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Sega Ages 2500 Series Vol. 5: Golden Axe

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Title Screen

Sega Ages 2500 Series Vol. 5: Golden Axe

Developers: SIMS, Digitalware
Publisher: Sega
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: September 25, 2003

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

A remake of the classic Sega game.

Debug Menus

Enabling the below code then pressing specific buttons will re-enable various debug menus. There's no longer a route menu to activate these.

Re-enable Debug Menus
D03CEC22 0000FFEB
2179AF68 00000001
D03CEC22 0000FF7B
2179AF68 00000002
D03CEC22 0000FFDB
2179AF68 00000003
D03CEC22 0000FFBB
2179AF68 00000006
D03CEC22 0000FBFB
2179AF68 00000007
D03CEC22 0000FEFB
2179AF68 00000008
D03CEC22 0000F7FB
2179AF68 00000009
D03CEC22 0000FFFD
2179AF68 00000000

With the code on, while in-game, press the following to activate debug menus:

  • R3 + D-Pad Up for position display.
  • R3 + D-Pad Left for camera position.
  • R3 + D-Pad Right for CPU info.
  • R3 + D-Pad Down for hit effect viewer.
  • R3 + L1 for an unknown menu.
  • R3 + L2 for fog editor.
  • R3 + R1 for texture display.
  • L3 to disable all menus.
(Source: Punk7890)
Position Display Camera Position Hit Effect Viewer
Sega Ages5 - Debugmenu1.png Sega Ages5 - Debugmenu2.png Sega Ages5 - Debugmenu3.png
Displays current player coordinates and CPU information. Displays camera information and enables a basic free camera. Allows you to view special effects.

CPU Information

Only displays CPU information.

Unknown Menu Fog Editor Texture Display
Sega Ages5 - Debugmenu4.png Sega Ages5 - Debugmenu5.png Sega Ages5 - Debugmenu6.png
It's not clear what this menu does. It may be related to enemies. Enables a fog editor. Enables texture information.