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Secret Mission (CD-i)

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Title Screen

Secret Mission

Developer: Microids
Publishers: Philips Media, Club d'Investissement Media
Platform: CD-i
Released in EU: 1996
Released in FR: 1995

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

To do:
Cover the April 24th, 1995 prototype.

This Mission is so Secret that it didn't have a title screen picture for a good long while.

Debug Mode Text

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Can this mode still be accessed?

The files smcheat_.rtf, smcheat3.rtf, and smcheat4.rtf contain the data and text for a rather small debug mode. It would've been accessed by interacting with a newspaper, and likely required a button combination to activate.


Deals with changing event flags and adding items to your inventory. Near the end are some location warps which also update the relevant event flags.

Let's see this newspaper.

I'm cheating by setting a flag. 
Make sure that this setting is compatible with your current game , otherwise some inconsistent events may occur during the game./Flag

I'm cheating by adding object(s). 
Make sure that this adding is compatible with your current game, otherwise inconsistent events may occur./Objects

rdv red <=> jf4 has found the " rendez-vous au club du dragon" message. He can go to the club now./Rdv red

Necklace seen : Means that ghundi has gone to the palace. 
allows new sentences to say to Ingleton, one of them making him shooted./Necklace seen

Motorbike required : Jef has got all what the servant need except the motorbike./Motorbike

Guard contacted: jef has already attempted to enter the palace by giving Salaam money. 
Allows Jef to convince Ghundi to go to the palace./Guard

Ingleton address: Allows jef to go to Ingleton's house./Ingleton

I take the sthetoscope. Allows Jef to open the safe chest at Ingleton's house./Sthetoscope

I take a chloroformed rose. Allows Jef to make the doctor's secretary collapse./Chlor. rose

I take the jungle map, one of the many things required to convince Mansour to go to the jungle./Map

I take money and the dragon coin. Money is money, and the coin allows jef to enter the playroom in the club./Money+coin

I take a blue and a white feather. The blue one is one of the thing required to go to the jungle. 
The white one is useless, except if you use the blue ink on it./Feathers


Right clic to cheat. Left clic to quit.   ( First clic to erase this message ).

I go somewhere else in the game. Flags and objects are adjusted accordingly./Somewhere

Ingleton's address just known. Jef now know Ingleton's address. He's sent to the rickshaw./Ingleton

To the servant, Mansour./Mansour

Back to the town, after the jungle adventure./Back town 

In the library of the palace, controlling Ghundi./Library

To the jungle, at the broken bridge./Jungle

To the palace, controlling Ghundi, just convinced by jef./Palace

To the terrasse, jef shooting at the 3 thugs, just after the death of Ingleton./Terrasse



Contains more location warps.

I go to a "future" place of the game. Flags are adjusted. 
Warning : Going to a already seen place may make the game malfunction.

I go to the plane, just after exiting the jungle.

I arrive at the underground lake .

I arrive at the village thug, just after exiting the underground maze.

I enter the underground maze2 from the secret room of the Thug's village, after making the room explode.

I go to the town, after have sailed on the river.

Coming back to the broken bridge. (Note: this is the only case you can go to a already seen place.)


Lists two more items.

I'm cheating by setting a flag./Flag

I'm cheating by adding an object./Object


Right clic to cheat. Left clic to quit.   ( First clic to erase this message ).

I go somewhere else in the game./Somewhere

I take the Papa-goyo. Allows jef to recover memory at the doctor's surgery./Papa-goyo

I take the secret documents. Allows jef to go to the US (or soviet) embassy./Documents