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Tetris: The Absolute: The Grand Master 2 PLUS

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Title Screen

Tetris: The Absolute: The Grand Master 2 PLUS

Developer: Arika
Publisher: Psikyo
Platform: Arcade (Psikyo PS5v2)
Released internationally: June 1, 2023 (Arcade Archives)
Released in JP: October 2000[1]

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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Tetris: The Absolute: The Grand Master 2 PLUS among the more "expert" versions of Tetris, well known for both its word salad of a title and its shameless, sadistic cruelty on harder settings.

Debug Mode

This delicious word salad of a game title has a debug mode, enabled by the following button code: (Player 1) C, C, A, C, (Player 2) A, A, C, A, (Player 1) B, B, (Player 2) B, B, C, (Player 1) A, C, (Player 2) C. Alternatively, set RAM address $607CF0C to 01.

Now, the following cheats will be enabled:

  • Start - Toggles the M-roll between invisible and visible. This overrides other codes during the M-roll.
  • Start + Down - Locks drop speed at 1/4 G.
  • Start + Right - Increases your current level by 100, but game logic drops it back to _99 after the piece locks (functionally, jumps to level 99 of the current section).
  • Start + Up - Sets all M-roll flags, sets your grade to S9, and changes your level to 899.
  • Start + Left - Sets your grade to S8 and changes your level to 899.
(Source: nightmareci on Tetrisconcept (button code))