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This is a list of games with known content, but no article on the wiki. Once they have an article, they go into to do or to investigate.

If you know of something in a game that's not here but don't have enough knowledge to write about it (and there's no article, or the article really sucks) feel free to add something to the list here and hopefully, somebody can look at it. Try to include the details you know to make it easier (websites, codes, etc.)

Before adding something here, check out the common things page to see what not to add.

Once an article is created, move the information for a game onto its page, optionally using either of the to-do or investigate templates depending on what needs to be done.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening sums it up best:

Here is your
Make all the red


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For games released on Microsoft platforms.
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For games released on Nintendo platforms.
For games released on Sega platforms.
For games released on Sony platforms.

Multiplatform Games


Apple II

  • According to programmer Steve Baker, Sporting News Baseball has "hidden secret pics and animations, but it’s been so long I have forgotten the 'keys' (to activate them)."

Mac OS Classic

  • Ares has revision differences between the Changeling Software and Ambrosia Software releases. There may be unused stuff only in the Changeling Software releases too.
  • Might and Magic: World of Xeen has an invisible folder containing industrial remixes of the game's music. The copy currently posted on Macintosh Garden lacks the secret folder. (It seems that not all Macintosh releases have this hidden folder.)

Mac OS X

  • MilkSnake has unused text from here. Breaking the game (how?) gives you a million points.
  • Quinn - replacing ConnectPanel.nib with DebugPanel.nib will open a debugging window when clicking Connect to Server.




  • None at the moment!



  • None at the moment!



Atari ST

  • These pages mention some hidden messages in several Atari ST games.
  • Alternate Reality: The Dungeon has an anti-piracy method, which caused two unbeatable FBI agents to appear. Transferring a character from the city also caused these guys to appear, which required a bug fix to patch in a disk exchange program.


Commodore 64

  • This thread from 2008 mentions a lot of unused things in various C64 games (sprites, hidden messages, other crap). Someone with better knowledge of old C64 games than me should check this thread out (I only code the C64, I don't play it...). The guy who ran The Games That Weren't has a blog post about this, plus more.
  • A tape loader used in various games (Sanxion, Mega Apocalypse, etc.) apparently contains the string "HACKERS FUCK OFF AND DIE" (of course this doesn't show up in most/all of the cracked versions that have completely different loaders). By extension, the string probably appears in a number of different games. I wonder how that should be handled?
  • "Going back to the C64 days, loading & resetting Thing on a Spring allowed you to perform SYS 49152 to access a complete disassembler. Similarly, a reset of Rambo followed by hitting the restore key entered the music editor." Source:Sean Dunlevy
  • Three Weeks In Paradise apparently includes a message from the programmer where he mentions, among other things, how he was not paid for his work on the game.

Commodore Plus/4


  • Ambermoon is the sequel to Amberstar RPG, and you could invite some of the developers into your party inside the cheat room.
  • Feud has a hidden message under a bridge (likely by Ste).







Neo Geo

Neo Geo Pocket (Color)


Adobe Flash


  • Many CPS2 games have ROM flags that set it to the location test/debugging mode (see here). If it is worthy of here, document them.
  • All the Parodius ports are usually different from each other. Parodius Da!: Shinwa Kara o Owarai e has the most noticeable cuts, with two whole levels disappearing in various ports. I can't remember which game, but Konami chose to change the BGM of a level from "That's The Way I Like It" to avoid copyright.
    • The music change was in Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius. It was left intact in the console versions but changed in the PSP version to "Brilliant 2U" from DDR.
  • A Japanese hacker named Wayder has relevant cheats for quite a few Arcade games.
  • Ryoga Masaki also has a giant list of Taito games which all share the same test code.
  • Several Konami games have regional differences, including Lightning Fighters.
  • Batrider has a debug menu.
  • Battle Gear has Honda vehicles cut from the US version (the only version currently present in MAME) due to presumed licensing disputes between Taito and American Honda Motor Co, Inc. that also affected Side by Side 2.
    • Battle Gear 2 has an English-only revision called Battle Gear 2V, which adds track maps to point-to-point tracks, as well some other content from the PS2 port such as the Toyota MR2 GT-S (SW20). This change was carried forward to Tokyo Road Race, the European release of the PS2 port.
    • Contrary what the flyer of Battle Gear 3 implied, the US version of BG3 (released and online service organized by Betson) does have Honda cars (albeit with Japanese model disclaimer, apparently). None of the English arcade versions of BG3 are currently dumped, however. (A similar disclaimer is present in Battle Gear 4 Tuned, at least according to this video featuring a broken dump/emulation of BG4T.)
  • Big Striker has placeholder sprites.
  • Block Block's regional changes include stage order and even the entire soundtrack.
  • Burning Force Unused English translation, etc.
  • Dangun Feveron supposedly has several unused music tracks.
  • Daytona Championship USA has a debug menu.
  • Enduro Racer has an unused song in the YM2151 version but has two unused songs in the YM2203 version.
  • Four Trax has a version with changed banner ads for US release.
  • Hard Drivin' and Race Drivin' both have regional/revisional differences in Hard/Race Drivin'. They go compact (lower resolution, different font, press shifter to start), British (drive on the left, traffic on the right), and for Race Drivin' Panorama where there is an extra track plus the game uses 3 screens. There are also multiple revisions but requires someone to understand the code changes.
  • The Initial D Arcade Stage games (up to Ver. 4) uses Tokyopop dub names in the Export revisions (other than Kenta in the NAOMI 2-era games, which goes by "Danny" instead of Tokyopop's "Kent" until Ver. 4). The Cycraft version of Ver. 3 also disables card and (outside Japan?) manual transmission support.
  • Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi has a few unused announcer voices - 'Just a couple more shots!', 'Please continue!', 'Game Over.'.
  • The Metal Slug series - so much stuff here. Applies to Metal Slug 6 in this section.
  • Omega Fighter has some debugging stuff, which appears to be accessible with a glitch.
  • Pang 3 has some possibly unused Buster Bros. 3 graphics. Buster Bros. 3 wasn't released in the arcades in the US however it was released in the Buster Bros. Collection on the PS1/PSP as Buster Buddies. There might also be a way to change the region, and if there is, document that.
  • Power Card has threatening text to pirates in German[3]
  • Quartet has two unused tracks.
  • Racing Jam (and Racing Jam: Chapter II) has different car names depending on the game region, including the NSX and Integra Type R carrying Acura branding when set to US region.
  • Raiden Fighters was known as Gun Dogs during development before becoming a part of the Raiden series. The Raiden Fighters Aces compilation on XBOX 360 lets you see what the title screen looked like and has a few other things related to Gun Dogs.
  • Rollergames has a couple of unused tracks.
  • Second Earth Gratia has an unused song.
  • Sega Racing Classic contains the entire data of Fighting Vipers except the audio as well as unused test video of a possible remake of Wild Gunman.
  • Shackled (JP Breywood)
    • A few interesting differences between versions
    • US version has a hidden path that leads to the ending in the first room.
  • Sinistar has a couple of unused sound effects in its data, as documented in this video.
  • Star Gladiator contains a couple unused (test?) characters.
  • Tempest has several anti-piracy methods, both software-wise and hardware-wise.
  • Three Wonders has a good number of unused graphics.
  • Total Carnage has an ending screen that never appears because of a bug.
  • X-Men vs. Street Fighter contains an unused theme present on the OST and within the game's test menu. Additionally, having both players select Apocalypse and then ending the fight in a draw results in "X-MEN VS STREET FIGHTER COMING SOON" message during the continue screen. Apocalypse himself has an unused (and useless) some sort of fireball attack.
  • Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5 (and DX/DX+ revisions) has some cars available only in Japan, most of them through the Maxi.net Premium service (shut down now due to WMMT6 launch); DX+ made Honda S2000 Type S available for players who attempted to qualify for 2018 Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune World Championships, while it is possible to see the newer HiAce from searching for a space as a ghost name, and the Mini Cooper Countryman is solely there for Japan Challenge compatibility. Then there's the mythical Honda S660...
  • andlabs' list:
    • Borench contains leftover copyright text from Bloxeed; need to see if it contains the full code for the screen
      • Dynamite Dux might have a different one: "OBJECT COLOR BANK OVER"? "OBJECT COLOR ENTRY OVER"?
    • Wrestle War has an anti-piracy message in plaintext which is probably used but ("COPIED AND SOLD WITHOUT"...)
    • Dynamite Dux (again): "SELECT COURSE BY LEVER"?
    • Viewpoint has lots of debugging stuff? "H-POS %04x Z %04x" "V-POS %04x X %04x" "WALL-L %04x R %04x" "SHILD %02d" "KEY RECORD FULL"?
    • Crack Down has a sound driver test? "Sound Note Oct Level 0123456789ABCDEF"
    • The Irritating Maze: "You are died ! Time Up !! " ?
      • "IDAXAN"? (multiple) This is probably just an opcode but who knows
      • " DENGEKI IRA-IRA BOU"... isn't it Denryu Ira-Ira Bou
      • OH BUT THERE ARE SOUND TEST STRINGS! Since the game never had a home port and the MVS service mode doesn't have a sound test...
      • "COMING SOON"? (multiple)
      • "SILENT@MODE"? "POSITION CHECK ROUTIN"? repeated Stage Select/Course Select strings for when starting a game?
    • Tetris (Sega) and Flash Point - "OVERFLOW" in the RAM/ROM checks?
      • Flash Point:
    • Namco System 2 games (search for Now Production continues):
      • Assault uses " RIDDLE OF RUBY " as a startup check string... is this significant in any way? there is no game by that title...
    • Hebereke no Popoon: "END_OF_DATA_SECTION." and strings related to cutscenes and character names? and then " CHR TEST" near the beginning of the ROM where there is a copy of the test mode strings?

BBC Micro

  • Gary Partis hid messages a lot in his games and only Psycastria is on the wiki so far. Some examples here.

BBS Door

  • None at the moment!


Handheld LCD

  • According to the TVTropes page, there's some Dummied Out Tamagotchis on the Tamagotchi ROMs. Look into that, and also document the debug menus on some of the Tamagotchis.


  • Teen Titans Go!: Jump Jousts has old sprite sheets that have been drawn over.
  • SpongeBob Run has an old background image and a reference image for the world map. They can be found as asset_bg_old.png and referece_map_world_map.png.
  • Neco Drop 2 has a debug interface and unused stage layouts.


Magnavox Odyssey2

  • None at the moment!

Nokia N-Gage


Panasonic JR-200U

Philips CD-i


Plug & Play

Sharp X68000

  • Lots of Easter eggs in a lot of games (mostly developer messages, images, and sound test). How to access them can be found in Japanese cheat pages here.
  • Metal Sight apparently has at least one unused song; or at least that's what the description of MDX/System Sacom/Metal Sight/METAL02.MDX in mdxo_mxdrv_complete.ra_ seems to imply. The file doesn't work with either mxdrv or mdxplay... (TODO try the Windows-based players)
  • D-Return - the following in mdxo_mxdrv_complete.ra_ are marked unused:
Binary file ./NOP/D-Return/D_RET31.MDX matches
Binary file ./NOP/D-Return/D_RET35.MDX matches
Binary file ./NOP/D-Return/D_RET36.MDX matches
Binary file ./NOP/D-Return/D_RET37.MDX matches
Binary file ./NOP/D-Return/D_RET38.MDX matches
Binary file ./NOP/D-Return/D_RET34.MDX matches
Binary file ./NOP/D-Return/D_RET33.MDX matches
Binary file ./NOP/D-Return/D_RET32.MDX matches

TRS-80 Color Computer

WonderSwan Color

  • Final Fantasy has an unused naked bald guy in with the class select sprites, hinting at a possible use for that dude stored with the orb graphics in the original game.
  • Final Fantasy IV is where the enhanced variants of the unused graphics in Final Fantasy IV Advance originally came from. It might be worth looking into whether the debug features in that port originated in this version since they only cover the original game.

ZX Spectrum

LeapPad Explorer

  • No page has been created for it yet, but there is some info at User:Steven12398/Sandbox that could be used. That page tends to be update from time to time, so take a look once in awhile to check for more additions. Until I can get essential info (like release date and such), please do not make a page for the LeapPad just yet. Thanks, steven12398 (talk) 21:41, 21 October 2020 (UTC)

Super A'can

  • Speedy Dragon's bonus stage theme is probably longer than we heard in-game - it abruptly cuts off when the 30 second time limit is reached.