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TamaTown Tama-Go

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TamaTown Tama-Go

Also known as: Tama-Go
Developer: Bandai
Publisher: Bandai
Platform: Handheld LCD
Released in US: August 2010
Released in EU: 2011

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Cactus feels all lost and stuff.
This page covers the Tama-Go only
The Connection series, Tamagotchi Friends, the vintage series, Japanese models, and the Tamagotchi apps are not included here.

The TamaTown Tama-Go is the successor to the international Tamagotchi Connection series, featuring an amiibo-esque gimmick in the form of "Gotchi Figures". While it was supposedly meant to last years given that hundreds of Gotchi Figures were planned, it was somewhat of a commercial failure and resulted in the temporary discontinuation of the Tamagotchi brand until 2012 (and was the last physical model Tamagotchi until 2014).

ROM Testing


This tests for any problems within the toy including pixels, ROM, and the connection feature. It is accessed by holding A + B + C while pressing the Reset button.

Curiously, the ROM Test refers to the Tamagotchi as “Ver. 7”, indicating that it was considered part of the Tamagotchi Connection line despite not being marketed as such.

Debug Mode

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Needs information on how to access the Debug Menu

Test Mode

The base image used for the test mode.

On the Tama-Go, it is possible to access a “test mode” where more features can be altered than the usual debug menu and ROM test found in previous models. In this menu, as well as allowing the player to select any character, stats and care factors deciding what the Tamagotchi will grow into can be viewed and altered. Some of the options on the screen go completely unused and appear to be part of unused functionality in the Tamagotchi.

Character Selection

This allows the user to choose their character as soon as the egg hatches. Unlike previous versions, on the Tama-Go, both the player character and the spouse character can be selected.

Unused Graphics and Features

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Upload the rest of the sprites. There's a lot. Here are just some of them to note.

Many unused sprites are contained within the Tama-Go. While some of these sprites have functionality that can't be accessed by normal means, for the most part they're sprites that never found a use.

Various Unused Sprites

Image Description
TamaGo NotForV7.png An almost completely unused image on the Tama-Go, intended to be shown when figures aren't compatible with Version 7. Such figures were never released, but the Tama-Go will very rarely display this message if the figures aren't functioning correctly. This is another reference to the version number "Ver. 7".
TamaGoNotEnough.png No idea what this could be used for.
TamaGo100 1.png
TamaGo100 2.png
TamaGo100 3.png
Unused sprites intended to be displayed when the player has used 25, 50, or 100 different figures. While the functionality is present on the Tama-Go, only 12 figures were ever released, along with 2 "lite" figures that come with the Tama-Go. Since the lite figures are actually just circuit jumpers that activate data already in the Tama-Go, a third lite figure can be activated by using something like a paper clip as a jumper. This means that the player will only ever reach 14 or 15 figures by normal means instead of the 100 originally intended figures.

Unused Character Sprites

Many of the unused sprites are for inaccessible characters. It’s thought that many of these sprites are placeholders for any future figure functionality.

Image Description
TamaGo PatchikutchiSmall.png
TamaGo PachikutchiLarge.png
Unused sprites for Pachikutchi. While a full set of animation sprites exist, the character cannot be raised by any means.
TamaGo PichikutchiSmall.png
TamaGo PichikutchiLarge.png
Unused sprites for Pichikutchi. While a full set of animation sprites exist, the character cannot be raised by any means.