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This is the talk page for Mega Man 3 (NES).
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On the intro...

I can't help but think Capcom had bigger plans for the intro at some point. This is the only Mega Man game (aside from the first) that doesn't start out with some kind of story, meaning you have no idea what's going on unless you've read the manual. And why bother composing such a long, epic title theme that most people probably aren't going to hear? This is especially true of the Japanese version, which doesn't even have a copyright screen! --BMF54123 04:47, 14 May 2010 (EDT)

Ding!, here might lie some answers. You'll have to scroll down a ways to find the juicy unused stuff though. -- Rick 11:49, 14 May 2010 (EDT)
Yeah, I've seen that page before. I forgot how terrible it is. The only juicy stuff there is the concept art; everything else is the usual rampant speculation and questionable "proof" I try my best to avoid here. Once I got to the part where he compared the colors in a box shot with a NESticle screenshot and proclaimed it OMG ALPHA (PROTIP: alpha comes before beta) I pretty much gave up hope. --BMF54123 23:09, 16 May 2010 (EDT)
Oh well. 'Bout the only thing I got to contribute. I'm kind of surprised that with all the fans of Mega Man 'round here, there hasn't been much poking around in it for the NES games. Not that I'm aware of at least. I don't have much from my wiki to splat on here either. =/ -- Rick 23:26, 16 May 2010 (EDT)
Heh, no worries, I appreciate it. I'll try to salvage/recreate what I can from that trainwreck and turn it into a proper wiki page (with appropriate "credit" given, of course). --BMF54123 23:35, 16 May 2010 (EDT)
Sounds like a plan! While we're at it, perhaps we can do that with the other five games we haven't done much with here from that site as well. I already know that the Dr. Light graphics in the first game are legit 'cause I checked them. I'll start with that sometime tomorrow. -- Rick 00:30, 17 May 2010 (EDT)

It is VERY possible that Magnet Man would have had a Doc Man stage, as I recall seeing a (grainy black-and-white) picture from a prototype of this game that had Magnet Man in the upper-left corner of the select screen. If I could just remember where I saw that pic, or even if the site is still up... Andrew Rae 18:48, 8 February 2013 (EST)

Unused Top Man Tiles


Top Man's stage has a bunch of placeholder tiles. What's interesting is that these placeholders are actually used in meta-tiles. The shot here replaces each placeholder tile with a hex value - as you can see, they're too organized to be placed randomly. There was definitely something there. From the layout, I'm almost certain the ones in the top half are part of the old fence background seen a prerelease screenshot. The ones in the bottom half have a very obvious circular shape to them, but outside of that there's not much to go on, there's no screenshots of anything circular in the stage.

I'm not sure how to work this into the article, but I definitely think they're worth mentioning. --Dragonsbrethren 21:36, 2 June 2013 (EDT)

That circular structure... it reminds me of a Mega Man 9 structure from the hornet man stage. Maybe they recycled the idea? --Chpexo 22:28, 2 June 2013 (EDT)
Mega man 9 hornet man circle.png
I think it's probably just a coincidence because there are only so many ways of drawing a round shape with 16x16 tiles. If you look at the hex values, the MM3 circle would have used a lot more unique tiles, including some that were overwritten by final graphics. There also seems to be standing structure with a horizontal bar, similar to the light panels in the final version, so I'm wondering if maybe this was a bigger, circular version of those panels or something. --Dragonsbrethren 22:55, 2 June 2013 (EDT)
If anyone's curious, here's what these meta-tiles look like with recreations of the fence and city tiles instead of hex values. Recreations may not be 100%, but it's clear this is what they were when you look at the prerelease screenshot. The 04, 05, 14, 15 and 79, 7A, 79, 7A tiles are for a domed standing tower, which I didn't bother recreating. The fence meta-tile with 02 tiles at the top is set as a wall, and I have nothing to go on for what the top tiles would have been. --Dragonsbrethren 15:09, 3 June 2013 (EDT)
Looks pretty good. For your first image, it appears that the FC and FD might be that "pipe" tile but at a different angle with their shadows positioned differently.---Chpexo 16:28, 3 June 2013 (EDT)

Prototype ROM Found?

This website claims to have a Rockman 3 Beta cartridge with substantial differences from the released version and is looking to get its ROM dumped. Looking at this talk page the Mechanical Maniacs aren't held in high regard, but if anybody sees this and can dump ROMs then why not get in contact and see if it's legit? --Zandor12 (talk) 01:02, 31 January 2014 (EST)

I don't see anything on that page about a Rockman 3 prototype, just the Mega Man 3 prototype (which has been dumped for years now). Is this mentioned on a different page or something? --BMF54123 (talk) 01:18, 31 January 2014 (EST)
This page should answer your problem. Mario Weaboo (talk) 01:33, 31 January 2014 (EST)
No, it doesn't. That's just a comparison between the late US proto and the final. --BMF54123 (talk) 01:36, 31 January 2014 (EST)
The first page had images (now they 404, so they don't show up) of two proto carts, the first they mentioned would probably be the dumped Mega Man 3 proto. The second may be the one Zandor12 was mentioning when they said that it was an April Fools Joke. -Einstein95 (talk) 01:38, 31 January 2014 (EST)

Unused jumping frame

Seems there's an unused frame for the Mechakkero enemy's jumping animation. http://postimg.org/image/75xiamsdp/ (credit goes to kuja killer for the image and the discovery)--Ekkusuman88 (talk) 00:53, 24 August 2014 (EDT)

Unused Boss Possibility

When I tried the game genie code to see the unused intro where Wily flies off to Wily Castle it didn't work so well. (Some Game Genie codes don't work on my old Nes) When the cutscene would normally start, there was a bunch of garbled tiles. But I could see 3 energy bars. One for Megaman's health and bizarrely enough, the 2 more was for one weapon, and also another one where the boss energy bar would normally be. So was this a glitch possibility for a boss or a just a glitch version of a Robot Master/ Doc Robot? The preceding unsigned comment was added by Silvercreeper689 (talk • contribs)

Hmm...now that sounds interesting. If only there were more people who could look into that. The preceding unsigned comment was added by MUGEN-tan (talk • contribs)

Beta Gemini Man stage

So, on http://datacrystal.romhacking.net/ I was looking up Mega Man 3 ram map because I was bored and wanted to try and get some glitchy effects by modifying one of the addresses. I found one about the current stage, address 0022, and I thought, "what kind of glitch stages can i get?". So I tried it out, and got glitchy stages indeed. But one of them, was not glitchy, it was a stage in-tact, one a little buggy but indeed a sorta-working stage, with no layout similar to an actual released stage. A beta Gemini Man stage. I'm researching for more, here's what I got so far: https://tcrf.net/User:Nin%E2%98%85Collin/Beta_Stages_Mega_Man_3 --Nin★Collin (talk) 19:54, 18 October 2015 (EDT)

I highly doubt it's anything unused, just glitchy data loading parts of Gemini Man's stage. The planet is visible in the background because the game isn't loading the Gemini Man-specific starfield code that normally covers it up, probably due to the altered stage number. Feel free to keep exploring, of course; just don't automatically assume that whatever oddities you encounter are old leftovers. --BMF54123 (talk) 22:56, 18 October 2015 (EDT)
Yeah, I thought something like that at first, but it's not that its loading parts of Gemini Man's stage, it's that its loading parts that aren't in Gemini Man's final stages. I've compared the final maps with this stage, and the only thing that's the same is the sprite data and the tileset, the layout is not found in any level that was released. I will keep exploring though, see if more parts of this level are hidden, boss battle time! (if i can find the boss room, and if the boss loads) --Nin★Collin (talk) 17:49, 21 October 2015 (EDT)
I compared the rooms with those found in the Doc Robot version of Gemini Man's stage, and they're the same. The order of the rooms is just messed up because it's loading invalid data. There's nothing unused here, sorry. --BMF54123 (talk) 02:26, 22 October 2015 (EDT)
Wow, sorry, I don't know how I overlooked that section of the doc stage. I will continue my research on Mega Man 3, maybe find something, think I found something recently, I will explore this possibility --Nin★Collin (talk) 15:27, 23 October 2015 (EDT)

Wily Map Music

I found a video a few years ago with a theory on why the Wily Castle map music is so long. Kinda surprised I haven't seen anyone else bring it up here yet but maybe the channel it was on is more obscure than I thought. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IBuCsu3YRUE -Wxbryant (talk) 19:34, 26 December 2018 (EST)

Good catch! That is definitely something of note. So… I went ahead and noted it! Thank you very much, Wxbryant!
~ Jo Li (Info|Chat|Edits) 22:23, 26 December 2018 (EST)