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Super Princess Peach

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Title Screen

Super Princess Peach

Developer: TOSE
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: October 20, 2005
Released in US: February 27, 2006
Released in EU: May 26, 2006
Released in AU: March 30, 2006

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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Super Princess Peach finally gives Peach a solo starring role, and this time it's up to her to save Mario and Luigi instead of the other way around.

It's a solid game, as tends to be the norm for the Mario series, and the gameplay revolves around a distinctive gimmick...though the fact that said gimmick focuses on Peach's emotions has made more than a few people uncomfortable.


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Prerelease Info
Unused Graphics
Early designs, placeholders, and more!

Unused Music

Pre-boss Room (Calm)

A Calm version of the pre-boss room music. It's impossible to activate the Calm vibe in pre-boss rooms because you're always put in them at full health with no way to take damage.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Stages

There are various unused stages in the game's files. All of these (excluding Iggy's unused boss stage) are areas used to test various gimmicks including Vibe puzzles, Perry transformations, and...Sad Goombas. For those who have not fully played the game, these puzzles are explained in the descriptions of the stages.

To access these stages in the US version, use the following Action Replay code (where "?" is the hexadecimal unit shown for each stage) and enter a level.

022855D8 0100000?
027C3AF8 0100000?
027C3B28 0100000?
027C3B50 0100000?

1: The main test stage. It has a Coin Bag, two Koopa enemies, spikes, breakable blocks, and an abundance of pipes; most of them lead to nowhere, but a unique exception are three pipes that lead to different test stages, complete with graphics on them. The pipe with a submarine sends you to the top-right corner of 4, where it is impossible to get out. The pipe with the graphic of the carriage takes you to 5, appropriately, and the pipe with the graphic of a boat sends you to 2.
SPP-maintest1.png SPP-maintest2.png SPP-maintest3.png

2: A maze with a whole lot of Sad Goombas - so many that the game starts to lag immensely and graphics start to disappear. On the top of the maze is a pillar and a trampoline; however, it is impossible to jump over it even with the trampoline, as the top of the level cuts off access.
SPP-sadgoombalevel1.png SPP-sadgoombalevel2.png

3: The doors are connected, meaning going in one sends you out the other. Along with the pink block, there are also three rows of ice blocks present on the strange strip of land. By using the Sad Vibe on the strip, it becomes frozen, and the pink block can be hit to slide to the other side, taking out a row of ice blocks also present on the strip with it.
SPP-puzzlelevel1.png SPP-puzzlelevel3.png

4: Another pink block, strip of land, and ice block level. The layout seems to imply you were supposed to freeze the strip, hit the pink block once, then go into the path and take the newly accessible door, but it's impossible to freeze the strip since the low roof is in the way. Also present in the level are some pipes in the upper-left corner; the only accessible one takes you back to the main test stage.
SPP-levelpuzzle1.png SPP-levelpuzzle2.png SPP-puzzlelevel2.png

5: A Slidebrella test stage. If entering this level without the Slidebrella upgrade, it'll be waiting to be picked up on top of the oddly-textured (and destructible!) platforms. The rope has a few gaps and lower ropes to go off, but most of it goes on until the end of the screen, where it is impossible to fall off...or do anything else. The door at the beginning sends you straight to the top-left corner of 3, where it is impossible to get out.
SPP-slide1.png SPP-slide2.png

6: A small room with motionless lava, some spikes, a ball, trampoline, and a large block. They are all able to be picked up, and respawn after a while upon touching the lava.

7: A level filled with destructible blocks, Coin Bags, and enemies. Strangely, it is able to be completed by touching the goal posts; doing so takes you to the nonexistent "World 0", a black screen with no music located left of Wave Beach on the World Map.
SPP-bagslevel1.png SPP-bagslevel2.png SPP-bagslevel3.png

8: A level consisting of an unused block type, an on/off switch, and an odd-looking hill. Hitting the switch enables extra platforms to appear. Despite the similarity in looks that the blocks have with the destructable kind used in-game, they are indestructible.
SPP-blocklevel1.png SPP-blocklevel2.png

9: It's Iggy Koopa! ...But the level ends as soon as the sphere dropping down touches him, which is almost immediately as he spawns. The game then acts as if a boss is defeated, and hands you a Toad. Afterwards, there's a Perry dream sequence in which nothing is shown, and you're dropped off at the nonexistent "World 9", which is above Bowser's Villa.

A: A level that has the two flying obstacles from Bowser's Villa. Also present is a ball, and to the far right of the screen are pipes that don't go anywhere.

B: A cliff with early tiles. On the other side is an object that can be spun using the Sad Vibe; spinning it results in the message "A loud noise came from somewhere!", though nothing with the level is changed. The pipe in the far right doesn't lead anywhere.
SPP-spin1.png SPP-spin2.png

Unused Enemies


To do:
Upload some sprite sheets and/or GIFs of all the animations.

SPP Iggy Animation.gif SPP Morton Animation.gif SPP Lemmy Animation.gif SPP Ludwig Animation.gif SPP Roy Animation.gif Why doesn't her necklace move? SPP Larry Animation.gif

Unused sprites exist for all seven Koopalings, which suggests they were at one time intended to appear in the game, likely as bosses as their animations suggest. For one reason or another, they were scrapped and wouldn't return until New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Interestingly, the order they were intended to appear in is identical to the order they appeared in Super Mario World. Note that Roy's, Morton's, Larry's and Ludwig's shells are green; there are no palettes that color them pink, grey, cyan and blue, the colors their respective shells usually are.

Iggy appears in an unused level map, but only his idle animation is implemented despite having a full enemy animation set internally, and the game behaves as if a boss is defeated as soon as he is spawned.



Sprites for Goonie, the large bird enemy from Yoshi's Island. The skeletal variant makes a cameo in the ground tiles for World 5's boss minigame, but not as an enemy. The graphics are straight from Super Mario Advance 3, with the palette darkened to resemble the colors used in the original game.

Early Goomba Variants

There exist two unused Goomba variants from early in development, with colors and actions representing Glad and Calm. The final game has only the Mad and Sad Goombas.

He sure does look happy.
An early Goomba in a radically different art style than the one the final game has, probably from extremely early in development. His color and sprites seems to imply he's a Glad Goomba.

Needs his beauty sleep!
Another early Goomba, using an art style reminiscent of the one used above. His color and sprites imply he's a Calm Goomba. One thing to note is that Calm enemies in the final game do not have a separate green palette - they're just asleep.

Regional Differences

Title Screen

Japan International
SPPeach-JPtitle.png The copyright year was also changed, but that's sort of a given.
"PUSH START" was changed to "PRESS START" on the title screen for international versions of the game.

Button Icons

Japan International
You mean the L and R buttons? Oh, I understand now.
The L and R button sprites were redrawn to look more like the buttons on the console.

Toad's Shop

Japan International
SPPeach-JPstore.png SPPeach-store.png
The price labels in Toad's Shop use the same font as the coin counter in the non-Japanese versions of the game.
(Source: http://www.themushroomkingdom.net/spp_j2e.shtml)

Music and Glossary

When highlighted, the music names in the Music Room, as well as the enemy names in the Glossary, move from left to right in non-Japanese versions of the game.

In the US version of the game, Petey Piranha is mistakenly referred to as "Boss P. Plant" in the Glossary (a direct translation of his Japanese name, "Boss Pakkun"). This was fixed in the European version.

3D Models

To do:
Show these models and textures as they may have differences to the final version of Densetsu no Stafy 4.

Present only in the Japanese ROM are various 3D models and textures, many of which are based on characters and settings from the Densetsu no Stafy series, also developed by TOSE. Most of these files were copied over to Densetsu no Stafy 4, going unused there as well.