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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor

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Title Screen

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor

Developer: Atlus
Publishers: Atlus (JP/US)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: January 15, 2009
Released in US: June 23, 2009

EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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Devil Survivor is a tactical RPG spinoff of the Shin Megami Tensei series. (It's also another in the line of DS titles that came up with a meaning for "DS" instead of just calling itself "(Game Name) DS".)

Unused Graphics

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There are two placeholder portraits: one of the Hero with a pink outline and Japanese text, and one of an Office Lady with a brown outline and Japanese text.

Unused Text

Sariel & Anael

There are birth and fusion messages for Sariel and Anael, implying they were planned to be fusable at some point in development. These messages are placed at the very end of the fusion message database.

Sariel Birth

I am he who watcheth sheep
fall, Sariel the Divine. Sleep
eternally under my watch...

Sariel Fusion

Thou desireth power, o' sheep.
So be it. I shall bear witness
to thy journey...

Anael Birth

I am he who treasures love and
beauty, joy embodied, Anael
the Divine. Kneel before God.

Anael Fusion

Fusion is love, beauty, and
joy! By the grace of God,
Ibecome [sic] thy strength! Fusion!

Egg condition message

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There is an untranslated condition alert message for Belzaboul's "Egg" condition.


Unused Emails

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There is leftover text for six emails that were never translated into English.

From Kaido

The sender field identifies the sender as Kaido.

Email ID#10 (adjacent to Day 2 evening emails)
Japanese Translation
This is amazing


I heard COMP users can send messages to one another if communication is successful. You guys might have more experience in using modded COMPs, but I ain't gonna lose. These modded COMPs are some hot shit. Heck, even world domination would be possible with 'em. Anyone's who's got their hands on one has that power. So I ain't gonna lose. I'm gonna grab as many demon underlings as I can and become the strongest! And you ain't getting in my way!

"World domination, huh... I think you should let that one go."

"World domination!? That's a great idea!"
Email ID#25 (adjacent to Kaido's "You there?" email)
Japanese Translation
Did you see that?

Last night you told me to give up on the world domination biz, but can you still say that after what you've seen me do today? I summoned a demon totally on my own, without using the COMP's power, right? A demon's power is directly related to a human's merit. So the fact I was able to summon such a high-class demon in this shitty world means I'm atunned to it. Makes total sense, as I'm the one who's going to conquer the world.

"Is world domination... actually possible?"

"Dude, you should drop that idea."


The sender is identified as "T-STAR", which is not a username seen in any other email. The tone of the message sounds like the Gigolo/Loki, but it may refer to a cut character.

Email ID#60 (between Skill Crack tutorial and Atsuro's first email)
Japanese Translation
You've been going at it, huh?


You're quite an interesting fellow.
I'm sending you this message to laud the efforts of you and your friends.

Beldr, Belial, Jezebel,
Belzeboul, Belberith, Babel,
and then Abel...

There's more stuff, but let's leave it at that for today.
I'll tell you more if I feel like it.


The sender field identifies the sender as Naoya.

Email ID#62 (precedes the Song of Hope variant of Naoya's final email)
Japanese Translation
You've showed me your power.



It seems you were dragged into the fight for the throne of Bel. Nice job.

Bel is a being who was defeated by God and then broken apart into different demons. The fragmented Bels are trying to absorb one another and become whole again. If the King of Bel is reborn, a great number of demons will gather under them.

You may be human, but you are qualified to join this battle.

Continue to win, and become the King of the Expanse. You'll then obtain the power to fight the trial God is about to deliver unto us.

If we overcome that trial, humanity shall have no reason to fear Him anymore.

I can help you ascend to that throne. Make your resolve clear by the time we meet again.


The sender field identifies the sender as "M", the name used by Metatron when he sends the ending emails. Unlike other unused emails, the subject line is translated as "(No title)", the subject line for all of Metatron's ending emails. Some of the text is similar (but not identical) to Metatron's voiceovers in the ending scrawl, implying that the voiceovers may have originally been rendered as normal emails.

Email ID#73 (follows Naoya's invitation to the King of Demons route)
Japanese Translation


The power of Bel sleeps within you.
When you make use of that power...
Demons shall return again...

When that happens, I will not give humanity a chance, and instead will immediately destroy everything.

Live true to your heart...

I'm always watching you.
Email ID#74 (follows previous Metatron email)
Japanese Translation



It has been confirmed that humanity has advanced to the point of being able to control demonic power.

...However, it is also true that the power of Bel lies within you, asleep.

When you make use of that power, demonic forces shall be unleashed.

When that happens, I will not give humanity a chance, and instead will immediately destroy everything.

Live true to your heart...

I am always watching you.

Unused Enemies

Cain and Abel

There are two battler entries whose positions correspond to the names "Abel" and "Cain" in the string database.

  • Abel is character #175, between Beldr and Mind Amane.
  • Cain is character #179, between Anael and the first Demon Tamer entry.
  • Both have a character model code not used anywhere else, 0001, but this appears to have no corresponding graphic, causing the game to either produce a portrait of garbage data on the overworld or crash if the game attempts to load the full portrait in any submenu.
  • Both have a race of Human and a starting level of 1.
  • Abel has HP growth of 4.0, MP growth of 1.5, and 4 in all stats. All stat growths are 3 except for Vitality, which is 4. This makes him one of the very few characters not to have a total stat growth of 16. Oddly, all of these stats are different from the Hero's.
  • Cain has HP growth of 6.0, MP growth of 2.0, and his stats are 5 St/4 Ma/4 Vi/4 Ag. All stat growths are 4. These stats are standard for most human enemies.


Mai was going to be a playable character. She was going to be a celebrity covering the lockdown from her TV studio, and act as a foil to Shoji. She was cut, however, as the writers were having difficulty coming up with a way for her to meet the protagonists and integrate her into the plot. However, her battler data and portrait are still in the game.

  • ID is #11, between Izuna and Honda.
  • She has a unique character model code, 0C00. This produces her portrait correctly, but produces a glitched model in battle.
  • She has HP growth of 5.5, and MP growth of 2.0. Her base stats are 4 St/5 Ma/5 Vi/3 Ag, and her stat growths are 3 St/5 Ma/5 Vi/3 Ag.


Shoji has a battler entry despite never appearing in any battle in the game.

  • ID is #15, immediately after Naoya.
  • She has a unique character model code, 0003, but it does not appear to correspond to any actual graphic file, causing severe glitches when the game attempts to load it.
  • She has a move of 4, unlike most battlers, which have 3.
  • She has HP growth of 6.0, MP growth of 2.0, and stats of 5 St/4 Ma/4 Vi/4 Ag. All stat growths are 4. These stats are standard for most human enemies.


There is a battler entry for the Shomonkai Founder, though he only appears in battle maps in cutscenes.

  • ID is #16, immediately after Shoji.
  • He has a unique character model code, 0202. This code corresponds to the "placeholder hero" portrait and a placeholder battler model.
  • He has HP growth of 6.0, MP growth of 2.0, and stats of 5 St/4 Ma/4 Vi/4 Ag. All stat growths are 4. These stats are standard for most human enemies.

Unused Abilities

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All of these abilities have a description of "未設定", which translates to "Not set". Thus, we can only speculate about their intended functionality.

Auto Stop

The very end of the skill database contains an entry for an unused Auto skill called "Auto Stop". It has no MP cost or stat requirements.

"Life" and "Mana"

The passive skill database contains two entries immediately following Life Surge and Mana Surge, simply called "Life" and "Mana". They have no stat requirements. According to the code, they would have doubled HP and MP respectively.