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Title Screen


Developers: Re-Logic, Engine Software (Consoles, formerly),[1] Codeglue (3DS/Moblie, formerly),[2] Pipeworks Studios (Consoles, formerly),[3] DR Studios (Mobile/consoles, current)
Publishers: Redigit (PC), 505 Games (Consoles/Moblie), Headup Games (Retail release for Windows, Europe) Spike Chunsoft (PS3/Vita, Japan)
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac OS X, Linux, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia
Released internationally: May 16, 2011 (Windows), June 27, 2019 (Switch) March 18, 2021 (Stadia)

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This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.

Terraria is a 2D game with a lot of ways of playing, with many items including but not limited to; many classes of weapons, many blocks, many tools, many potions, many pets, and more. This article is strictly about the Desktop version of the game, although everything here should apply to the current mobile and console versions.

To do:
  • Unused credits cutscenes (PlaySegment_GuideEmotingAtRainbowPanel and PlaySegment_SantaItemExample). See if the code for it can be dug up for the page, or if it can potentially be restored.
  • Publisher/developer/release dates in the bob will need more work.
  • Check for spelling mistakes and typos.
  • Type up a section on scrapped projectile wind physics.
  • Item IDs for scrapped celestial tools



Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Revisional Differences
There's a lot of them.

Unobtainable Items


First Fractal (Item ID 4722)

Terraria First Fractal.png
Damage 190
Knockback 6.5
Critical Chance 14%
Use time 35
Velocity 32
Rarity Red
Sell Value 20 Gold
Terraria First Fractal Projectiles.png

This weapon is currently present within the game and works normally when cheated in using an inventory editor. Attacking with the weapon will cause clones of the user to fly forward and attack the closest enemy with the First Fractal itself, which uses one of 15 sprites (right). It's an early revision of a item added in 1.4 called Zenith, as confirmed by the developers. It doesn't have a name so it goes by its name in code: "ItemName.FirstFractal". Also for whatever reason, it can't be 'reforged'.

It wasn't included because "as a melee weapon it did not feel melee, endgame, or clean enough. The player silhouettes ended up being confusing to some because they're dependent on the player's looks, and there was not a good enough clear line of action."

"First Fractal" is also the name of an item that was planned to be added for 1.3 but was later scrapped. The codename of the 'Zenith' went by "Final Fractal" early on, pretty much confirming that this was a prototype Zenith.

It was added in version

(Source: Terraria Forums)

Skull Bow (Item ID 4058)

Terraria Skull Bow.png
Damage 8
Knockback 5
Critical Chance 4%
Use time 17
Velocity 11
Rarity Orange
Sell Value 2 Gold

This sprite and stats for this weapon are in the game's files but it is not currently accessible even through inventory editors. The Skull Bow's stats and design seem to indicate that the weapon was intended to be found as some sort of rare drop from Underground Skeletons, as its stats make it seem like it was supposed to be on par with the Bone Sword and Bone Pickaxe, but was ultimately scrapped. It was added in version

Celestial Tools

Terraria Celestial Tools.png

Added in version alongside the Lunar Events, many tools associated with the pillars were scrapped. The Axes and Hammers found in the files were likely scrapped in favor of the implemented Hamaxe tools that consolidate their functions, with the same going for the Chainsaws. While the Drills were initially unused, they would later be implemented in alongside a rework to all drills that give them a different function to pickaxes.


Color Only Dye (Item ID 3978)


The Color Only Dye makes the player completely white. It's sprite is a copy of the Unicorn Wisp Dye. It sells for 1 gold, 50 silver. It was added in version It's associated shader, Color Only, is used for drawing outlines on minimap icons, so it is likely a testing item.

Lunatic Cultist Treasure Bag (Item ID 3331)

Terraria Lunatic Cultist Bag.png

Unlike every other boss, the Lunatic Cultist does not drop a treasure bag upon defeat in Expert mode. If cheated in, the bag has a 1 in 7 chance of dropping the Ancient Cultist Mask, and will also drop 20 Silver Coins.

Unused Tiles/Furniture

Unobtainable Banners

Terraria includes banners, decorative items that provide an offensive buff that drop upon every 50th kill of a particular enemy in a given world. Several of these banners, namely the White Cultist Caster, White Cultist Fighter, and Poisonous Spore banner represent enemies that don't exist anywhere else.

Internal Item ID Banner (Placed) Banner (Inventory) Item Name
Terraria Blue Cultist Fighter Banner (placed).png
Terraria Blue Cultist Fighter Banner.png
Blue Cultist Fighter Banner
Terraria White Cultist Archer Banner (placed).png
Terraria White Cultist Archer Banner.png
White Cultist Archer Banner
Terraria White Cultist Caster Banner (placed).png
Terraria White Cultist Caster Banner.png
White Cultist Caster Banner
Terraria White Cultist Fighter Banner (placed).png
Terraria White Cultist Fighter Banner.png
White Cultist Fighter Banner
Terraria Poisonous Spore Banner (placed).png
Terraria Poisonous Spore Banner.png
Poisonous Spore Banner
Terraria Severed Hand Banner (placed).png
Terraria Severed Hand Banner.png
Severed Hand Banner

They were all added in version

Unused Trapped Chests

Internally referred to as ItemName.Fake_newchest1 (Item ID 3705) and ItemName.Fake_newchest2 (Item ID 3706), they are early versions of the Trapped Crystal Chest and Trapped Golden Chest, and appear visually identical. They are extremely buggy, and when mousing over them they cause the player to freeze, even in-air, as well as making all equipped accessories and vanity armor invisible. They sell for 1 silver each. They were both added in version 1.3.1.

Unimplemented Items

Many of these items only represented by a sprite, a name, and an Item ID.

Unimplemented Old One's Army Items

DD2 Treasure Bags (Item IDs 3861 and 3862)

Terraria Ogre Bag.png
Terraria Dark Mage Bag.png

These act like normal treasure bags, although when opening, you receive nothing.

Unimplemented Ogre Mask (Item ID 3847)

Terraria Ogre Mask (unobtainable).png

Not to be confused with Ogre Mask (Item ID 3865), which looks slightly different, but is completely obtainable in game.

Goblin Mask (Item ID 3848)

Terraria Goblin Mask.png

Goblin Bomber Cap (Item ID 3849)

Terraria Goblin Bomber Cap.png

Etherian Javelin (Item ID 3850)

Terraria Etherian Javelin.png

Kobold Dynamite Backpack (Item ID 3851)

Terraria Kobold Dynamite Backpack.png

Boring Bow (Item ID 3853)

Terraria Boring Bow.png

According to the developers, this weapon was ultimately scrapped because the other classes in the Dungeon Defenders 2 crossover were only represented by two weapons each, and out of the three designed for the Huntress class, this was the least interesting.
This is also the only unimplemented item and one of the only unobtainable items to not be removed from your inventory without mods.


Phasic Warp Ejector (Item ID 2881)

Terraria Phasic Warp Ejector.png

This item seems to have been intended to be obtainable during the Martian Madness event, but all that exists is the Item ID and sprite. It was introduced in version It has an associated projectile called the "Phasic Warp Disk", with no other information.

Apple Pie Slice (Item ID 4010)

Terraria Apple Pie Slice.png

Only attribute is the Tooltip "'Mmmm... pie.'"

Sleeping Icon (Item ID 5013)

Terraria-SleepIcon.png This graphic is used when you hover over a bed to indicate it can be slept in. If placed in your inventory through editors it will dissapear instantly. It has no item name and no function if restored.

Shellphone Dummy (Item ID 5437)


The Shellphone Dummy is used when the Shellphone is dropped on the ground or placed in any display like an Item Frame, however it cannot be in the inventory legitimately. If modified in and used, it will cause the graphical and sound effects of warping, but will have no impact on the character's location or movement.

Unimplemented Trapped Chests

Not to be confused with the Unobtainable Trapped Chests, those are unimplemented trapped chests variants, they cannot be opened, and don't have a Item ID, although strangely will send a signal if a player tries to open it.

Tile ID Sprite Name
441 (3) Terraria Locked Gold Chest.png Trapped Locked Gold Chest
441 (5) Terraria Locked Shadow Chest.png Trapped Locked Shadow Chest
441 (6) Terraria Trapped Barrel.png Trapped Barrel
441 (7) Terraria Trash Can.png Trapped Trash Can
441 (24) Terraria Locked Jungle Chest.png Trapped Locked Jungle Chest
441 (25) Terraria Locked Corruption Chest.png Trapped Locked Corruption Chest
441 (26) Terraria Locked Crimson Chest.png Trapped Locked Crimson Chest
441 (27) Terraria Locked Hallowed Chest.png Trapped Locked Hallowed Chest
441 (28) Terraria Locked Ice Chest.png Trapped Locked Ice Chest
468 (5) Terraria Dead Man's Chest.png Trapped Dead Man's Chest
468 (14) Terraria Locked Desert Chest.png Trapped Locked Desert Chest

Unused Bestiary Filters

There's unused icons suggesting that the Bestiary had five more filters.

Oasis Blizzard Hardmode Slime Rain Item Spawn
Terraria Bestiary Oasis.png Terraria Bestiary Blizzard.png Terraria Bestiary Hardmode.png Terraria Bestiary Slime Rain.png Terraria Bestiary Item Spawn.png

Removed Items

Removed Weapons


Terraria Unused12 1.png
Damage 44
Knockback 8
Use time 32
Rarity Light Red
Sell Value 3 Gold

The Icemourne was introduced in version 1.2 as Item ID 673. In version 1.2.4, it was replaced by the Boreal Wood Work Bench. If it was added to the players inventory while it was in the game, it would be replaced with an Angel Statue. The item is a reference to the Frostmourne weapon from the Warcraft franchise.


Terraria Unused12 3.png
Damage 39
Knockback 6
Use time 25
Rarity Cyan
Sell Value 2 Gold, 7 Silver

The Scythe was introduced in version 1.2 as Item ID 677. In version 1.2.4, it was replaced by the Boreal Wood Table. If it was added to the players inventory while it was in the game, it would be replaced with an Angel Statue. The item is a reference to the anime Soul Eater.

Soul Scythe

Terraria Unused12 2.png
Damage 55
Knockback 8.75
Use time 36
Rarity Light Red
Sell Value 3 Gold

The Soul Scythe was introduced in version 1.2 as Item ID 678. In version 1.2.2, it was replaced by the Red Potion. If it was added to the players inventory while it was in the game, it would be replaced with an Angel Statue. The item is a reference to the anime Soul Eater.


Terraria Zapinator.png
Damage 50
Knockback 3
Use time 7
Velocity 12
Rarity Light Red

Formerly included in the game's release as Item ID 126, before being replaced by the Angel Statue in version 1.0.1. It's a Nintendo Zapper, used by the developers during testing to not have to worry about enemies. In version, it was reintroduced as two items (Grey and Orange) as an alternative version of the Space Gun, but these Zapinators are very different and bare little to no resemblance to the 1.0 Zapinator aside from sprite. It can be found it its original form in the 3DS port as an easter egg drop from Plantera (2% chance).

Miscellaneous Removed Items

Lesser Restoration Potion (Item ID 226)

Terraria UnobtainableLessRestorePot.png.png
Type Potion
Heals Mana 80
Heals Health 80
Use time 17
Rarity Blue
Sell Value 3 Silver
Research 30 required

This potion was to replenish both health and mana as if you drank a lesser healing and lesser mana potion together. The potion was in the game for 9 years from the release of the game until, until it was no longer made unobtainable and all other instances of the potion were replaced by it's upgraded counterpart.

Biome Key Molds

Terraria-Corruption Key Mold.png Terraria-Crimson Key Mold.png Terraria-Jungle Key Mold.png Terraria-Hallowed Key Mold.png Terraria-Frozen Key Mold.png

These were introduced in 1.2.1 to craft the biome keys from 1.2. They were effectively removed in 1.3 as now, whenever the game detects you have a key mold, it will replace it with a biome key, including chat messages.

Unused NPCs

Spawnable NPC

White Cultist Archer (NPC ID 380)

The stats shown are for Classic, Expert, and Master mode, respectively.

The White Cultist Archer is a Cultist variant that was added in version, and has been unable to spawn since.

Terraria White Cultist Archer.png
AI Type Fighter AI
Damage (Melee) 45 / 90 / 135
Damage (Ranged) 80 / 160 / 160
Max Life 210 / 420 / 630
Defense 14
Knockback Resist 45% / 51% / 56%
Immune to Cursed
Drops 10 Silver / 25 Silver / 25 Silver

The Torch God (NPC ID 664)

The stats shown are not different no matter the mode.

The Torch God was added in, as a miniboss event. This entity exists purely to be the bestiary icon for the event, as no actual NPCs are used for it. It also has no hurtbox, and is intangible.

AI Type No AI
Damage (Melee) 0
Max Life 20
Defense 0
Knockback Resist N/A
Drops 5-15 Lesser Healing Potions, Hearts.

Unspawnable NPCs

4th Snowman (NPC ID 146)

Terraria Snowman.png
Terraria Exploding Snowman Updated.png

A fourth Snowman enemy is functional in the game, though it is not used for unknown reasons. This type of snowman has dynamite lodged in its head. This enemy would most likely be used in the Frost Legion event, as the event features similar snowmen as enemies. It is located directly after the other snowmen by NPC ID. Curiously, it was resprited in the 1.3.5 update alongside other enemies, but is still unused.

None2 (NPC ID 76)

Terraria None2.png

NPC ID 76. Judging by the filename, it's probably a placeholder. Its image file is the same as the Wandering Eye's texture from before was released. For some reason, it is located before the Wandering Eye in NPC ID. Could've been used for testing the AI of enemies before release with the Wandering Eye as the latest test with this enemy, as it is present in-game but when attempting to force-load it, it despawns immediately.

StardustJellyfishSmall (NPC ID 408)

NPC ID 408. It has the same appearance as Projectile ID 539, which is the small Flow Invaders that follow the larger one. It's possible that they were killable at one point, as certain projectiles, most notably caster fireballs and Vile Spit, are NPCs and can be killed.

DD2AttackerTest (NPC ID 547)

NPC ID 547. It has the same appearance as the Angry Tumbler (NPC ID 546). It despawns instantly like None2 when force-loaded. NPC 547 Terraria.png

Removed NPC

Deerclops Leg (Former NPC ID 669)

Terraria Deerclops Leg.png

NPC ID 669. An early version of the Deerclops Leg. It despawns instantly when force-loaded into the game. Existed until 1.4.4, where it was completely overwritten by the Stinkbug

Unused Projectiles

These projectiles go unused for various reasons.

Image Name Description
Terraria-Terra Beam.png Terra Beam The Terra Blade's old projectile. As of 1.4.4 it uses a different projectile making this one unspawnable. Fires straight forwards and ignores gravity.
Terraria-LightBeam.png Light Beam The True Excalibur's old projectile. As of 1.4.4 it uses a different projectile making this one unspawnable. Fires straight forwards and ignores gravity.
Terraria-NightBeam.png Night Beam The True Night's Edge's old projectile. As of 1.4.4 it uses a different projectile making this one unspawnable. Fires straight forwards and ignores gravity. The Sprite spins constantly.
Starburst The Stardust Guardian's old explosion projectile. As of it uses a different projectile making this one unspawnable. Creates a large explosion of particles.
Terraria-CrystalLeafShot.png Crystal Leaf Shot Chlorophyte Armor's projectile. While the projectile ID is used, as of 1.4.4 the game renders a beam using shaders and Extra graphics, making this image invisible.
Terraria-WandofSparking.png Spark Wand of Sparking's projectile. While the projectile ID is used, the game instead uses flame particles to render this projectile. Intrestingly, this graphic is not copied from the wand, and is actually an original sprite of a slightly larger Wand of Sparking.
Terraria-BloodRainBowArrow.png Blood Rain While this projectile is created by the Blood Rain Bow, it is always set to be invisible. It spawns a trail of blood particles as it flies.
Terraria Split Shot Core.gif Split Shot Core A projectile that was never spawnable in vanilla Terraria. Likely an attack from Empress of Light. This projectile when spawned will split into multiple projectiles on a spiral pattern.
Terraria-Phasic Warp Ejector (projectile).png Phasic Warp Ejector A projectile with a sprite identical to the Phasic Warp Ejector. When spawned in, it'll do nothing and will eventually despawn.
Terraria-Phasic Warp Disc.png Phasic Warp Disc A projectile likely shot from the Phasic Warp Ejector. It behaves the same as the Phasic Warp Ejector projectile. Despite the image's appearence, it is not animated and instead displays as the whole spritesheet.
Terraria Mud Ball.png Mud Ball A projectile that was added in 1.0.5 and removed in 1.0.6. It is a leftover from when mud would fall if it didn't have enough support or if it didn't have jungle or mushroom grass on it.
Empress Hymn Likely used by the Empress of Light. Despawns instantly.
Terraria-FirstFractal.png First Fractal The First Fractal's projectile. Takes on one of 15 appearences, flies straight forwards ignoring gravity, and attaches a duplicate of the player's appearance to it.

Unused Debuff

Dazed Effect (Buff ID 160)

Terraria Dazed Effect.png

This effect, while coded in the game, cannot be inflicted by any normal methods. The effect causes the player to accelerate slower and jump lower than normal. The tooltip says "Movement is greatly slowed". It was added in version

Unused Graphics


Cool Whip Snowflake

Extra 200.png

A grayscale snowflake. Its appearence and internal name "IceWhipSlicerBody" implies this may have been an early graphical effect for the Cool Whip.

Sparkle Guitar

Terraria-SparkleGuitar.png A clone of the Chum Bucket gore sprites. The internal name implies it could have been used for the Stellar Tune weapon.

Charged Blaster Ring


Potentially was used for the Charged Blaster Cannon weapon.


Gem Chain-2


A purple and green chain of gems. The filename implies this would be some kind of Gem Hook, but what it corresponds to is unknown.


Silver Armor's old sprites, compiled into 1 graphic. It is separate from the other graphics for Silver Armor and its purpose is unknown.

Unused Equipment UI

Extra 54 11.pngExtra 54 13.pngExtra 54 14.pngExtra 54 16.png Icons for the equipment menu image file of a fist, ring, necklace, and horseshoe.


An older version of the Drill Containment Unit. It seems the Drillbit of the mount in this stage was a placeholder sprite, as it was out of proportion for Terraria's usual spriting style.


Nebula Eye


Nebula enemy gore. Strangely, the "NebulaEye" internal name is used for the projectile the Nebula Floaters spawn, and the gore matches the eye design. It could have been planned for these eyes to break apart when the floater is killed rather than despawn.

Unused Rat Gore

Gore 1157.pngGore 1158.pngGore 1159.png

Alternate unused gore for the Rat critters. Strangely, it is based off the inventory sprite for the rat, and not the actual NPC.

Enemy Sprites

Deadly Sphere

Terraria Unused DeadlySphere.png

The enemy Deadly Sphere (NPC ID 467), seen on the Solar Eclipse event, has sprites indicating an unused form.

Terraria-DeadlySphereUnusedForm.gif Here is how it would appear animated.


Terraria Fritz Unused.png

The enemy seen during the Solar Eclipse event, Fritz, has an unused sprite.

Severed Hand

Terraria Severed Hand.png

This enemy is meant to appear during the Solar Eclipse event, but was removed as the developers thought a small, fast enemy wouldn't work well in a dark, chaotic event. It's sprite wasn't ever in the game although it was featured in a spoiler for 1.3.

Unused Elf Copter frames

ElfCopterShoot.gif Unused frames for the Elf Copter shooting, in game it just spawns bullets without animation.


Beach Grass

Terraria-Tiles 2 Beach.png

An unsed grass tileset for beach grass that would have appeared around the ocean biome. The final game just uses forest grass.

Alternate Crimson Grass

Terraria-Tiles 199-gross.png

An unused alternate crimson grass tileset with flesh and eyeballs in the grass resembling the flesh blocks.


Bestiary Test

Terraria BestiaryTest.png

A test for the Bestiary. Most likely used for debugging in early stages of development for the bestiary.

Temporary Chests

Extra 28.png

Reffered to as "TEMPORARYChestOpen" internally, its likely these were used as a stand in or chest animations in the making of 1.3

Tombstone Glow

Extra 101.png

Reffered to as "TombstoneGlow" internally, likely a scrapped glow mask for tombstones.

Mana Orb

Sorry, we don't accept blue balls.

This item was added to the game some time before release. Its intended function is unknown, as are the reasons for its abandonment. It could have potentially been an early concept for the mana meter. The developers have stated that it was to be "an orb of mana", which describes it rather well. This item's sprite can still be found in the content/images folder.

Buff Templates

Terraria BuffTemplate.png

A template of a buff, its filename is "Buff". It is also used for the Betsy's Wrath and Oiled debuffs, listed in the game as ID 203 and 204. They are only ever applied to enemies, making their need for a texture unneeded.

Old Housing Banner


The housing banner used to signify an NPC's house in the housing menu, from before update 1.3.5. Update 1.3.5 added the ability to assign NPCs a "Favorited" house, in turn the housing banners were moved to a different spritesheet, now in the UI folder.

Princess NPC slot

Terraria- NPC 633.png

The Princess' NPC ID slot contains a strange spritesheet of the Party Girl with a miscolored palate. NPCs draw from a special Town NPC sprite folder, so this strange sprite is never visible.

Full Mannequin and Womannequin Sprites.

A full spritesheet for the mannequins. In, mannequins were given support for dyes and accessories, and as such were updated to render as a player to ensure correct layering. In game, only the frames for the standing pose are used.

Intrestingly, there was a teaser shown by a developer that showcased the ability to dress as a womannequin.

Formerly Unused Features

Red Potion (Item ID 678)

Terraria RedPotion.png
Use time 17
Tooltip 'Only for those who are worthy'
Rarity Light Red

The Red Potion was first added in version 1.2.2, replacing the Soul Scythe. Upon use, it gives you several debuffs that are all set to last for an hour, two hours, or three hours, depending on your gamemode. In version, it was made available at a 1/30 rate in chests in the "05162020" world seed. In version, it was also made available at a 1 in 10 rate in chests in the "for the worthy" world seed. If used in either of these worlds, the potion gives you (up to, in case the same effect is picked twice) 3 random buffs that each last for 30 minutes.

Pixel Box (Item ID 3725)

Terraria Pixel Box.png
Use time 15
Tooltip 'Separates wire paths'
'Toggle lights with simultaneous crossed signals'
Rarity Blue

The pixel box was first added in version 1.3.1 as a mechanism that looked fully illuminated when activated, but did not emit any light. It was reintroduced in 1.4.4 to be sold by the mechanic.

Jungle Mimic (NPC ID 476)

The stats shown are for Classic, Expert, and Master mode, respectively.

The Jungle Mimic is a miniboss that was introduced in version alongside the Corrupt, Crimson, and Hallowed mimics, but without any unique items, and without any legitimate way to spawn it. However, since the release of, Jungle Mimics will occassionally spawn in the jungle when you're using the "celebrationmk10​" world seed, and have a new set of drops.

Terraria Jungle Mimic.pngTerraria Jungle Mimic2.png
AI Type Biome Mimic AI
Damage 90 / 180 / 270
Max Life 3500 / 7000 / 10500
Defense 34
Knockback Resist 90% / 91% / 92%
Immune to On Fire!, Confused, Poisoned, Magma Stone
Drops 3 Gold / 7 Gold 50 Silver / 7 Gold 50 Silver
Angel Statue (33%)
Fart in a Jar (33%)
Stink Potion (5-10) (33%)
Coal (33%)
Red Potion (3-5) (33%)
Golden Shower (33%)
Master Bait (2-4) (33%)
Water Gun (33%)
Terra Toilet (33%)
Greater Healing Potion (5-10) (100%)
Greater Mana Potion (5-15) (100%)

Mini Star Cell Banner

Terraria Small Star Cell Banner.png
Tooltip 'Nearby players get a bonus against: Mini Star Cell'
Terraria Small Star Cell Banner (placed).png

Reimplemented in the 1.4.4 update.

Unused Sounds

Item Sounds


Placed after the Blowpipe and Blowgun's sound effects (IDs 63 and 64), this was likely a candidate sound for the blow weapons.


A magical blast.

Item_86 and 87

Bubbling sounds, likely for the Xenopopper.


A static crackle. Could have been a sound for Tesla Turrets, or another martian weapon.


A whoosh.


Another bubbling sound.


Between the other sounds of the Lunatic Cultist and right after the Lightning Orb sound, this was likely a candidate sound for the attack.


An unknown sound.

NPC Sounds


A low, echoing snarl.


A growl of some kind.


A snort sound.


A duplicate Wall of Flesh roar, using the same filename. Interestingly, its internal name is MoonLord, so this was likely a temporary sound used before actual sounds were figured out for the boss.



Possibly could've been used for a boss's summon or roaring?

Etherian Portal Dryad Touch

The sound of The Dryad entering an Etherian Portal. Used in the crossover trailer.

Unused Text

"84": "You can't change teams inside your team's blocks!"

String suggesting that the player would not be able to change teams inside your selected team's blocks and walls.

"49": "You wake up from a strange dream..."

Purpose is unknown, but it could potentially be an unused string for what could've been a scrapped event, with this string announcing the end of the event.

"npc_CultistBossClone": "Though it is an illusion designed to distract from the true threat, this fake cultist can still use some basic offensive magic as well."

An unused bestiary entry for the Fake Lunatic Cultist Clones.

"Bestiary_FlavorText.npc_WanderingEye": "Given time to mature, Demon Eyes will continue to grow in size and danger. These ones are old enough that their teeth have come in."

An unused bestiary entry for the Wandering Eye. In game it reuses the Demon Eye's entry.

"Misc.LicenseSlimeUsed": "The license teleports away to the slime delivery service..."

Town Slimes likely used a liscence like other pets before unique obtain methods were decided.

"BadSize": "Textures loaded must match the original size, got ({ActualWidth},{ActualHeight}) but expected ({NeededWidth}, {NeededHeight}).",
"BadExtension": "Only textures of type '.png' and '.xnb' may be loaded."

Either intended for debugging or texture pack creation. In the case an asset isn't compatible in a texture pack it will default to loading the vanilla asset.

Rich Presence Text

There are a couple unused strings, presumably for Discord's rich presence support, which would allow in game actions to be seen on one's profile.

"Spaghet": "Cooking Spaghet"
"InMainMenu": "In Main Menu"
"CreatingPlayer": "Creating a Player"
"CreatingWorld": "Generating a World"
"PlayingSingle": "Playing Single-Player"
"PlayingMulti": "Playing Multi-Player"

While most tie to very obvious in game actions, bizarrely, "Cooking Spaghet" is included in reference to a meme

Bestiary Filter Text

Text describing each bestiary filter. In the final game, filters are only sorted through icon, without any descritpion.

		"biome_Goblins": "A ragtag army of crude, barbaric goblins set out to conquer and destroy. Some wield dark, evil magic.",
		"biome_Pirates": "A seafaring horde of armed bandits that lust after the riches of the land, collecting treasures and taking no prisoners."
		"biome_Martian": "Technologically advanced beings from another world who want to eradicate all primitive life with their superior weaponry."
		"biome_OldOnesArmy": "Minions from Etheria - they may have mistakenly invaded this world, but they wish to rule it nonetheless!"
		"biome_PumpkinMoon": "A bitter harvest rises in the dead of night. Creatures of evil and darkness spook the lands, killing everything in their path."
		"biome_FrostMoon": "Ho Ho Ho! On this not-so-silent night, festive beings wish to shower the world with gifts of blood and carnage. "
		"biome_FrostLegion": "This organized family of cold-hearted killers wish to ice any who cross them, and they don't like snitches... capisce?"
		"biome_SlimeRain": "For reasons beyond any meteorological explanation, slimy things are raining down from above by the buckets!"
		"biome_WindyDay": "Don't get carried away! Nature is throwing a party and wishes to sweep everybody - and everything - off their feet!"
		"biome_BloodMoon": "When the moon rises drenched in blood, the dead rise with it! These macabre creatures seek to add fresh meat to their dripping ranks."
		"biome_Halloween": "Pumpkins grow wildly across the land, and certain creatures masquerade in unusual costumes. Trick or treat!"
		"biome_Rain": "When it rains, it pours. Creatures which normally thrive in water may roam the land and sky. Beware the angered clouds."
		"biome_Christmas": "Winter is here! Time to celebrate with twinkling lights, ugly sweaters, and a fat old fellow wearing a bright red suit."
		"biome_Eclipse": "Familiar creatures of horror rapidly grip the lands this day, for no mere mortal can resist the evil of the blackened sun. "
		"biome_Party": "This day, for no particular reason, everyone decided to throw a party. There's always time for a celebration!"
		"biome_Blizzard": "The most vile, stone-cold entities emerge in the blinding chaos of bone-piercing icy wind and snow. Every step is cold and dangerous."
		"biome_Sandstorm": "The sands of the desert rage like a stormy sea, with deadly creatures swimming among them."
		"biome_Surface": "Anywhere where one can see the trees, the mountains, and the sky. Not all creatures are powerful or even hostile."
		"biome_Graveyard": "When areas of death become littered with graves, a thick mist of concentrated eeriness blankets the land."
		"biome_UndergroundJungle": "The tangled world beneath the muddy jungle proves perilous to any adventurer. Within, be on guard for voracious plants and bugs."
		"biome_TheUnderworld": "A doomed haven of fire and brimstone - run rampant with demons and devils - offers no sanctuary for the living."
		"biome_TheDungeon": "Constructed long ago as a once thriving city, this dark and evil place now serves as the home for its cursed former inhabitants."
		"biome_TheCorruption": "A cancerous Corruption thriving off the sins of the living. Its sole desire is to consume all things, leaving behind only a lifeless void."
		"biome_Underground": "Just below the surface, there's no shortage of dirt. Basic ore, mundane treasure, and weak monsters live down there."
		"biome_TheHallow": "A divine and overzealous force, 'The Hallow', serves as a cure to combat evil with its majestic, powerful creatures of light."
		"biome_UndergroundMushroom": "A curious deviation of nature, large mushrooms grow densely from glowing blue grass. Tough 'mycanoids' defend the area."
		"biome_StardustPillar": "A blue lunar seal protected by powerful guardians. This one representing a glittering celestial remnant known as 'stardust'."
		"biome_Jungle": "Thick trees, brambled vines, and relentless beasts of nature inhabit this dense canopy of lush growth, sprouted from seemingly limitless mud."
		"biome_Caverns": "Tough monsters, abandoned cabins, and golden treasure adorn the dark, vacant caverns tunneled beneath the underground."
		"biome_UndergroundSnow": "Tunnels carved throughout frigid ice result in slippery pitfalls and freezing pools - all patrolled by the sub-zero denizens of the deep."
		"biome_Ocean": "An endless ocean stretched to the horizon awaits at the world's edge, filled with infinitely hungry creatures from the watery depths."
		"biome_SurfaceMushroom": "Surface mushroom patches must be cultivated by hand, but doing so may draw attention from strong mycanoids."
		"biome_UndergroundDesert": "Beneath the sandy surface lies weathered, hard sandstone.  Massive nests of deadly insects and more infest these ancient burrows."
		"biome_Snow": "A persistent arctic jet stream left a part of the world permanently cold. Only the hardiest of beasts can survive this harsh region."
		"biome_Desert": "Endless dunes of sand reside here, scorched by the never-ending sun. Few things have adapted to survive in this environment."
		"biome_Meteor": "The fragments left behind from plummeting meteorites burn endlessly with astrological energy, some of which appears to be alive."
		"biome_Oasis": "This is no mirage! The clandestine pools of water glittering in the desert sun are the only source of life in these desolate sands."
		"biome_SpiderNest": "In this deadly place, there lurk arachnids with many legs, many eyes, and a thirst for blood. They sow thick webs threaded with malice."
		"biome_Crimson": "A hive mind of grotesque, biological infections which aim to consume all life whilst feeling absolutely nothing."
		"biome_SolarPillar": "A red lunar seal protected by powerful guardians. This one representing a flaming celestial event known as 'solar flares'."
		"biome_VortexPillar": "A green lunar seal protected by powerful guardians. This one representing a deep celestial void known as 'vortex'."
		"biome_TheTemple": "Stone-crafted with an ancient mineral alloy, this indomitable temple houses the Lihzahrd; a crude, yet advanced reptilian race."
		"biome_UndergroundCorruption": "With the ancient spirits of light and dark released, the Corruption's reach drastically increased and its minions greatly empowered."
		"biome_NebulaPillar": "A purple lunar seal protected by powerful guardians. This one representing a stormy celestial body known as 'nebula'."
		"biome_CorruptUndergroundDesert": "The Corruption's hold in the sandstone weakened the seals that held an assortment of ancient magicked beings at bay."
		"biome_CrimsonUndergroundDesert": "The Crimson's bloody veins broke up the tombs that once held magicked beings, which are now released to commit mayhem."
		"biome_HallowUndergroundDesert": "The blessing swept through the ancient sands, awakening dangerous creatures once forgotten to time."
		"biome_CorruptDesert": "When the Corruption grows through the desert, vile things long since buried in the sand awaken with pure malice."
		"biome_HallowDesert": "As the Hallow responds to the encroaching evils, it inadvertently awakens things that have slept beneath the sands for centuries."
		"biome_CrimsonDesert": "With the Crimson seeping through the sands, dark things long forgotten rise again to seek out and destroy life."
		"biome_Granite": "A glistening, dark material adorns the caverns here. Granite paves the way for progress in architectural fashion and durable monsters."
		"biome_UndergroundCrimson": "With the ancient spirit of darkness released, the Crimson's veiny growth reaches new depths, and its macabre fiends gain strength."
		"biome_UndergroundHallow": "With the evils now unleashed into the depths of the world, the Hallow fights back with powerful minions of light."
		"biome_Marble": "A smooth material wrought with pleasing veins of color coat the walls of this cavern. An ancient civilization of monsters dwell here."
		"biome_CorruptIce": "Cold ice infused with even colder Corruption results in bitterly-frozen terrors lurking beneath the treacherous icy caverns."
		"biome_HallowIce": "Ice serves as a catalyst for the blessing, the Hallow's luminous source of power. Strong entities take advantage of this light."
		"biome_CrimsonIce": "These bitterly cold caverns of ice, saturated with the blood of Crimson, host a new variety of menacing frozen fiends."
		"biome_Sky": "It is rumored that there is a land far above the clouds, where ancient treasures are guarded by powerful winged creatures."
		"biome_DayTime": "After 4:30am, the sun rises in the sky and the most dangerous of beings flee from the light. It's a great time to explore!"
		"biome_NightTime": "After 7:30pm, the moon rises in the sky. All manner of evil things, living and dead, roam the lands in the dark."

Town NPC Dialogue

"Content": "I am content."
"NoHome": "I hate not having a home."
"FarFromHome": "I am too far from home."
"DislikeCrowded": "I dislike how crowded I am."
"HateCrowded": "I hate how crowded I am."
"LoveSpace": "I love having so much space."
"LikeBiome": "I like {BiomeName}."
"LoveBiome": "I love {BiomeName}."
"DislikeBiome": "I dislike {BiomeName}."
"HateBiome": "I hate {BiomeName}."
"LikeNPC": "I like {NPCName}."
"LoveNPC": "I love {NPCName}."
"DislikeNPC": "I dislike {NPCName}."
"HateNPC": "I hate {NPCName}."

An entire set of default NPC dialogue for happiness. Most NPCs have similar lines along the lines of "I (Like/Love/Dislike) (NPCName/BiomeName)" for situations that are normally inaccessible (For example the Guide loving a biome simply says "I love {BiomeName}), however there are a few exceptions.

"LoveBiome": "FAVORITE LAND... {BiomeName}. DELIGHT."

Transformed Zoologist dialogue for loving a biome. Like most town NPCs, she does not have a loved biome. Being the only NPC with a unique unused biome love quote, it is very likely the transformed Zoologist's dialogue was written over a copy of the untransformed dialogue, and the devs rewrote the unused line unintentionally to match.

	"LikeBiome": "Flowers are pleasant, hills are lovely, sand is warm. Every place is beautiful when you are among friends!"
"DislikeNPC": "I don't dislike {NPCName}."
"HateNPC": "I just can't bring myself to hate {NPCName}."
"LoveNPC_Princess": "{NPCName} is a little unsettling to be around, but terribly cute!"

The Princess doesn't have any biome preferences so her LikeBiome text is unused. The Princess also loves all NPCs, making her unique dislike and hate text unused, though it's interesting to note the text has her still speak positively about NPCs she would dislike or hate. Lastly, her specific dialogue for loving another Princess is impossible to obtain as only 1 of a certain Town NPC is allowed in a world at a time.

Achievement Text

The game contains six unachievable achievements.

Achievement Name Achievement Description
Behind The Mask Slay the Insane Cultist, a mad magician with powerful spells.
Davy Jones' Locker Defeat the Flying Dutchman, the sails of the plunderin' skies.
Winterhearted Defeat the Ice Queen, wicked witch of the coldest nights.
Pumpkin Smasher Defeat the Pumpking, the spooky lord of hallow's eve.
Independence Day Defeat a Mothership, overminds of the martian invaders.
Hex Education Defeat a Goblin Summoner, conjurers of the darkest flames.

Unused Code

Rubblemaker Pots

The Rubblemaker has an unused method, "ForModders_AddPotsToWand()" that allows it to place pots using different materials, adn a different TileID of 653 (Normal pots use TileID 28). The name of this implies this is a scrapped feature that was leftover to allow modders to give the Rubblemaker the ability to place pots. Each different design of pot is assigned a material to correspond.

Material Pot
Clay Block Forest Pots
Ebonstone Block Corruption Pots
Crimstone Block Crimson Pots
Mud Block Jungle Pots
Ice Block Tundra Pots
Marble Block Marble Pots
Sandstone Brick Desert Pots
Bone Dungeon Pots
Lihzahrd Brick Temple Pots
Cobweb Spider Cave Pots
Obsidian Underworld Pots


Terraria-DrinkOld.gif Use Style Id 7, DrinkOld, is the old potion drinking animation before

AI 98

Entities given AI 98 will rolls quickly towards far away players, and when close will approaches slowly before shooting Solar Flares.

Wall of Items

Bizarrely, there exist 4 unused methods in main that draw screensavers.

DrawWallOfCopperShortswords() - Despite the name, this draws many copies of Cloud 28, Redigit's face. These scroll up and to the right.

DrawWallOfBoulders() - Draws a column of boulders to scroll across the screen up and to the right.

DrawWallOfFish() - Draws different fish that scroll horizontally. The fish have a set pattern they pick from, and are oddly lighting affected.

DrawWallOfStars() Draws Fallen Stars that scroll horizontally. This actually spawns in 1 fallen star projectile (ID 12) and makes visual copies of it.-

Although a developer message suggests these were potentially simply added as jokes to play a prank on other developers, and not ever meant to make it into a build of the game.

(Source: developer message on Discord.)

Expert and Master Only Items

There are 2 bools in Items.cs labeled expertOnly and masterOnly. When enabled, an item can only be used in the respective difficulty or higher, and equippables will be crossed out with an "X" (like healing potions are when you have potion sickness).

North Pole Slash


Code in the North Pole spear allows it to gain an extension to its hitbox in the form of a slash, similar to Gungnir, Rotted Fork, and Dark Lance. It has unique colours, although unlike the aforementioned spears uses the default sizing instead of being scaled to better match the spear's size.

Debug Information

  • Pressing F7 will display some information on-screen regarding rendering.
  • Pressing F8 will display information about connectivity in multiplayer. All the numbers remain 0 in singleplayer, however in multiplayer these numbers represent the player's ping in a given slot dependent on said player's join order.
  • Pressing Shift and F9 will change the lighting mode. This is the same as the "Lighting" option in the Video Settings, acting as a hotkey for the setting.
  • Pressing F10 will enable an FPS counter in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  • Pressing F11 will hide the HUD, presumably for taking screenshots.


Missing Armors

Armor IDs 107-164, as well as Armor_Head ID 23, are all empty, which could mean there were items designed for these slots at one point that ended up being scrapped.


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  3. Prior to v1.4 on consoles