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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (Windows)/Afterbirth

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This is a sub-page of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (Windows).

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Afterbirth is the first expansion pack for Rebirth and features a variety of improvements.

Unused Graphics


Old Man Keeper

Image file: \gfx\ui\main menu\charactermenu.png

Image file: \gfx\characters\costumes\character_015_keeper.png

Image file: \gfx\ui\boss\playerportrait_14_keeper.png

Image file: \gfx\ui\stage\playerportraitbig_keeper.png

Using Cheat Engine, the Keeper was playable since the initial release of Afterbirth. However, he was invisible as he had no sprites and he started with zero health. These graphics were added in later patches and remained in the game until they were replaced by the real Keeper sprites after the ARG had ended. These sprites ended up being used during the daily run on April 1st, 2016.

Enemies & Bosses

Mom's Dead Hand Alt

Image file: \gfx\monsters\afterbirth\287.000_momsdead hand.png

An alternate version of the dead hands exists without showing the skeleton. It is never shown in-game.

Dank Death's Head Death Animation

IsaacAfterbirth DankDeathAnimation.png
Image file: \gfx\monsters\afterbirth\212.001_dankdeathshead.png

The Dank Death's Head enemy has a death animation similar to the Death's Head death animation. This is never shown in game as Dank Death's Heads are required to be killed before clearing a room.

Unused Drowned Hive Face

Image file: \gfx\monsters\afterbirth\022.001_drownedhive.png

An unused Mulligoon-esque face for the Drowned Hive enemy. The Hive enemy from the base game has a similar unused sprite.

Unused Brownie Expression

Image file: \gfx\bosses\afterbirth\brownie.png

Just an unused facial expression for Brownie.

Frail's Spinning Head

Image file: \gfx\bosses\afterbirth\boss_thefrail.png

Like the skeletal version of The Frail, the normal version also has sprites for its head in all directions. However, it never uses the attack that uses the sprites.

Miscellaneous Unused Hush Sprites

Image file: \gfx\bosses\afterbirth\boss_hush.png

There are some other unused sprites for Hush, mainly for its face.

Skinless Hush

Image file: \gfx\bosses\afterbirth\boss_hush_skinless.png

A really unfinished sprite sheet for a skinless Hush boss. This was originally stated by Edmund to be "a red herring for dataminers.". But Tyrone Rodriguez later showed concept art for a skinless Hush phase of the fight that was later scrapped. Edmund would later confirm that. In Afterbirth+, using the debug console allows you to spawn Skinless Hush. It he has no AI other than sliding around when you hit it.

Bearded Ultra Greed

Image file: \gfx\bosses\afterbirthplus\deliriumforms\afterbirth\boss_ultragreed_beard.png

Image file: \gfx\bosses\afterbirthplus\deliriumforms\afterbirth\boss_ultragreed_body_beard.png

In early screenshots, Ultra Greed had a beard. No files for it were found in Afterbirth. However, in the DeliriumForms folder of Afterbirth+'s files, the entire spritesheet oddly shows up.

Early Ultra Greed

Image file: \gfx\bosses\afterbirthplus\deliriumforms\afterbirth\boss_ultragreed_body.png

In the same files with Bearded Ultra Greed, an early Ultra Greed between the Beard version and the final. Main differences include a fatter Ultra Greed and incomplete sprites.


Generosity Achievement

Before ARG Since ARG
BOIAfterbirthGenerosityOld.jpg BOIAfterbirthGenerosityNew.jpg

The Steam achievement for Generosity was changed as part of the ARG. Counting the pixels (difficult when the image is a JPEG) in the lines and spaces revealed an Imgur link. The achievement image remained the same after the ARG was over, so the old image is now unused.

Unused Audio

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
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Specifically: The Unused Dead Womb Layer. It might actually be used after all

Audio tracks here are either obscured or completely unused.

Unused Dead Womb Layer

An unused layer for the Dead Womb's track, 'Nativitate.' This implies that it was going to be a bigger floor. This track can be heard in the game's latest DLC, Repentance, via the Red Key or Blue Key.

Unused Hush Battle Outro

An oddly unused ending to Hush's fight. It uses normal boss endings instead.