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Spyro: A Hero's Tail (GameCube, Xbox, PlayStation 2)

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Title Screen

Spyro: A Hero's Tail (GameCube, Xbox, PlayStation 2)

Developer: Eurocom
Publishers: Vivendi Universal Games (US), Sierra Entertainment (EU/AU)
Platforms: PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox
Released in US: November 3, 2004
Released in EU: November 12, 2004 (Xbox), November 16, 2004 (PS2), November 26, 2004 (GCN)
Released in AU: November 9, 2004

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
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MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
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DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article
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Spyro: A Hero's Tail is the fifth main-line entry in the Spyro franchise, and Spyro is yet again tasked with saving the world. Throughout the game, you can also take control of other beloved characters, such as Hunter, Sgt. Byrd and Sparx. Blink, a newcomer to the series, is there too.

To do:
  • Regional/console differences.
  • Unused enemies/objects.
  • More unused audio.
  • Textures (there's a lot).


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Unused Maps
A surprising amount of testing environments and unfinished maps.
Unused Character Audio
Lots of dialogue that never gets spoken.
SpyroAHT Model Pig ft.png
Unused Models
Mammoths, Enter the Dragonfly leftovers and... a car?
SpyroAHT StartPoint CR-0x4A000010.png
Unused StartPoints
Spawn in the ocean!

Debug Symbols

Exclusively on the GameCube version, a file called game.dmp can be found on the disc, which contains symbols. The file is compressed with Eurocom's own compression method called EuroPack2. This zip contains the compressed and uncompressed files, as well as cleaned up map files, for both the NTSC and PAL release.

Download.png Download Spyro: A Hero's Tail - GameCube Symbols
File: SpyroAHerosTail_GC_Symbols.7z (924 KB) (info)

Leftover Text Files


This file lists the files to load in a publisher-only build of the game. Publisher builds are usually meant to show the publisher current progress on the game and to see if various milestones on the game's development have been hit.

// Level list - files included on a publisher build..

Test_TL.edb,START,"Blinky Test 1"
Test_PB.edb,START,"Blinky Test 2"
model.edb,START,"Model Viewer"

The level files listed are test levels. The level names in quotes are not seen anywhere else, however. The unlockable model viewer in the game is unrelated to the test map.


Found on the GameCube version only, this file seems to contain commands for quickly loading up certain levels for testing purposes.

// StartLevel="test_md"
// StartLevel="test_dp"
// StartLevel="test_pb"

// StartLevel="Realm1A"
// StartLevel="Realm1B"
// StartLevel="Realm1C"
// StartLevel="Sunken City (Realm2B)"

// StartLevel="Realm3A"
// StartLevel="Realm3B"
// StartLevel="Realm3C"

// StartMap="MR3_blk"
// StartMap="test_md"

// StartPoint="HT_StartPoint_test1"
// StartPoint="HT_StartPoint_test3"
// StartPoint="HT_StartPoint_test4"
// StartPoint="HT_StartPoint_test5"
// StartPoint="HT_StartPoint_test6"
// StartPoint="HT_StartPoint_test7"
// StartPoint="HT_StartPoint_test9"
// StartPoint="HT_StartPoint_restart1"
// StartPoint="HT_StartPoint_Restart1"
// StartPoint="HT_StartPoint_Restart2"
// StartPoint="HT_StartPoint_Restart3"
// StartPoint="HT_StartPoint_Restart4"
// StartPoint="HT_StartPoint_Restart5"
// StartPoint="HT_StartPoint_Restart6"
// StartPoint="HT_StartPoint_Restart7"
// StartPoint="HT_StartPoint_Restart8"
// StartPoint="HT_StartPoint_Restart9"

// StartPoint="HT_StartPoint_Cheat1"

// AllAbilities




All the game's assets are stored inside a 'Filelist.' It consists of two things, one or more bigfiles containing the actual data, and an index file, which simply lists the offsets and hashcodes for the files. While only the bigfile(s) themselves and the '.bin' index file is needed, on the GameCube version, two extra versions of this file were included, a '.cfi' and a '.txt' file. These are never used, and contain the same information as the '.bin' file. An excerpt of 'Filelist.txt' is shown below.

x:\spyro\binary\_bin_gc\albatros.edb                                    : Len      52000 : Ver  240 : Hash 0x01000076 : Ts 0x00000000 :  Loc           0:000
x:\spyro\binary\_bin_gc\archer_s.edb                                    : Len     156192 : Ver  240 : Hash 0x01000078 : Ts 0x00000000 :  Loc        f800:000
x:\spyro\binary\_bin_gc\asm4lrg.edb                                     : Len     228000 : Ver  240 : Hash 0x010000e6 : Ts 0x00000000 :  Loc       4f000:000
x:\spyro\binary\_bin_gc\asm4med.edb                                     : Len     129600 : Ver  240 : Hash 0x010000e7 : Ts 0x00000000 :  Loc       97000:000
x:\spyro\binary\_bin_gc\asm4sml.edb                                     : Len     168640 : Ver  240 : Hash 0x010000e3 : Ts 0x00000000 :  Loc       d0000:000
x:\spyro\binary\_bin_gc\ballgdgt.edb                                    : Len     340256 : Ver  240 : Hash 0x010000a8 : Ts 0x00000000 :  Loc      10b800:000
x:\spyro\binary\_bin_gc\batfodde.edb                                    : Len      68704 : Ver  240 : Hash 0x010000e2 : Ts 0x00000000 :  Loc      160800:000
x:\spyro\binary\_bin_gc\bentley.edb                                     : Len     169056 : Ver  240 : Hash 0x010000b1 : Ts 0x00000000 :  Loc      173800:000
x:\spyro\binary\_bin_gc\blinknpc.edb                                    : Len     226496 : Ver  240 : Hash 0x01000089 : Ts 0x00000000 :  Loc      1bb800:000
x:\spyro\binary\_bin_gc\blinky.edb                                      : Len     563680 : Ver  240 : Hash 0x01000088 : Ts 0x00000000 :  Loc      216000:000

Unused Music/Sounds

Most of these unused tracks are actually leftovers from the game's early soundtrack. (see demo Music & Audio Differences)

  • _mus_mfx_ball_gadget_1.sfx is an unused Ball Gadget track. In the demos it was used for the first Ball Gadget stage, but the final game simply uses the Magma Falls theme instead.
  • _mus_mfx_challenge_lost.sfx is an unused challenge lost jingle.
  • _mus_mfx_challenge_won.sfx is an unused challenge won jingle.
  • _mus_mfx_minigame_sgt_1.sfx is an unused track for the Sgt. Byrd mini-games.
  • _mus_mfx_minigame_spy_1.sfx is an unused track that would've been used in Spyro's turret mini-games.
  • _mus_mfx_realm1z_death_2.sfx and _mus_mfx_realm1z_death_3.sfx are unused death themes. In the final game, only _mus_mfx_realm1z_death_1.sfx is used.



  • _mus_mfx_realm1z_safe.sfx is a completely unused track. Judging by the file name, it was meant to play in Gnasty's Cave.
  • _mus_mfx_realm1z_victory.sfx is an unused victory theme. Judging by the file name, it was meant to play in Gnasty's Cave.

Unused Sparx State/Controls

Normally, Sparx can only be controlled through specific on-rails shooter sections. However, using hacks/glitches, it's possible to freely control him and even play as him outside of the mini-games.

Upon detaching Sparx from the path, he will be floating in place. From there, the player can move him around in all directions, but he will be unable to shoot. Additionally, pressing the charge button will make him go slightly faster.

If Sparx is injured, he will return to the on-rails state. If he runs out of health and the player leaves the mini-game, they will still be in control of Sparx in the hub level. He can talk to NPCs, but can not interact with teleporters or gadgets, and can not attack. He also doesn't make any noises in this state, which is more noticeable outside of his mini-games. Finally, if Sparx runs out of health in a hub level, the game will softlock on a black screen.

Debug Menu

To do:
Codes for other versions of the game

After the game has booted, use AR code 204FC268 00595570 on a PAL PlayStation 2 game and press △ when on the teleporter machine to bring up the debug menu from the Preview Build.

Unfortunately, only one of the options still works - Lots of Gems, which sets the gem counter to 10000. Spyro will continue to walk around in the background with this code, and the game may crash if it's left open at certain points.

(Source: LXShadow)

Other Debug Remnants


Several strings referring to debug options, including some that are part of the above menu, can be found in the game's executable. Many of these would've likely been part of a separate dev menu in internal builds. In the PC version of Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy (built with the same engine), a menu featuring similar options can be accessed with the dev mode.

Sml %2dm
Lrg %2dm
Kill Player Cheat

The Sml and Lrg options are actually functional when switched on, and they display two numbers in the corner of the screen. These are likely measured in megabytes and display amounts of allocated memory arenas/heaps.
SpyroAHT DebugText SmlLrg.png

All Abilities
Full Health
Kill Player
Lots of Gems
All LightGems
All DarkGems
All DragonEggs
ScanMode Enable/Disable
Complete MiniGame
Hide HUD
All Realms
All Restart Pads
All Chests OneOff

Scanmode leftovers

More on Scanmode here.
The code for the Scanmode cheat (noclip) appears to be completely intact in the final game, though it can't turned on with the debug menu or by editing the byte in the game's cheat table.
Spyro can be put into his Scanmode action by changing his action state variable (within the PlayerItem structure) to 15. Spyro can be fully controlled in this mode just like in the Preview Build. Changing the value directly like this won't set the animation or camera properly, though the Scanmode camera mode also appears intact.
For some reason, Spyro is the only character who enters Scanmode upon the action variable being set to 15. Other characters require patching parts of the code to enter Scanmode.

GameCube Debug Code

To do:
Cause a game crash and try to observe this backtrace in action.

A debug code is featured on the GameCube version of the game, which causes the engine to show a backtrace instead of locking up when a critical error occours. Probably used to get meaningful crash reports after the finalized build was made. As it was not meant for regular players to find, the input sequence is more cumbersome than your average cheat code.
These actions must be done simultaniously to activate the code:

  • Hold B, Y, D-pad UP and Left Analog Stick LEFT on the controller in port 1.
  • Unplug a controller from port 4.

To indicate the code has been successfully activated, the game will print two dashes to the screen in the upper left corner for two seconds, as seen below:

Can you spot it?

The code will remain active until the game is shut down.

Unused Text

To do:
Add hashcodes to the text

All the game's text is stored in "text.edb". A lot of this text is unused, and some of it matches unused dialog found in the audio files. Here is a list of the unused strings (note that the text often contains button tags like "~Y" or "~A" to make it compatible between consoles):

Text Description
Some Example Text Probably exactly what it says on the tin.
Press ~Y to start shopping. Was likely used while standing on the shop pad before being replaced by the generic spinning button icon above the player.
Press ~Y button to buy this item In-game, the text instead describes the item, followed by "Are you sure?" when you select it.
I saw a Dragon Egg somewhere in this area. If you manage to find it and get back here safely I, will open the door for you. Early version of Hunter's dialogue in the gliding tutorial section. The second line was used in the demos. The last one can be head in the unused voice clips.
Nice one Spyro, you did it! Now I'll open the door so you can get out of here.
Hey, Spyro! Did you know you can use the Double Jump to Glide further? If you can find a Dragon Egg and get back here safely, I'll open the door for ya.
You can't afford that! In-game it instead says "You do not have enough gems."
Hello Spyro dear. Did you come across any of my Baby Dragon Eggs along the way? Early version of the Nanny's dialogue.
A typical Dragon Mother can lay up to ten eggs in each brood. If you find a whole set. I'm sure you'll be rewarded.
I am so worried Spyro, help me find the missing Dragon Eggs. For every ten you find you'll receive a prize.
Please find the missing dragon eggs for me Spyro.
What are those Gnorcs up to, I wonder? No worries, I'll deal with them and get your eggs back. Probably early version of Spyro's dialogue with the Nanny.
You should go and see the Elder's brother in the swamp as soon as you can. It's unknown who would've said this, but it states Elder Tomas and Elder Magnus are siblings.
Spyro, I have been working on plans for a gadget that might help you on your travels. The Gyroscopic Orbital Device & Opal Navigator, or just G.O.R.D.O.N for short. Can be seen in action in the demos using hacks, and is said by the Professor. Describes what is presumably to later become the ball gadget.
I'll need money to fund building G.O.R.D.O.N, collect as many of those gems as you can. I will also need Light Gems to power G.O.R.D.O.N. I did have one lying around here somewhere, but I seem to have lost it.
Run along now Spyro, I've got to get back to work and you've got loads to do. No time to waste!
Rights of Passage Listed among other shop item strings. "Teleport to main shop" was used in earlier versions of the game, but the purpose of the other two is unclear.
Teleport to main shop
Press ~A to select restart point
Buy selected items Listed among other shop menu strings. Likely refers to buying multiple of the same item.
Are you sure you want to buy these items?
Hi Spyro! My name is Zoe and I'll save your position. Early Zoe dialogue.
Press START To Begin Purpose unknown.
Please press START to begin.
Restart Point Set! Used in early versions of the game when getting a checkpoint.
Spyro, use left and right to select an item. Possibly to be used in Moneybags' shop.
I will open the gate for you so you can get back into the village. Unclear if this was said by the professor or Hunter.
Spyro, you made it! I see you have mastered the Double Jump, now I will teach you the pole spin. Early version of Elder Magnus' dialogue
Using this move you can use poles to access new areas.
To pole spin, jump onto a pole - to get to the next pole in a sequence or dismount just press ~A. You can also change direction when on a pole.
Howdy! I've not seen anyone in these parts for a long time. Only those pesky critters decide to pay me a visit; they steal my food once in a while. Early version of Fredneck's dialogue.
If you are having diffculty with the sinking stuff I can help you out. Here, I will wake up one of those trusty old Lillies - that should get you on your way.
If you ever want to return the favour, I've a small task for you. There's an old cannon in there that I use to keep the critters out, but I can't watch them all day.
So Spyro, do you want to try to get rid of the critters?
Thanks Spyro, you managed to fend off those critters and save my food. Take this Dragon Egg as a token of my appreciation.
You can't even get on them yet, let alone swing from them, but when you can, you'll find them a very useful way of getting to places you normally couldn't reach. Unknown if this would be said by Magnus or by Trina (the tutorial fairy).
Do you accept? Purpose unknown.
You accepted the challenge!
You declined the challenge.
Hi Spyro, it's good to see you again. See this cave behind me? Well, the ledge is too tall and the path too narrow for you to enter ... but with my skills I might be able to make it. Early version of Hunter's dialogue in Dragonfly Falls.
Shall I search the cave for you, Spyro?
Yokel Listed among character names. Who might this be?
Hi Hunter ! Have you finished exploring the cave? Early version of Spyro's dialogue with Hunter in Dragonfly Falls. Spoken in unused voice clips.
Thank you. I thought I would never get out of that cage. I'm the professors nephew, my name is Blinky. Early version of Blink's dialogue in Crocovile Swamp. Blink's early name was Blinky.
Spyro, did you know there are many secret places underground that no-one has ever seen?
As a sign of my appreciation take this Light Gem. Listed among Blink's dialogue, unclear if he would've actually spoken it.
Invincibility Activated Purpose unknown.
No Restart Selected
Restart Point
Wha' ah' hey' if it's not my old friend Hunter! What are you doing in these parts? Early version of Bentley's dialogue, some of it is similar to final.
This morning a gang of nasty yetis started breaking things and then threw me out of my cave.
Ahh' Hunter, I would be ever so grateful if you would get rid of those bullies!
Get rid of the Yetis, and I'll give you a Light Gem.
Thanks for that Hunter! I can return to my cave now!
As promised - here is a Light Gem! Catch!
Thanks for clearing my cave, Hunter!
Attack (placeholder) Listed among strings describing Hunter's moves.
ProLogic2 Listed among other option menu strings. It might've just been leftovers from the engine.
You'll need 32 Light Gems to power the gadget. Early dialogue from the professor at his gadget pads. Some of these describe different light gem amounts than are required in the final game, and some are heard in the unused voice clips.
Do you have the 32 Light Gems I need? Come on Spyro, it's a small price to pay for invincibility.
Do you have 40 the Light Gems I need? Come on Spyro, it's a small price to pay for invincibility.
Now Spyro, you know I need 24 Light Gems to power this thing. Come back when you have all the Light Gems I need.
Now Spyro, you know I need 32 Light Gems to power this thing. Come back when you have all the Light Gems I need.
Now Spyro, you know I need 40 Light Gems to power this thing. Come back when you have all the Light Gems I need.
You'll need 58 Light Gems to power the gadget.
You'll need 64 Light Gems to power the gadget.
You'll need 40 Light Gems to power the gadget. Come back when you have them and the Supercharge will be activated.
Do you have the 58 Light Gems I need? Come back when you have them and the Supercharge will be activated.
Do you have the 64 Light Gems I need? Come back when you have them and the Supercharge will be activated.
Well done, Spyro! The Charge gadget is supercharged. Probably part of an unused conversation between the professor and Spyro. Heard among the unused voice clips.
Isn't that what I said?
You've already got full health! Listed after descriptions of the butterfly jar powerup. Might indicate the jar would've been manually activated, with this text popping up if you tried to use it at full health.
Press ~Y to activate lift More text prompts that were changed to generic floating button icons.
Press ~Y to activate teleporter
Mutant Worm - Unarmoured Describes the mutant worm enemy. Interestingly, only the unarmored version is used in-game.
Mutant Worm - Armoured
Press ~Y to travel to the main Ball Gadget machine It's unclear what the "main Ball Gadget machine" would've been.
Yeah, do that. Listed among other Spyro dialogue. Heard in the unused voice clips.
Should I try again, Spyro? Listed among other Sparx dialogue. Heard in the unused voice clips. It has a duplicate.
Should I try again? Listed among other Blink dialogue. Heard in the unused voice clips. The first line has a duplicate.
Should I dive in and explore below ground?
Should I search the cave for you, Spyro? Unused Hunter dialogue also heard in the unused voice clips.
You're not gonna be able to go further until that bridge is activated. I think part of this cave leads out to the other side of the bridge.
So, I guess you'll be needing my skill and expertise again?
What say I have another go, old chap? Listed among other Sgt. Byrd dialogue. Heard in the unused voice clips.
Right! Should I get airborne, captain?
Shall I give it another go?
Yeah, sure. Follow me. Listed among other Gnasty Gnorc dialogue. Heard in the unused voice clips.
...your current progress is saved. Listed among other Zoe dialogue. Heard in the unused voice clips.
Well, if you're done shopping for the moment Spyro, you'd best be on your way. Goodbye, farewell, get out. Unused Moneybags dialogue also heard in the unused voice clips.
Go inside and see what, er, strikes your fancy, Spyro!
Check back regularly, I have new items delivered all the time.
Spyro, I can now let you teleport to previous Shop Pads you have visited. Just enter the shop and select the Transport Pass.
Ohhh, Spyro, you poor thing! Look at all those heavy gems you have to carry. Please, let me relieve you of that burden.
Weeelll, yes, I suppose I could teleport you back to the shop with this pad... for a price!
Even if you don't want to buy anything, there are still ways to give me money. For example, you can pay me to teleport you to any of the Shop Pads you've already visited.
Spyro, this is an activation pad for my latest invention... the Ball Gadget! Of course, to operate it, you'll need to collect enough Light Gems. Variations on the same lines for different light gem amounts. The first one can be heard in the unused voice clips.
Spyro, this is an activation pad for my latest invention... the Ball Gadget! Of course to operate it, you'll need to collect ten power stars
Spyro, this is an activation pad for my latest invention... the Ball Gadget! Of course to operate it, you'll need to collect twelve power stars.
Spyro, this is an activation pad for my latest invention... the Ball Gadget! Of course to operate it, you'll need to collect fourteen power stars.
Fine. You need ten light gems
Fine. You need twelve light gems.
Fine. You need fourteen light gems.
Remember, you need ten Light Gems to power this gadget.
Remember, you need twelve Light Gems to power this gadget.
Remember, you need fourteen Light Gems to power this gadget.
CUT This is listed twice among the Professor dialogue, purpose is unknown.
You can't activate the Ball Gadget until you have all the Light Gems I need! Various unused Professor lines that can be heard in the unused voice clips.
I'm kind of busy science-ing right now. Why don't you go to the swamp and bug the Dragon Elder there?
Of you go, Spyro. I'm terribly busy, and you should be on your way to the next Realm anyway. I must start preparing for my next creation, the Invincibility Gadget!
Ah, ahh Spyro, you did it! The way is now clear to travel to the next Realm. I'll turn on the Teleporter and when you're ready just step on the pad and activate it. I'll talk to you again when you get to the next Realm.
Ah, Spyro, I see you made it saf... hmm! Oh dear!
Ah, matter transportation is still in its relatively early stage. But don't worry, we'll have you sorted in no time. Hmm, just step back on the teleporter, Spyro.
Ah, that's better! Now you're here, the next thing you should do is try to find the Elder in the Cloudy Domain.
Spyro, as soon as you can you should visit Elder Magnus in the Swamp. If a Dark Gem was placed in my cave, who knows what Red might have done to the other Elders. Unused Tomas dialogue that can be heard in the unused voice clips.
Be on your way now, Spyro. I'm busy brewing up a new magical broth. Unused Magnus dialogue that can be heard in the unused voice clips.
Hmmmph! Some dragon you are! The only thing draggin' around here is your pokey bee-hind! Unused Fredneck dialogue that can be heard in the unused voice clips.
What? Why are you staring at me like that? I look cool, huh. Unused Spyro dialogue that can be heard in the unused voice clips.
You mean the Supercharge Gadget is charged?
Okay Spyro, better not stand around all day. Looks like you've got to save the world again. And I've got to go eat my pudding - I like pudding... Unused Titan dialogue that can be heard in the unused voice clips.
Dude, what about my pool?! Refil the pool and the Light Gem is yours, dude. Unused Otto dialogue that can be heard in the unused voice clips.
HI Spyro, the area through this gate can only be accessed by someone who can fly properly, I suggest you let me tackle this task. I could earn you a Dragon Egg or Light Gem. Early Sgt. Byrd dialogue.
Shall I take on the flying challenge?
Here you go Spyro. I've earned you a Dragon Egg. There is still a Light Gem challenge.
Thanks to my skillful flying, I've managed to earn you a Light Gem. That'll be all for now, I can go back at any time and practice just for fun.
Spyro, the children are going for a swimming lesson but something keeps stopping them. Help them into the water and I will give you a reward. Early Turtle Mother dialogue.
Thank you Spyro, here take this Light Gem as a reward. Come back any time there are always other swimming lessons.

Cut Fifth Hub

One of the game's music files is named _mus_mfx_realm5b_roam.sfx, suggesting that a fifth world was eventually cut while in development. This track, however, corresponds to the Hunter section of Dragonfly Falls.