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Talk:Lord of the Sword

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Bad Ending

As it turns out, the bad ending is fully implemented, after all, at least in the Japanese version. According to the text commentary provided within this video, the sole condition seems to be using more than a certain number of continues (seven were used in this case).

However, I theorize that this bad ending may not be possible to get in the overseas version, as this TAS uses a total of nine continues (by resetting, not dying) and still gets the good ending. Further testing will be necessary. If my theory holds true, there'll be not only unused text, but an additional regional difference. —Popfan (talk) 17:43, 15 July 2022 (UTC)

Add it then. The internet is fast in proving someone wrong, so if the bad ending is in the US version, someone will find it. ReyVGM (talk) 03:39, 16 July 2022 (UTC)