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SimCity 2000 (Windows)

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Title Screen

SimCity 2000

Developer: Maxis
Publisher: Maxis
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: 1994

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

The second game in the SimCity series. In addition to improving on everything that was in the original, it adds an incredible number of new features and swaps the top-down perspective of the original for an isometric view.

Debug Menu


Type oivaizmir in the Windows 3.1 version or priscilla in the Windows 95 version to add a Debug option to the menu bar. This menu contains twelve options, but one of them doesn't seem to function as intended. While the menu gives some cheat options, its most interesting feature is that it allows some disasters that are normally only available randomly or in scenarios to be triggered at will.

The dialog opened by Show Version Info.
Option Function
Show Version Info... Opens a dialog showing the official release version, internal version, and compile time and date for the game.
More Money Adds $500,000 to the city's treasury. This will not be reflected until the next game month or you make changes that cost money (such as creating new zones).
Add All Gifts Adds all of the buildings unlocked by population to the rewards button. This also unlocks all of the buildings and transit options that have yet to be invented.
Add All Inventions Opens the help file. The gift option above already does what this options claims to.
Melt Down Triggers the nuclear meltdown disaster. Only works if the city has a nuclear power plant. When triggered from the menu, the disaster will occur on the most recently constructed nuclear power plant.
Microwave Triggers the "oops" microwave beam disaster. Only works if the city has a microwave power plant. When triggered from the menu, the disaster will occur in the vicinity of the most recently constructed microwave power plant.
Volcano Triggers the volcano disaster used in the Portland scenario. The terrain in a location raises somewhat randomly, forming a mountain, while fires and gas clouds are spawned in the vicinity.
Fire Storm Triggers the firestorm disaster used in the Oakland scenario. Places an 8x8 in the city, near the "center of development". If used repeatedly before the fires spread, will enlarge the area of the fire square by 1 tile on all sides (e.g. 3 uses of the command will result in a 10x10 sized square of fire).
Mass Riots Triggers the lawyer riot disaster used in the Washington DC scenario. Spawns several groups of rioters in the city at once, as opposed to the normal riot disaster option which only spawns one.
Major Flood Triggers the flood used in the Davenport scenario. It's a larger flood than normal, unsurprisingly, but still small compared to the hurricane disaster.
Toxic Spill Triggers the chemical spill disaster used in the Chicago scenario. Spawns several gas clouds which float around the city and cause buildings to be abandoned.
Graph Kludge Can reset graph drawing parameters if thrown out of wack during game. Useful if a given graph line's changes are hard to see due to the autoscaling.