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Talking Baby Hippo

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Title Screen

Talking Baby Hippo

Developer: Outfit7
Publisher: Outfit7
Platforms: Android, iOS
Released internationally: July 16, 2010

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
PiracyIcon.png This game has anti-piracy features.

Talking Baby Hippo was the second entry in the Talking Friends series. It was removed at the start of 2016.

Unused Audio


Only present in the iOS version's files. Most likely used for testing purposes, though it does reveal the hippo's name to be "Sibby".


If the game detects it was a pirated version, the voice will be extremely fast and it will be unusable. This is very common in the Android version. Older versions of this game doesn't have the Anti Piracy feature.

Anti-Piracy Messages

Located inside strings.xml, are 2 strings under the names of pirate_title and pirate_message. These are different in newer versions of the game.

pirate_title (old) pirate_message (old) pirate_title (new) pirate_message (new)
Avast, ye sea dog! You didna buy this app, did ye? Piratin' lowers th' quality an' quantity o' apps available on th' Market. Could not verify purchase We could not verify your purchase with Google's Android Market Licensing Server at this time. Please check your internet connection and perhaps change from WiFi to mobile data and vice versa.

Unused Graphics



Android mascot as a pirate. Likely supposed to be used when you pirate the game, but it's never used.



Some sort of stock image. It's used when a new app was launched in 2010 until 2016, when the app was deleted.



A background with a very old Outfit7 logo. It might have been used in an about (i) page.



An old favicon from Facebook.



Just like the favicon, an old logo of FB also exists among the game's files.

Internal Animation Names in Slovenian

Just like Talking Roby, among the game's files, animations use internal frame names and folders in Slovenian due to Outfit7 being based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Animation (Translated) Internal Frames Name (Translated) Internal Frames Name Internal Folder Name
ballon RedBallon BalonRdeci balon
right_ear TouchUsesaLCorrection DotikUsesaLPopravek desno_uho
left_ear TouchOtherUses DotikDrugegaUses levo_uho
dolgcas_crosswise DolgcasDragons DolgcasZmajuje dolgcas_krozizglavo
long_to_the_left LongTimeMovement DolgCasGib dolgcas_levodesno
long_leg Foot DolgcasNogaLeva dolgcas_noga
pacifier PacifierSeries DudaSerija duda
carrot Carrot Korenje korenje
listen CaricatureEnlargedEar KarikiranoPovecanoUho listen
nose_left TouchingtheRightNostrill DotikDesneNosnice nos_levo
nose_right TouchingtheLeftNostril DotikLeveNosnice nos_desno
laughter LaughterCorrection SmehPopravek smeh
talk OrdinarySpeech Navadnigovor talk

Internal Android Package Name

The package name is com.outfit7.talkingbab.