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The Hunt for Red October (SNES)

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Title Screen

The Hunt for Red October

Developer: Riedel Software Productions
Publishers: Hi-Tech Expressions (US/EU), Altron (JP)
Platform: SNES
Released in JP: October 1, 1993
Released in US: January 1993
Released in EU: 1993

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Now you can experience the adventures of those zany Soviet defectors and their fantastic submarine, in such situations as getting killed by underwater mines and getting killed by glacier ice! Ported to every platform under the sun!

To do:
The text PASSWORD is stored with the options screen text, along with a list of possible 6 digit passwords(?), but this game doesn't use a password system?


Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.


One or more of these button codes can be entered at the title screen or while paused. If you make a mistake while entering a cheat, press R to try again.

Code Effect
Y, A, Y, Y, Y, R Instant Mission Complete (when paused)
X, B, B, A, X, Y, Y, A, R Invincible (counter will reach 100 percent damage, but no Game Over)
X, B, Y, A, X, B, Y, A, R Maximum power-ups
X, Y, X, Y, Y, X, Y, X, R Missions unlocked on map
X, X, B, B, X, A, B, Y, R Invincible, maximum power-ups and missions unlocked on map
(Source: Denis, JLukas)

Hidden Credit

Present at 0x794B.

SNESMON Copyright 1992 RSP,Inc. All rights reserved.
PROMICE Version 1.00

Regional Differences

Title Screen and Options Menu

Japan USA Europe
The Hunt for Red October SNES JPN title.png The Hunt for Red October SNES USA title.png RedOctoberSNESTitle.png

Only the European game has a title screen with the ability to enter an options menu, despite the programming existing and seemingly fully functional in the other regions. Note that the Super Scope option highlighted in the screenshot will only appear if the Super Scope is connected. In this game, the Super Scope is used only when the game switches to first-person view (Periscope Mode).

The Hunt for Red October SNES EUR options with Super Scope.png

To gain access to the options screen, activate the following game enhancer codes and press Start on the title screen.

Region Pro Action Replay Game Genie

It's possible to use just the first two codes from a set, but there will be a visual glitch (the title screen fades out twice).

(Source: JLukas (codes))


  • The Japanese version has a Continue Yes/No prompt when a mission is failed instead of just showing the Game Over screen, at least for the first mission.