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Scrabble CD-ROM Crossword Game

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Title Screen

Scrabble CD-ROM Crossword Game

Developer: Random Games
Publisher: Hasbro Interactive
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS Classic
Released in US: December 31, 1996

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.

Play some Scrabble to some nice relaxing MIDI music.

Developer Credits

The in-game dictionary contains hidden developer credits and dedications. Searching for these terms will result in these definitions appearing:

Search Term Dev Message
brenda BRENDA TRACY: Waiting to be recognized, heading for the great escape.
brian BRIAN SHEPPARD: programmer extraordinaire and creator of the Maven artificial intelligence engine
feinberg FEINBERG JIM: Karting fool. Or is that fool karting? Special thanks to Allen "The Fudge Man", Matt, Marilyn and Ceaser Feinberg. Go Ernie! RIP Friskie.
groegler GROEGLER CHRIS: Hello Mom, Dad, Bob, Shelley, Ryan and Jason. Heyyo Mara. Go Wallace and Gordon!
ish ISH aka GREG POLENS: Son of Donald and Marian. Brother of Donna, Ed, Ken and Shades. Father of Kamin.
marystewart MARYSTUART CHILDREZ: A very special person. Hey Mom!
meckley MECKLEY JIM: What is that, a chicken? A hunka hunka burning love...
traylor TRAYLOR MIKE: He who lives by the trail. Freya: Goddess of Love. Special thanks to the greatest parents in the world: Wilbur and Catherine Traylor. Hey Robo, Chirp and Spit (wherever you are).

Scrabble V2.0 (1999) and Scrabble Complete (2002) removed all of these entries except "BRIAN" (and added its synonym "SHEPPARD").

Unused Text

At 4A687 in the executable is some text for testing out a modem. It is repeated six times in a row.

This is a whole lot of junk to test this freeking modem crap.
And this is more and more flipping crap to test more of the freeking modem crap!!!!!!

Word List

The word list used is in "DAWG" format and contains 172,083 playable words with the following distribution:

Word Length Count
2 97
3 969
4 3878
5 8597
6 15183
7 23049
8 28376
9 24748
10 20199
11 15418
12 11258
13 7768
14 5096
15 3177
16 1940
17 1127
18 596
19 327
20 160
21 62
22 31
23 13
24 9
25 2
26 0
27 2
28 1
Total 172083

The longest word recognized is "ethylenediaminetetraacetates". As for short words, the count of 97 for 2-letters is a bit unusual, as "DA" was removed from the OSPD3 release and not re-added until OSPD5 (with a new definition). This indicates the source of the game's word list to be possibly OSPD2 (NWL), plus MWCD10 for words longer than 8 letters.

Note that a standard Scrabble board is only 15 tiles across, making any word longer than that literally unplayable.

Because the in-game dictionary has definitions for only 100,469 words, this makes 71,614 playable yet without a definition. All words with missing definitions have more than 8 letters (some common e.g. "zoologist"), but note that some words with a root shorter than 9 letters may be found in the root entry (e.g. "zoologies" has a definition under "zoology"). Again, this is likely because the supplemental "long list" does not have definitions, while the OSPD2 source for shorter words does have them.