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Steering Champ

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Title Screen

Steering Champ

Also known as: Handle Champ (JP/KR)
Developer: Konami AMD
Publishers: Konami (JP/US), Oksan[1] (KR)
Platform: Arcade (Konami System 573)
Released in JP: December 1997[2][3]
Released in US: March 26, 1998[2][4]
Released in KR: 1998[1]

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

It's Bishi Bashi, but on wheels!

Unused Graphic

The original Japanese release has placeholder slots in one of the description text graphics.


(Source: tikal.)

Regional Differences

Balloon Buster!

The last falling item when Player 1 clears Balloon Buster! was changed from a tanuki statue to a teddy bear.

Japan US
Steeringchamp-balloonJP.png Steeringchamp-balloonUS.png

Building Climbers!

While in the original Japanese release superheroes climb the skyscraper, the localization team decided that making a King Kong reference would be a better idea.

Japan Steeringchamp-climber1JP.png
US Steeringchamp-climber1US.png

Great Gold Rush!

This minigame's graphics were completely redone for the west, now using a Las Vegas/Sunken Treasure theme.

Japan US
Steeringchamp-vegas-bgJP.png Steeringchamp-vegas-bgUS.png
Steeringchamp-vegas-numbersJP.png Steeringchamp-vegas-numbersUS.png
Steeringchamp-vegas-coinsJP.png Steeringchamp-vegas-coinsUS.png
Steeringchamp-vegas-chestJP.png Steeringchamp-vegas-chestUS.png

Minigame Icons

While the icon changes for Building Climbers! and Great Gold Rush! are directly related to the aforementioned regional differences, it seems that the original Japanese release uses screenshots of an early version of the game for Rocket Cola Racing!, Cliff Drivin'! and Monkey Music!.

Japan US
Steeringchamp-icon1JP.png Steeringchamp-icon1US.png
Steeringchamp-icon2JP.png Steeringchamp-icon2US.png
Steeringchamp-icon3JP.png Steeringchamp-icon3US.png
Steeringchamp-icon4JP.png Steeringchamp-icon4US.png
Steeringchamp-icon5JP.png Steeringchamp-icon5US.png