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The Cutting Room Floor (TCRF) is primarily designed for cut or hidden content, prototypes, and prerelease materials of video games.

The information presented here is generally confirmed by the community of TCRF. The community is defined as the users who contributed or are contributing on this wiki, those who post in the Jul forum, those who are in the IRC channel, and those who follow or have followed TCRF through social media accounts.

While we strive to maintain accuracy, vandalism or further research may reveal things that are incorrect. Upon finding this out, we will generally work to make the article accurate as soon as possible.

Content will be reviewed upon submission. All assets seen here are property of their original creators.

Content published on this wiki, with the exception of copyrighted fair-use screenshots, sounds, etc., is licensed under the Creative Commons CC-BY 3.0 license. You are free to share and use the content here, provided proper attribution is given.