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Spyro: Shadow Legacy

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Title Screen

Spyro: Shadow Legacy

Developer: Amaze Entertainment
Publisher: Sierra Entertainment
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in US: October 18, 2005
Released in EU: November 4, 2005

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
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To do:
  • Rip Sgt. Byrd's animations.

Spyro: Shadow Legacy moves away from the platforming that Spyro is so well known for to tackle the RPG genre. The game is considerably darker in tone compared to previous Spyro games, and some could say that it paved the way for the reboot.

Little did anyone know that this would be the last time anyone would see "Classic Spyro" for over a decade.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Unused Models

Sgt. Byrd

Spyroshadow byrd.png

A model of Sgt. Byrd as he appeared in Spyro: A Hero's Tail.

Alpha Test Box


A cube with three small faces using a ground texture and the other three faces using a stretched out Shadow Realm texture.

Alpha Test Plane


A flat model that uses a Shadow Realm texture. Like the model above, the texture is stretched out.

Debug Room

A debug room can be accessed with the following Action Replay codes in all versions. Hold Select+R in front of a house then press X to enter it, to be warped to the debug room.

94000130 FFFB0000
020DF794 00000006
D0000000 00000000

In the center of the debug room are five phase pads, two holes (one large and one small, the latter for use with the dragon egg cheat given by Kaitlin after obtaining at least thirty dragon eggs), a butterfly, a mushroom, one of each gem (using the original models instead of the sprites found in the game) and Sensei, who repeats the same text he would do as if you were playing the game normally.

In all but the two rooms at the bottom right is an enemy found in the game, plus an enemy found in the shadow realm. These rooms are all labelled with which enemies can be found in what, with the top right room only containing one shadow realm enemy, the Lookout. After defeating an enemy, a switch located in the corner can be used to regenerate an enemy.

The bottom right room is empty, but the room next to it contains several characters performing their walk cycle across the room, reappearing at the beginning once they have finished.

Finally, at the top left are some colored columns with numbers that increase, along with their height.

Unused Items


There are two unused crystals in the game, although there is no description as to what they do.

One is Crystal of Undefined, which can be seen in the prototype. It is a light blue crystal.

The second, with only a large icon left, is the Crystal of Elasticity. This crystal was dark green.

SSL-Shop Crystal of Elasticity.png


As seen in the Debug Room, the gems were originally going to be models instead of sprites.

Unused Books

There are several books found in Dragon Village and Dragon Shores. There are other books in the dialogue file to suggest that the books were going to expand to the other locations in the game as well.

Title Content
Dragon Daily News Home Prices Fall in Dragon Shores
Long-time residents of Dragon Shores are upset that their home values are dropping. "We blame the increase of tourism, dragons and other people alike.
We are petitioning the town council to halt development of the area," complained homeowner R. Funderlic. Tourist hotels like "Dragon Arms Inn" have sprung up recently, changing the feel of the old coastal community.
Care of Baby Dragons Chapter One. When will an egg hatch?
Since dragon eggs can sit around for years before they decide to hatch, it is useful to determine when they are ready. To do this, find a bare, flat, hard surface such as a wooden floor.
Avoid surfaces that are high off the ground, like tables. Place the egg on the surface and give it a good spin. If the egg stands up straight while it spins, it will not hatch anytime soon.
If it lies down and wobbles excessively, then it will most likely hatch within the next 60 days.
The Fall of Red In the year 1293, an Elder named Red, a powerful magician, had an argument with Tomas, the 12th leader of the Council of Elders. Red believed that dark magic could be harnassed for the greater good of dragonkind, while Tomas discouraged any contact with dark magic. Red continued his experiments in secret. One day he summoned a creature from another dimension, but lost control of it.

The monster rampaged around Dragonfly Dojo and smashed Tomas`s house. The Elders joined together to send the monster away, but everyone knew Red was the culprit. Tomas sent Red away and told him to never return. Red left, cursing the other Elders.

Magical Runes It has long been known that magic can be shaped through the tracing or drawing of runes. These figures, if drawn on a piece of parchment for instance, channel the nearby magic energy and form that energy into magical manifestations.

This art requires the utmost concentration from the person tracing the rune, or the magic effect could be dangerous.

Basic Carpentry for Dragons The building of any structure that will be inhabited requires the utmost care, lest the building collapse while the occupants are inside.

The supporting wooden beams must be anchored to the ground, preferably with a gravel and mortar mixture, in a 3-foot deep hole.

Minidragon Recipe 1 Dragonfly of exceptional size
Dragon scale, different colors give varying results
Newt tails
and a pinch of garlic
Laws of the Cheetah 1. Obey your father.
2. Obey your mother.
If in doubt, see law number 1.
Neema's Notebook Property of Neema. Private! Keep out! Neema luvs Hunter!
To Zoe: Confidential! Dear Zoe, I am writing to submit my resignation. I am sick of waiting around all day for someone to happen by, just so I can zap them with my wand and save their "progress". In this day and age, who needs it!
Best wishes, Amp
Poems Ugh ugh. Me want food.
Ugh ugh. Me want food.
Ugh. Ugh.

Unused Text

Some unused text can be found in dialogue_English.txt. /e is the coding used to highlight text.

Early Introduction Dialogue

It seems as though Spyro was going to speak for himself at one point, which would make sense considering that his own portrait is used only once throughout the entire game.

There you are! I was starting to worry. Let`s get down to the docks!  I`m leaving soon.
Don`t you remember? We`re all leaving today. You know, end of summer, 
everybody goes home, the good times are over, back to the salt mines...Just kidding! Come on, let`s go!
Hey Spyro, I gotta get down to the ship and make sure they`ve loaded my stuff. Meet me down by the docks, OK?
Spyro! Hey Spyro! Come on out!
Wake up Spyro it`s me /eHunter/e. Don`t you want to see us off?
Um, you have to open the /edoor/e first.
Spyro! Did you lock yourself in again?
Better open that /edoor/e, buddy.
The /edoor`s locked/e. Do you remember where you hid the /ekey/e?
C`mon, man. Come on out so we can say adios.
Look on the shelf /eabove the bed/e!
Jump on the /efurniture/e to get up there.
The door`s locked. Now where did I put that key?
Where is everybody?

Placeholder Signs

Several placeholder texts are still present, including text for a fifth shop. Another placeholder, "Wilderness - Dock" is also here, but used (albeit in the wrong location - in Treetops).

Clifftown - Placeholder 1
Clifftown - Placeholder 2
Clifftown - Placeholder 3
Shop - Open 5
Skelos - Airship
Skelos - Altar
Skelos - Elevator Down
Skelos - Label
Skelos - Prison
Skelos - Professor Lab
Skelos - Village
Temple - Remove Shoes
Treetops - Label
Treetops - Lights
Treetops - Zoe
Village - Bridge
Village - Enter From South
Village - House 1
Village - House 2
Village - House 3
Village - South Gate
Village - Statue
Village - To Dojo
Village - West Gate
D Shores - Cave

Placeholder Dialogue

Scattered in the text file are some dialogue placeholders which never got used.

Spyro failed, offer hint  fire breath - level 2
Spyro failed, offer hint  fire breath - level 3
Spyro failed, offer hint  ice breath - level 2
Spyro failed, offer hint  ice breath - level 3
Spyro failed, offer hint  attack magic - level 2
Spyro failed, offer hint  attack magic - level 3
Spyro failed, offer hint  critical strike - level 1
Spyro failed, offer hint  critical strike - level 2
Spyro failed, offer hint  critical strike - level 3
Spyro failed, offer hint  shield - level 1
Spyro failed, offer hint  shield - level 2
Spyro failed, offer hint  shield - level 3
Spyro failed, offer hint (charge level 2)
Spyro failed, offer hint (charge level 3)

Alternate Teleport Magic

It would appear as though one of the wizards, presumably Longorin, was originally going to teach Spyro how to teleport instead of Tomas.

Would you like to learn some magic? I can teach you to teleport.
Well, any time you want, I`ll show you how.
I never would imagined I would be teaching magic to a dragon!

Unused Signpost

A signpost intended for what fans have called "Lost Fleet" can be found, revealing the true name for the area.

Now Entering: Bunny Bayou /eBuilding/e /efor/e /ethe/e /eFuture/e!

Purchasable Sunglasses

A shop entry for the sunglasses, which can only be found in Dragon Village and has no icon for purchase.

You can wear these to /eshade/e /eyour/e /eeyes/e from the sun or bright lights. 499g
(Source: RadSpyro)

Unused Text Prompt

At 00x6AF33 in Tales_bin.rom is a line that shows us where Sgt. Byrd would have met Spyro in the game had he actually been included.


Developer Notes

Scattered about in Tales_bin.rom are some notes left by the developers, mainly telling each other when the assets were added. In addition to these, many others are listed as "TBD".

SpyIdle.Added 11/23/04 MJB.
SpyGallop.Added 11/23/04 MJB.
SpyHornJab.Added 11/23/04 MJB.
SpyJump.Added 11/23/04 MJB.
SpyLaunch.Added 11/23/04 MJB.
SpyTailHammer.Added 11/23/04 MJB.
SpyTakeHit.Added 11/23/04 MJB.
SpyAirIdle.Added 11/23/04 MJB.
SpyAirLand.Added 11/23/04 MJB.
ShellIdle.Added 11/23/04 MJB.
ShellOverIdle.Added 11/23/04 MJB.
ShellOverSquirm.Added 11/23/04 MJB.
ShellTakeHit.Added 11/23/04 MJB.
ShellWalk.Added 11/23/04 MJB.
ShellAlert.Added 11/23/04 MJB.
ShellAtkSpinA.Added 11/23/04 MJB.
ShellFlipOver.Added 11/23/04 MJB.
ShellKnockOver.Added 11/23/04 MJB.
LngLegsIdle.Added 11/23/04 MJB.
LngLegsWalk.Added 11/23/04 MJB.
LngLegsTakeHit.Added 11/23/04 MJB.
LngLegsAlertA.Added 11/23/04 MJB.
LngLegsAttack.Added 11/23/04 MJB.
LngLegsDeath.Added 11/23/04

Further down:

BEARMID5.added 3/3/05 mjb.
BOSSBATTLE1.added 3/3/05 mjb.
HUNTERSHOME.added 3/3/05 mjb.
LEVELUP.added 3/3/05 mjb.
SKEELOS.added 3/3/05 mjb.
SPELL_MOVE.added 3/3/05 mjb.
SPELL_SLOW.added 3/3/05 mjb.
SPELL_TELEPORT.added 3/3/05 mjb.
CASTING_LOOP.added 3/3/05 mjb.
TARGETING_LOOP.added 3/3/05 mjb.
WIZARDSPEAK.added 3/3/05 mjb.
SPELL_SHOCKL1.added 3/3/05 mjb.
SPELL_SHOCKL2.added 3/3/05 mjb.
SPELL_SHOCKL3.added 3/3/05 mjb.
BEACHAMBIENCE.added 4/20/05.
BLINKYSCAVE.added 4/20/05.
SPYCHICYCLONE.added 4/20/05.
SPYCHIHORN.added 4/20/05.
SPYCHIROAR.added 4/20/05.
SPYCHIWING.added 4/20/05.
CREDITS.added 6/15/05.
BOSSVICTORYICE.added 6/16/05.
BOSSVICTORYFIRE.added 6/16/05.
LOSTFLEET.added 6/16/05.
SORCERORBATTLE.added 6/16/05.
TRAVEL.added 6/16/05.

The Sims Leftovers

Some files intended for a Sims game have been left in.


Filename Oddities

The internal name for Mountain of Magic is WizardPeak, a level from the first game.

Bunny Bayou's internal name is LostFleet, a level from the third game.

Blink's internal name is misspelled as Blinky.