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South Park: The Stick of Truth (Windows)

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Title Screen

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
Publisher: Ubisoft
Platform: Windows
Released in US: March 4, 2014
Released in EU: March 7, 2014
Released in AU: March 6, 2014

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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South Park: The Stick of Truth is a single-player RPG based on the South Park series. A new kid (you) comes to South Park and joins the fourth-graders' swords-and-sorcery LARPing session - which, in usual South Park fashion, quickly gets out of hand.

It's generally considered to be one of the best South Park games (if not the pinnacle), capturing the look and feel of the show while tossing in numerous references and callbacks and being a pretty solid RPG in its own right. Between that and the presence of pretty much everyone in the cast, it's essentially a full season of the show in video game form.

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Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info

Unused Factions

In the game's files and previous trailers, multiple groups of enemies can be found that were scrapped in the final version.

Vampire Kids

The Vampire Kids were shown fighting the main characters in the Land of the Death, also known as the Cemetery, a scrapped area that was going to lead up to the Monster Lab, according to a map drawn by Cartman in the VGA 2012 trailer. Both the Cemetery and the Vampire Kids still exist in the game's data.

Upon defeat, Vampire Kids would drop items such as:

<String ID="638" Tag="Plastic Vampire Teeth" />
<String ID="94" Tag="Grandpa Vampire Wig" />
<String ID="640" Tag="Hot Topic Catalog" />

They also would use Clamato juice as a weapon.


Not much is known about this group because there was never any footage of them shown in-game, other than their brief appearance in the game's introduction. What we do know, according to a wallpaper featuring Jimmy Valmer, was that they were kids dressed up as well, and a battle would take place between them and the elves at Stark's Pond.


In the 2012 trailers showed Hippies fighting the main characters with protest signs in what appears to be a cave in Crab City. Their files still exist in the game's data, as well as files for Hippies in fourth grade.

Crab People

Crab People were going to play a large role in the game, and were going to have some kind of connection to the Underpants Gnomes. In the footage shown of them, it's shown that they're taller than the main characters, most likely because of a situation similar to the Gnome Dust.

Their files still exist in-game, and apparently the Crab King was going to be fought. He also has an unused Facebook icon. Something interesting to note is that in the beta versions of the game, the Gnomes and Crab People shared a Facebook profile.

In addition to those four, the Underpants Gnomes and Visitors were supposed to play a larger role in the story. Something interesting to note is that the original posters had some of the main characters fighting enemies that they had some kind of connection to on the show - Butters was shown fighting the Vampire kids, Stan was shown fighting the Woodland Critters, Kyle was shown fighting the Crab People, and Cartman was shown fighting the Visitors.

Alien friend icon.jpg

An unused friend icon of a Visitor.

Unused Class?

Within the string mapping files, the following lines can be found:

<String ID="109094" Tag="GUI_CLASS_FIGHTER" />
<String ID="109095" Tag="GUI_CLASS_CLERIC" />
<String ID="109096" Tag="GUI_CLASS_MAGE" />
<String ID="109097" Tag="GUI_CLASS_THIEF" />
<String ID="109098" Tag="GUI_CLASS_JEW" />
<String ID="139923" Tag="GUI_CLASS_FIGHTER_SUB" />
<String ID="139924" Tag="GUI_CLASS_CLERIC_SUB" />
<String ID="139925" Tag="GUI_CLASS_MAGE_SUB" />
<String ID="139926" Tag="GUI_CLASS_THIEF_SUB" />
<String ID="139927" Tag="GUI_CLASS_JEW_SUB" />

Four of these correspond to classes the player can choose, but the Cleric class only appeared in early footage.

There are also unused class descriptions, including one for Cleric:

    <Value>Kicking ass in the name of religion, the Cleric channels his faith to heal the wounded and smite the wicked. The Cleric's strong combination of prolific healing and defensive spells make him, without a doubt, the best class in the game.</Value>

Because of this, it is possible that Cleric was cut for balancing issues.

Unused Areas

There are multiple locations that never made it to the final version, but can be found in trailers and the game's data.

Hell's Pass

The map drawn by Cartman in the VGA 2012 trailer shows that players were originally going to be able to visit Hell's Pass, a location on the show most known for the hospital it has. A mountain is on Cartman's map as well, along with what presumably is the dragon from the GameSpot poster. Unused audio for a character in Hell Pass Hospital called "Dr. Doctor" exists.

Land of the Dead

A location called Land of the Dead leading up to the Monster Lab was shown in the trailers, and featured the Vampire Kids guarding it.

Underpants Gnome's Mine

Not much is known about this location other than the concept art, as well as that it had some kind of connection to the Crab People.


Unfortunately, there aren't files for all of the scrapped locations, and only strings exist.

<String ID="9 Henrietta Biggle's House</Value>
<ID>10</ID> <Value>Mike Makowski's House</Value>
<ID>11</ID> <Value>Heidi Turner's House</Value>
<ID>28</ID> <Value>Wolf Security</Value>
<ID>43</ID> <Value>South Park Mall</Value>
<ID>48</ID> <Value>Mephisto's Lab</Value>
<ID>55</ID> <Value>The Dickless Mounty</Value>
<ID>56</ID> <Value>Maple Syrup Factory</Value>
<ID>60</ID> <Value>Gnome Village</Value>
<ID>64</ID> <Value>Hell</Value>
<ID>65</ID> <Value>Cave of the Winds</Value>
<ID>66</ID> <Value>Elven Forest</Value>

Cut Sidequests?

Present in unasssigned.std are some unused lines:

Hey, up here! Bebe said someone would deliver the fortune catcher.
Thanks for dropping it off! I wish I had more to give you.
You'll need to find a way up to reach me. My babysitter won't let me see anyone. Good luck!

Bebe doesn't have any sidequests, so these go unused.

Build Date

Present in build_version.txt:


Unused Audio

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Audio Line Notes
Cartman: "Fighter; huge muscles, probably covering for other deficiencies..." Alternate lines for Cartman's introductions to the classes on the class selection screen. He never says these in the final.
Cartman: "Mage; just like a wizard, but way weaker."
Cartman: "Thief; silent, but deadly."
Cartman: "Jew; they may deny Christ, but no one denies their deadly skill."
Cartman: "We welcome to our kingdom: Douchebag the Cleric!" Cartman would say this after the player chose the Cleric class. The class is not available in the final game, so this goes unused.
Bridon: "Whatever makes you happy." Bridon Gueermo (the singing/dancing kid who wants to play basketball from the episode "Elementary School Musical") reacting to getting farted on. He doesn't appear at all in the game, leaving this unused.
Big Gay Al: "Hey!" Big Gay Al reacting to being hit and farted on. In the final game, his only appearance is via a phone call, so you can't interact with him.
Big Gay Al: "Oh, honey, no!"
Dr. Doctor: "That colon's gone spastic." Dr. Doctor (also known as Dr. Gouache in the movie) also has audio for being farted on. Like Bridon, he doesn't show up in the game either.
Sergeant Yates: "Let's torch these fuckers!" Yates would say this before blowing up the police station (which he does in the E3 2013 trailer), presumably to get rid of Nazi Zombies. He's mellowed out in the final game and never blows anything up or swears.
Tweek: "AAHHH! The music! Where is it coming from?" Tweek freaking out over the Bard's music during Jimmy's introduction scene. He's absent in the final's scene, so this goes unused.
Butters: "My king!" Butters is supposed to be saying this line after healing Cartman during The Bard. He doesn't say it in the final, but it was used in the 2013 gameplay trailer.
Eunuchs: "Your traps won't work on us, we're eunuchs, loyal to the Bard!" Originally, there were a few "eunuchs" in the attic of the Giggling Donkey, defending the Bard.
Eunuchs: "Yeah, yeah, we're eunuchs. Does that... does that make us gay?"
Eunuchs: "Yeah, we're gay eunuchs!"
Kyle: "There he is! Our spy returns." These lines reveal that originally, Kyle asked the New Kid to recruit the girls (possibly the cheerleaders) and the Glee Club as well as the goths to their side in the siege on South Park Elementary, so the Gain New Allies quest once involved recruiting three factions, not one.
Kyle: "A carrier raven has told me of your success in recruiting the girls, Goths, and Glee Club. Simply call them here and your dedication to the Drow Elves will be complete!"
Kyle: "New Kid, you have our friendship. Take this fine Elven armor and dagger."
Wendy: "You'll have to go into the boys' bathroom without us. I'm sorry!" Wendy has some unused dialogue meant for the quest "Attack the School", indicating they were meant to be allied with whatever faction you chose during said mission. However, you don't actually recruit the girls until the third act of the game.
Wendy: "You got it! Get to the classroom, we'll head off the reinforcements!"
Clyde: "Okay, uncle! UNCLE! *sobs*" These lines would have played after defeating Clyde. It's possible that the cutscene after the Beat Up Clyde was a lot different at one point.

1) New Kid is the one who finishes off Clyde, not Cartman. 2) Clyde's dad would have had a line of his own when Clyde gets thrown out of the tower. In the final game, he never appears or says anything in the scene. 3) The boys argue for a bit over who gets to keep the Stick before deciding on the New Kid and dubbing him King Douchebag. 4) The New Kid gets ahold of the Stick of Truth and the boys are seemingly bidding each other farewell before going to bed, suggesting that the game was going to end at this point without the boss battle with Princess Kenny happening.

Cartman: "Finish him. Finish him, Sir Douchebagǃ"
Clyde's Dad: "Clyde? ...Clyde?ǃ What the hell has happened? Son?"
Kyle: "Nice going, New Kidǃ"
Cartman: "Yes, now the Stick can safely be returned to the kingdom of Kupa Keep."
Kyle: "Whoa-whoa-whoaǃ The Stick is going to OUR kingdomǃ"
Stan: "Yeahǃ"
Cartman: "Oh no, Kyleǃ Do NOT pull this shit nowǃ"
Kyle: "You don't think after all this YOU get to control the universe, do you?"
Cartman: "Well, where else would it be fair to keep the Stick?"
Stan: "Let's let him take it."
Stan: "He's the only one all of us trust."
Cartman: "Only the king of a faction can keep the Stick of Truth, that's the rules!"
Kyle: "Then let us make him a king."
Butters: "Yeah, he's earned it!"
Cartman: "*sigh* ...I suppose he has. Commander Douchebag, for your service to the land of Zaron, I now level you up. And by the power of Christ I hereby dub thee... King Douchebag!"
Cartman: "With all the rights and privileges accompanied therein."
Stan: "Take the stick, King Douchebag. And guard it with your very life. All hail King Douchebag!"
Everyone: "All hail King Douchebag!"
Cartman: "And now the evening breaketh, and bedtime is upon us. To wit, I shall bid thee all a fond 'screw you guys, I'm going home.'"
Stan: "Night, guys."
Kyle: "Good night. Good job, King Douchebag."
Butters: "I wanna be a king someday!"
Kenny: "Teehehe, can I be a king?"

Regional Differences

To do:
Pictures from the Singaporean, Hong Kong, and any other censored versions showing the pictures that appear when a scene is censored. Check if other versions feature different versions of the ESRB line.

The versions sold throughout a good portion of the world censor a handful of cutscenes and a few minigames. Instead of showing the cutscene or minigame, a description of the offending cutscene/minigame is shown along with a picture matching the region the game was purchased from. The censorship only affects the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions in most of Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and Africa. It also affects all versions in Germany, Austria, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. All Nazi-related imagery was also censored in Germany and Austria, due to it being illegal in that country.

The European version's censorship is egregious, as an uncensored version submitted to PEGI got the same rating as the censored one and yet was censored due to a decision by Ubisoft's marketing team.

Europe Australia
Seriously, guys. We had an R18+. Censorship makes me a SAAAAAAAAAAAAD koala.

The European censored screen depicts what seems to be a cross between a facepalm statue from Tuileries Garden in Paris and the Statue of David, with the European Union flag in the background. The Australian version depicts a koala crying in tears over a dusk sky.

Additionally, during the scene at the abortion clinic where the zombie fetuses first appear, the agents running around with a scanner say "ESRB is going crazy!" and "I'm picking up some hot readings on the ESRB.". These were changed to mention other ratings associations in other releases (USK for Germany, OFLC for Australia, PEGI for Europe), though the cutscene itself still has the lipsyncing of the North American original.