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Target Earth

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Title Screen

Target Earth

Also known as: Assault Suit Leynos (JP)
Developer: NCS
Publishers: NCS (JP), DreamWorks (US)
Platform: Genesis
Released in JP: March 16, 1990
Released in US: 1990

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

The prequel to the more well-known Assault Suits Valken.

To do:
Regional differences.

Developer Copyright Message

Present at 0x200 in the ROM. This is also present in Wings of Wor.

This softwear was producted by  
Nippon Computer Systems Corporation in 1990.    
Copyright (c) 1991 NCS/MASAYA   

Sound Driver Credit

Present at 0x7F50B. This is loaded at $150B on the Z80.

ODQ-MD (C) Copyright 1989  
Goblin Sound  
All Rights Reserved.Ver1.00 4-13-89

Regional Differences

Title Screen

Japan US
Assault Suits Leynos title.png Target Earth Title.png