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Shantae: Half-Genie Hero (Windows)

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Title Screen

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

Developers: WayForward Technologies, Inti Creates
Publisher: WayForward Technologies
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: December 20, 2016

EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

To do:
  • Backers on the Early Access Reward Tier of the Kickstarter got a Steam key for the E3 2015 demo (or something close to it). Document the differences.
  • Stages seem to have some unused block out areas left over out of bounds. The camera will stop in some of them, but others it doesn't. Figure out how to unlock the camera and get pictures of the areas.

The dancing genie and her various friends and foes escape the world of pixels and enters a brave new world of HD graphics and DLC expansions!

An "Ultimate Edition" was released in 2018, compiling together all the DLC with a bonus costume.

Unused Graphics

"Hero Modes" (npc_bolo.pak and ui_frontend.pak)

On the Kickstarter page for Shantae, one of the stretch goals was making Bolo, Risky Boots, Rottytops and Sky all playable characters on a different mode. On the Main Menu, it's possible to see the silhouette for Risky's Boots Hero Mode, but not the rest of the characters. It's unknown which ones are going to be available or when it's going to be released. However, the Hero Modes with Bolo, Rotty and Sky were all merged into Friends to the End, featuring the Nega-Shantae, likely to make up for her not appearing in a proposed "A Dish Served Cold!" chapter.

In the game's files, portraits for a Bolo Mode, along with a complete "Idle" animation holding his ball and chain weapon can be found, although the weapon is currently just a sketch.

Shantae HGH - Bolo - Fighting Stance.gif
Bolo holding his weapon, probably meant for his own playable mode, even though it was likely meant to be reused for Friends to the End. Animation speed is a guess here.

Shantae HGH - portrait characterselect bolo 1.pngShantae HGH - portrait characterselect bolo 2.png

Shantae HGH - portrait characterselect rotty 1.pngShantae HGH - portrait characterselect rotty 2.png

Shantae HGH - portrait characterselect sky 1.pngShantae HGH - portrait characterselect sky 2.png
The two portraits for each hero, meant for the Main Menu. The first ones are duplicated from their conversation portraits, although they're mirrored if all are compared from the game's files.

Shantae HGH - portrait characterselect risky 1.png
Currently, Risky Boots is unavailable to play as, although her silhouette is visible in-game, not to mention she is playable in Pirate Queen's Quest. A duplicate from her conversation portrait (which is also seen as a spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, albeit unedited), although it's mirrored if both are compared from the game's files.

Shantae HGH - portrait characterselect shantaeblue 2.png

To do:
Is the "backed" version of Shantae different than the one on Steam? If so, check if it's available over there. Although, this still would be considered as a leftover.

Awarded to backers who paid above $12 can activate a code to use a Blue Shantae color scheme, although, it seems that it's not yet in the game's files other than this portrait (the folder with all Shantae portraits doesn't have any either with this custom color, despite there being pictures of portraits of Shantae in her blue outfit being shown in the game as seen on the Shantae Wiki, like the one above, for example, and a shocked blue Shantae is also on the wiki, which could mean that blue Shantae is available in the Ultimate Edition of Half-Genie Hero).

Shantae HGH - portrait characterselect shantae 2.png
A silhouette image for the Main Mode. Because the normal mode is always available, this is never used. A duplicate of this file exists for the Blue Shantae color scheme as well.

Unused Cape Crustacean's Competitors (enemy_racer.pak and npc_racer.pak)

In this scene, several new "enemies" appear on the race. Among the new ones, two "enemies", which appeared as allies before, were cut:

Shantae HGH - Mermaid Racer.gif
Although this sprite is used in-game, there's a duplicate with just 5 frames on the "racers" folder, which implies that they would be used on the race mini-game. Only the blonde girl is in here, the other two mermaid girls aren't available in this folder.

Shantae HGH - racer 1.png
A rather interesting image that shows a "sketch" of one of the girls, found in the same folder as the racers.

Shantae HGH - npc racer 1.png
And, the Mayor apparently was going to race as well. Similar to above, this one is also a sketch, but it's located only in npc_racer.pak, a folder which only includes this sprite and nothing more.

Twitch and Vinegar Ship (boss_jetski.pak)

Shantae HGH - missile 1.png

A very crudely drawn missile, probably meant for the boss battle with Twitch and Vinegar.

Risky Boots (boss_risky.pak)

Shantae HGH - anchor 3.png
A very crudely drawn anchor.

Shantae HGH - bulletb 1.png
A placeholder image for her bullets or bombs. The image in question is actually a Stickybomb from Team Fortress 2.

Wilbur (boss_sandworm.pak)

Shantae HGH - flame 1.png

A rather strange placeholder file called "flame_1".

Skull Knight

Shantae HGH - undeadknight 1.png
An unused sketch of this enemy climbing a rope.

Shantae HGH - undeadknight 2.png
At first glance, this looks used in the game, but it actually uses a different shading on the pants, and the image isn't properly anti-aliased either.

Holly Lingerbean Portrait (portrait_fake_genie.pak)

Shantae HGH - fx portrait fake genie 2.png

A sketch for the Rival Genie (Holly Lingerbean) is located on the folder, the "actual" image (fully colored) with this pose does not exist, as Holly only has one portrait.

Squid Baron (boss_squidhypno.pak)

Click [Expand] to view the animation
Shantae HGH - Lets Rock Yellow.gif

An animation with "Let's Rock" written on it can be found in Squid Baron's files.

To do:
Upload the red and orange variations, each requires fixing the borders and such when making the .gifs.


Shantae HGH - fmod 1.png

A logo for "fmod" that does not show up on the Credits.

"Temp" Fire

Shantae HGH - fire ball.gif

Several enemies with "flame" abilities has this temporary animation in their folders. This is Dhalsim's Yoga Fire animation from Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, with "Temp" written on top.

(Source: zerojay)

Unknown Enemy Sketch (enemy_big_spider.pak)

Shantae HGH - spider 36.pngShantae HGH - spider 37.png

Two sketches from an unknown Enemy or Boss found in the same folder as the Scorpgal enemy. The first one appears to be an early concept for the Bonelegs enemy.

Leftovers From Previous Shantaes

Half-Genie Hero contains a lot of leftovers from the previous Shantae games. These were probably used as a base to make the art style for this game. These sprites are separated from each other in the game's folder, but it was merged into an animation to save space.

Ammo Baron (boss_ammobaron.pak)

Shantae HGH - ammobaron coat 1.png
A pixelated version of his coat.

Shantae HGH - ammo baron 31.pngShantae HGH - ammo baron 32.png
Two pixelated sprites of him.

Ammo Baron Soldiers (boss_ammobaron.pak and enemy_blue_soldier.pak)

Each of those sprites have their own duplicates, named as "ammo_baron" and "soldiers". They're both the same. The only two actual Ammo Baron sprites are above.

Shantae HGH - Pixelated Soldier - Stance.gif
A pixelated version of his soldiers with a "Stand" pose animation.

Shantae HGH - Pixelated Soldier - Crouch.gif
A pixelated version of his soldier with a "Crouch" animation.

Shantae HGH - Pixelated Soldier - Throw.gif
A pixelated version of his soldier with a "Throwing" animation.

Shantae HGH - Grenade Throw.gif
A grenade throw animation, probably to use together with the animation above. There are some weird artifacts on the middle of the sprites as well.

Shantae HGH - blue soldier 1.pngShantae HGH - blue soldier 2.pngShantae HGH - blue soldier 3.pngShantae HGH - blue soldier 4.pngShantae HGH - blue soldier 5.pngShantae HGH - blue soldier 6.png
Various frames for an animation for going backwards and forwards.

Shantae HGH - soldier 18.pngShantae HGH - soldier 19.pngShantae HGH - soldier 20.png
Various sprites for a jumping sequence for his soldiers.

Shantae HGH - soldier 17.png
A "hurt" sprite.

Hypno Baron and Quid Baron (cinemat_squidhypno.pak)

Shantae HGH - Pixelated Hypno Baron - Laugh.gif
A pixelated version of Hypno Baron with his "Laugh" animation.

Shantae HGH - Pixelated Hypno Baron - Melt.gif
A pixelated version of Hypno Baron with his "Melt" animation.

Shantae HGH - Pixelated Hypno Baron - Spell.gif
Hypno Baron doing some sort of spell.

Shantae HGH - hypno baron 1.pngShantae HGH - hypno baron 23.pngShantae HGH - hypno baron 24.png
Frames 1, 23 and 24.

Shantae HGH - Pixelated Squid Baron - Idle.gif
A pixelated version of Squid Baron with his "Idle" animation.

Shantae HGH - Pixelated Squid Baron - Spin.gif
Squid Baron spinning.

Shantae HGH - Pixelated Squid Baron - Fall.gif
Squid Baron falling.

Shantae HGH - Pixelated Squid Baron - Fall 2.gif
Squid Baron hitting the ground.

Shantae HGH - Pixelated Squid Baron - Dash.gif
Squid Baron dashing.

Shantae HGH - squid baron 1.png
Frame 1.

Risky Boots (boss_risky.pak, boss_tinkerslug.pak, npc_risky.pak and npc_scarly.pak)

Shantae HGH - Pixelated Risky - Stand.gif
A pixelated version of Risky Boots with her "Stand" animation.

Shantae HGH - Pixelated Risky - Walk.gif
A pixelated version of Risky Boots with her "Walk" animation.

Shantae HGH - risky 18.pngShantae HGH - risky 19.png
The 18th and 19th frame.

Shantae HGH - risky 8.pngShantae HGH - risky 20.png
The 8th and 20th frames are strangely uncropped or rotated differently.

Shantae HGH - anchor 1.pngShantae HGH - anchor 2.png
A pixelated version of her spike ball. The second image is not found anywhere else, and it's called "anchor_2", probably related to the first one.

Shantae HGH - fx risky 03.png
Located at Shantae's portraits (portrait_shantae.pak), the older design for Risky Boots' portrait that was used in The Pirate's Curse.

Archer Enemy (enemy_archer.pak)

Shantae HGH - archer arrow 1.png

A pixelated version of the arrows used by the Archers in this game.

Crab Enemy (enemy_fire.pak)

Shantae HGH - fire 1.png

Located at a rather strange .pak, a pixelated version of the crab enemy.


Shantae HGH - Generic - bullet 1.pngShantae HGH - Generic - bubble 1.pngShantae HGH - Generic - cannonball 1.pngShantae HGH - Generic - cannonball 2.pngShantae HGH - Generic - cannonball 3.pngShantae HGH - Generic - cannonball 4.png

These are found in several folders. They're all placeholder sprites, and each one is for each any "type". Bullets belonging to enemies that is able to shoot bullets, bubbles to aquatic enemies and the bones belonging to enemies that uses other projectiles.

Unused Enemies

Slime Enemy (enemy_slimegal.pak)

Shantae HGH - slimegal 3.png

A different color for the Slime Girl enemy is in the folders but is unused. It only has one sprite, which is a lazy image edit of the normal stance pose of the used pink sprite.

Scorpgal (enemy_big_spider.pak)

The Scorpgal from Shantae and Shantae and the Pirate's Curse is actually here, completely redrawn to use in the game, but she was scrapped in favor of using the new Bonelegs enemy found only in this game (specifically in the story and costume modes, as well as in Friends to the End). The general quality isn't the best, so it's likely she was dropped early in development. Despite this, the Scorpgal does return in the Pirate Queen's Quest DLC, and would return again in Shantae and the Seven Sirens.

Shantae HGH - spider - Stand.gif
Idle animation.

Shantae HGH - spider - Block.gif
A block animation. The Bonelegs enemy actually used in this game also has a block mechanic, so, kinda neat.

Shantae HGH - spider - Attack 1.gif
Some sort of attack.

Shantae HGH - spider - Attack 2.gif
Another attack.

Shantae HGH - spider - Attack 3.gif
A magical attack with a weird effect going on.

For the separate Scorpgal sprites, check out this horizontal sprite sheet.

Unused Miniboss

Found in the files for Act 2 of Hypno Baron's Castle is a script for an unused miniboss fight against Abner and Poe. The objects for this fight are placed just beyond the act's normal end point. While the script crashes in its base form due to trying to call for dialog that doesn't exist, removing the playDialogFromFile functions from the miniboss_intro and miniboss_outro lua files enables it to be played, although it is clearly little more than a concept, down to using old sprites from Pirate's Curse.

Placeholder Art Gallery Pictures

Shantae HGH - backer art 0 0 1.pngShantae HGH - backer art 0 2 1.pngShantae HGH - backer art 0 3 1.png

Found at backer_art_0.pak, several placeholder artworks meant for the first page in the Art Gallery found in the game. The first one has also a duplicate called "backer_art_0_1_1". The first page of the gallery has fewer images than the rest, so it's possible that more artworks was considered.

Unused Items

Dance Slot

Shantae HGH item dance slot.png

An item that has had its icon removed and replaced with a generic blue square, and its description replaced with **NOT USED**, presumably some sort of hold over from an older dance system from earlier in development that now seems to do nothing.

Siren's Song

Shantae HGH item sirens song.png

An unused quest item taking the form of a vinyl record. This is classed as a key item, implying it would have been part of a fetch quest at some point before being cut and left behind. The description read "Ugh... sounds like someone snoring through a trombone underwater!".

Unused Texts

The game contains a lot of unused texts and prompts, scattered all over the files.

Unused Hair Upgrade Description

The script containing the descriptions for the relics that give hair upgrades, ** NOT USED ** appears twice inbetween the descriptions, implying there would be two more relics with hair upgrade functions. What those unused upgrades were is unknown.

Unused Prompts

There are prompts leftover in the script that are never actually used in the final game. In the final game, the characters either ask for something else, or nothing at all.


In the final game, instead of 'Worms' you give the Techno Baron a Data Chip. If you don't have enough Data Chips, he says

Lies! You don't have my <hgh_f c=0>DATA CHIP</hgh_f>!

This is likely a carry-over from when the quest item was worms, as in the final game you only need to give him one Data Chip, thus this line is never triggered as you cannot trigger the 'give' prompt without at least one Data Chip.

Unused Fetch Item Quest Dialogue

As shown in the Unused Items section, Siren's Song was originally supposed to be a quest item. Unused text shows that this was going to be a fetch quest where you give the Siren's Song to Poe for his hamster. In the final game, he simply gives you the hamster.

POE: I wonder if <hgh_f c=0>SHE</hgh_f>'s out there somewhere...
SHANTAE: (Sigh.) What's up?
SHANTAE: Poe, you should listen to music!
POE: What'cha got?
SHANTAE: Just close your eyes and listen...
POE: Woahhhhh...
POE: That <hgh_f c=0>VOICE</hgh_f>... 
POE: That's the sound my heart makes when I think about <hgh_f c=0>HER</hgh_f>.
POE: She's out there.
POE: Someday I'm going to meet the girl who sang this.
POE: I feel it in my heart.
POE: ...
POE: Thank you.
POE: Hey wait. I want to give you something. He's kind of a wiggly monster, but he needs a good home.
SHANTAE: Aww, isn't he cute!
POE: He has lots of spunk, so make sure he's got a nice big hamster wheel to run on, OK?

Unused Worms

The worms mentioned in multiple unused prompts and texts above were actually going to be the main character of their very own sidequest. This quest has been removed from the final game, but unused dialogue from an NPC at the Mermaid Falls can be found in the game files.

ICKY ICKY ICK!  I can't bathe in the relaxing waterfalls — 'cause of <hgh_f c=0>ALL THESE WORMS</hgh_f>!
They're in the walls and there's no <hgh_f c=0>END</hgh_f> to them!'
Well, okay... There can't be more than a few...
But someone has to do something about these disgusting <hgh_f c=0>WORMS</hgh_f>!
Oh please, can you get rid of them for me?

I can't relax until the <hgh_f c=0>WORMS</hgh_f> are all <hgh_f c=0>GONE</hgh_f>!

Is it true?
Are the worms gone?

Icky <hgh_f c=0>WORMS</hgh_f>! Please make those vile things <hgh_f c=0>GONE</hgh_f>!

I-I'm afraid you've missed a few... Oh please, take care of those icky <hgh_f c=0>WORMS</hgh_f>!

All gone? ... All gone! Yippeeee!!
I can't stop wiggling in excitement! Please take this as a gift.

Ahh... thanks to you... It's time to enjoy a nice dip, worm freeee!

Gosh, the only thing that would have been worse than finding worms in the wall is finding mice. Imagine that?

'Worms' likely refer to the enemies that can be found in Mermaid Falls.

Unused Bath Lady Shop

In the script where the game stores the markers for the shops, the following texts can be found:


There is also unused dialogue between the other shopkeeper dialogue, implying the Bath House was originally also going to have an item shop function.

BATH LADY: As you relax by our herbal spring, allow me to interest you in some products!
BATH LADY: Good luck on your travels!

Unused Townsfolk NPC Dialogue

The little girl in Scuttle Town Square actually has a follow-up dialogue to her line 'Who is that strange girl over there? She's so wiggly!'. It was set to trigger after you progress the story, but it is not able to see this in-game because she is unavailable for the entirety of Chapter 3 due to a quest.

The wiggly girl is gone. But now I kind of miss her. Maybe we can visit where she is from again.

Lost Art Gallery Keys

In the final game, the Mayor claims he lost the ten gallery keys while travelling all over Sequin Land. Unused dialogue shows the reason was going to lie about his carelessness at first.

MAYOR: How terrible! We just got the ART GALLERY reopened and all the keys got stolen! Since you're out a job, how about you go find them for me?

MAYOR: Wh... where am I?

MAYOR: Don't mind me here. Just doing mayor stuff. Very busy.

MAYOR: Oh, are you still looking for the keys? I lost them in— I mean, whoever STOLE them must have hid them in many places!
MAYOR: If you've found any Gallery Keys, go ahead and press UP to open a door!

MAYOR: Did you find all of the Art Gallery Keys? Perhaps you should!

Random Unused Mimic Dialogue

A line that was intended for Mimic in Chapter 6 can be found in the code, which implies the story was originally going to take a very different route.

We'll modify the <hgh_f c=0>MAGIC MAGNET</hgh_f> for long range while you search for that <hgh_f c=0>THUNDER ORE</hgh_f>!

Risky's Rant

The final version of Risky's angry outburst is missing a word that appears in the script.

Script Final text

Unlike the other words in the rant, the unused line is missing the formatting the game uses to make dialogue appear boldened ('<hgh_f c=0>FOOL</hgh_f>!!' and 'STUPIDA!!'), so it is uncertain if this was never meant to be used in the first place, or removed early on. Right after all the text where the game stores its prompts, the text 'IDIOTE !!' can be found, which is also never used in the final game and looks out of place in comparison to all the other text in the files. Interesting to note that 'STUPIDA' and 'IDIOTE' are the correct feminine form of the word 'FOOL' in Italian and French respectively, but are not used in the actual Italian and French translations of the game.

Dialogue Template Remnants

Unused text templates can be found after the player is asked a question, which prompts two options.

Temp line until quest gets updated in programming.
Temp line until quest gets updated in programming.


The "GemJug Jar" transformation uses the same jar sprites that are breakable in-game, although, in the folder shantae_gemjug.pak, there are sprites for the transformation, but they're all copy and pastes from the Harvest transformation.