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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (Windows)/Afterbirth+

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This is a sub-page of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (Windows).

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Afterbirth+ is the second expansion pack for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. It features new content and long awaited built-in mod tools and documentation.

Unused Graphics

Bearded Ultra Greed


Image file: \gfx\bosses\afterbirthplus\deliriumforms\afterbirth\boss_ultragreed_beard.png


Image file: \gfx\bosses\afterbirthplus\deliriumforms\afterbirth\boss_ultragreed_body_beard.png

In early screenshots of Afterbirth, Ultra Greed had a beard. No files for it were found in Afterbirth. However, in the DeliriumForms folder, the entire spritesheet oddly shows up.

Early Ultra Greed


Image file: \gfx\bosses\afterbirthplus\deliriumforms\afterbirth\boss_ultragreed_body.png

In the same files with Bearded Ultra Greed, an early Ultra Greed between the Beard version and the final. Main differences include a fatter Ultra Greed and incomplete sprites.

Ultra Greedier


Image file: \gfx\bosses\afterbirthplus\boss_ultragreedier.png

While Ultra Greedier is a retexture of Ultra Greed, it would only make sense to have minor leftovers.

Big Horn's Big Bomb


Image file: \gfx\bosses\afterbirthplus\boss_bighorn.png

Big Horn has an unused big bomb. Nothing else is known about it.

Sideways Lil' Delirium Headless Baby


Image file: \gfx\familiars\delirium\familiar\familiar_shooters_269_headlessbaby

The Lil' Delirium form for Headless Baby has sprites for it facing sideways, like its regular version. These also go unused, as its sprite never changes regardless of the direction the player is facing.

Afterbirth+ Room Editor

Unused Used
Mask of Infamy Heart IsaacRebirthHeartBigUnused.png IsaacRebirthHeartBigUsed.png
Small Mask of Infamy Heart IsaacRebirthHeartUnused.png IsaacRebirthHeartUsed.png
Camillo Jr. IsaacRebirthCamillojrUnused.png IsaacRebirthCamillojrUsed.png
Gurgling (Enemy) IsaacRebirthGurglingUnused.png IsaacRebirthGurglingUsed.png
Begotten IsaacRebirthBegottenUnused.png IsaacRebirthBegottenUsed.png
Mega Fatty IsaacRebirthMegafattyUnused.png IsaacRebirthMegafattyUsed.png
The Cage IsaacRebirthCageUnused.png IsaacRebirthCageUsed.png
Uriel IsaacRebirthUrielUnused.png IsaacRebirthUrielUsed.png
Gabriel IsaacRebirthGabrielUnused.png IsaacRebirthGabrielUsed.png
Fallen Angel IsaacRebirthFallangelUnused.png IsaacRebirthFallangelUsed.png
Closed Stone IsaacRebirthClosedstoneUnused.png IsaacRebirthClosedstoneUsed.png
Brimstone Eye IsaacRebirthBrimeyeUnused.png IsaacRebirthBrimeyeUsed.png
The Husk IsaacRebirthHuskUnused.png IsaacRebirthHuskUsed.png
Double Keys IsaacRebirthKeysUnused.png IsaacRebirthKeysUsed.png
Mega Satan IsaacRebirthMegasatanUnused.png IsaacRebirthMegasatanUsed.png
Greed Button IsaacAfterbirthGreedbuttonUnused.png IsaacAfterbirthGreedbuttonUsed.png
Hush IsaacAfterbirthHushUnused2.png IsaacAfterbirthHushUsed.png
Meatball IsaacAfterbirthMeatballUnused.png IsaacAfterbirthMeatballUsed.png
Portal IsaacAfterbirthPlusPortalUnused.png IsaacAfterbirthPlusPortalUsed.png

Image files: \tools\RoomEditor\icons

As the room editor was used by devs during development, early versions of some things in the game are still shown.

Unused Audio


The sound of something inhaling.