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Speedy Blupi 2/Updated Features

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This is a sub-page of Speedy Blupi 2.

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The development of Speedy Blupi 2 essentially overwrote Speedy Blupi, and is now retroactively considered by its developers to be a mere version upgrade of the same game.

New Features

Changes and Bugfixes to Existing Features

The "Dream" tileset and related graphics were removed from the game. Loading a Speedy Blupi level containing one of these blocks (0030 through 0043) will replace them with block 00D7, a block from the Kid's Stuff tileset. Their graphics pointers now refer to singular pixels in the top-left of the "object.blp" sprite sheet. Non-block entities, such as lifts or wooden cases, will not be converted and will appear as these singular pixels.

Lava blocks are now 3D renders instead of hand-drawn squiggles. Their animation pattern was modified to better suit the new graphics.

Alternate death animations were added, and the game now randomly picks between the new and existing animations. Unfortunately, the new, longer death animations cause demo recordings to desync.

The shield item was redrawn and given extra animation frames.

A bug in Speedy Blupi would cause entity graphics to become corrupted after 32768 frames due to their counters overflowing into the negatives. Speedy Blupi 2 now resets these counters to 0 when they surpass 32700, which causes the animation to stutter, but fixes the lasting graphical effects.