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SSX (2000)/Unused Textures And Oddities

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This is a sub-page of SSX (2000).

Unseen Text

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Apparently I'm a dolt, the text is actually visible in some cases in mesa. This could still be an accident though, since it seems like the rail model that it can be seen on is more applicable to e.g. AIJ's rails with an early SSX logo on them, and WARM's rail models don't map the text. If this is the case, this may actually be a placeholder for some sort of in-universe advertisement instead (like the billboards or fences.)

Present in the texture for one of the rails is text that says "rail AD".

This presumably was inserted by an artist to tag what rail type this texture would have been for, and was kept in as it's not visible ingame.

For some reason, only Mesablanca has a full 128x128 version of this texture, while Warmup has a far smaller 32x32 version.

SSX Rail UnusedText.png

Unused Frontend Textures

Inside of DATA\FEART\TRACK\BXFE3D.SSH, there are a few unused textures for older ideas and cut game modes.

One texture has text for Circuit License, and text for Freeride. While Freeride is a game mode, it's not a prominent one like Single Event or World Circuit.

There is also an icon setup for the final frontend's button texture for an unknown mode. A version of this icon exists for if it were disabled/inaccessible, suggesting that it could be for Championship Mode.

Unused Boost Ring

Present in the HUD texture pages is an unused variant of the boost ring that's colored blue.

This is most likely an remainder of a different color palette used during development that was never removed, as the trailer contains footage showing a green boost trail color.

A standing theory is that the Speed Boost powerup would have made all the boost rings the blue ring and changed the trail color to green at one point in development. The ring change was scrapped later in development, and the boost trail color was kept red.

(Source: SlyCooperReloadedCoded for theory)

Unused and Leftover Test Texture(s)

Present in the texture banks for Elysium Alps and Aloha Ice Jam is an unused coordinate texture, which is also setup for the game's premultiplication of colors.

This version of the texture also has a coloring of red on the top edge and blue on the right edge.

A variant of this texture, without the coloring at the edges, is also the skybox for the Warmup Mode's special venue (which is usually hidden, and tiny if seen).

The Warmup skybox variant is also found again on the disc in (very oddly, as everything the game uses is the Sony shape file/SSH format) FSH format, at DATA\MODELS\JCHAIR.FSH. It is also duplicated in .SSH format at a similar path, meaning there are THREE copies of the same texture on the disc, and only one of them is ever used (the Warmup skybox being the only usage).