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Stop That Roach!

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Title Screen

Stop That Roach!

Also known as: Hoi Hoi: Game Boy Ban
Developer: Koei
Publisher: Koei
Platform: Game Boy
Released in JP: February 18, 1994
Released in US: July 1994

RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Stop That Roach! is a puzzle/strategy game about killin' roaches. It's a remake of one of Koei's earliest titles, a Fujitsu FM-7 game from 1983.

Regional Differences


Japan US
StopThatRoach-Intro1-JP.png StopThatRoach-Intro1-US.png

This line of text was given more breathing room.

Japan US
StopThatRoach-Intro2-JP.png StopThatRoach-Intro2-US.png

The roach trap was relabeled. Hoi Hoi is a brand of glue trap for roaches in Japan.

Title Screen

Japan US
StopThatRoach-Title-JP.png StopThatRoach-Title-US.png

The title logo was redesigned, of course. The game's font was squished down by one row of pixels.


Japan US
StopThatRoach-Password-JP.png StopThatRoach-Password-US.png

The password system was redesigned to remove any vowels, presumably to prevent it from saying Bad Words.

In-Game Graphics

Japan US
StopThatRoach-Fire-JP.png StopThatRoach-Spray-US.png

The fire item was changed to spray.

Japan US
StopThatRoach-FireAnim-JP.png StopThatRoach-SprayAnim-US.png

...along with its accompanying animation.

Japan US
StopThatRoach-Foods-JP.png StopThatRoach-Foods-US.png

Four of the food items were changed.


Japan US
StopThatRoach-End1-JP.png StopThatRoach-End1-US.png

The wine bottle and glasses were changed to a pitcher of... juice? Let's say juice. The rice ball was also changed to a chicken leg.

Japan US
StopThatRoach-End2-JP.png StopThatRoach-End2-US.png

"END" was changed to "THE END". The little roach that pops out was also redrawn.

Japan US
StopThatRoach-End3-JP.png StopThatRoach-End3-US.png

The audio copyright and "made in Japan" lines were removed.