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Super Mario Bros. + Duck Hunt + World Class Track Meet

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Title Screen

Super Mario Bros. + Duck Hunt + World Class Track Meet

Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: NES
Released in US: December 1990

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Super Mario Bros. + Duck Hunt + World Class Track Meet is an official multicart that was bundled with the NES Power Set, adding one more game to the commonly-bundled Super Mario Bros. + Duck Hunt cartridge.

Unused Graphics


SMB+DH+WCTM unused font.png

The game selection font, taken from Super Mario Bros. 2 with a couple of small edits, contains quite a lot of unused characters as a result of only being used to display the names of three games. This includes the letters F, G, J, Q, V, X, Y, and Z, commas, question and exclamation marks, and a full number set.

Lost Levels Background Graphics

Super Mario Bros 1 with Super Mario Lost Levels graphics.png

The game selection screen contains a full copy of the background graphics bank from the Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2. You can make Super Mario Bros. load this graphics bank with Game Genie codes IEXTGAZE XEVTAZAV ZPETALZA, though the title screen will be glitched and some other graphics will use incorrect tiles.