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Saints Row (2022)

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Title Screen

Saints Row

Developer: Volition
Publisher: Deep Silver
Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Windows, Linux
Released internationally: August 25, 2022

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.
BonusIcon.png This game has hidden bonus content.

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This game is receiving new content, by way of Expansion Packs and/or Downloadable Content.
Be aware that any unused content you find may become used in the future. If this does happen, please specify as such!

The 2022 Saints Row reboot tells a vague, yet cautionary tale of why college-age hipsters shouldn't get into criminal businesses without any actual everlasting consequences...

Though the setting is well-designed (even with the lack of interiors in freeroam) and some of the features (like layered clothing customization) make a return, it doesn't match up to what the first two games had to offer, not to mention the amount of glitches that were present at launch. This was the last Saints Row game to be developed by Volition, as the studio would close over a year later.

To do:
  • Document unused content that can be found here
  • Development Oversights:
    • Voice line subtitle error in Good Cop/Bad Cop mission
    • Early HUD in tutorial videos.
  • The Boss Factory contains some early stuff.
  • Unseen details outside of Santo Ileso.
  • Patch notes up to Update 1.6.


Revisional Differences
Lots and lots and lots of bugfixes quality-of-life updates.

Unused Graphics

Map Icons


An earlier icon for the Photo Discovery icon (map_discoveries_photo). Final uses map_discoveries_photoB, with an image next to the camera.

SRR map discoveries Photo.png

A scrapped map "Discovery" for a Firetruck (likely the Blaze), instead of appearing as a Side Hustle. They do appear in the final except without hose water.

SRR map discoveries Firetruck.png

A discovery icon for snakes. In the final game, the desert of Santo Ileso is a completely snake-free zone.

Don't make a messsssss~

An icon for dive spots, which may have functioned similar to dumpster diving except in the water.

SRR map discoveries Scuba.png

A scrapped discovery internally called "Fast Identity". Maybe it was to do with credit cards at banks?

SRR map discoveries Fast Identity.png

An icon for a pole dancer (map_discoveries_stripper), likely intended for the scrapped pole-dancing diversion.

SRR map discoveries Stripper.png


An icon for a car garage, according to the filename, rather than a car dealer. The graphic would be used in the V1.2 update, albeit purple.

SRR map store garage.png

An icon for a scrapped surgeon store. Likely scrapped in favor of the surgery being easily accessible via the phone.

SRR map store surgeon.png

Icon likely intended for a yard sale store, despite the filename saying "unknown".

SRR map store unknown.png

Early Perks

There's a handful of scrapped Perks in this graphic file, including a... peculiar placeholder graphic.

SRR PerksIcons.png
  • There's a scrapped Perk for a Human Shield ability, which was likely replaced with a similar one in the final.
  • Molotovs were originally going to be in the game as usable weapons, but got scrapped.

Hidden Concept Art

Found inside the bitmaps/dev_launcher folder contains 21 hi-res pieces of concept art from varying points of development, apparently leftover from a development launcher. All are dated August 24, 2022.

Unused Text

Placeholder Text

Placeholder text intended for combos.



Internal Filename

Many of the filenames refer to the game as "sr5", standing for "Saints Row 5".

Regional Differences

Japanese Version

Modesty cannot be accessed in customization, due to CERO rating legislations of nudity in video games, thus the Boss' mosaic blur cannot be customized with emoticons, nor can it be toggled to show nipples.

Revisional Differences

To do:
So much more...get image differences for fixed graphic errors.


Released on August 25, 2022.

  • Fixed a crash related to using the Idol´s Star launcher grenade launcher.
  • Modified the Game launcher to be more reasonable with the needed permissions response time, and added extended log functionality.
  • Fixed a localization issue that caused the game launcher to display corrupted symbols for certain languages.


Released in September 2022.

  • Stopped issues when launching via Epic on DX12.
  • Fixed a crash when the player uses the Star Launcher after customizing it.
  • Fixed default camera sensitivity being too high.
  • Fixed vehicle hijacking animation issues. You will now sit in your new stolen vehicle, not stand next to it.
  • Fixed localization and font issues as well as cut-off text on Epic ("because reading is what? Fundamental"... says those who were ignoring or mocking criticism of a reboot nobody asked for).
  • Disabled PS5 Adaptive triggers. The developers explained that this was only until they could fix the inverted axis issue when toggling "resistance".
  • Fixed instances where Riding Shotgun was entirely too difficult on Sensei difficulty.


Released in September 2022.

  • Fixed an issue where the host could crash in the Casino instance of the Mayhem Criminal Venture.
  • Fixed a case where the APC sometimes failed to advance during the objective "Protect the APC" in the mission "First F@#!ing Day".
  • Fixed an issue where the client may become unresponsive when progressing through the Mercado instance of the Jim Rob's Criminal Venture.
  • Fixed an unresponsive state that could occur when dismissing a second game invitation attempt.
  • Fixed an instance where the client could lose functionality when performing a flaming punch while the mission is being restarted in the Dojo Criminal Venture.
  • Fixed a case where enemy NPCs could sometimes fall through the map preventing the threat from being completed in the Monte Vista district.
  • Fixed the dialogue not triggering that prevented progression during the objective "Talk to Kev" in the mission "Fast and the Foodiest".
  • Fixed an instance where the Nahualli could become trapped behind the wall of the HQ after the mission "Corporate Retreat".
  • Fixed a case where the player could not progress during the objective "Let Grandma Handle This" in the Wanted mission "Millennial".
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during the objective "Defend the Castle from Phoenix" in the mission "Unto the Breach".
  • Fixed a crash that could happen while opening the full screen map after an extended gameplay session.
  • Fixed a crash when driving to the start point in the mission "Unto the Breach".
  • Fixed cases of infinite loading screens that could occur within missions, side hustles, and criminal venture activities.
  • Fixed an issue with the police spawning outside the mission area in "Drawing Heat".
  • Adjusted the spawn point where enemies appear on the overpass instead of where you are during the objective "Take Out the Cops" in the mission "Drawing Heat".
  • Fixed a partial loss of functionality when pressing the Back button multiple times in the style customization menu.
  • Fixed instances of unresponsive controls that could occur with player navigation and melee.
  • Fixed instances of NPCs not spawning correctly during some missions.
  • Addressed performance issues that could occur after hours of extended gameplay.
  • Fixed an issue where some of the Marshall attackers were unable to exit vehicles during the mission "Take Me to Church".
  • Adjusted the APC health total in "First F@cking Day" to be more forgiving.
  • Fixed NPC vehicles incorrectly despawning during the objective "Defend Hank & Claude" in the mission "Donut Run".
  • Fixed partial loss of functionality with community sharing when applying a boss and backing out of the apply menu at the same time.
  • Fixed partial loss of functionality when jumping at or trying to climb unclimbable walls.
  • Fixed the Playlist App not working when unlocked in the first session of gameplay.
  • Fixed camera behavior when attempting to vehicle surf during the objective "Go to Silver Gulch" in the mission "High Noon".
  • Lessened the frequency of the player getting staggered by doors when exiting vehicles.
  • Fixed a rare case where reloading animations prevented the player from using equipped weapons.


To do:
More dialogue changes.

Released in May 9, 2023 to coincide with the Sunshine Springs and The Heist and Hazardous update.

  • As if the game's writing wasn't eye-rolling enough, certain dialogue lines in missions were completely removed, or in some cases re-recorded, for better or worse.

First F#@!king Day

Filename Character Audio (Pre-???) Audio (???-Present) Dialogue (Pre-???) Dialogue (???-Present)
Protagonist (Voice 1) First day on the job. Don't fuck up. First day on the job. Let's do this.
Protagonist (Voice 2)
Protagonist (Voice 3)
Protagonist (Voice 4)
Protagonist (Voice 5)
Protagonist (Voice 6)
Protagonist (Voice 7)
Protagonist (Voice 8)
Protagonist (Voice 1) Jesus Christ, it's my first fucking day! Ow... great fuckin' start...
Protagonist (Voice 2)
Protagonist (Voice 3)
Protagonist (Voice 4)
Protagonist (Voice 5)
Protagonist (Voice 6)
Protagonist (Voice 7)
Protagonist (Voice 8)

Morning Commute

The voice messages were redone, except for Neenah and Eli's first lines which will not be listed here.

Filename Character Audio (Pre-???) Audio (???-Present) Dialogue (Pre-???) Dialogue (???-Present)
Neenah I'd thought you'd want to know I- I heard back from the museum. Uh, they- they went with someone else for the junior art curator job, so looks like I'm stuck with Los Panteros. Just FYI, we hit a shipment of antiquities last night while you Marshall types were busy. Score one for Los Panteros.
Neenah Anyway, I'm glad one of us had a good day at least. See you soon! You'd think Sergio would ask me to assess them. It's not like he has an art history degree.
Neenah But no, "I only pay you to drive, Neenah". *sigh*
Neenah Either way, he at least paid me. See you soon!
Filename Character Audio (Pre-???) Audio (???-Present) Dialogue (Pre-???) Dialogue (???-Present)
Eli Speaking of which, um, when you asked me to borrow my copy of "Be Your Own Boss", I assumed it was 'cause you wanted to read it, not to level out the coffee table. I wanted to let you know, the bank turned me down for the loan, so...
Eli So let's talk about that when you get back. Can't wait to hear about all the HR forms I'm sure you had to sign! I'm gonna lose the deal on that warehouse in Providencia.
Eli I guess "Eli's Real Estate Investment Trust, LLC" remains a sixteen space parking lot...
Eli I mean, for now though, right? Who knows? Anyway. Can't wait to hear about your day.
Filename Character Audio (Pre-???) Audio (???-Present) Dialogue (Pre-???) Dialogue (???-Present)
Kevin Heya! It's Kev! I'm bakin' up a slammin' congratulatory brunch for when you get home to celebrate your first day on the job. It's gonna be dope! Heya! It's Kev! Good news! I talked to my supplier at the club.
Kevin Oh, and it's official - I'm gonna be spinning at that Idols party I told you about, so I hope you can come! T-T-Y-L! She said if I DJ for her next Tuesday, she'll hook up my friend at the hardware store...
Kevin ...who, in exchange, will fix the bathroom plumbing for us.
Kevin Finally we can stop waiting for the landlord to get off his ass.
Kevin Also, I'm making brunch to celebrate your first day on the job. Don't be late!

Making Rent

Filename Character Audio (Pre-???) Audio (???-Present) Dialogue (Pre-???) Dialogue (???-Present)
Protagonist (Voice 1) Okay. Brunch is done, dishes are clean. Let's go rob a payday loan place. Okay. Who's ready for some crime?
Protagonist (Voice 2)
Protagonist (Voice 3)
Protagonist (Voice 4)
Protagonist (Voice 5)
Protagonist (Voice 6)
Protagonist (Voice 7)
Protagonist (Voice 8)
Filename Character Audio Dialogue
Eli Oooh! Can we take a hybrid?
Protagonist (Voice 1) Eli, I love that you're worried about fuel efficiency, but I reckon acceleration is gonna matter more.
Protagonist (Voice 2)
Protagonist (Voice 3)
Protagonist (Voice 4)
Protagonist (Voice 5)
Protagonist (Voice 6)
Protagonist (Voice 7)
Protagonist (Voice 8)
Eli Your carbon footprint always matters.

Going Overboard

Filename Character Audio Dialogue
Protagonist (Voice 1) Dude, did you just say A.F.?
Protagonist (Voice 2)
Protagonist (Voice 3)
Protagonist (Voice 4)
Protagonist (Voice 5)
Protagonist (Voice 6)
Protagonist (Voice 7)
Protagonist (Voice 8)
Kevin ...yeah? It's an abbreviation.
Protagonist (Voice 1) First, we fucking swear all the time. Second, it's only an abbreviation when you text. "A.F."? As fuck? Same number of syllables. Dumbass.
Protagonist (Voice 2)
Protagonist (Voice 3)
Protagonist (Voice 4)
Protagonist (Voice 5)
Protagonist (Voice 6)
Protagonist (Voice 7)
Protagonist (Voice 8)
Kevin Okay, fine. This is gonna be an epic statement because that yacht is guarded as fuck.


Released August 24, 2023, coinciding with the game's Steam release. Also the game's final major update.

  • The player is now able to change hair color when customizing character when wearing certain hats.
  • Players are now able to download the SteelSeries DLC on the PlayStation Store.
  • Fixed an issue with Doc Ketchum’s voice lines and subtitles being out of sync.
  • Fixed an issue with players unable to edit hair style when using the mouse to click on the hair menu in the Head Clothes Option menu.
  • Fixed an issue with upper underwear item from store being seen on player in the style app even if it isn’t purchased.
  • Players can now continue through pranking tutorial when being joined by a co-op player while looking at the empire table.
  • Fixed an issue with players not being able to enter vehicles when entering a garage in the same vehicle in co-op.
  • Enemies will no longer despawn in co-op when doing a Wingsuit Sabotage.
  • Removed debug text from multiple collectables.
  • Fixed an issue with Chaps, Gunslinger and Bandoliers disappearing.
  • Henley shirts will no longer display the nudity mosaic.
  • Fixed an issue with UI not updating during the “Defend the Dustfaire” objective.
  • Players will no longer crash when placing multiple ventures without teleporting to them from the empire table after completing the game.
  • Controller layout on PC will no longer reference the PlayStation controller’s touchpad.
  • Fixed an issue with the Producer Credit achievement not awarding properly.
  • Fixed a crash when players are driving towards the Rojas Desert North Choplifting activity.
  • Kevin will now launch when using the ballista in Unto the Breach.
  • Players will no longer hit an infinite load while attempting to start Riding Shotgun instances.
  • Players will now properly die when falling off the train in The Great Train Robbery.
  • Players can now manually save while dirty cheats are active. Autosaving still remains disabled while dirty cheats are active.