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Star Trigon (Arcade)

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Title Screen

Star Trigon

Developer: Namco[1]
Publisher: Namco[1]
Platform: Arcade (Namco System 10)
Released in JP: July 2002[1]

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Star Trigon is a spin-off of the Mr. Driller series in which the player must draw triangles to rescue aliens.

Debug Menu


A simple debug menu can be accessed by enabling the following MAME cheat and then going to the operator menu:

<cheat desc="debug">
  <script state="run">
  <script state="off">

Notably, it is impossible to scroll through the functions or change their parameters using the game's used inputs, essentially locking the player until the code is disabled.

The functions are as follows:

  • STAGE SELECT - Chooses between the available levels.
  • INPUT - Changes between using only the buttons or also using a lever. The latter doesn't seem to do anything, however.
  • PLAYER TYPE - Chooses between the three available characters.
  • PLAYBACK - Warps to the attract mode demo sequence.
  • EXIT(GO TITLE) - Warps to the title screen.
  • EXIT(GO GAME) - Warps to gameplay.
(Source: WindyFairy)