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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (Windows)

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Title Screen

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Developers: Edmund McMillen, Nicalis
Publisher: Nicalis[1]
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: November 4, 2014

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The USA Wii U version has an Afterbirth executable, despite the fact that Afterbirth wasn't released for the Wii U version. It can be made to work using PC assets. Also, secret rooms have many weird variants that go unused.
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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is a remake of the original Binding of Isaac, doubling the amount of content, introducing console players to its special brand of dead baby jokes, bringing in an all-new soundtrack courtesy of Ridiculon, and freeing it from the painful bonds of ActionScript 2.0.


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
The first DLC expansion for Rebirth. They didn't keep the old man!
Confusing name and all, this is the second DLC expansion, requiring Afterbirth.
The third and final DLC expansion for Rebirth, requiring Afterbirth+. The time has come to repent.

Developer Messages

Hidden Message

The following message found in a readme warns hackers not to spoil the game for others.

You might wonder how you can open those .a files. Currently there are no
tools available, and there is a reason to it.

Binding of Isaac: Rebirth has a lot of content that is unlocked as you
progress. It also contains some secrets.
We felt that having a folder with all the spritesheets, cutscene videos,
data files and whatnot would be too tempting for people to ignore.
Finding out things while playing the game, either alone, with friends,
or as part of an online community can be a very rewarding experience. We
don't want to take that away from you.

In case you like reverse engineering and absolutely want to take this
beautiful game apart, we would ask you a few things.
 - Don't release any secrets you find to the internet.
 - Don't publish information on how to open the game's data files.
 - Don't give away the unpacked resources.
The least you can do is wait until the game has been released for a
couple of months, so you don't accidentally spoil it for others.

If you have any questions, write to isaac@nicalis.com.

Source: resources/packed/readme.txt

Cutscene Placeholder Messages

The file that stores information for cutscenes contains "temporary texts" that describe what is happening in most of the cutscenes. However, these are commented out. If you restore them and watch a cutscene in-game, a placeholder screen will appear instead of the cutscene, unless the cutscene itself had no temporary text to begin with. The screen displays a description on a dark gray background that fades to light gray.

Binding of Isaac Rebirth Temp End1.png

ID Ending Description
1 Intro N/A
2 Credits Credits sequence.
3 Epilogue N/A
4 Womb (Eden) Isaac crawls into the big chest, and re-emerges as Eden
5 Womb (Rubber Cement) Isaac finds Rubber Cement in the big chest
6 Womb (Noose) Isaac finds a Noose in the big chest and hangs himself
7 Womb (Wire Coat Hanger) Isaac finds a Wire Coat Hanger in the big chest.
8 Womb (Everything is Terrible) Isaac gets pulled into the chest by mom's hand. Everything is Terrible.
9 Womb (Ipecac) Isaac finds IPECAC in the big chest.
10 Womb (Experimental Treatment) Isaac finds Experimental Treatment in the big chest.
11 Womb (A Quarter) Isaac finds A Quarter in the big chest.
12 Womb (Dr. Fetus) Isaac finds Dr. Fetus in the big chest.
13 Womb (???) N/A
14 Womb (It Lives!) N/A
15 Sheol While Isaac looks at the chest, he cycles through all characters and shows a demonic form of himself. He goes into the chest and closes it from inside.
16 Cathedral Isaac is seen reading the bible. He looks into the mirror and sees a demonic form of himself.
17 Chest A bunch of polaroid photos from Isaac's childhoold are shown.
18 Dark Room A telephone pole in front of Isaac's house shows a missing poster featuring Isaac.
19 Mega Satan Isaac is inside the chest and randomly flashes from his normal form to a demon form.
20 Blue Womb Chest with Isaac's remains. Isaac in a chest, his shadow transforms into a demon.
21 Greed Mode Isaac dies and turns into a keeper.
22 The Void N/A
23 Greedier N/A

Source: resources/cutscenes.xml

Unused Rooms

These are rooms that are not associated with any floor, so they will never be encountered. These rooms can be accessed with the debug console in Repentance, with goto s.default.0 and s.default.1

DEFAULT_0 test room

Room Type: DEFAULT
Room ID: 0
Room Name: test room
The first room in the game by ID. Contains 12 random items and 8 random trinkets.

Source: resources/rooms/00.special rooms.stb

DEFAULT_1 New Room

Room Type: DEFAULT
Room ID: 1
Room Name: New Room
The second room in the game by ID. Contains four Gaping Maws and many spikes.

Source: resources/rooms/00.special rooms.stb

Unused Graphics

Grid Objects


Image files: \gfx\grid\grid_pressureplate.png

This button/pressure plate was officially implemented in the Afterbirth update, but it's been coded and usable since day one.

This early version of the button acts like a test object for the room lock buttons and random spawn buttons in Afterbirth, though what the button spawns is different as well.

Effect Approximate
Nothing 35%
Spawn a random chest 29%
Spawn 6 Attack Flies 20%
Spawn 6 Troll Bombs 10%
Activate Curse of Darkness for the rest of the floor 3%
Spawn a random pickup 2%
Spawn 15 random coins 1%

If there are any enemies in the room, the button can't be pressed -- this includes the flies that the button spawns.

Early Tinted Rocks

Most of the floors' rock tilesets have early tinted rock graphics. These conspicuous tinted rocks are very similar to the ones used in the original game.

IsaacRebirth tintedrock burning.png
Flooded Caves
Burning Basement Depths
Dank Depths
Secret Room

Unused Tinted Obstacles

There are tinted versions of every chapter-specific obstacle, but none of them are used in the game. Interestingly, the icons for The Catacombs and The Necropolis Steam achievements use these. Tinted Skulls were later used in the Repentance DLC, though they look and function differently.

IsaacRebirth tinted burning.png
IsaacRebirth tinted flooded.png
Basement Cellar Burning Basement Caves Catacombs Flooded Caves Depths
Dank Depths
Cathedral Secret Room

Early Indestructible Rocks

Early versions of the indestructible rocks, used in prototype versions of the game.

Basement Cathedral

Items & Pick-Ups

Half Black and Soul Hearts

BOIRebirthHalfSoulHeart.png BOIRebirthHalfBlackHeart.png
A half-heart version of the black and soul hearts. Half soul hearts were added in Afterbirth+, but half black hearts are yet to make an appearance.

Source: resources/gfx/items/pick ups/pickup_001_heart.png

The Jar Expansion

IsaacRebirth thejar rebirth.png
IsaacRebirth thejar afterbirth.png
Prior to Afterbirth Prior to Booster Pack 5

Prior to Booster Pack 5, The Jar had frames for holding up to 10 hearts! After the sprite was redone the second time in Booster Pack 5, these extra frames were removed.

Source: resources/characters/costumes/costume_rebirth_90_thejar.png

Breath of Life

IsaacRebirth breath front.pngIsaacRebirth breath side.pngIsaacRebirth breath back.png

Breath of Life initially had a different animation, almost exactly alike to Chocolate Milk's effect. However, this animation has one frame of Isaac holding his breath that isn't found in Chocolate Milk's spritesheet. It even has its own .anm2 file, paralleling Chocolate Milk's. The finished effect for Breath of Life is a gradual change of Isaac's skin tone, from perky pink to hold-my-breath blue. This was assigned to Breath of Life in costumes.xml, but is commented out.

Sources: resources/characters/costumes/costume_breath_of_life.png, resources/characters/costumes/costume_breath_of_life_(COLOR).png

Sideways Headless Baby


The Headless Baby familiar has sprites for it facing sideways. In game, it is always facing the camera regardless of what direction the player is moving in or firing.

Source: resources/gfx/familiar/familiar_shooters_269_headlessbaby

'Giant Book' Animations

Original Book of Belial

Binding of Isaac Rebirth Original BookOfBelial.png

Image file: \gfx\ui\giantbook\giantbook_006_bookofbeast.png

Found on the "giantbook" folder (on-screen animations that are shown when using certain items) contains the book from Book of Belial from the original game. The file name of the image has a different name than the actual name used for the item (in both the original Isaac and Rebirth). This was later reimplemented as in Repentance.


The Flush item originally had an image to appear after using it. Also reimplemented in Repentance.

Binding of Isaac Rebirth Flush GiantBook.png


Unused Exploded Doors

Curse Room. Arcade Room. Dark Floor Room. Chest Floor Room.
Image files: \gfx\grid\door_[Floor Number]_[Floor Name].png

In-game, when Isaac drops a bomb next to a door, the door will explode and will switch to a different graphics of the door being destroyed (a burst door), letting the player skip the room. However, not all types of doors can be destroyed with bombs. In the game files, almost every single door (except the Devil Room door) has a burst sprite. This is likely a result of the data being copy-pasted (since most of these doors use the coloring scheme of the Basement doors), not matching the special door associated with it.

However, the doors for Curse Rooms, Arcades, and the standard doors in the Chest and Dark Room have graphics for being destroyed, even though none of these are possible to destroy. The Dark Room doors are actually a complete copy-paste of the doors in Sheol, but the game loads door_21_darkroomdoor, not the one from Sheol. Images were cropped to only show the burst part of these sprite sheets.

In order: Curse Room, Arcade, Dark Room, and Chest.

Unused Dice Room Door

To do:
Add an image of the Repentance Dice Room door for comparison.

Binding of Isaac Rebirth dice room door.png
Image file: \gfx\grid\door_25_diceroomdoor.png

It seems that originally, the doors for the Dice Room would have had a red-ish color scheme (somewhat similar to the color scheme from the Womb/Utero). This change was probably made to prevent the player from knowing the existence of the room unless they open it with two keys (in-game, both the Vault and Dice Room require two keys to open, and the doors they use look identical). A special door graphic was later given to the Dice Room in Repentance, though it looks significantly different from the one used here.

Enemies & Bosses

Unused Hive Face

Image file: \gfx\monsters\classic\monster_130_hive.png

An unused Mulligoon-like face for the Hive enemy.

Mulliboom Self-Destruct Animation

Image file: \gfx\monsters\classic\monster_061_mulliboom.png

An unused self-destruct animation for the Mulliboom enemy, copied directly from Mulligan. Mullibooms never self-detonate in-game.

Unused Fistula Section

Image file: \gfx\bosses\classic\boss_025_fistula.png

An unused section for Fistula. It fits between the medium and smallest sections.

Unused Peep Expressions

Image file: \gfx\bosses\classic\boss_027_peep.png

Unused expressions for Peep.

Cage Vomit

Rebirth-Cages vomiting attack.png
Image file: \gfx\bosses\rebirth\boss_090_fatty2.png

In The Cage's sprite atlas, there are several unused sprites that actually turn out to be the boss Mega Fatty's vomit-beams, only recolored. Due to the fact that The Cage doesn't necessarily have a head at all, this is possibly the reason why these sprites for one of the boss's attacks are cut out.

Steven's Gemini Leftover

Image file: \gfx\bosses\rebirth\boss_013_steven.png

As uninteresting as it is, it's still an unused leftover from Gemini.

Sisters Vis

IsaacRebirth bossname sistervis.png
Image file: \gfx\ui\boss\bossname_sisterssvis.png

Boirebirth 1980.png
Image file: \gfx\ui\achievement\achievement_sistersvis.png

There is an entry for "Sister Vis" within Rebirth's boss name texture file. Sisters Vis also has an unlock screen texture and noted out achievement prerequisites.

<!-- beat Sheol 10 times -->
<!--<achievement id="179" text='You unlocked "Sister's Vis" in Sheol' gfx="Achievement_SistersVis.png" />-->

The Sisters Vis were finally finished and released in Afterbirth+, but they don't have to be unlocked, don't appear in Sheol, and are called "Sisters Vis" in the boss screen, not "Sister Vis."

Miniboss Names

IsaacRebirthBossname 81.1 krampus.png Image files: \gfx\ui\boss\vsnames.png

Placeholder names for the two Angel minibosses—actually named "Uriel" and "Gabriel" in the game's entities2.xml configuration file and in the Bestiary in the Afterbirth+ DLC—, as well as Krampus, for use on the Boss Vs. screen. Since these minibosses spawn immediately by bombing angel statues or, in the case of Krampus, having a chance to appear in a Devil Deal, they don't get an intro and these names are never used nor needed.

Mega Satan Skeleton Hand

Image file: \gfx\bosses\rebirth\megasatan2.png

A skeletal version of Mega Satan's hand. The hand never spawns in his skeletal form, rendering this unused.


Florian Himsl

Image file: \gfx\cutscenes\intro6.png

Florian Himsl is still on the intro image, right next to Edmund McMillen, but is never shown in-game.

Unused Gamma Menu

Binding of Isaac Rebirth GammaOption.png
Image file: \gfx\ui\main menu\gammamenu.png

Graphics found on the main menu folder contains a more advanced gamma settings. In-game, you can only change the gamma and that's it, and pressing on the option won't cause the menu to change to another, since it's implemented inside the "Options" menu. It also has its own animation file.

Unused Item on the Collection Page

Binding of Isaac Rebirth Missing Poster Collection.png
Image file: \gfx\ui\death items.png

On the collection page image, the last item seems to be a "Missing Poster", however, the Missing Poster is a trinket item in the game, so this icon is never seen on the Collection table or when the game is paused. Strangely enough, the item isn't found just next of the previous item in the sheet image, it actually breaks a line after the Dog Food (last item seen in-game via the menu).

Tear Cursor

Binding of Isaac Rebirth Other Cursor.png
Image file: \gfx\ui\cursor.png

By enabling the Mouse Cursor mode on the game's "options.ini", it shows the cursor with four arrows (the one on the left). The "classic" Windows cursor is never used.

12 Room Charge


Image file: \gfx\ui\ui_chargebar.png

An unused charge bar variant for a 12 room charge space bar item. This graphic has been present since the original release, but was finally used in the November 13th Afterbirth update for the Mega Blast item.

Unused Floors

By disabling the invalid seed check and using an invalid seed, you can continue the game after the Chest and Dark Room, up to a whooping additional 14 floors! They use pre-existing graphics and the same layout.

A similar feature like this was added in Afterbirth+, allowing you to continue the game multiple times after beating The Lamb.

Unused Item Pools

A few unused item pools exist, some of which have existed since Rebirth. Despite being unused, these item pools have been updated in each DLC. All existing pools can be enabled in Afterbirth and onward by picking up the Chaos item.

Key: Rebirth, Afterbirth, Afterbirth+ Repentance

Source: resources/itempools.xml


An item pool containing bomb related items. Removed in Repentance, and replaced with the currently unused "shellGame" item pool.

Boom! Mr. Boom Mr. Mega Bobby-Bomb Bomb Bag
Remote Detonator Bob's Curse Butt Bombs Sad Bombs Mama Mega!
Fast Bombs


An item pool containing... even more bomb related items. Removed in Repentance, and replaced with the "batteryBum" item pool.

Boom! Mr. Boom Mr. Mega Bobby-Bomb Bomb Bag
Remote Detonator Bob's Curse Butt Bombs Sad Bombs Bomber Boy
Scatter Bombs Sticky Bombs Curse of the Tower No. 2 Explosivo
Glitter Bombs Fast Bombs


An item pool containing Mom-related items. Removed in Repentance, and replaced with the "momsChest" item pool.

Lunch Dinner Dessert Breakfast Rotten Meat
Mom's Underwear Mom's Heels Mom's Lipstick Mom's Bra Mom's Pad
Mom's Eye Mom's Bottle of Pills Mom's Contacts Mom's Knife Mom's Purse
Mom's Coin Purse Box Mom's Key Mom's Eyeshadow Mom's Wig
Mom's Perfume A Snack Mom's Pearls Mom's Box Moldy Bread
Mom's Razor


An item pool comprised of poop-related items.

Skatole The Poop Butt Bombs No. 2 Brown Nugget
Dirty Mind


A placeholder item pool. Was later overwritten post release with the ultraSecret pool.

Sad Onion

Unused Audio

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth has some unused audio found with the help of Afterbirth+ modding tools.

Early Boss Rush Outro

An early outro for the track "Ambush", which plays in miniboss rooms (or in the Boss Rush before Repentance).

Early Angel Room Appearance Jingle

An earlier version of the jingle that plays when an Angel Room appears.

Regional Differences


Aside from the obvious change in language, the Korean secrets (in-game achievements) use different images for Cat Got Your Tongue and Everything is Terrible 2. Interestingly, Ultra Greed has a beard in the Korean versions of these images, much like in early screenshots.

English Korean
Cat Got Your Tongue IsaacRebirth-secret-161eng.png IsaacRebirth-secret-161kor.png
Everything is Terrible 2 IsaacRebirth-secret-246eng.png IsaacRebirth-secret-246kor.png
  1. Steam - Retrieved November 4, 2014.