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Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne

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Title Screen

Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne

Developer: Atlus
Publisher: Atlus
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: February 20, 2003
Released in KR: 2003

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Cactus feels all lost and stuff.
This page covers the original Japanese release.
The international re-releases are based off the director's cut version, Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne Maniax.
To do:
Document the unused Shinjuku map seen as the map for the Northern temple and Bandou shrine areas.

Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne is the second fully 3D entry in the series after Shin Megami Tensei NINE, and is notable for being the first to be released outside of Japan. Transformed into a half-demon during the apocalyptic event known only as The Conception, you'll have to recruit demons to either reshape the world, or end it altogether...


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.
Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.


Models & Animations
The guy on the left washed his clothes with the bad washing powder.
Unused Areas
Levels that you cannot enter with the terminal.
Unused Puzzle Boy Maps
I heard you really liked Puzzle Boy.
Unused Cutscenes
A few unused cutscenes that didn't quite make it to the final cut.
Unused Battle Dialogue
There's too much..
Unused Level Dialogue
Picture an alternate timeline where Hijiri gives you the Annex Pass. That's what you'll see here.
Unused Items
Unusable items that have leftover names and descriptions.
Unused Skills
Ever wanted to disarm a trap on a cache cube? Too bad, because they removed it.


Leftover Tech Demo Scripts
Some leftover scripts from one of the earliest tech demos of Nocturne.
Debug Menu
A debug menu that's leftover as well as a few other debug options.
e608.bf Event Spreadsheet
A leftover spreadsheet to track effects for a Shinjuku Hospital event.
Jakyo Manor Spreadsheet
A spreadsheet that was used to track effects and camera info for the Cathedral of Shadows.

Unused Graphics

Placeholder BG Images

SMT-III-Nocturne-Sample-BG00.png SMT-III-Nocturne-Sample-BG01.png SMT-III-Nocturne-Sample-BG02.png

Three menu related placeholder BG images found in dds3.img\font\sample\. A picture of Yuko in the Hospital, an early rendering of a Cathedral of Shadows where the options have been swapped around compared to the release, and an early menu screen. The menu screen lists several monsters, including Pyro Jack, Decarabia, Forneus, Ootengu, Efreet, and Hanuman (including multiple copies of said monsters, which isn't possible in the final game), as well as referring to the Demi-fiend as "Shujinkou" or Hero. The 'Magatama' option is named Devil Hearts at the menu screen as well. These images are used in the message script debug option.

Unused "Nego" System Graphics

A pre-release image of how it would've looked in-game.

SMT-III-Nocturne-A Nego.png SMT-III-Nocturne-N icon.png

The 'Nego' screen is a stat screen and negotiation system that was cut from the final game. Nego is short for negotiation. Judging from the second leftover image, you could most likely use it to get gems, magnetite, macca, recruit demons and so on. The stat screen was probably supposed to show what type of demon that you're talking to so it would be easier to negotiate. The making of video for Nocturne has a few moments where this mode is shown. Both how the stat screen looks in-game and how the negotiation system works.

Battle UI Mockup Images

There are a few mockup images located inside dds3.img\efftool\btl_test\ and dds3.img\efftool\btl_test\newbtl\ that were used in a set-up battle for the Battle Test debug option. Two sets are present. One prototype set and one a bit later.


SMT-III-Nocturne-command.tmx 1.png SMT-III-Nocturne-status.tmx 1.png

Command and status UI from the prototype. The left image is commands, which are: Attack, Agilao, Bufula, and Dia. The right image are of characters, which are: "Atlus" in Hiragana (most definitely the protagonist), Jack Frost, Decarabia, and Jack Lantern (Pyro Jack).

SMT-III-Nocturne-magicname.tmx 1.png SMT-III-Nocturne-moon.tmx 1.png SMT-III-Nocturne-press.tmx 1.png

From left to right: A graphic for the "Agi" spell, Prototype Moon UI, and the press turn gauge from the prototype.


These textures were used in the pre-release image above for a mockup of a battle.


SMT-III-Nocturne-auto.tmx 1.png
SMT-III-Nocturne-moon.tmx 1 .png

Updated prototype auto and full moon images.

SMT-III-Nocturne-gage.tmx 1.png SMT-III-Nocturne-list.tmx 1.png SMT-III-Nocturne-skillname.tmx 1.png

Updated prototype press turn gauge, another status screen, slightly more updated (with Shuujinkou/Hero, Jack Lantern (Pyro Jack), Forneus, and Decarabia), and another skill-name (Guillotine Cut).

Unused Puzzle Boy background

SMT-III-Nocturne-ambg tmx.png SMT-Nocturne-Vortex-Puzzle-Boy.PNG

This Puzzle Boy background is leftover in the game's files, pre-release footage to the right for comparison.

Prototype Damage Numbers Font

SMT-III-Nocturne-Damage.tmx 1.png

You can see this one in the making of video for Nocturne, at one point it was used as the font for the status UI and possibly as the damage font.

SMT-III-Nocturne-Target.tmx 1.png

This was early on used as the graphic for if you managed to hit the weakpoint or miss the attack. It also contains numbers which shows that it was used as the damage font for when you would hit the target.

Character Art

SMT-III-Nocturne-Isamu.PB.tmx.png SMT-III-Nocturne-Tiaki.PB.tmx.png

Two concept arts were found in the folder dds3.img\model\event\e550 that contains the models for the alpha version of the first in-game event. Presumably this should be used in the early version of name input screen.

Texture Oddities

Prologue Map TV-Screen

SMT-III-NocturneF001 001.LB.png SMT-III-Nocturne-Prologue-Map.png

On the very first map in the game, there's a TV with an animation but it's not quite clear what it is. However, extracting the textures from the map file, you can see a lot more clearly what's actually on there.


Here's a gif showing off more clearly what's going on the screen with the text "GOD" and a skull flashing over and over with a bunch of effects.

Staff Roll

SMT-III-Nocturne-Stf pic10.tmx 1.png

In the staff roll for Nocturne, there is this one picture where the developers forgot to turn off the camera mode debug. However, because of how the staff roll covers up half the picture, you would normally not see this.

Title Screen

SMT-Nocturne-Stf win1.tmx 1.png

On the title screen, you would normally not see the hard disk section.

Ayakashi Monthly

You never really get to see what the contents of the Ayakashi Monthly magazine are. Well here they are. The pages inside the magazine is an interesting read for sure.

SMTIIINocturne chiaki 00000006.tmx 1.png SMTIIINocturne chiaki 00000005.tmx 1.png SMTIIINocturne chiaki 00000007.tmx 1.png SMTIIINocturne chiaki 00000008.tmx 1.png SMTIIINocturne chiaki 00000009.tmx 1.png

Text Translation
Urgent Special Issue
The Mystery of the Miroku scripture 
The Truth about the Birth of the World Revealed at Last!
2002 12/1 定価 870円
First Issue
2002 12/1 Price 870 Yen
The Roots of Gozu-Tennoh
Worship of Gozu-Tennoh still remains in various parts of Japan
What is its origin?
The Truth About Mani Wheels
The maniwheel used by the Lamaists
Actually, it has a hidden purpose!

There is also an alternate version which is used for a prototype Chiaki model using Yuuko Takao's model, but with Chiaki's animations. Naturally, this one is never seen.

SMTIIINocturne-Tiaki 00000007.tmx 1.png

Text Translation
特集1 ミロク経典
(too small 2 lines)
Special Feature 1: The Miroku Sutra
When the world is ripe, it begins
This is it!
Egypt: ■■■■■
Carmen knows.
The Entertainers of Gaiaism of cyber communication.
Young ■■■■ also ■■7
This is the place to be.
I'm a string dfaa and I'm a dja
Feature 2
Complete ■■■■■ that could not be ■■■■
The third in a series of psychic photographs!
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Enemies

Leftover Makefile

To do:
Figure out Konoha and Sakuya.

Inside model you can find a file named Makefile which was most likely used to make model and animation files for the game to use. In this file, you can find traces from some old models being created for the tech demo/prototype. This includes human models, devil models and event models.

Inside the file, you can see mentions of a few unused characters that aren't in the final game. Those demons would be Amaterasu (First form), Shasty, Susano-o, Gemori, Anat, Gandharva, Yomotsu-Ikusa (yikusa.mb), Cu Chulainn (kufurn.mb). Take-Mikazuchi (takemi.mb) is also present. According to some of the leftover tech demo scripts. Take-Mikazuchi was supposed to be a boss at one point. There is also, sakuyaxx.mb and konoha.mb, but their names is absolutely impossible to figure out of as of now.

# -*- tab-width: 4 -*-




	human/pc.MB                 human/pc.TB             human/pc.AB \
	human/pcxxx.MB              human/pcxxx.TB          human/pcxxx.AB

	                            devil/grp00/dummy.MB    devil/grp00/dummy.AB \
#	 devil/grp01/amater.TB       devil/grp01/amater.MB   devil/grp01/amater.AB \
#	 devil/grp01/shasty.TB       devil/grp01/shasty.MB   devil/grp01/shasty.AB \
#	 devil/grp01/susano.TB       devil/grp01/susano.MB   devil/grp01/susano.AB \
#	 devil/grp01/kikuri.TB       devil/grp01/kikuri.MB   devil/grp01/kikuri.AB \
#	 devil/grp01/konoha.TB       devil/grp01/konoha.MB   devil/grp01/konoha.AB \
#	 devil/grp02/takemi.TB       devil/grp02/takemi.MB   devil/grp02/takemi.AB \
#	 devil/grp02/kufurn.TB       devil/grp02/kufurn.MB   devil/grp02/kufurn.AB \
#	 devil/grp02/karasu.TB       devil/grp02/karasu.MB   devil/grp02/karasu.AB \
#	 devil/grp02/gandha.TB       devil/grp02/gandha.MB   devil/grp02/gandha.AB \
#	 devil/grp02/jfrost.TB       devil/grp02/jfrost.MB   devil/grp02/jfrost.AB \
#	 devil/grp02/gomory.TB       devil/grp02/gomory.MB   devil/grp02/gomory.AB \
#	 devil/grp03/ose.TB          devil/grp03/ose.MB      devil/grp03/ose.AB 	  \
#	 devil/grp03/nozuti.TB       devil/grp03/nozuti.MB   devil/grp03/nozuti.AB \
#	 devil/grp03/yataga.TB       devil/grp03/yataga.MB   devil/grp03/yataga.AB \
#	 devil/grp03/chmera.TB       devil/grp03/chmera.MB   devil/grp03/chmera.AB \
#	 devil/grp03/orthrs.TB       devil/grp03/orthrs.MB   devil/grp03/orthrs.AB \
#	 devil/grp03/nue.TB          devil/grp03/nue.MB      devil/grp03/nue.AB 	  \
#	 devil/grp04/yikusa.TB       devil/grp04/yikusa.MB   devil/grp04/yikusa.AB \
#	 devil/grp04/rangda.TB       devil/grp04/rangda.MB   devil/grp04/rangda.AB \
#	 devil/grp04/osexx.TB        devil/grp04/osexx.MB    devil/grp04/osexx.AB  \
#	 devil/grp04/sakuyaxx.TB     devil/grp04/sakuyaxx.MB devil/grp04/sakuyaxx.AB \
#	 devil/grp04/chmeraxx.TB     devil/grp04/chmeraxx.MB devil/grp04/chmeraxx.AB \
#	 devil/grp04/orthrsxx.TB     devil/grp04/orthrsxx.MB devil/grp04/orthrsxx.AB \
	devil/0x00/0x00/0x00_b.TB	devil/0x00/0x00/0x00_b.MB	devil/0x00/0x00/0x00_b.AB \
	devil/0x00/0x01/0x01_b.TB	devil/0x00/0x01/0x01_b.MB	devil/0x00/0x01/0x01_b.AB \
	devil/0x00/0x02/0x02_b.TB	devil/0x00/0x02/0x02_b.MB	devil/0x00/0x02/0x02_b.AB \
	devil/0x00/0x03/0x03_b.TB	devil/0x00/0x03/0x03_b.MB	devil/0x00/0x03/0x03_b.AB \
	devil/0x00/0x04/0x04_b.TB	devil/0x00/0x04/0x04_b.MB	devil/0x00/0x04/0x04_b.AB \
	devil/0x00/0x05/0x05_b.TB	devil/0x00/0x05/0x05_b.MB	devil/0x00/0x05/0x05_b.AB \
	devil/0x00/0x06/0x06_b.TB	devil/0x00/0x06/0x06_b.MB	devil/0x00/0x06/0x06_b.AB \
	devil/0x00/0x07/0x07_b.TB	devil/0x00/0x07/0x07_b.MB	devil/0x00/0x07/0x07_b.AB \
	devil/0x00/0x08/0x08_b.TB	devil/0x00/0x08/0x08_b.MB	devil/0x00/0x08/0x08_b.AB \
	devil/0x00/0x09/0x09_b.TB	devil/0x00/0x09/0x09_b.MB	devil/0x00/0x09/0x09_b.AB \
	devil/0x00/0x0a/0x0a_b.TB	devil/0x00/0x0a/0x0a_b.MB	devil/0x00/0x0a/0x0a_b.AB \
	devil/0x00/0x0b/0x0b_b.TB	devil/0x00/0x0b/0x0b_b.MB	devil/0x00/0x0b/0x0b_b.AB \
	devil/0x00/0x0c/0x0c_b.TB	devil/0x00/0x0c/0x0c_b.MB	devil/0x00/0x0c/0x0c_b.AB \
	devil/0x00/0x0d/0x0d_b.TB	devil/0x00/0x0d/0x0d_b.MB	devil/0x00/0x0d/0x0d_b.AB \
	devil/0x00/0x0e/0x0e_b.TB	devil/0x00/0x0e/0x0e_b.MB	devil/0x00/0x0e/0x0e_b.AB \
	devil/0x00/0x0f/0x0f_b.TB	devil/0x00/0x0f/0x0f_b.MB	devil/0x00/0x0f/0x0f_b.AB \
	devil/0x10/0x10/0x10_b.TB	devil/0x10/0x10/0x10_b.MB	devil/0x10/0x10/0x10_b.AB \
	devil/0x10/0x11/0x11_b.TB	devil/0x10/0x11/0x11_b.MB	devil/0x10/0x11/0x11_b.AB \
	devil/0x10/0x12/0x12_b.TB	devil/0x10/0x12/0x12_b.MB	devil/0x10/0x12/0x12_b.AB \
	devil/0x10/0x13/0x13_b.TB	devil/0x10/0x13/0x13_b.MB	devil/0x10/0x13/0x13_b.AB \
	devil/0x10/0x14/0x14_b.TB	devil/0x10/0x14/0x14_b.MB	devil/0x10/0x14/0x14_b.AB \
	devil/0x10/0x15/0x15_b.TB	devil/0x10/0x15/0x15_b.MB	devil/0x10/0x15/0x15_b.AB \
	devil/0x10/0x16/0x16_b.TB	devil/0x10/0x16/0x16_b.MB	devil/0x10/0x16/0x16_b.AB \
	devil/0x10/0x17/0x17_b.TB	devil/0x10/0x17/0x17_b.MB	devil/0x10/0x17/0x17_b.AB \
	devil/0x10/0x18/0x18_b.TB	devil/0x10/0x18/0x18_b.MB	devil/0x10/0x18/0x18_b.AB \
	devil/0x10/0x19/0x19_b.TB	devil/0x10/0x19/0x19_b.MB	devil/0x10/0x19/0x19_b.AB \
	devil/0x10/0x1a/0x1a_b.TB	devil/0x10/0x1a/0x1a_b.MB	devil/0x10/0x1a/0x1a_b.AB \
	devil/0x10/0x1b/0x1b_b.TB	devil/0x10/0x1b/0x1b_b.MB	devil/0x10/0x1b/0x1b_b.AB \
	devil/0x10/0x1c/0x1c_b.TB	devil/0x10/0x1c/0x1c_b.MB	devil/0x10/0x1c/0x1c_b.AB \
	devil/0x10/0x1d/0x1d_b.TB	devil/0x10/0x1d/0x1d_b.MB	devil/0x10/0x1d/0x1d_b.AB \
	devil/0x10/0x1e/0x1e_b.TB	devil/0x10/0x1e/0x1e_b.MB	devil/0x10/0x1e/0x1e_b.AB \
	devil/0x10/0x1f/0x1f_b.TB	devil/0x10/0x1f/0x1f_b.MB	devil/0x10/0x1f/0x1f_b.AB \
	devil/0x20/0x20/0x20_b.TB	devil/0x20/0x20/0x20_b.MB	devil/0x20/0x20/0x20_b.AB \
	devil/0x20/0x21/0x21_b.TB	devil/0x20/0x21/0x21_b.MB	devil/0x20/0x21/0x21_b.AB \
	devil/0x20/0x22/0x22_b.TB	devil/0x20/0x22/0x22_b.MB	devil/0x20/0x22/0x22_b.AB \
	devil/0x20/0x23/0x23_b.TB	devil/0x20/0x23/0x23_b.MB	devil/0x20/0x23/0x23_b.AB \
	devil/0x20/0x24/0x24_b.TB	devil/0x20/0x24/0x24_b.MB	devil/0x20/0x24/0x24_b.AB \
	devil/0x20/0x25/0x25_b.TB	devil/0x20/0x25/0x25_b.MB	devil/0x20/0x25/0x25_b.AB \
	devil/0x20/0x26/0x26_b.TB	devil/0x20/0x26/0x26_b.MB	devil/0x20/0x26/0x26_b.AB \
	devil/0x20/0x27/0x27_b.TB	devil/0x20/0x27/0x27_b.MB	devil/0x20/0x27/0x27_b.AB \
	devil/0x20/0x28/0x28_b.TB	devil/0x20/0x28/0x28_b.MB	devil/0x20/0x28/0x28_b.AB \
	devil/0x20/0x29/0x29_b.TB	devil/0x20/0x29/0x29_b.MB	devil/0x20/0x29/0x29_b.AB \
	devil/0x20/0x2a/0x2a_b.TB	devil/0x20/0x2a/0x2a_b.MB	devil/0x20/0x2a/0x2a_b.AB \
	devil/0x20/0x2b/0x2b_b.TB	devil/0x20/0x2b/0x2b_b.MB	devil/0x20/0x2b/0x2b_b.AB \
	devil/0x20/0x2c/0x2c_b.TB	devil/0x20/0x2c/0x2c_b.MB	devil/0x20/0x2c/0x2c_b.AB \
	devil/0x20/0x2d/0x2d_b.TB	devil/0x20/0x2d/0x2d_b.MB	devil/0x20/0x2d/0x2d_b.AB \
	devil/0x20/0x2e/0x2e_b.TB	devil/0x20/0x2e/0x2e_b.MB	devil/0x20/0x2e/0x2e_b.AB \
	devil/0x20/0x2f/0x2f_b.TB	devil/0x20/0x2f/0x2f_b.MB	devil/0x20/0x2f/0x2f_b.AB \
	devil/0x30/0x30/0x30_b.TB	devil/0x30/0x30/0x30_b.MB	devil/0x30/0x30/0x30_b.AB \
	devil/0x30/0x31/0x31_b.TB	devil/0x30/0x31/0x31_b.MB	devil/0x30/0x31/0x31_b.AB \
	devil/0x30/0x32/0x32_b.TB	devil/0x30/0x32/0x32_b.MB	devil/0x30/0x32/0x32_b.AB \
	devil/0x30/0x33/0x33_b.TB	devil/0x30/0x33/0x33_b.MB	devil/0x30/0x33/0x33_b.AB \
	devil/0x30/0x34/0x34_b.TB	devil/0x30/0x34/0x34_b.MB	devil/0x30/0x34/0x34_b.AB \
	devil/0x30/0x35/0x35_b.TB	devil/0x30/0x35/0x35_b.MB	devil/0x30/0x35/0x35_b.AB \
	devil/0x30/0x36/0x36_b.TB	devil/0x30/0x36/0x36_b.MB	devil/0x30/0x36/0x36_b.AB \
	devil/0x30/0x37/0x37_b.TB	devil/0x30/0x37/0x37_b.MB	devil/0x30/0x37/0x37_b.AB \
	devil/0x30/0x38/0x38_b.TB	devil/0x30/0x38/0x38_b.MB	devil/0x30/0x38/0x38_b.AB \
	devil/0x30/0x39/0x39_b.TB	devil/0x30/0x39/0x39_b.MB	devil/0x30/0x39/0x39_b.AB \
	devil/0x30/0x3a/0x3a_b.TB	devil/0x30/0x3a/0x3a_b.MB	devil/0x30/0x3a/0x3a_b.AB \
	devil/0x30/0x3b/0x3b_b.TB	devil/0x30/0x3b/0x3b_b.MB	devil/0x30/0x3b/0x3b_b.AB \
	devil/0x30/0x3c/0x3c_b.TB	devil/0x30/0x3c/0x3c_b.MB	devil/0x30/0x3c/0x3c_b.AB \
	devil/0x30/0x3d/0x3d_b.TB	devil/0x30/0x3d/0x3d_b.MB	devil/0x30/0x3d/0x3d_b.AB \
	devil/0x30/0x3e/0x3e_b.TB	devil/0x30/0x3e/0x3e_b.MB	devil/0x30/0x3e/0x3e_b.AB \
	devil/0x30/0x3f/0x3f_b.TB	devil/0x30/0x3f/0x3f_b.MB	devil/0x30/0x3f/0x3f_b.AB \
	devil/0x40/0x40/0x40_b.TB	devil/0x40/0x40/0x40_b.MB	devil/0x40/0x40/0x40_b.AB \
	devil/0x40/0x41/0x41_b.TB	devil/0x40/0x41/0x41_b.MB	devil/0x40/0x41/0x41_b.AB \
	devil/0x40/0x42/0x42_b.TB	devil/0x40/0x42/0x42_b.MB	devil/0x40/0x42/0x42_b.AB \
	devil/0x40/0x43/0x43_b.TB	devil/0x40/0x43/0x43_b.MB	devil/0x40/0x43/0x43_b.AB \
	devil/0x40/0x44/0x44_b.TB	devil/0x40/0x44/0x44_b.MB	devil/0x40/0x44/0x44_b.AB \
	devil/0x40/0x45/0x45_b.TB	devil/0x40/0x45/0x45_b.MB	devil/0x40/0x45/0x45_b.AB \
	devil/0x40/0x46/0x46_b.TB	devil/0x40/0x46/0x46_b.MB	devil/0x40/0x46/0x46_b.AB \
	devil/0x40/0x47/0x47_b.TB	devil/0x40/0x47/0x47_b.MB	devil/0x40/0x47/0x47_b.AB \
	devil/0x40/0x48/0x48_b.TB	devil/0x40/0x48/0x48_b.MB	devil/0x40/0x48/0x48_b.AB \
	devil/0x40/0x49/0x49_b.TB	devil/0x40/0x49/0x49_b.MB	devil/0x40/0x49/0x49_b.AB \
	devil/0x40/0x4a/0x4a_b.TB	devil/0x40/0x4a/0x4a_b.MB	devil/0x40/0x4a/0x4a_b.AB \
	devil/0x40/0x4b/0x4b_b.TB	devil/0x40/0x4b/0x4b_b.MB	devil/0x40/0x4b/0x4b_b.AB \
	devil/0x40/0x4c/0x4c_b.TB	devil/0x40/0x4c/0x4c_b.MB	devil/0x40/0x4c/0x4c_b.AB \
	devil/0x40/0x4d/0x4d_b.TB	devil/0x40/0x4d/0x4d_b.MB	devil/0x40/0x4d/0x4d_b.AB \
	devil/0x40/0x4e/0x4e_b.TB	devil/0x40/0x4e/0x4e_b.MB	devil/0x40/0x4e/0x4e_b.AB \
	devil/0x40/0x4f/0x4f_b.TB	devil/0x40/0x4f/0x4f_b.MB	devil/0x40/0x4f/0x4f_b.AB \
	devil/0x50/0x50/0x50_b.TB	devil/0x50/0x50/0x50_b.MB	devil/0x50/0x50/0x50_b.AB \
	devil/0x50/0x51/0x51_b.TB	devil/0x50/0x51/0x51_b.MB	devil/0x50/0x51/0x51_b.AB \
	devil/0x50/0x52/0x52_b.TB	devil/0x50/0x52/0x52_b.MB	devil/0x50/0x52/0x52_b.AB \
	devil/0x50/0x53/0x53_b.TB	devil/0x50/0x53/0x53_b.MB	devil/0x50/0x53/0x53_b.AB \
	devil/0x50/0x54/0x54_b.TB	devil/0x50/0x54/0x54_b.MB	devil/0x50/0x54/0x54_b.AB \
	devil/0x50/0x55/0x55_b.TB	devil/0x50/0x55/0x55_b.MB	devil/0x50/0x55/0x55_b.AB \
	devil/0x50/0x56/0x56_b.TB	devil/0x50/0x56/0x56_b.MB	devil/0x50/0x56/0x56_b.AB \
	devil/0x50/0x57/0x57_b.TB	devil/0x50/0x57/0x57_b.MB	devil/0x50/0x57/0x57_b.AB \
	devil/0x50/0x58/0x58_b.TB	devil/0x50/0x58/0x58_b.MB	devil/0x50/0x58/0x58_b.AB \
	devil/0x50/0x59/0x59_b.TB	devil/0x50/0x59/0x59_b.MB	devil/0x50/0x59/0x59_b.AB \
	devil/0x50/0x5a/0x5a_b.TB	devil/0x50/0x5a/0x5a_b.MB	devil/0x50/0x5a/0x5a_b.AB \
	devil/0x50/0x5b/0x5b_b.TB	devil/0x50/0x5b/0x5b_b.MB	devil/0x50/0x5b/0x5b_b.AB \
	devil/0x50/0x5c/0x5c_b.TB	devil/0x50/0x5c/0x5c_b.MB	devil/0x50/0x5c/0x5c_b.AB \
	devil/0x50/0x5d/0x5d_b.TB	devil/0x50/0x5d/0x5d_b.MB	devil/0x50/0x5d/0x5d_b.AB \
	devil/0x50/0x5e/0x5e_b.TB	devil/0x50/0x5e/0x5e_b.MB	devil/0x50/0x5e/0x5e_b.AB \
	devil/0x50/0x5f/0x5f_b.TB	devil/0x50/0x5f/0x5f_b.MB	devil/0x50/0x5f/0x5f_b.AB \
	devil/0x60/0x60/0x60_b.TB	devil/0x60/0x60/0x60_b.MB	devil/0x60/0x60/0x60_b.AB \
	devil/0x60/0x61/0x61_b.TB	devil/0x60/0x61/0x61_b.MB	devil/0x60/0x61/0x61_b.AB \
	devil/0x60/0x62/0x62_b.TB	devil/0x60/0x62/0x62_b.MB	devil/0x60/0x62/0x62_b.AB \
	devil/0x60/0x63/0x63_b.TB	devil/0x60/0x63/0x63_b.MB	devil/0x60/0x63/0x63_b.AB \
	devil/0x60/0x64/0x64_b.TB	devil/0x60/0x64/0x64_b.MB	devil/0x60/0x64/0x64_b.AB \
	devil/0x60/0x65/0x65_b.TB	devil/0x60/0x65/0x65_b.MB	devil/0x60/0x65/0x65_b.AB \
	devil/0x60/0x66/0x66_b.TB	devil/0x60/0x66/0x66_b.MB	devil/0x60/0x66/0x66_b.AB \
	devil/0x60/0x67/0x67_b.TB	devil/0x60/0x67/0x67_b.MB	devil/0x60/0x67/0x67_b.AB \
	devil/0x60/0x68/0x68_b.TB	devil/0x60/0x68/0x68_b.MB	devil/0x60/0x68/0x68_b.AB \
	devil/0x60/0x69/0x69_b.TB	devil/0x60/0x69/0x69_b.MB	devil/0x60/0x69/0x69_b.AB \
	devil/0x60/0x6a/0x6a_b.TB	devil/0x60/0x6a/0x6a_b.MB	devil/0x60/0x6a/0x6a_b.AB \
	devil/0x60/0x6b/0x6b_b.TB	devil/0x60/0x6b/0x6b_b.MB	devil/0x60/0x6b/0x6b_b.AB \
	devil/0x60/0x6c/0x6c_b.TB	devil/0x60/0x6c/0x6c_b.MB	devil/0x60/0x6c/0x6c_b.AB \
	devil/0x60/0x6d/0x6d_b.TB	devil/0x60/0x6d/0x6d_b.MB	devil/0x60/0x6d/0x6d_b.AB \
	devil/0x60/0x6e/0x6e_b.TB	devil/0x60/0x6e/0x6e_b.MB	devil/0x60/0x6e/0x6e_b.AB \
	devil/0x60/0x6f/0x6f_b.TB	devil/0x60/0x6f/0x6f_b.MB	devil/0x60/0x6f/0x6f_b.AB \
	devil/0x70/0x70/0x70_b.TB	devil/0x70/0x70/0x70_b.MB	devil/0x70/0x70/0x70_b.AB \
	devil/0x70/0x71/0x71_b.TB	devil/0x70/0x71/0x71_b.MB	devil/0x70/0x71/0x71_b.AB \
	devil/0x70/0x72/0x72_b.TB	devil/0x70/0x72/0x72_b.MB	devil/0x70/0x72/0x72_b.AB \
	devil/0x70/0x73/0x73_b.TB	devil/0x70/0x73/0x73_b.MB	devil/0x70/0x73/0x73_b.AB \
	devil/0x70/0x74/0x74_b.TB	devil/0x70/0x74/0x74_b.MB	devil/0x70/0x74/0x74_b.AB \
	devil/0x70/0x75/0x75_b.TB	devil/0x70/0x75/0x75_b.MB	devil/0x70/0x75/0x75_b.AB \
	devil/0x70/0x76/0x76_b.TB	devil/0x70/0x76/0x76_b.MB	devil/0x70/0x76/0x76_b.AB \
	devil/0x70/0x77/0x77_b.TB	devil/0x70/0x77/0x77_b.MB	devil/0x70/0x77/0x77_b.AB \
	devil/0x70/0x78/0x78_b.TB	devil/0x70/0x78/0x78_b.MB	devil/0x70/0x78/0x78_b.AB \
	devil/0x70/0x79/0x79_b.TB	devil/0x70/0x79/0x79_b.MB	devil/0x70/0x79/0x79_b.AB \
	devil/0x70/0x7a/0x7a_b.TB	devil/0x70/0x7a/0x7a_b.MB	devil/0x70/0x7a/0x7a_b.AB \
	devil/0x70/0x7b/0x7b_b.TB	devil/0x70/0x7b/0x7b_b.MB	devil/0x70/0x7b/0x7b_b.AB \
	devil/0x70/0x7c/0x7c_b.TB	devil/0x70/0x7c/0x7c_b.MB	devil/0x70/0x7c/0x7c_b.AB \
	devil/0x70/0x7d/0x7d_b.TB	devil/0x70/0x7d/0x7d_b.MB	devil/0x70/0x7d/0x7d_b.AB \
	devil/0x70/0x7e/0x7e_b.TB	devil/0x70/0x7e/0x7e_b.MB	devil/0x70/0x7e/0x7e_b.AB \
	devil/0x70/0x7f/0x7f_b.TB	devil/0x70/0x7f/0x7f_b.MB	devil/0x70/0x7f/0x7f_b.AB \
	devil/0x80/0x80/0x80_b.TB	devil/0x80/0x80/0x80_b.MB	devil/0x80/0x80/0x80_b.AB \
	devil/0x80/0x81/0x81_b.TB	devil/0x80/0x81/0x81_b.MB	devil/0x80/0x81/0x81_b.AB \
	devil/0x80/0x82/0x82_b.TB	devil/0x80/0x82/0x82_b.MB	devil/0x80/0x82/0x82_b.AB \
	devil/0x80/0x83/0x83_b.TB	devil/0x80/0x83/0x83_b.MB	devil/0x80/0x83/0x83_b.AB \
	devil/0x80/0x84/0x84_b.TB	devil/0x80/0x84/0x84_b.MB	devil/0x80/0x84/0x84_b.AB \
	devil/0x80/0x85/0x85_b.TB	devil/0x80/0x85/0x85_b.MB	devil/0x80/0x85/0x85_b.AB \
	devil/0x80/0x86/0x86_b.TB	devil/0x80/0x86/0x86_b.MB	devil/0x80/0x86/0x86_b.AB \
	devil/0x80/0x87/0x87_b.TB	devil/0x80/0x87/0x87_b.MB	devil/0x80/0x87/0x87_b.AB \
	devil/0x80/0x88/0x88_b.TB	devil/0x80/0x88/0x88_b.MB	devil/0x80/0x88/0x88_b.AB \
	devil/0x80/0x89/0x89_b.TB	devil/0x80/0x89/0x89_b.MB	devil/0x80/0x89/0x89_b.AB \
	devil/0x80/0x8a/0x8a_b.TB	devil/0x80/0x8a/0x8a_b.MB	devil/0x80/0x8a/0x8a_b.AB \
	devil/0x80/0x8b/0x8b_b.TB	devil/0x80/0x8b/0x8b_b.MB	devil/0x80/0x8b/0x8b_b.AB \
	devil/0x80/0x8c/0x8c_b.TB	devil/0x80/0x8c/0x8c_b.MB	devil/0x80/0x8c/0x8c_b.AB \
	devil/0x80/0x8d/0x8d_b.TB	devil/0x80/0x8d/0x8d_b.MB	devil/0x80/0x8d/0x8d_b.AB \
	devil/0x80/0x8e/0x8e_b.TB	devil/0x80/0x8e/0x8e_b.MB	devil/0x80/0x8e/0x8e_b.AB \
	devil/0x80/0x8f/0x8f_b.TB	devil/0x80/0x8f/0x8f_b.MB	devil/0x80/0x8f/0x8f_b.AB \
	devil/0x90/0x90/0x90_b.TB	devil/0x90/0x90/0x90_b.MB	devil/0x90/0x90/0x90_b.AB \
	devil/0x90/0x91/0x91_b.TB	devil/0x90/0x91/0x91_b.MB	devil/0x90/0x91/0x91_b.AB \
	devil/0x90/0x92/0x92_b.TB	devil/0x90/0x92/0x92_b.MB	devil/0x90/0x92/0x92_b.AB \
	devil/0x90/0x93/0x93_b.TB	devil/0x90/0x93/0x93_b.MB	devil/0x90/0x93/0x93_b.AB \
	devil/0x90/0x94/0x94_b.TB	devil/0x90/0x94/0x94_b.MB	devil/0x90/0x94/0x94_b.AB \
	devil/0x90/0x95/0x95_b.TB	devil/0x90/0x95/0x95_b.MB	devil/0x90/0x95/0x95_b.AB \
	devil/0x90/0x96/0x96_b.TB	devil/0x90/0x96/0x96_b.MB	devil/0x90/0x96/0x96_b.AB \
	devil/0x90/0x97/0x97_b.TB	devil/0x90/0x97/0x97_b.MB	devil/0x90/0x97/0x97_b.AB \
	devil/0x90/0x98/0x98_b.TB	devil/0x90/0x98/0x98_b.MB	devil/0x90/0x98/0x98_b.AB \
	devil/0x90/0x99/0x99_b.TB	devil/0x90/0x99/0x99_b.MB	devil/0x90/0x99/0x99_b.AB \
	devil/0x90/0x9a/0x9a_b.TB	devil/0x90/0x9a/0x9a_b.MB	devil/0x90/0x9a/0x9a_b.AB \
	devil/0x90/0x9b/0x9b_b.TB	devil/0x90/0x9b/0x9b_b.MB	devil/0x90/0x9b/0x9b_b.AB \
	devil/0x90/0x9c/0x9c_b.TB	devil/0x90/0x9c/0x9c_b.MB	devil/0x90/0x9c/0x9c_b.AB \
	devil/0x90/0x9d/0x9d_b.TB	devil/0x90/0x9d/0x9d_b.MB	devil/0x90/0x9d/0x9d_b.AB \
	devil/0x90/0x9e/0x9e_b.TB	devil/0x90/0x9e/0x9e_b.MB	devil/0x90/0x9e/0x9e_b.AB \
	devil/0x90/0x9f/0x9f_b.TB	devil/0x90/0x9f/0x9f_b.MB	devil/0x90/0x9f/0x9f_b.AB \
	devil/0xa0/0xa0/0xa0_b.TB	devil/0xa0/0xa0/0xa0_b.MB	devil/0xa0/0xa0/0xa0_b.AB \
	devil/0xa0/0xa1/0xa1_b.TB	devil/0xa0/0xa1/0xa1_b.MB	devil/0xa0/0xa1/0xa1_b.AB \
	devil/0xa0/0xa2/0xa2_b.TB	devil/0xa0/0xa2/0xa2_b.MB	devil/0xa0/0xa2/0xa2_b.AB \
	devil/0xa0/0xa3/0xa3_b.TB	devil/0xa0/0xa3/0xa3_b.MB	devil/0xa0/0xa3/0xa3_b.AB \
	devil/0xa0/0xa4/0xa4_b.TB	devil/0xa0/0xa4/0xa4_b.MB	devil/0xa0/0xa4/0xa4_b.AB \
	devil/0xa0/0xa5/0xa5_b.TB	devil/0xa0/0xa5/0xa5_b.MB	devil/0xa0/0xa5/0xa5_b.AB \
	devil/0xa0/0xa6/0xa6_b.TB	devil/0xa0/0xa6/0xa6_b.MB	devil/0xa0/0xa6/0xa6_b.AB \
	devil/0xa0/0xa7/0xa7_b.TB	devil/0xa0/0xa7/0xa7_b.MB	devil/0xa0/0xa7/0xa7_b.AB \
	devil/0xa0/0xa8/0xa8_b.TB	devil/0xa0/0xa8/0xa8_b.MB	devil/0xa0/0xa8/0xa8_b.AB \
	devil/0xa0/0xa9/0xa9_b.TB	devil/0xa0/0xa9/0xa9_b.MB	devil/0xa0/0xa9/0xa9_b.AB \
	devil/0xa0/0xaa/0xaa_b.TB	devil/0xa0/0xaa/0xaa_b.MB	devil/0xa0/0xaa/0xaa_b.AB \
	devil/0xa0/0xab/0xab_b.TB	devil/0xa0/0xab/0xab_b.MB	devil/0xa0/0xab/0xab_b.AB \
	devil/0xa0/0xac/0xac_b.TB	devil/0xa0/0xac/0xac_b.MB	devil/0xa0/0xac/0xac_b.AB \
	devil/0xa0/0xad/0xad_b.TB	devil/0xa0/0xad/0xad_b.MB	devil/0xa0/0xad/0xad_b.AB \
	devil/0xa0/0xae/0xae_b.TB	devil/0xa0/0xae/0xae_b.MB	devil/0xa0/0xae/0xae_b.AB \
	devil/0xa0/0xaf/0xaf_b.TB	devil/0xa0/0xaf/0xaf_b.MB	devil/0xa0/0xaf/0xaf_b.AB \

	field/pc.TB					field/pc.MB				field/pc.AB
#	field/btlfield.TB			field/btlfield.MB

	event/grp00/pc.TB			event/grp00/pc.MB		event/grp00/pc.AB \
	event/grp00/mirror.TB		event/grp00/mirror.MB	event/grp00/mirror.AB \
	event/grp00/susano.TB		event/grp00/susano.MB	event/grp00/susano.AB \
	event/grp01/amater.TB		event/grp01/amater.MB	event/grp01/amater.AB \
	event/grp01/anat.TB			event/grp01/anat.MB		event/grp01/anat.AB \
	event/grp01/kikuri.TB		event/grp01/kikuri.MB	event/grp01/kikuri.AB \
								event/grp01/takemi.MB	event/grp01/takemi.AB \
	event/grp02/barrie.TB		event/grp02/barrie.MB	event/grp02/barrie.AB \
	event/grp02/light1.TB		event/grp02/light1.MB	event/grp02/light1.AB \
	event/grp02/light2.TB		event/grp02/light2.MB	event/grp02/light2.AB \
	event/grp02/aspace.TB		event/grp02/aspace.MB	event/grp02/aspace.AB \
	event/grp02/cloud.TB		event/grp02/cloud.MB	event/grp02/cloud.AB \
	event/grp01/amate2.TB		event/grp01/amate2.MB	event/grp01/amate2.AB

	battle/hansya01.TB			battle/hansya01.MB		battle/hansya01.AB \
	battle/kyusyu01.TB			battle/kyusyu01.MB		battle/kyusyu01.AB


all: $(ALL_MODELS)

	@find . -name "*.[TMA]B" -exec rm -f {} \;

	@find . -name "*.[TMA]B" -exec chmod +w {} \;

scarab and oyster are server names that Atlus used during development of Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne.

The full file is provided as a download because of its large size. There isn't really much more important about it except for the first part. There are two other Makefile files that were used to build demon directories.

Download.png Download Makefile
File: SMT-III-Nocturne-Makefile.7z (8KB) (info)
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Encounters

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: There might be more unused encounters, although there are so many that it is almost impossible to figure out. The bestiary on GameFAQs is a good source for this.

By using the New Battle Test debug option, you can access a few unused encounters.

Horus Encounter

If you set the encount value to 03C, then you can fight a Horus. Horus isn't an encounter in the final game, nor is it functioning normally either. By using the Analyze skill on Horus, you can observe that it doesn't have any moves. That isn't quite the case though because it actually has Agilao as a skill. Another odd thing about the encounter is that it gives you a whooping 36111 EXP everytime you fight them.

Thor Encounter

By setting the encount value to 159. You can get this encounter with Thor. Usually Thor is fought as a boss in the Tower of Kagutsuchi in the third section so this encounter consisting of Dakini, Thor and Taraka goes unused.

Nozuchi & Raiju Encounter

Setting the encount value to 0E6 sends you to this encounter with Nozuchi and Raiju.


There are a number of unused audio files in the game.



It's the theme from Star Wars... probably used to test Sony ADPCM audio.


Unused staff roll music which might have been used for the Demon ending. It bears a strong resemblance to 'Title Loop 2', which plays in the second opening for the Maniax edition. It was also heard in a 'Behind the Scenes' video which showed early footage of Nocturne in development, specifically during a scene in which Lilith revealed the entrance to a bonus dungeon that was eventually removed from the final game.


Unused test music which was probably used to test playback at 48khz.


The Talk theme from Shin Megami Tensei II.


There are a few unused sound effects in the game too. These aren't used since all sound effects are inside .SMG files.



Rag's Jewelry Voices

Since most of the music in the game is sequenced, you can easily extract sounds and voices from the music that you need them from. The 'Rag's Jewelry' theme is no exception. Inside the file MIDI0039.SMG, you can hear these voice clips. Normally, the music in-game is louder than these voices so having the meaning behind them here is good. The clips are sourced from the 1999 Spanish movie "La Lengua de las Mariposas," otherwise known as "Butterfly's Tongue" or "Butterfly" in English.

Clip Transcription Translation
Era un angel pero se hizo malo. [He] was an angel but he became evil.
Se reveló en contra de Dios. [He] rebelled against God.
Camino al infierno, se iba volviendo pálido. Going to hell, he was turning pale.
Por eso le llaman "el Angel de la Muerte". That's why they call him "the Angel of Death".
Dios no mata, Moncho. God doesn't kill, Moncho.

There is also a clip which is reversed in the game, however by reversing it back to its original state, the actual meaning will come forth.

Clip Reversed Clip Transcription Translation
¿Y si era tan malo? And if [he] was so evil?
(Transcription, Translations: Lance Amano)
(Source: Original TCRF research)