helmet!?" - Jym

"Hey Bob, I fixed your wife.. I was in Darla, I took it out." - Scott

"So basically last week, he rewrote the entire sound code from the
hardware up, What did you do for me?" - Erick to Gene

"Keith, your posture is horrid..."  -- Chris Otto
"That isn't horrid, it's a quarter-Spencer with a twist."  -- Erick

"Good Luck to VV, they're going to need it." -- John


  • The music for the last section of "Toy Palace" is named MRFRIEND, indicating the track may have been originally intended for that level.