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Sky Target (Sega Saturn)

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Title Screen

Sky Target

Developer: Appaloosa Interactive
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Sega Saturn
Released in JP: April 25, 1997
Released in US: July 1997
Released in EU: 1997

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

Build Info

Present at 0x21A9C and 0x25118 in SKY_TAR.BIN.

$Revision: 1.3 $
May  5 1997
$Revision: 1.1 $
May  5 1997

And another at 0x1040 in SOUND01.BIN.

Ver-2.10 -L                     << SEGASATURN >>Tue Jul  2 1996 15:31
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Development Text

Present at 0xE661 in SKY_TAR.BIN is text for an error handler.

!!! General Operation Error !!!
!!! Slot Operation Error !!!
!!! CPU Address Error !!!
!!! DMA Address Error !!!
---- Stack Area ----
*** Command ***
(1) Dump
    D fromAdr [toAdr/@size] [;B/W/L]
(2) Memory Modify
    M toAddr [data] [;B/W/L]
(3) Register Dump
(4) Quit
(5) Help
** Command Error **
%08lx %02x       ? 
%08lx %04x     ? 
%08lx %08lx ? 
** Data Error **
<ADDR>       <D A T A>
PC=%08lx SR=%08lx
PR=%08lx GBR=%08lx VBR=%08lx
MACH=%08lx MACL=%08lx
R0 = %08lx %08lx %08lx %08lx
R4 = %08lx %08lx %08lx %08lx
R8 = %08lx %08lx %08lx %08lx
R12= %08lx %08lx %08lx %08lx
(Source: Original TCRF research)