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Title Screen


Also known as: Tenchi Souzou (JP)
Developer: Quintet
Publishers: Enix (JP), Nintendo (AU/EU)
Platform: SNES
Released in JP: October 20, 1995
Released in EU: December 19, 1996
Released in AU: 1996

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Terranigma is an action RPG that's part of the same "series" as Soul Blazer and Illusion of Gaia. Famous for being a really good game. Even more famous for being released in Europe, but not America.

To do:
  • Apparently, you can access a debug room by entering the Pro Action Replay (PAR) codes 7E0600:06 and 7E0601:00 (source:Cadohacan)
  • This wiki has a lot of information about the contents of the ROM, including offsets. There is also a level editor called TerraCraft (also linked on the wiki) that may allow simpler access to unused data and/or features.
  • This video shows several unused rooms, including the debug room (starting at 16:30). There are other useful codes (EU version) in the description, such as:
  • Instant area warp: 7E047C ????
  • Walk-through-walls: 7E1004 ?? (11 = on, 15 = 0ff)
  • Always able to move: 7E066C 00
  • Move during cutscenes: 7E045F 00
  • Concept art
Verify if these work and document unused areas using them.

Unused Items

There are a number of items in the game which can only be obtained by hacking. For instance, use Pro Action Replay (PAR) code 7F8000?? (where "??" is one of the numbers listed below) to put that item in the first slot of your inventory. None of them have any effect in-game, however.

  • Terra-aloeleaf.png Aloe Leaves - The description states that they're "Leaves from an aloe plant". It's possible they could have been another healing item, or one of many "quest" items needed to help a town improve. Item number: 30.
  • Carrot - "A carrot" is the only description this item has. In all likelihood, it was another of many items needed to help a town. Its icon is the same as the Ginseng. Item number: 31.
  • Heaven Statue - This item is rather interesting. Its description says that it's "Used to summon rainfall", which suggests that it may have once been intended as an item in a puzzle. Or it could've been yet another town progression item. Its icon is the same as the Sleepless Seal. Item number: 41.
  • Terra-whistle.png Grass Whistle - This enigmatic item is listed between the Heaven Statue and the Dog Whistle in the game's data, so it probably worked with one of those items. Perhaps you placed the Heaven Statue and played the Grass Whistle to call rain? Its icon is just a generic placeholder which appears many times among the item sprites. Item number: 42.
  • Terra-airparts.png Airplane Parts - "No description" is all the help the description offers, but it's pretty obvious this was intended to be used to help Will invent the airplane. Item number: 44.
  • Terra-grenade.png Grenade - Another "No description" item. Probably intended to be used to destroy an obstacle somewhere. Item number: 45.
  • Terra-beeper.png Beeper - The last "No description" item. Either intended as some sort of communication receiver, or another town progression item. Item number: 46.
  • Powered Gear - The description says it all: "Enables lifting of heavy objects". Undoubtedly, this would have allowed you to lift much heavier objects, as the better gloves/bracelets allow in the Legend of Zelda series. This item has no icon whatsoever. Item number: 4D.
(Codes: Solomon warrior)

Unused Graphics

Terranigma Final Boss BG.png

There's much more detail for the final boss's background than what the game allows you to see. The most notable details are the unseen cones, though the top cone is graphically unfinished. There are also some stars near the heads and a column of some odd graphics at the top.

(Source: GHANMI)

Unseen Areas

Terranigma DragoonCastle2ndFloor.png

Very little of the right portion of Dragoon Castle's second floor can be seen, and the game prevents you from exploring it due to an event kicking you out partway through the escape route at the top. This same event subsequently makes Dragoon Castle inaccessible for the remainder of the game. The path doesn't look complete, as there is a staircase near the bottom that leads to nothing.

Unused Text

Two strings can be found in the ROM that refer to a debug menu and a sound test. They can be accessed with some text repointing, and some of them are still functional. Each version, even the German, Spanish, and French versions, still has these strings exist (at a different location in the game, though) with a different translation.

Beginning at 0x8DC9C (in the English version):

Well hello there!
I'm the hunky flag guy who's the talk of the town.
Which event flags do you want up?
Choose up or down!
(A: On/B: Cancel)
Then let's hoist [] flag. 
But if events get screwy, don't blame me.
I didn't do it!
OK! I'm at your service whenever you need!

Starting at 0x8DE62 are strings for a sound test. Exclusive to the Japanese ROM is an extensive list with names for all tracks in the game matching the official soundtrack listing. While this could hint that players were meant to see it, it's unused in all versions.

Run Sound Test.
Sound [] will be played.
Sound Select

Various text for warping around. "Dev. Rm" actually refers to the Quintet building.

Flight scene

EXP lots & magic!

French village
Amazon cave
French city

Choose what you
want to see.

Dev. Rm   Mole
Chicken   Eating

Oh. I see.
You don't want to.
I see.

Choose what you
want to see.

Sqrl Vil  NY Town
Sqrl C    NY City

Oh. I see.
You don't want to.
I see.

Debug Features

Enter the following Game Genie code for the European ROM, then talk to the person outside the Elder's room in Crysta. D2B0-3F2A

You'll be presented with three options:

  • Flight scene: Brings you to the center of the overworld map, controlling the airplane. There are no landing strips, so you can't land anywhere.
  • Ending: Plays the game's ending.
  • Debug: The NPC will say "EXP lots & magic!" and gives you 90,000 EXP, which brings you up all the way to Level 34. Along with that, it performs several other effects:
  1. You obtain Yomi and the Jewel Box, which has a FireRing, Ice Ring, Zap Ring, Geo Ring, Ray Ring, Snow Ring, Sky Ring, PyroRing, ElecRing, and BoomRing.
  2. Adds 35 Magirocks to your max count.
  3. You have a Horn Pin, Wind Pin, GrassPin, Bone Pin, and WaterPin.
  4. You obtain the Leather, Ra Armor, MonkRobe, Ice Suit, Fur Coat, BirdSuit, LeafSuit, and Clothes armors, in addition to the Clothes that come with the Box.
  5. You obtain the CrySpear, Ra Spear, Icepick, Neo Fang, Sticker, RocSpear, and Hex Rod weapons.
  6. Each additional time you talk to the NPC, you receive one more of each of the Rings, Pins, Armors, and Weapons up to a max of 8. Each additional time also adds 35 more Magirocks, up to a max of 280.
  7. If you throw away the extra Clothes item, you can do it again to get a ninth copy of each item, and a maximum Magirock count of 315.

There are more options to select on the menu below and to the right of the existing ones, but most softlock the game or have you regain control with the textbox still on-screen. The only one that doesn't cause an issue is the option to the right of Ending, which acts identical to Flight scene.

(Source: Terranigma Corner)

Sound Test

To do:
Document this. It also needs translation.

There's a sound test in the game that can be activated with one of the following Pro Action Replay (PAR) codes :

Version Code

Once the code is entered, talk to your mom in Crysta to start up the sound test.

You'll be presented with track numbers and names displayed in rapidly flashing text. Press Up and Right to increase the track number, and press Down and Left to decrease the track number. Press A to have your mom say something about the track, after which the song plays.

TenchiSouzou SoundTest.png

Track Listing

0 - Unknown; doesn't play anything
1 - Dark Side Field
2 - Tower of Trial
3 - Hometown
4 - Fight Against Powerful Enemies
5 - Unforeseen Occurrence
6 - Light Side Field
7 - Zue
8 - The Castle of Dragoon
9 - Town
10 - Top of Saint Mountain
11 - Present
12 - Underground
13 - Elle
14 - Call at a Port
15 - Castle
16 - Entrance
17 - Flying to the Sky
18 - Wandering Spirits
19 - Final Battle
20 - The Gaia Stone
21 - Laboratory
22 - Good Night...
23 - Ever Green
24 - Neotokio
25 - Perel
26 - My Beloved Loire
27 - Prime Blue
28 - An Omen
29 - Unknown; sounds like a heartbeat
30 - Sanctuary
31 - Amusement
32 - Revival of Birds
33 - Mysterious Pit
34 - Awakening of Earth
35 - Dr. Beruga
36 - Shopping
37 - Race in Mushrooms
38 - Revival of Human Being
39 - Lhasa
40 - Green Returns
41 - Revival of Plants
42 - Southern Rhythm
43 - Freedom
44 - Willful Lion
45 - Revival of Animals
46 - Open the Door
47 - Nomads In a Desert
48 - Yomi
49 - Royd
50 - Fyda
51 - Find Rare Item Fanfare
52 - Save Fanfare
53 - Origins
54 - Rest
55 - Light and Darkness
56 - Unknown; sounds like an animal crying
57 - Return to Mother Earth
(Source: crediar (JP code), Blyn (FR code))

Regional Differences

Title Screen

Japan Europe/Australia
Tenchi Souzou-title.png Terranigma-title.png

Known as Tenchi Souzou (天地創造, lit. "Creation of Heaven and Earth") in Japan. The Japanese version features a more elaborate animation sequence where each kanji of the title appears one by one until they finally form the full title of the game. Since the English title sequence is a bit shorter, the music goes slightly out of sync with the visuals in the following cutscenes and demo. Also, besides the updated copyright, the font has a different color palette.

Story Text

The localized versions infamously made almost no effort to reprogram the text display routines to accommodate English text. Besides poorly spaced text, most message boxes in the game were expanded from three to four lines to fit all the text, causing sprite limitation problems on some screens like the special move explanations. Additionally, some messages were segmented over two or more parts, causing some automatically scrolling text in the Japanese version to have waits for player input in the translated versions. Little to no effort was made to adjust the text speed, causing significant text desynch in some events like the Kagome-Kagome doll song in Sylvain Castle's basement. Finally, some animation for message boxes in menus was removed to accommodate larger text boxes.

Various locale names were shortened in the European versions to fit the 8-character limit. For example, Kristalholm was shortened to "Crysta", Sylvain Castle was shortened to "Castle", Southern Europe was shortened to "S. Eur.", and so on. The item name displays in the inventory screens were expanded from fitting 9-character strings (8-character names plus a digit for quantities greater than one) to fitting the whole screen width, allowing for longer item names. Because the shop interface has an 8-character limit however, most item names were still shortened (except in non-English PAL versions, which instead removed names from the shop interface), or changed outright, such as the Prime Blue item becoming the Magirock. However, various graphics referencing these changed names were not updated to reflect the localized names.

The Nintendo translators made very few attempts to censor the game, but some content was accidentally cut or mistranslated because of length limitations. For example, the Blood Armor (血のヨロイ) in the Grand Mosuku town (renamed Mosque in the English versions) which sold for 6660 Gold and offered a +44 DEF bonus, was translated "RedArmr", even though the description made it mostly intact ("血められた ヨロイです。" to "Dully coated with washes of blood.")

Quintet Quiz

To do:
Add the Spanish translation

After saving the guy from the ghost in Neotokio, you can play a quiz with a guy in the General Affairs Division inside the Quintet Building in the Japanese version. If you answer all 18 questions correctly, you get a Magirock as a reward. In all European versions, this minigame was removed and its associated Magirock rendered unobtainable.

Despite being made inaccessible in the European versions, the quiz can still be found translated but unused within the French, Spanish, and German ROMs. With some creative hacking, it can be made accessible and completely functional again in-game, though the text overflows frequently from the message box hinting this was never playtested properly. The English version completely removed the text but still has a text string, "Actraiser", in the text data compression routine, and that word is only ever used in the quiz.

Due to Slapstick (also known as Robotrek in the US) never being released in Europe despite plans by Quintet to do so, the French and German versions tried to replace some questions related to that game with Nintendo-themed questions. The Spanish translation is mostly accurate to the Japanese questions, aside from using the US name for the game, "Robotrek", similarly to how a Terranigma namedrop ("Tenchi Suzou" in the Japanese dialogue) by another Quintet employee was translated using the American name, as "Illusion of Gaia 2", instead of the established European name Illusion of Time, in the English version (the French version used Terranigma, and the Spanish version used "Illusion of Time 2"). This makes sense considering Nintendo of America staff worked on the translation.

All grammatical mistakes present in the original European scripts were kept as they were here. Words between brackets are the ones where the text compression index wasn't verified yet. Drastic deviations from the Japanese text were marked in bold.

Tenchi Souzou-Quintet Quiz.png

If you try to take the Magirock:

Japanese French German Spanish
あーっ! やめてくださいっ!
それは クイズの賞品ですよっ!
オレ おこられちゃいますっ!
N'y touche pas!
C'est pour le
vainqueur du
Nicht berühren! Das ist der erste Preis eines Quiz.
Hey! Stop that!
That's the prize for the quiz game!
Don't make me angry!
Don't touch it!
It's for the winner
of the contest!
Do not touch! That's the first prize for a quiz.

If you talk to him:

Japanese French German Spanish
新人の S木です。
きかく課の こわいおねーさんが
ここに 遊びに来る人に

新人は いろいろと
雑用をやらされて つらいッス。

Je suis S-ki, je suis stagiaire.
On m'a demandé de faire un concours.
En tant que stagiaire, je ne fais que des tra-
vails ennuyeux.

Veux-tu participer au concours?
Ich bin Ha-Chi. Ich bin für das Quiz zuständig...
Einst habe ich im Glücksrad Buchstaben umgedreht.
Willst Du an dem Quiz teilnehmen?
I'm the newbie S-ki,
a scary girl from the planning department
who asks people who drop in
to take a quiz.

Newbies have to do various
odd jobs, and it's pretty tough.

Would you like to take the quiz?
I am S-ki, I am a trainee.
I was asked to do a contest.
As a trainee, all I do are the boring jobs.

Do you want to enter the contest?
I'm Ha-Chi. I'm in charge of the quiz...
I used to turn the letters on Wheel of Fortune.
Do you want to participate in the quiz?

If you say no:

Japanese French German Spanish
また きてください。 Reviens une
autre fois.
Komm wieder!
OK, please come again! Come back again. Come again!

Questions correctly answered Yes:

Japanese French German Spanish
Quintet est hantée. In SOUL BLAZER baut man mit Yoshi eine Stadt. [E515] que Quintet est[3B] maldito.
#18 It looks like ghosts are haunting Quintet. Quintet is haunted. In SOUL BLAZER, you build a city with Yoshi. That Quintet is haunted.
Japanese French German Spanish
ソウルブレイダーでは お金で
買い物をすることは できない。
Dans Soul Blazer, on ne peut pas acheter des objets. MYSTIC QUEST LEGEND ist ein Rollenspiel. En Soul Blazer, no se usa dinero [E5A3] comprar.
#7 In Soul Blazer, you can't buy items with your money. In Soul Blazer, you can't buy items. MYSTIC QUEST LEGEND is a role-playing game. In Soul Blazer, money can not be used to buy.
Japanese French German Spanish
武器が 存在する。
Le [?] de Actraiser aime les frites. Prinzessin Zelda ist mit Marios Freundin Toadstool verwandt. En Robotrek, hay un arma llamada Soul Blade.
#13 There's a weapon in Slapstick called Soul Blade. The [?] of Actraiser loves french fries Princess Zelda is related to Mario's girlfriend Toadstool. In Robotrek, there's a weapon named Soul Blade.
Japanese French German Spanish
アクトレイザーでは 神様の像を
こわすと アイテムが出現する。
#1 In Actraiser, on peut récupérer un objet en détruisant une statue. Der Held aus THE LEGEND OF ZELDA heißt Link. En Actraiser, al [E677] una estatua de Dios, se consegu[3A]a algo.
#1 In ActRaiser, items appear when you destroy a God statue. In Actraiser, you can get an item by breaking a statue. The Hero from THE LEGEND OF ZELDA is called Link. In Actraiser, at the Statue of God, something can be found.
Japanese French German Spanish
Une dessinatrice de mangas est l'auteur de Illusion of Time. SECRET OF MANA kann man gleichzeitig zu fünft spielen. Los personajes de TIO [E525] fueron creados por una famosa artista.
#12 The character designs for Gaia Gensouki were done by a shoujo manga artist. A female mangaka is the author of Illusion of Time. SECRET OF MANA can be played by five players at a time. The characters of 'TIO' were created by a famous artist.
Japanese French German Spanish
クインテットは 美女が多いと
Les femmes de Quintet sont toutes belles. SECRET OF EVERMORE ist ein Jump'n'Run-Spiel aus Kolumbien. Quintet es famoso por la belleza de las mujeres que [?]
#16 Quintet has a reputation for having many beautiful women. All women in Quintet are beautiful. SECRET OF EVERMORE is a platform game from Columbia. Quintet is famous for the beauty of their women that [?]
Japanese French German Spanish
アクトレイザー2の プレイヤーは
Dans Illusion of Time, le héros aime la tete de de veau. In ILLUSION OF TIME kann man 50 Juwelen finden. El [E690] de Actraiser 2 tiene poderes mügicos.
#5 The player can use magic in ActRaiser 2. In Illusion of Time, the hero loves eating the meal known as calf's head. In ILLUSION OF TIME, you can find 50 jewels. The [hero] of Actraiser 2 has magical powers.
Japanese French German Spanish
Le chien Turbo est aussi dans Soul Blazer. Der Hund Turbo kam bereits in SOUL BLAZER vor. El perro Turbo ya aparec[3D]a en Soul Blazer.
#8 Turbo the dog appears for the first time in Soul Blazer. The dog Turbo is also in Soul Blazer. The dog Turbo already appeared in SOUL BLAZER. The dog Turbo already appeared in Soul Blazer.
Japanese French German Spanish
Dans Soul Blazer, un monstre lance des noix de coco. In KIRBY'S DREAM COURSE spielt der rosa Knödel einen Golfball. En Soul Blazer, el [E596] llamado Natela lanza cocos.
#9 In Soul Blazer, there’s a monster called Natera that throws coconuts. In Soul Blazer, there is a monster that throws coconuts. In KIRBY'S DREAM COURSE, the pink puffball plays as a golf ball. In Soul Blazer, the so-called Natela throws coconuts.

Questions correctly answered No:

Japanese French German Spanish
スラップスティックの 主人公は
Luigi a du poil aux genoux. Der Held aus ILLUSION OF TIME heißt Lothar. El 'prota' de Robotrek es un buscador de oro.
#15 The protagonist of Slapstick is a treasure hunter. Luigi has hairy knees. The hero from ILLUSION OF TIME is called Lothar. The 'protagonist' of Robotrek is a gold seeker.
Japanese French German Spanish
ガイアげん想紀の ヒロインは
L'héroïne de Illusion of Time est Lisa. Marios bester Freund heißt Bowser. La hero[3D]na de
Illusion of Gaia
es una chica
[E69F] Lisa.
#10 The heroine of Gaia Gensouki is named Lisa. The heroine of Illusion of Time is Lisa. Mario's best friend is called Bowser. The heroine of Illusion of Gaia is a girl named Lisa.
Japanese French German Spanish
Dans Illusion of Time, l'arme du heros est l'arc. Links Waffe ist ein phasenkoordiniertes Plasmagewehr. Arco y flecha son son las armas del [E690] en TIO Gaia.
#11 The protagonist of Gaia Gensouki uses a bow and arrows as their weapon. In Illusion of Time, the hero's weapon is the bow. Link's weapon is a phased plasma rifle. Bow and arrows are the weapons of the [protagonist] of "TIO Gaia" (Illusion of Gaia?)
Japanese French German Spanish
アクトレイザーで 一番始めの
ステージは カサンドラである。
Le premier niveau d'Actraiser est Cassandra. DONKEY KONGS bester Freund heißt Diddy. La protagonista de Actraiser es Cassandra.
#2 In ActRaiser, the first stage is Kasandora. In ActRaiser, the first stage is Cassandra. DONKEY KONG'S best friend is called Diddy. The protagonist of Actraiser is (a lady named) Cassandra.
Japanese French German Spanish
全員 独身だ。
Tous ceux qui travaillent chez Quintet sont célibataires. In KIRBY'S GHOST COURSE spielt Kirby eine Tomate. Los empleados de Quintet son todos solteros.
#17 All of Quintet's employees are bachelors. The employees of Quintet are all singles. In KIRBY'S GHOST COURSE, Kirby plays as a tomato. The employees of Quintet are all singles.
Japanese French German Spanish
Le héros de Soul Blazer est le beau-frére de Mario. DONKEY KONG ist ein tibetanischer Zwergpavian. Nagisa, la guar-
diana de Robotrek,
es hermana del protagonista.
#14 In Slapstick, Nagisa, who lets you save the game, is the protagonist's older sister. Soul Blazer's hero is Mario's brother-in-law. DONKEY KONG is a small Tibetian baboon. Nagisa, the guardian of Robotrek, is the protagonist's sister.
Japanese French German Spanish
4回 戦わなければならない。
Dans Soul Blazer, le [monstre?] aime les saucisses. Marios Reittier ist ein grüner Dinosaurier mit Pilzlederstiefeln. En Actraiser 2, luchas contra Cabeza de Cabra [E660] veces.
#4 You have to fight the goat-headed monster in ActRaiser 2 4 times. In Soul Blazer, the [monster?] loves sausages. Mario's mount is a green dinosaur with mushroom leather boots. In Actraiser 2, you fight against the Goat's Head [4?] times.
Japanese French German Spanish
アクトレイザーには 薬草と言う
アイテムがあるが これは
Dans Actraiser, une herbe peut redonner des points de vie. SECRET OF MANA ist der Nachfolger von MYSTIC QUEST auf dem Game Boy. En Actraiser, hay un hierba curativa para recuperar Puntos.
#3 In ActRaiser, there is an item called "Medicinal Herb" that recovers the player's health. In Actraiser, a herb may restore HP. SECRET OF MANA is the successor of MYSTIC QUEST for the Game Boy. In ActRaiser, there is a "Medicinal Herb" that recovers points.
Japanese French German Spanish
Mario porte des caleçons roses. Für SECRET OF EVERMORE sollte man Hundekuchen bereithalten. Actraiser 2 es un juego de rol.
#6 ActRaiser 2 is a role-playing game. Mario wears pink underwear. For SECRET OF EVERMORE, one should have dog biscuits ready. ActRaiser 2 is a role-playing game.

Correct answer:

Japanese French German Spanish
正解! では次の質問 Bonne réponse!
Question suivante.
Nächste Frage!
Correct! OK, next question. Right answer!
Next question.
Next question!

Incorrect answer:

Japanese French German Spanish
不正解! 残念でした!
また チャレンジしてください!
Mauvaise réponse!
Retente ta
Versuche noch einmal, Professor Grips zu werden!
Incorrect! Too bad! Keep trying hard to become a Quintet expert. Please give the quiz another try! Wrong answer! Try again! Wrong! Try again to become Professor Savvy!

All questions correctly answered:

Japanese French German Spanish
おめでとう! これであなたも

どうぞ 賞品のプライムブルーを
どんどんどん ぱふぱふぅ!
Tu es le vrai
En cadeau,
prends ce Magiroc!
Glückwunsch! Du hast Dir den Titel Professor Grips verdient.
Nimm diesen Kristall. Er ist Dein Preis!
Dum da-da-DUUUN! Congratulations! You are now a Quintet expert! Please take this Magirock as your reward! Bum bum bum puff-puff! Congratulations! You are the real Professor Quintet! As a gift, take this Magiroc! Congratulations! You earned the title of Professor Savvy. Take this crystal. It's your prize!

After you have taken the reward:

Japanese French German Spanish
あ クインテット博士!
賞品は 役にたちました?
Salut, Professeur
Quintet! Le
Magiroc a été
Professor Grips! War Dir der tolle Preis nützlich?
Hey, Quintet Expert! Was your reward helpful? Hello, Professor Quintet! Was the Magirock useful? Professor Savvy! Was the neat prize useful to you?