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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky

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Title Screen

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky

Developer: GSC Game World
Publisher: Deep Silver
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: September 15, 2008 (Steam)
Released in JP: September 28, 2008
Released in US: September 15, 2008
Released in EU: September 5, 2008
Released in RU: August 22, 2008

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky is a prequel to S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, placing you in the muddied boots of Scar, a mercenary who finds himself affiliated with Clear Sky, a secret scientific research group.

Its development cycle was considerably less protracted than the original game, so there isn't as much in the way of prototypes or cut content, but there's still a lot of stuff buried in the files...

To do:
  • Look through all.spawn cut content. They were documented by Decane in SRP.
  • Check regional differences. I've checked only sounds and only in English version, but there might be more.
  • Look through unused scripts or that stuff.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Unused Audio
Dialogues, anomaly sounds. All kinds of things you can't hear.
Unused Locations
Bits and pieces of what were once locations intended for demonstrational needs. And some actual cut ones, too!
Version Differences
There were a lot of patches to fix bugs, though they altered other stuff as well.
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl Leftovers
Including SoC cut content that was unused in SoC. Not that there is too many of that stuff, just that it's too boring to cover on the main page.
Test and Debug
A whole lot of content that was never intended to make it into the game, just used for testing and debugging.

Unused Cutscenes

Failing Lefty's Quest

During Sakharov's quest "Meet Lefty's group", you're tasked with protecting Lefty and his team from harm. However, they're all set to be invulnerable in the game's files, so they receive no damage. Even if Scar does nothing the whole time, the quest still counts as being completed.

If you poke around the game configs and remove invulnerability from Lefty's squad, then launch the game and allow Lefty to die (either by your hand or by letting the zombies get him), an unused cutscene will trigger: one of Lefty's squad members will shout about the facility going out of control, and the screen will shake and turn yellow (like when a psi-emission happens). Then the player will start to take damage and will likely eventually die. If Lefty died by your hand, the rest of his squad will turn hostile but won't actively try to attack you.

One interesting thing is that this behavior will start at any point of the quest, even if Lefty gets killed before talking to you and before approaching the valves. However, it gets disabled once the quest is completed - killing Lefty after this point does nothing.

The ability for Lefty to die was clearly removed intentionally, probably because he died too often (triggering the mission failure event) even before approaching the valves, or possibly to make the mission easier to complete.

Here are the files to test this (vanilla, any version/patch):

Download.png Download Failable Lefty Quest
File: Stalker_cs_sequence_unlocked.rar (9,37kb) (info)
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Quests

Documents at the military base

Stalker cs additional quest 1 pic.png

A cut quest labelled as esc_additional_quest_1. There is not much info: name and description of the quest (which are the same), as well as one crate in all.spawn that has been labeled as esc_additional_quest_1_box. Judging by the name of the quest, it should have the documents in it. There is no information on questgiver, reward, as well as documents. One of the game late desdocs mentions a quest given in rookie village which involves stealing some PDA from the military outpost, but it's not clear whether it's the same quest.

Even though military base is mentioned, the actual target is the southern military outpost at Cordon. The box is located on the shelf of the second floor of the checkpoint.

The box was later renamed to esc_recover_item_4_corpse and reused as storage for a special medkit in one of v1.5.03's new quests.

Capture the stalker base

A huge quest involving taking an alternate path in getting back Sid's loot. Seems like there is a clear reason Sidorovich says to get his case no matter how...

The quest started in Khaletsky's dialogue. When he asks how much would it cost to eliminate the snipers on railway bridge (which are not there in vanilla, by the way), your only option is to say it's too expensive for such a rat as Khaletsky. However, there seemed to be a way to agree to help him. The phrase itself, unfortunately, is not in the game's files, however, Khaletsky's reply has been saved:

Daaamn... I bet my left nut it was Sidorovich! I knew he'd eventually try pulling deals behind my back. And he sure picked a good time to stab me in the back!... Oh, well, life's never been fair and never will. Listen, two army squads are ready to attack, one at the depot and another at the mill. They are under the command of Sokolov from the depot. Go to him and let him know I'm alive and well because stalkers don't have the guts to kill me. Tell him to begin the assault.

That (likely) was supposed to give an otherwise unused infoportion esc_actor_mission_military_comm that disallowed any possible way to continue the quest as a loner. If you spoke to Valerian, he'd just say this:

What the hell are we going to do about the commander?...

And speaking to Khaletsky again would (again, likely, since prerequirements did not survive the purge) give you this message:

Of course, my men worship their commander! They will die for me without a second thought!

Meet the ensign

Anyway, at this point on a hill north of vehicle station (not the vehicle station itself as mentioned by Khaletsky), Makeshift encampment, internally known as esc_smart_terrain_7_10, two military squads will spawn, esc_smart_terrain_7_10_military_2_squad_1_miss and esc_smart_terrain_7_10_military_2_squad_2_miss. It's known there was planned to be esc_prapor, who is Sokolov mentioned in the dialogue, and the first quest, "Meet the ensign" will start. You will have to speak with him, however, no info about the dialogue (apart from its tech name, esc_mil_prapor_talk) remains. There is even less info about the character and the squads.

Their technical names are esc_eliminate_smart_stalker_6_8 and esc_eliminate_stalkerbase_5_7 which imply that it was once planned possible to complete the Cordon storyline on army side (compare these tech names with esc_eliminate_smart_military_6_6 and esc_eliminate_smart_military_7_11, which are used in Valerian's questline). The numbers right after the quest name are smart terrain names that, in case of these unused quests, correspond to Outpost under bridge and Neutral base, accordingly.

Eliminate the snipers

At that point you'd have to clear the path for the squads by eliminating two stalker snipers at both sides of the railway bridge. Only the tech name of the quest, esc_eliminate_smart_stalker_6_8, remains, as well as the existence of snipers (which do not have sniper rifles but trigger an infoportion once they're dead and have reserved places no one else can take).

Destroy the night hunters

A picture of Garbage location with Treasure hunters' map (the place you find Freshy's squad) marked as green, Decrepit crane (quest battle place) marked as red, and three dog spawn places marked as white.
To do:
  • According to Total Commander, "killer_pseudodogs" are mentioned in Garbage's level.game. Maybe depacking it will give us more info.
  • Recheck dogs logic. I might be wrong about conditions. Files are called gar_space_restrictor_killer_pseudodogs.ltx and gar_space_restrictor_killer_pseudodogs_forest_spawn_point.ltx.

The quest called "Destroy the Night Hunters" has been cut from the game. Its technical name, gar_quest_killer_pseudodogs, implies that to successfully complete it Scar had to murder a bunch of pseudodogs that appear only at night. The quest description is the following:

Find and destroy the creatures that hunt diggers. You can start looking at the place where they attacked the survivor's group. It is likely that they can only be found at night.

Judging by the infoportion's name (gar_quest_killer_pseudodogs_told) and unused voice file (gar_digger_quester_looked_at_dead_camp.ogg) contents, the player was probably able to get the quest (or info about the quest) either upon speaking with Wild Napr or upon checking Freshy's camp and finding out about their fate. The line for the later action remains in the game's files, however, stays untranslated, has no config sound info associated with it and uses some early voice acting for Wild Napr:

Shit...them too! Some beast is roaming the Garbage at night, killing everyone who's not well-armed, which is us - diggers. It would be OK if that was the only problem of ours, but those bandits, bastards, got pretty brazen. Whereas previously they just robbed us, now they formed a hecking concentration camp!

Even though pseudodogs' logic has a notable error - they won't spawn unless the quest is completed and the quest won't get completed unless they are killed - it's pretty easy to understand the behavior developers intended: Once late night comes (between 10 PM and 3 AM) and the player is in 100m radius from Decrepit crane (the point just to the south from Treasure hunters' camp), the player could hear the following message from Wild Napr:

Merc, something is attacking our boys not far from you. They're screwed if they don't get help soon!

It's not clear whether you have to defend the camp or just avenge the fallen, but the quest has both completion and failing mechanics. If it's the former, the following line should supposedly play if diggers got killed; if it's the latter, the following line might play if it's already 3 AM and dogs are gone:

Damn! The boys are dead and whatever killed them is gone too, you can bet your socks on that... Man, life just sucks sometimes..

If you do manage to get to the place in time, you'll meet three unique fearless pseudodogs (that seem to never flee) already attacking the Decrepit Crane, three more heading there from the nearby garbage pile on the west, and three more heading there from the forest on the east. They are not different from other dogs in any way other than fleeing behavior and are as easily killed as normal pseudodogs. Once you manage to complete the quest, Napr should congratulate you and ask to come later for the reward:

Man, you're a hero! You paid 'em back for our boys, may they rest in peace... But a "thank you" ain't worth much, so pop in to see me at the flea market - I've got something for you.

Even though the dialog itself has not saved, the unused function called reward_for_killer_pseudodogs implies that the reward is just a diet sausage.

What's been also remnant of this quest are four infoportions, that have probably been used for checking if the player has received info about the mission, started it, initiated some spawn sequence and completed the mission:

  • gar_quest_killer_pseudodogs_told
  • gar_quest_killer_pseudodogs_started
  • gar_quest_killer_pseudodogs_forest_spawn_point
  • gar_quest_killer_pseudodogs_done

The only mention of Night Hunters in the release version of the game is Wild Napr's response to finding out about Freshy's fate. The contents are almost identical to the untranslated line initiating the quest:

Shit...them too! Some beast is roaming the Garbage at night, killing everyone who's not well-armed, which is us - diggers. So far there hasn't been even a single survivor to tell us about it. Damn this shitty digger existence of ours...

Note that the line (specifically phrase "there hasn't been even a single survivor to tell us about it") does not correspond to the quest description that says mentions group of a survivor (implying one stalker has survived the attack) and that once you collect the PDA in the release version of the game, a snork spawns just on the pile of garbage which is probably the beast Napr is talking about. The further proof that the snork replaced this quest entirely lies in the squad description - snork goes just after killer_pseudodogs and still has the same script comments.

Find the migration map

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Were you able to receive the quest after the Undeground got flooded?

Inquisitor, the important character you may find on the Duty Base, seemingly had some use other than just talking. He could give you the quest which required you to venture into the Agroprom Underground to find a powerful artifact - a map describing the mutant migration. Anyway, that was the raw test dialogue that led to getting the quest:

— Got any sort of job for me?

— Sure thing. We're looking for the migration map.

At that point you had options to either agree by saying "Yes.", or disagree by saying "No.". Obviously, the second option would hide the dialogue line and the other would start the quest. In order to complete it, you go down through the hole, and find a seemingly static (you can't open it with F) metal door right behind the valve. However, it's not as static as it seems and it can be opened with a grenade thrown to the other side. Do it, and find a ladder going down, right to the body of unused character Losev with a PDA inside his corpse. Notably enough, his body is not there if you do not take the quest. Anyway, take the item, flood the undeground, and return to the quest giver,

— I'm here about that job.

— Have you completed the job?

— Yes.

— Thank you.

Your reward is the same as the reward for Hermit's quest - a flash drive with data on modifying the gas exhaust of a machine gun as well as GP-25 Koster.

The dialogue line could be opened before completing the quest, however, your only option would be No., to which Inquisitor will not respond.

The quest can be fully completed in Build 3436. Since Hermit's quest also exists in this prototype, the player may acquire two copies of this drive.

Capture the old mine

The supposed gatekeeper mentioned by the unused quest.
To do:
  • According to Total Commander, "gate_keepers" are mentioned in Red Forest's level.spawn, as well as all.spawn and all benchmarks' spawn files. Maybe depacking them will give us more info.
  • Recheck duty logic. I might be wrong about conditions. Files are called red_smart_terrain_4_2_logic.ltx and red_forest_gate_keepers_spawn_rest.ltx.

One more cut quest, this time with even starting dialogue ready for it. You should have been able to get it by speaking to Duty guys near Forester's home. They are mentioned as gate keepers in both their character info and dialogs related to the quest. The following dialogue should supposedly activate when speaking with the dutier through the iron bars:

— Don't come near the gates! They're booby trapped.

— What the hell?! I have to get through!

— Merc, as long as we're here, we won't open those gates. Monsters can jump out of that forest at any moment and have us for breakfast. But we'll open the gates if you help us. We want to get into the old mine - they say it holds a lot of artifacts. It's a safe place, too - safe enough to hide from an emission. Only we can't hold it by ourselves. We had a few more stalkers traveling with us: some went through the Garbage, some through Yantar. So, if any of them got through, we want you to lead them to that mine. Then we'll open the gates for you.

Then Scar was able to either agree and say "Agreed. I bring you help, you open the gates." or refuse to help by saying "No friggin' way.". Since the quest is marked as additional and not as a storyline one, you were supposed to find another way through the gates without bothering helping Duty guys (probably by going through the anomaly).

There is no information on that other traveling stalkers, however, the quest type is 'Capture', and it requires you to capture the mine with Renegades that stole the Compass artifact.

In the final game, no one neither has this dialogue attached to him nor offers you the quest. The gates are locked, but they get unlocked as soon as you travel through the anomaly. The dutiers still have AI packages related to this quest that make them go to the mine as soon as it gets cleared.

The infoportions that are affiliated with the quest:

  • red_forest_gate_keepers_dialog_end
  • red_stalker_reinforced_task_complete
  • red_capture_undeground_camp_done

Unused Smart Terrains

A picture of Great Swamps location with every single smart terrain named and arrows drawn to show the paths CS and Renegade squads use to travel through the location.

There are a few noticeable smart terrains that do not have a link to them from other locations. Almost all of them are either used by quests, so the developers made sure that they're not occupiable (Secret entrance, Limansk outskirts); located out of the playable map (Limansk outskirts, Hideout in dry woods, Clear Sky base); or are uncapturable respawn points to make sure the enemy may never wipe out the faction completely (Hidden camp, Pipe exit). There are also those that are unlinked by mistake and may cause the game to crash, however, these are going to another section.

All of those are unlinked for a reason. But there are two smart terrains that have seemingly no cause to be inaccessible. They are both located at Great Swamps. These are:

  • Shore barricades - a sublocation between the Pump station and Burnt farmstead.
  • Bonfire on shore - a sublocation between Burnt farmstead and Southern farmstead.

According to the game's files, they're pretty similar (and not only consonantly). Both are default points (thus never captured by other factions during Faction War), however, both are still capturable by mutants. Nevertheless, since no squads ever spawn there, they'll never actually be registered as a target point for mutants. That is the reason you never encounter a crash on squads not being able to get here (at least in the vanilla game). However, their inaccessibility also makes it impossible for squads to use these points in their paths, making them go around them.

(Source: Decane (map, wording, info about other inaccessible smartterrains))

Unused Characters

Vovka Hedgehog

A stalker with a name that is very easy to mix up with a generic one can be found in the game's files. It's hard to say who this character was going to be, however, its config name implies that he is a leader of some stalker patrol on Cordon. The only mention of "patrol" in the game's files (albeit without the leader mentioned) is the one at Bus Stop, so it seems like it was planned at some points that the squad leader will be a unique character.

Name Text
esc_st_patrol_lead_name Вовка Ёж

Vovka Hedgehog

His inventory is the same to Wolf's one: binoculars, a flashlight (both of these cannot be viewed in the inventory, see Unused Items), two grenades, AMK 74/2U, PMm and a random amount of ammo for both of them, as well as random food and medicaments. According to the game's files, he got no unique visual, however, his icon matches a Sunrise suit with a mask, while his voice acting matches a novice in novice jacket. That same mistake applies to Wolf, which means that he's been initially made as a copypasta of Wolf's profile.

Unused Weapons


SoC features a lot of unique weapons that Marked One could find all across the Zone. It seems like a feature like this was planned at some point in CS as well, however, the developers abandoned the idea due to the existence of the upgrade system. In the final game, it's still possible to randomly get upgraded weapons from fallen enemies and they are considered unique in the game's files, but actually they are not different from an upgraded version of a common weapon.

Nothing but text (even icons are missing, unique weapons in icon sprite atlas are from SoC) remains of these weapons, however, their description reveals the differences between the common and the unique weapon, and leaked design documents mention where all of these weapons were meant to appear.

Viper 5m

A modified version of the Viper submachine gun. Thanks to better component alignment, the weapon has higher muzzle velocity. Uses 9x19 mm ammo.

Improved bullet velocity for Viper 5. According to design documents, was meant to appear on Great Swamps, in some Renegade camp.


This weapon is a modified version of the XPSS-1m pistol for use in harsh climates. The virtually foolproof handgun uses 9x19 mm ammo.

Probably increased durability for HPSS-1M. According to design documents, was meant to appear on Great Swamps and was meant for some quest from Clear Sky squad.


Fora-14 has a larger magazine than the basic model. Uses 9x18 mm ammo.

You guessed right, it's an upgraded version of the Fora-12. According to design documents, this was meant to appear somewhere on Cordon.

Akv 74

This is a modernized version of the Akm 74/2 assault rifle. An advanced design boosts its rate of fire by 100 rounds per minute. Some design elements were removed to lighten the barrel, which renders optical scopes unusable. Uses 5.45x39 mm ammo.

Enhanced firing rate for AKM-74/2. According to design documents, was meant to appear somewhere on Cordon.

Big Ben

A true Goliath among pistols. Its already lengthy barrel is additionally extended with a special permanent attachment. Provides outstanding stopping power and uses .45-caliber ammo.

A weapon that appeared in SoC near Freeman's corpse, however, this is not a SoC leftover since they tend to use different ammo types. Even though what exactly was upgraded remains a mystery, extending the barrel should increase the accuracy and range of the gun. According to design documents, was meant to appear somewhere on Garbage.

SGI 5.45

Some crafty folk have modified the SGI 5k to work with the Soviet round, which is more common in the Zone, all the while retaining the rifle's ability to use any of the base model's modifications. Uses 5.45x39 mm ammo.

Another ammo type for SGI 5k. According to design documents, was meant to appear somewhere on Garbage.


A silent version of the AC96/2. The weapon has a craftily silencer-extended barrel, which increases accuracy, while still retaining all the advantages of an assault rifle. Uses 5.45x39 mm ammo.

Built-in silencer with improved accuracy for AC96/2. According to design documents, was meant to appear somewhere in Dark Valley.

"Freedom" Chaser

Unlike most shotguns, this one has a rifled bore. This makes shot and dart fire impossible, but significantly increases precision when firing slugs. Uses only 12x76 slug ammo.

Increased accuracy with a downside of using only slug ammo for Chaser 13. According to design documents, was meant to appear somewhere in Dark Valley.

"Avalanche" Vintar

A hybrid version which combines the advantages of both models, resulting in a 20-round magazine and very accurate automatic fire. The rifle's 2x scope is tailored for short-range use. Uses 9x39 mm ammo.

Improved magazine for automatic fire in exchange for losing some scope multiplicity for Vintar BC. Note that this is the only variant weapon with the location not being mentioned in the design document (they do mention another SPSA modification, SPSA-16, though), but judging by the fact that it's located between Dark Valley and Agroprom, and DV already got 2 unique weapons, it was probably meant to appear on Agroprom.


The SPSA-AUT semi-automatic shotgun is made only in Duty workshops, purpose-built for fighting swarms of monsters. An improved cartridge-feed mechanism ensures a better rate of fire and amazing groupings when using shot ammo. An extended magazine holds up to 10 12x70 mm rounds.

Increased accuracy with a downside of using only slug ammo for SPSA-14. According to design documents, was meant to appear somewhere on Agroprom.

TPs "Left-hander"

This weapon is an exceptional piece of workmanship, customized for its owner. The design sacrifices rate of fire for precision, so if you need to hit the same exact spot 10 times in 10 seconds - this is the weapon for you. Uses 5.56x45 mm ammo.

Increased accuracy with a downside of rate of fire for TRs 301. According to design documents, was meant to appear somewhere on Yantar, quite likely in the hands of Lefty.


A sniper version of the IL86 rifle. Its extended barrel ensures greater muzzle velocity, thereby flattening bullet trajectory and allowing for accurate fire at greater distances. Uses 5.56x45 mm ammo.

Increased bullet velocty for IL86. According to design documents, was meant to appear somewhere in Red Forest.

FT 202M

A modernized version of an assault rifle, with an emphasis on accurate burst fire. The under-barrel grenade launcher is fitted with a gravitational bullet stabilizer resulting in significantly lower dispersion. The drawback of this modification is that it renders the grenade launcher unusable. Uses 5.56x45 mm ammo.

Lower dispersion with an exchange of removing the grenade launcher for FT-200M. According to design documents, was meant to appear somewhere on Military Warehouses.


This automatic version of a sniper rifle has a much softer recoil, which allows for faster accurate fire. Uses 7.62 7H14 ammo.

Enhanced accuracy and rate of fire for SVUmk-2. According to design documents, was meant to appear somewhere in Limansk.

Tunder S14sn

A sniper prototype of the Tunder S14 assault rifle. This balanced weapon is good for precision and automatic fire. The under-barrel grenade launcher can also come in handy. Uses 9x39 mm ammo and VOG-25 grenades.

Better accuracy for Tunder S14sn. According to design documents, was meant to appear somewhere in Limansk.


Believe it or not, but all the preupgraded weapons you find in the Zone are actually unique items. But there are a few you will never find anywhere...

Black Kite

Internally known as wpn_desert_eagle_up, it's a fully upgraded Black Kite, having the following upgrades: magazine size +4 ammo, accuracy +40%, recoil -50%, rate of fire +25%, weight -20%.

Shooting Gallery

A few unused weapons intended for Zvyagintsev's shooting gallery. Were probably deleted because they were too imbalanced due to high accuracy and rendered other weapons useless.


Internally known as wpn_ak74_minigame. The only difference between the normal version and this one is that it cannot use automatic fire, cannot be sold, and that it uses special shooting gallery ammo. It also has the following upgrades: flatness +50%, accuracy +10%, recoil -50%.


Internally known as wpn_lr300_minigame. The only difference between the normal version and this one is that it cannot use automatic fire, cannot be sold, and that it uses special shooting gallery ammo. It also has the following upgrades: flatness +50%, accuracy +10%, recoil -50%.

Unused Items

Quest Kolobok

Mentioned as mil_quest_af_fuzz_kolobok, that's the quest Kolobok artifact that was supposed to be needed for "Return Item" quest. Every parameter stays the same, but it does not stack with "true" Kolobok artifacts, just like quest Stone Flower (that is in the final game) does not stack with non-quest Stone Flower artifacts.

General's PDA

To do:
The reward.

st_device_pda_military is a PDA that was going to be situated on the body of Khaletskiy's friend called General. It has a value of 1000 RUB and can be sold to any trader in the game for full price. The description is "The PDA contains secret information about the immediate plans of the military at the Cordon."

There are several dialogues (esc_leader_good_job) leftover in the game's files implying that Father Valerian once requested the PDA.

The first one was going to activate in case Scar still has no General's PDA and just asks for a job:
— How else can I help the stalkers?
— A military squad at the depot is under the command of one of the deputy commanders at the Cordon. He has a PDA with valuable information.
— OK.

However, if Scar already killed General and got his PDA, the dialogue line was going to change:
— How else can I help the stalkers?
— A military squad at the depot is under the command of one of the deputy commanders at the Cordon. He has a PDA with valuable information.
— I killed the military commander and took his PDA. Perhaps it'll come in handy?
— Excellent, stalker. This PDA contains a lot of useful information - thank you. Here is your reward.
— Thank you!

Once you got Valerian the PDA, the dialog line still stayed, however, asking for a job resulted in nothing:
— How else can I help the stalkers?
— Nothing so far.

Similar lines with conditions being almost the same exist for Khaletskiy as well. The only difference between them is that you can "change your mind" instead of selling the PDA to Khaleskiy, while Valerian does not have such an option.

The first one was going to activate in case Scar still has no General's PDA and just asks for a job:
— What can I do for you?
— I'll buy any information I consider valuable. What do you know?
— I don't have any valuable information for you at the moment.

However, if Scar already killed General and got his PDA, the dialogue line was going to change:
— What can I do for you?
— I'll buy any information I consider valuable. What do you know?
— I killed a military commander and took his PDA. I'll trade it for loot.
— The PDA is valuable to me, I'll buy it from you.
— Sold. or — I changed my mind.

Once you got Valerian the PDA, the dialog line still stayed, however, asking for a job resulted in nothing:
— What can I do for you?
— Nothing.

Unused Text


A feature that was planned at one point in SoC - viewing stalker biographies via Contacts tab. It was cut pretty early in the development of the original game, but text for them still stayed in the final game's files.

However, even though there were no intentions to reimplement the feature in CS/COP, bio tab for new characters has still been filled, rendering a lot of text related to items unused.

Note that:

  1. All of these were originally written in config lines directly, so they do not support localization and have text displayed always only in Russian, therefore fan translations are listed below.
  2. Most characters either have their bio tab empty or have default generic text set (which is "An experienced stalker. No detailed information available."). Characters with unique biographies belong to Escape, Agroprom, and Military Warehouses locations, and only they are listed below.
Character Biography Translated biography
Private Lambee Молодой солдат-срочник. Неопытный, зеленый и трусоватый. A young conscript soldier. Inexperienced, green and cowardly.
Generic sniper at Railway bridge Снайпер. Детальная информация отсутствует. Sniper. No detailed information available.
Major Khaletskiy's Agent Торговец. Trader.
General Командует военными на АТП. He is commanding the military at the vehicle station.
Drifter Любит искать приключения. Likes to look for trouble.
Navel Друг водителя. Driver's friend.
Boltin Многое знает об оружии. Knows a lot about weaponary.
Major Zvyagintsev Плотный мужчина 30-35 лет с полными губами и круглыми глазами. Одет в парку с капюшоном, поверх капюшона очки на резинке. Низкий голос, прямой взгляд, немного нахальное поведение. Stocky man of 30-35 years with full lups and round eyes. Wears a parka with a hood and goggles over it[bio 1]. Low voice, straight look and a bit sassy behaviour.
Kolobok Круглолицый молодой парень. Хороший и спокойный боец, преданный «Долгу». Chubby young guy. Good and calm fighter, devoted to Duty.
General Krylov Коммандир военных сил базы Долга The commander of the Duty base military forces.
Hermit Молчаливый, угрюмый сталкер, плохо идущий на контакт. Говорит короткими глубокомысленными фразами, но без пафоса. Silent, sullen stalker, bad at making contact. He speaks with short profound phrases, but without pathos.
Orest «Душа компании», которого выбрали в лидеры за умение находить ко всем подход. Большой, сильный, уверенный в себе, веселый и незлобный. Sole of company, who has been chosen as a leader for the ability to find an approach to everyone. Big, strong, confident, cheerful and spiteful.
Thrush Парень 22-25 лет, достаточно серьезный и хорошо разбирающийся в вопросах сталкерства. The guy of 22-25 years old, quite serious and well versed in questions of stalkering.
Aydar Молодой парень 18-20 лет, с басовитым голосом. Немного нагловатый. Хочет казаться старше, поэтому пытается выглядеть хмурым и серьезным. Общительный, незлобный. A young guy of 18-20 years old with a deep voice. A little impudent. He wants to appear older, therefore trying to look gloomy and serious. Sociable, spiteful.
Generic prisoner in coat

Generic prisoner in jacket

Заложник Hostage
Thunderov Механик-автослесарь. 45-50 лет, руки вечно в масле, поэтому держит их широко разведя от тела в стороны. Брутальный молчун. A car mechanic. 45-50 years old, hands are constantly in oil, therefore he's spreading them widely apart from the body[bio 2]. Brutally silent.
Mitay Грубый продавец времен развитого социализма. Хамит, грубит, делом не занимается. Принцип «не нравится – не бери». Rude seller of the times of developed socialism. Always rude and never carries on with his duty. His principle is 'take it or leave it'.

Serega[bio 3]

Лидер блокпоста группировки "Долг". Хорошо экипирован. Руководит южным блокпостом. The leader of the Duty faction roadblock. Well equipped. Supervises the southern roadblock.
Inquisitor Крепкий мужчина 35-40 лет, усатый и немного навеселе. Низкий громкий голос. Strong man of 35-40 years old, mustachioed[bio 4] and a little tipsy. A low, loud voice.
Cheersov 1. 1.[bio 5]
Fyokl Любит пить пиво с друзьями в старом баре на базе Долга. Likes to drink beer with friends in the old bar at the Duty base.
Milutin Повалит любого кабана одной рукой. Will tumble down any boar with one hand.

Semyon Semyonovich

Жадный и злой, скучный и не интересный. Greedy and angry, boring and not interesting.

Losev Generic stalker commander at swamp

. .[bio 5]
Kostyan Опытный командир Свободы. An experienced Freedom commander.
Forester Лесник Forester[bio 6]
(Source: Original TCRF research)
  1. Has default Duty visual, so actually wears no goggles.
  2. Despite this being said in bio, Thunderov ironically always uses an animation of him holding his hands in pocket.
  3. Probably a mistake caused by copypasting. Galin is mentioned as agr_hourman, while Serega is mentioned as agr_storylineman, and it's pretty unlikely two characters can supervise the same roadblock.
  4. Has default Duty visual, so actually got no mustache.
  5. 5.0 5.1 Likely a placeholder.
  6. His bio is not a copy of his name, but actually references his name, so it's the only biography in the whole game that should be translated to the other languages automatically. This is probably a mistake since no other RF stalkers got their biography field filled in.


Various tips and prompts.


st_demo_play is the note in the left bottom corner of the screen which can be seen in Build 3120 and various pre-release screenshots.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Turn on the detonator ($$ACTION_USE$$)

tips_red_dynamit_undeground is a prompt that was supposed to appear upon hovering on a detonator of sorts. The tech name clearly implies it was supposed to be used in Red Forest Underground, but its exact use remains a mystery.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Leave the dangerous area!

st_agru_warning_go_out is a message that was supposed to be displayed when you have to get out of the underground getting flooded. A similar one is displayed, all in caps and with 'WARNING' to make emphasis on the fact that it's urgent. Interestingly enough, the release version of the phrase was added with a patch (probably due to devs missing the one they already added), while this one has been in the files since game launch.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


The only strings of subtitles documented here are those that have no audio related to them. Others are described in an Unused Audio sub-page.

Mercenary, this is Orest, the leader of local stalkers. If you want to talk, find me on the first floor of the main building.

st_agr_stalker_leader_tip is Orest giving the player a tip on where to find him. In the final game you have to find him yourself or ask exit guards on either of the exits on his location.

Hey you! No strangers allowed, this is our turf! Will fire without warning!

st_gar_bandit_lager_warning contains some bandits threatening the player once he gets near theim. 'Lager' means 'camp' in Russian, but it's still hard to tell where exactly this was going to be used.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


Various generic phrases you might hear while speaking to random stalkers.

What's up! You don't hear too many greetings around here. These days you're more likely to get a bullet in the back.

Welcome! So nice to see a human being, instead of more reeds and monsters.

Hiya! You new to the Swamps? I wandered over here after the Emission, and now I can't seem to find my way back.

A new face in this dump! Welcome!

Hi! You got a minute? I'm bored out of my mind...

High-five, brother! You really look like a nice fella!

Like the landscape much? It's the same damn thing for five miles each way, with only ruins and monsters to break it up.

So, you ended up in this damned place too, huh? You better hire a guide if you wanna get outta here.

Hey! So, you're new here? Take my advice - watch out for the marshlands, they can swallow you whole. Don't roam the trailways either, unless you're looking to catch a bullet.

I haven't been here long, but I'm already sick and tired of this place. Unfortunately, getting out ain't as easy as getting in.

Hello, my good man! Are you hiding too? Everyone around me is hiding - some from the past, some from themselves...

Your first time at the Swamps? Then you listen up. Above all else, it's the humans you gotta watch out for. Monsters and quicksand are a distant second. Stick to reed beds and you'll live longer.
Damn these mosquitoes! There's an anomaly for you - they bite through a rubber coat! And the other local attractions ain't better, believe me. There's this swamp critter around that will really make you "hit rock bottom," you catch my drift?

The Zone is a tough place to survive alone, but this area is the worst. I'm tired of being scared every minute of every day. I wanna join some faction, but there aren't many options - either some gang or those blue-wearing stalkers. I'm not too keen on bandits - they aren't bandits for nothing, right? One day they'll stab you just for the hell of it, and that'll be that. I'd much rather go with those stalkers. You think they'll take me? Then again, how would you know?

This joint is mostly a home to turncoats, ones that even the Zone's bandits don't want. A couple of times I saw these stalker patrols in blue camouflage - they're called Blue Sky or Clear Sky or something. Those guys are too serious and need to lighten up! They keep their camp location a secret - I wouldn't mind checking out what they're hiding there.

Oh, man! My socks are wet, my feet are covered in leeches, and my sweater is about to decompose from all this moisture. What I wouldn't give right now for a hot broad, a hot bath, some dry clothes and a glass of cognac next to a fireplace! Except all that's waitin' for me is a shot of vodka by the campfire and the whining of other losers like myself. And not even that - unless I join some gang.

Do you know about Clear Sky? That damn clan is so cryptic you'd think they're all secret agents or something. I only learned about them through bits and pieces of some radiochat. That and other stalkers' stories.

The Swamps are the lowest a stalker can go. The only folks you'll find here are those that are running from problems more serious than marshlands, mutants or consumption. On the outside, most of 'em would be rotting either in prison or six feet under. Me, I didn't get along with the army guys, so I had to run around the Zone for a while until the Emission opened up the way to these parts. This here's a good place to hide.

I tell ya, friend, if there's a place on this Earth to get "lost" in, it's the Swamps. You can spend weeks here just going around in circles. Only some wouldn't want to. If the monsters don't get ya, the marshes will - and we got plenty of both. I've been hanging around here since this path was first discovered, and it's the best hideout there is - as long as you stay alive.

These swamps are full of life, and I don't just mean the mutants. Lots of stalkers around - some hiding from the law, others from former buddies. And they've come to the right place! The gaps in anomaly fields have only just been discovered, so there's still a lot of uncharted territory. Only it hasn't made living here easier. Too many rotten apples around here these days - they'll gun you down and loot your cold corpse without batting an eye.

The monsters, the marshes, the whole goddamn Zone! I'm sick and tired of roaming these swamps! I didn't come here to shit my pants every time a reed rustles, or the water splashes, or a chopper rattles in the sky. Maybe we should gather up into some kind of clan and grab ourselves a drier spot? Ain't it better when you got friends watching your back and the campfire crackling at night? Especially with some canned soup on it, or a flesh barbeque. Add some guitar tunes and there's your heaven on Earth!

Here it's the same thing every day: lowlifes hiding in the reeds, people drowning in the marshes, choppers circling in the sky and shooting stalkers down. Oh, and sometimes there's guys in blue camouflage - those are from Clear Sky. Interesting how the clan's been around for a while, but no one's ever heard of them until recently.

Before the Emission, stalkers thought twice about coming here. Too many anomalies and marshes, too much moisture and even more stench. Then you've got the monsters, and the mosquitoes that are even worse, and these damn reed beds everywhere you turn. Why the hell bother, right? It all changed after the Emission. Anomalies shifted around and all the factions went off on their vendettas, fighting for new territories. So now lots of folks manage to make a better living here, as funny as that sounds. Mostly ragtag, like me - and a few fools who think that someday they'll own the place.

Oh man, am I tired of ranging these swamps! Sure, I'd go back, but I got some old sins that don't let me, let's leave it at that. I wouldn't mind joining a clan, but there ain't none around to speak of - just a bunch of bandits.
These Swamps are no paradise, that's for sure - more like the armpit of the Earth, even by the Zone's standards. But that's actually why I came here. Some people thought I owed them something and just couldn't wait to collect. So here I am, with a much better chance of survival than anywhere else. No way they'll find me in these reeds in a hundred years!

A new local faction has sprung up recently, called Clear Sky. No idea what they're all about but I've seen enough people in my life to tell you - these guys are complete nerds! What do you mean what do I mean? They're scientists, or some sort of eggheads anyway. Then again that doesn't stop them from being able to handle weapons pretty good. And if a man's got a brain and a gun, I'd think twice before getting in his way.
Yo, dawg, don't be askin' too many questions around here, you'll live longer. That's just from personal experience. I used to do just that until I learned a little too much. Now I gotta hide in this dump. Actually, I was lucky to wind up here, thanks to the Emission. You can roam 'round these swamps for weeks and not see a soul, 'cept for boars and flesh.

Damn it all! So much for my luck… I always got the best of life, but now it’s getting the best of me. You think it was my idea to end up in this dump? No sir, I was doing great in the Zone. I was riding the gravy train all right, making good money. But I had to split when my pals got the idea of sticking a knife in my back. What for? That’s none of your business.

I got a bad beat in a card game with some local thieves. I went all-in - bet my own life. I didn't really feel like paying up, so I skedaddled down here. Got into a fight with the army boys along the way, too. Now I'm stuck here, rolling with all kinds of riff-raff.

Before I came here, I was doing time 'cause this one son of a bitch set me up. Rotting in prison wasn't exactly my idea of living it up, so me and a couple of other cats decided to jump ship. We popped one of the guards, took his gun and ran straight to the Zone. Once we made it here, that's the last they saw of me. I want nothing to do with those boys - they're rotten as these swamps. So this is where I'm hiding out.

What's with all the questions, huh? How do I know you're not some snitch? Okay, okay, calm down. I know no one can find me here... All right, listen up. I was stupid enough to rob some thieves. When I realized they'd do anything, and I mean anything, to get back their dough, I bolted straight for the Zone. But the greedy bastards tracked me down and sent a couple of hitmen my way. I was lucky enough to take care of their guys, with God's help. Now I'm thinking of putting together my own gang. We'll make it big some day, I can feel it.

I couldn’t get enough of action movies. That's why I came to the Zone, trying to act like a Hollywood hero. Of course, trouble shortly followed... and followed and followed - everywhere I turned there were enemies. Eventually I had to flee to this rathole. Sure, dying here is easy as pie, but you can also vanish into the reeds any time you like. This ain't the movies though - just a lot of blood and guts.

It's a simple story - I crossed some big shot and he put a price on my head. That's when I learned how many bounty hunters the Zone has. To get away from curious eyes, I escaped here. As soon as things settle down, I'll find the bastard and have a chat with him, man to man.

A few unique lines intended for loners who happen to get to Great Swamps. However, level clusters — a system that prevents Clear Sky from going off Swamps and Monolith from going off Limansk — prevent them from getting here. Listed from dm_intro_1 to dm_intro_12, dm_about_0 to dm_about_13 and dm_action_info_0 to dm_action_info_6, the unused text includes 12 greeting phrases, 14 'Tell me about this place' answers and 7 'What are you doing here?' answers.

You again? What's new this time?

A decisive hello to you, stalker.

Hello, young man!

Hello! What do you want?

You want to trade or get a job?

You're probably interested in information. I'll answer all your questions as best I can.

Be careful, these walking corpses have flooded the entire area. They are quite brainless but very aggressive. We are under constant siege here, day and night. To sum up, it's quite dangerous here, young man.

I don't know what to tell you... There is always something happening, but that is normal here. They don't believe that outside, of course, but we are in an anomalous zone after all.

Lines for generic scientists at Yantar, who never appear in-game. The only scientist in the game, Sakharov, uses unique lines, rendering these unused. 7 unique greeting phrases are listed from dm_intro_96 to dm_intro_101, as well as dm_intro_118. 2 'Tell me about this place' answers were actually used in SoC, however, as 'What's new?' lines. They are listed from dm_about_167 to dm_about_168.

Head to the camp - you'll hear all the rumors there. Rookies like you usually drop by to pick up some pointers or rest awhile. There are soldiers around here but don't worry about them too much. Then again you don't want to get in their way either 'cause they don't think twice about shooting one of us down...There's a nice and peaceful little place near the trader where you can rest.

Located at dm_about_162 is a commented line for Freedomers at Military Warehouses. It is actually a line for loners at Cordon back from SoC which somehow got it here. Instead of changing the location and faction, the developers just commented the whole thing so it does not pop up when talking to Freedomers, since it implies that there is some camp and trader at Military Warehouses.

Did you hear that Duty is recruiting new members? I thought about it for a minute, but then decided I can't be bothered with it. It'll be like being back in the army: discipline and all that crap... I did my two years military service and that was enough to last me a lifetime...

Located at dm_cool_info_46 is a commented line for stalkers all around the Zone. There's seemingly no reason for it to be cut.

Guards! I'm wounded! Come here!

Located at dm_help_2 is a commented line for freedomers and dutiers asking for a medkit. It did appear in SoC at first, however, it was used only for Duty members. CS devs have first expanded it to Duty as well, and then removed altogether. The reason for that is probably simple - it's ridiculous for every single faction member to have guards with him. And for these guards to have guards as well.

If you want news, go find a TV - all we got here is the daily grind. Bo-o-o-ring...

Screw you! Want news, huh? Go get a newspaper at the newstand, it's just around the corner!

Sure, we got lots of news...to last a greenie his whole first week. After that it's nothing but drag.

If you run into anything new, send it my way, eh? Hah! Listen, let's barter instead - got anything of value?

Phrases from dm_army_no_news_1 to dm_army_no_news_4 are generic responses for Military faction members on having no news to share. The only army members that are possible to talk to - Lambee and Khaletskiy - both lack the 'What's new?' option in the dialogue, making these unused.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


Used characters, unused text.

Scientist Platonov

agr_stalker_scientist_name seems to be the early name for stalker group at Agroprom swamp. The name Platonov is actually used in the description of the quest on receiving the reward, but in the final game the questgiver is a loner, not a scientist, and uses a generic randomly generated name.

Pontius Pilate

Though in the final version these characters have just random names, permanent names for them can be found in the game's files as agr_prisoner_1_name and agr_prisoner_2_name. One is a generic Russian name and is a reference to the biblical character. It is unknown why these got cut or unimplemented.

Guard Vasya
Guard Borya

agr_gotoman_name and agr_gotoman2_name are the names for unknown guards that are obviously raw and intended for testing. It is not clear whether they were later going to be replaced, yet no associated profiles for them exist and the only mention outside of text files is npc_profile.xml, which implies that they were cut at some point.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


Contains text for food, drugs, and detectors, as well as, for whatever reason, some early descriptions for quest items.

Silver case
A small code-locked case. Contains very valuable information about trusted traders to offload artifacts to.

st_cordon_case and st_cordon_case_descr contain an alternative description for Sid's case, actually stating what is inside the case.

Unused Used
Silver case

A small code-locked case. Contains very valuable information about trusted traders to offload artifacts to.


Code-locked suitcase. Exceptionally valuable to Sidorovich.

Fang's PDA
A pocket PC. Used in the Zone as a notebook, a navigation and communication device, and a voice recorder. Each PDA has a unique ID which allows it to be tracked.
Lingov's PDA
A pocket PC. Used in the Zone as a notebook, a navigation and communication device, and as a voice recorder. Each PDA has a unique ID which allows it to be tracked.

st_fang_pda, st_fang_pda_descr, st_shukin_pda and st_shukin_pda_descr contain alternative descriptions for Fang's and Lingov's PDAs, actually having descriptions instead of placeholder text.

Unused Used
Fang's PDA

A pocket PC. Used in the Zone as a notebook, a navigation and communication device, and a voice recorder. Each PDA has a unique ID which allows it to be tracked.

Fang's PDA

Fang's PDA

Unused Used
Lingov's PDA

A pocket PC. Used in the Zone as a notebook, a navigation and communication device, and as a voice recorder. Each PDA has a unique ID which allows it to be tracked.

Lingov's PDA

Commandant Lingov's personal PDA. Contains information about collaboration with mercenaries, among other things.

Description of the cooling station
The folder contains a detailed description and troubleshooting instructions for a stationary cooling station, located on the factory's premises.

st_cooler_docs and st_cooler_docs_descr are an alternative text suggesting that you once needed to retrieve the documents themselves from lost party's bodies. In the final game, all you need to get is a PDA where the leader describes the way his group found the documents.

Dictation device

st_recorder is a name for a dictation device. Neither any description nor the info about the item itself is in the final game.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


Military Warehouses quests. Not just them, apparently.

Damn! Sorry, bro, this ain't my area of expertise. If anyone can help you it's Forester. They say he knows everything there is to know about the Zone.

Hello, merc!

It's good to see you. So, did you find out how to get our boys out?

Yeah, the bandit base at the Garbage is a tough nut to crack. You won't manage on your own.

Hmm...you'll need a good transmitter for that. The military had one like that...hold on, we'll think of something...

Merc, go see Kostyan!

Are you crazy, I'm still shitting my pants from last time, and the boys won't even go near that tower. You, on the other hand, look like you know a thing or two about the Zone. You couldn't kill that beast and receive the message from our boys, could you?

Some unused dialogue with Hog that somehow managed to get lost between Military Warehouses quests. The lines containing this text are mil_hog_about_signal_1, mil_hog_hello_dialog_11, mil_hog_hello_dialog_12, mil_hog_hello_dialog_1221, mil_hog_hello_dialog_1231, mil_hog_hello_dialog_13 and mil_hog_talk_about_11111. Unused mil_hog_talk_about_1 and mil_hog_talk_about_111 are also in this file, but they have the text that is the same to the used version.

While some are just raw versions of ones that got used, others are quite interesting. First of all, Hog advises you to visit Forester. If you did not talk to the old man before visiting Military Warehouses, that role goes to Raven, a freedomer at the outpost. Secondly, Hog mentions the bandit base at the Garbage, which actually is not involved in the plot in any way. And last, you seemed to have an ability to ask Hog and his mercenaries to come with you, however, with little result.

Unused Used
Hello, merc! Merc, what are you scavenging here for?
Unused Used
It's good to see you. So, did you find out how to get our boys out? Glad to see you. Did you find out how to get our guys out?
Unused Used
Hmm...you'll need a good transmitter for that. The military had one like that...hold on, we'll think of something... The army base should have a transmitter. The soldiers were hit by the large Emission pretty hard and only a dozen survived in all. They're all sending SOS signals, thinking there'll be a rescue operation. Except I don't think anyone will come - they'll be left to die, same as always.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


Great Swamps dialogue.

[Cold: I suggest you go see Lebedev - he doesn't call for people for nothing.]

[Cold: Hello Mr. Two-Emissions-And-I'm-Still-Standing! I think Lebedev wanted to talk to you. Why don't you go and see him before a third Emission hits you? Ha-ha!]
That's a hell of a joke... NOT!

[Suslov: Holy cow! You're as pale as a vampire! You need to visit the bar, that's what you need!]
Good thinking.

[Suslov: You look pretty good...for someone who survived the Emission anyhow. What you really want is to sit by the fireplace at Lebedev's...]
Good idea.

[Suslov: Oh my! You should go see Lebedev...one drink won't do it.]
Yep, thanks for your advice.

mar_csky_barman_hello_dialog_111, mar_csky_barman_hello_dialog_311, mar_csky_trader_hello_dialog_111, mar_csky_trader_hello_dialog_211 and mar_csky_trader_hello_dialog_411 are a whole lot of Scar's answers to various intro phrases said by Cold and Suslov. Even though the phrases themselves are in the game, Scar is presented with a regular dialogue window instead of just the answers above.

(Source: Nemrtvi)

[Suslov: Yeah, I know. Anyway, listen, I've told you too much as it is. Time is money, so if you want to trade, go ahead, if not - I'll see you around.]
See ya.

mar_csky_trader_intro2_dialog_101 is an answer to the long dialogue with Suslov after returning from your first mission. In the final game, however, Scar is able to trade and ask questions at that point instead of just saying 'See ya' and going away.

(Source: Nemrtvi)

Great. Do you want me to guide you to our base?


Fine, then put this patch over your eyes and don't let go of my shoulder until I say so.

Let's go.

Not yet.

mar_csky_guide_at_marsh is the dialogue meant for Fishing Hamlet guide. However, that guide instead uses just regular guide dialogue, presenting Scar all the possible options instead of just their base.

(Source: Nemrtvi)

To the fishing hamlet.

To the village ruins.

To the burnt farmstead.

To the southern farmstead.

Text strings from mar_csky_guide_at_base_dialog_513 to mar_csky_guide_at_base_dialog_516 contain guide options in 'Where to guide' dialogue, most likely intended for Ivan Trodnik. However, he uses generic lines generated for all the guides in the "Location. Sublocation" format.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


Cordon dialogues.

I'm scared!

Take this pistol.

Take this shotgun.

Take this assault rifle.

I’ll deal with them.

esc_wolf_stalker_novice_1112 is Drifter's phrase that he was supposed to say during the quest where you save him, and esc_wolf_stalker_novice_112 to esc_wolf_stalker_novice_112222 are Scar's answers to this phrase. Seems like he was originally meant to be absolutely disarmed, and Scar could either give him a weapon or promise to deal with dogs himself.

(Source: Decane)

Thanks for saving my lame ass, stalker. I thought I’d die in that forest, torn to shreds by those dogs. I’m never going into the forest on my own again.

esc_wolf_novice_thank_you_0 contains a thank you message from the same Drifter. It's definitely not in his character, since in the final game he only damns you for the fact that he could not prove himself due to your help.

(Source: Decane)


Garbage dialogues.

[Night Trader: Good evening! Interested in something...specific?]

That's right. Show me.

Nah, just for the pleasure of your company. See you.

gar_flea_market_night_trader_trade_111 and gar_flea_market_night_trader_trade_112 are two answers to the question asked when starting the dialogue with Flea Market night trader.

(Source: Nemrtvi)

What do you want?

	I'd like to trade. How about it? 

		Trade? And who are you again?

			Hey, if you don't want my money, no problem. I'll just go to the traders above - they're smart enough not to ask dumb questions. 

				Hold on, man. The boys above did business with you? Hrm, well, they don't trade with just anyone, so...I've got some goods. Wanna see?

					Now we're talking. Show me.

			None of your business.

	A fair trade. You know any traders around?


			Not one?

				That's right.

					You sure?

						I'm sure.

							Dude, I'm not a bandit or a jarhead or a zombie. Are you a trader or what?

								I'm a trader. Are you gonna check out the goods or ask questions?

									I'm all for checking out the goods.

							See you, then.

	Nothing from you.

gar_flea_market_night_trader_trade_2* forms a very long and branchy dialogue tree which was meant for proving the night trader you're trustworthy before he's got any business with you.

(Source: Nemrtvi)

I was told you can set up a meeting with the smuggler.

So you're the one they're sending for the shooters? Yeah, I can arrange a meeting. Look, I normally meet the guy near one of our digging sites, west of here. Here are the coordinates. The smuggler should be around there now, so you head over and I'll let him know you're coming. You got the money on you? Splendid.

Got you. Take care.

gar_digger_traitor_smuggler* is an unused dialogue with Stringov seemingly before the quest where you've got to kill him during Napr's storyline. The dialogue itself is in the game, and it mentions unused inforportion called gar_quest_get_weapons_spoken which makes you think you had to actually set up meeting with smuggler before you can go further. The dialogue itself is set to activate only when it's night.

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Well, well, a Duty member wants to join my team. Well, there's only one boss around here and that's me. Are you ready to swap your current bosses for me?

gar_bandit_leader_join_main_4* is an unused line of dialogue that was supposed to appear when you try to join bandits as a Duty member. It's never possible in vanilla because bandits become hostile to you.

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Unused Music

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Since the original game's composer, MoozE, left the project due to disagreements with the game's sound engineer, the majority of in-game tracks were just reused from either the original game, locations cut from that game, or prototypes.

Track names in both SoC and CS are named like amb01-amb22, with 14, 18 and 19 being missing for some reason, resulting in a total of 19 MoozE ambient tracks (excluding Main Menu and Credits). The rest were composed by Alexey Omelchuk, the composer for all the sequel tracks.

Name Track Comments
MoozE — Dark Valley

As the name suggests, this was originally used for Dark Valley in SoC.

Dark Valley in CS uses Radwind Pt.1 and Radwind Pt.2 (amb16 and amb17, respectively).

MoozE — Zone Triggers

Originally used in the Sarcophagus for SoC. Didn't find its place in the prequel, though.

MoozE — Mutation

Originally used in CNPP-2 for SoC. Didn't find its place in the prequel, though.

MoozE — Dead Cities Pt.2

Originally used in X16 for SoC. Didn't find its place in the prequel, though.

Alexey Omelchuk — ?

Neither used in-game, nor featured in any of the OSTs.

Though "marsh" is the internal name for Great Swamps, the last track has nothing to do with this location, since GS already has both day and night themes (marsh_2 and marsh_night, respectively). The theme of marsh_1 is actually a prototype theme for Limansk.

Prototype Final
(Source: Zone Chronicles [RU][Google Translated])

Unused Stashes

Unused Stashes

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
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Specifically: "Compensation" stash contents have been changed with v1.5.03 patch. Does putting "nil" in items sections result in some bug, such as crash or stash mark not disappearing from the map?

Most of these are meant to be used, but end up getting dummied out due to typos.


Name Title and description Contents Photo
esc_treasure_novice_stalker Rookie's stash

These are the things I saved for a rainy day. If it ever comes, I'll definitely come here for my supplies.

180 rounds of 5.45x39mm BP ammo. Stalker-cs Rookiesstash stash.png

An ordinary and unremarkable stash that has condition list always set to false. Since the same applies to stashes given by quest (for example, reward for completing Yoga's quest on clearing Flea Market or Valerian's reserves for war with Military), coordinates for this stash should have been presumably given by some character in a dialogue. However, there is no such dialogue and thus the safe always remains empty.

Name Title and description Contents Cost Photo
esc_quest_treasure_5 Compensation

You'll find the cache at these coordinates, inside the backpack that's under a tree.

None. (prior to v1.5.03)

1 round of 5.45x39mm BP ammo. (since v1.5.03)

2000RU Stalker-cs compensation stash.png

A scam stash designed to be sold by Lambee. It does not get used due to a typo made by the developers - the needed community is set as military instead of army. Lambee still has a dialogue branch on asking for stashes in the final version of the game, but he always replies that he's got nothing no matter what.

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Unused Graphics

Remains of the version of the game showcased at E3. These can be seen at the start of Build 3120.

Stalker-cs fx stalker.gif
Being found in textures/fx, a set of frames being labelled from fx_stalker.dds to fx_stalker_030.dds form a totally not safe for work animation of a half-naked woman. The texture sequence of the same name in SoC contains animation for TVs, so it might have been a raw placeholder for a telly. The woman in the vid is Georgia Peach, and the rest of Googling this is up to you.

Ui npc monster.png
ui_npc_monster.dds contains mostly icons leftover from SoC, however, it also has an icon for marsh thing - something that appeared for the first time in CS. It means that originally devs wanted to still have monster icons present when checking their corpses.


File- & Tech-Name Oddities

  • The phrases belonging to the Southern Farmstead guide have mar_csky_guide_at_base in their name, which suggests that initially Ivan Trodnik was the one to lead you to Cordon.
  • Shilov's quest on killing the bandit is called esc_eliminate_smart_military_6_6 which suggests it was originally part of the main storyline and involved killing Military.
  • The spots where Stringov rests are called unique_quest_giver_night_walk and unique_quest_giver_night_rest_walk. However, Stringov never gives the player any kind of quest even though being involved in a few.
  • The spots where bandit spies on Dark Valley reside are called killer_spy_walker_1_walk, killer_spy_walker1_1_walk, killer_spy_walker_2_walk, killer_spy_walker_3_walk and killer_spy_walker_4_walk, which implies that these guys were originally mercenaries and not bandits.
  • The name of the Fighting Unknown fragment used as loner Agroprom base radio theme is called marsh_radio_2.ogg., suggesting that it was used on Great Swamps but later changed the location.

Scientists' Phrases

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Good day.
Good day.
Greetings, stalker.

All of these phrases (dm_intro_112, dm_intro_113, dm_intro_119, and dm_intro_121) have scientists set up as one of the possible factions. Unlike the lines mentioned in Unused Text, these are not unused as you might still hear them from other stalkers, but one of the possible events for triggering them will never happen.

Duplicate Voice Files

Existing only in English files, there are duplicate voice files, with just a space added either near the end of the file name, or somewhere in the middle of it. There's little to look here, since all of them are identical on the binary level, but the fact that they appear here is kind of odd.

The only ones present are Sidorovich's phrase on waiting for his case and some Chekhov phrases that he says during storyline mercenary quests.

Used version Unused version
esc_trader_habar_request.ogg esc_trader_habar _request.ogg
val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_411111.ogg val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_411111 .ogg
val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_11111111.ogg val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_11111111 .ogg
val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_41111111.ogg val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_41111111 .ogg
val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_1111111111.ogg val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_1111111111 .ogg
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