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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D

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Title Screen

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D

Also known as: Zelda no Densetsu: Mujura no Kamen 3D (JP)
Developers: Nintendo EAD Tokyo, Grezzo
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Released in JP: February 14, 2015
Released in US: February 13, 2015
Released in EU: February 13, 2015
Released in AU: February 14, 2015
Released in KR: July 14, 2016
Released in CN: October 22, 2015

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

NotesIcon.png This game has a notes page

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's the end of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D and you shouldn't have done that.

To do:
  • The baby Goron, regular Goron, and Goron Link's sleeping/shielding models have geometry and textures on the bottom, which you can't see in-game. Get pictures of this.
  • Many more of the unused stuff from the original is also present here, including unused items (most of them have the same functonality as the original, but with missing icons), unused actors (like En_Zo or Bg_Keikoku_Saku, which have updated models?), unused cutscenes and scene setups. Visit the talk page for some codes that can be useful to further document these.
  • Unused Link's animation (index 0x0004). It's the one where Link is thrown by the Great Fairy in one of the unused cutscenes.
  • zelda2_keep.gar has a few unused object models in the /debug, /debug_data and /model directories inside the file.
  • Unused Epona's song effect model in zelda2_keep.gar (in /efc_ocarina/model/ocarina_epona_model.cmb). There might be a few more unused ocarina song effect models in there as well.
  • Document the leftover 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 and 3 diving action graphics from OoT 3D
  • Three maps that appeared in the Gigaleak in the N64 version are present in this version too


Unused Cutscenes
Unused Actors, Objects, & Variables
A plethora of unused content... in 3D!
MM3D Unused Link Anim Sitting.gif
Unused Link Animations
Unused Text
Official translations for most of the previously Japanese only text!
Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.

Unused Graphics

Developer Note

MM3D-hakaana2 0 info 1 343E0(haka kabe 02).png

The texture haka_kabe_02 in hakaana2_0_info.zsi, whose file name suggests that it is used in the Beneath the Graves map, has 人口 (population) handwritten on its border, which is clearly a misspelling of 入口 (entrance).

Memory Leak

"メモリ リークしてる" / "Memory leaking"

Present in os/memory_leak.ctxb is this graphic saying that there is a memory leak.

Placeholder Bomber's Notebook Quest Map


Present in layout\map\genbamap\EU_English\000.ctxb (and all other language folders) is this image. The text translates to:

Investigating a case.
There's no map yet.

?? of ???

This suggests that the image is a placeholder for a Bomber's Notebook quest map.

Temporary Icon


Present in layout\Joker.gar called multi_dummy_tex.ctxb is this small icon that says KARI, or Temporary.

(Source: Translations - GlitterBerri & inductor)

Dummy Map


For every scene that doesn't have a minimap, this map exists of Great Bay Temple with the floors viewed together. This can be seen, for example, by wrong warping to the giant's cutscene then voiding out.

Test Minimaps

test01_info test02_info
Majoras-Mask-3D-Test-Map-01.png Majoras-Mask-3D-Test-Map-02.png

These two minimap test images can be found in the /scenes directory, in the test01_info.ctxb and test02_info.ctxb files respectively.

Leftover OoT 3D Images

Deku Tree Saria
Majoras-Mask-3D-OoT-Ending-1.png Majoras-Mask-3D-OoT-Ending-2.png

Two unused graphics which were used in the ending of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D are present in layout\Joker.Main.Ending.gar.

Leftover OoT 3D Menu Icons

Chinese Korean Taiwanese

Leftover graphics for the Chinese, Korean, and Taiwanese file select screens from Ocarina of Time 3D are present in menu\savadata_maintainer.

Full Heart Piece

OoT3D Full HeartPiece.png

In the same way it appeared in Ocarina of Time 3D, Majora's Mask 3D also features a full Piece of Heart stored in the file menu_collect_parts00.ctxb inside Joker.Main.Play.SubMenu.gar. It's obviously impossible to see this in-game.

Leftover OoT Moon

MM3D Unused Moon Texture.png

Inside zelda2_keep.gar.lzs is the file moon_model.cmb, which is a square with the moon texture seen in the original Ocarina of Time.

Anju's Grandmother's Stories

The two pieces of art used in Anju's Grandmother's story are in 3D this time around. To accomplish this, rather than use a static 3D picture, the game stores parts of the artwork in pieces and assembles them in-game. Some art pieces are obscured by other pieces as a result of this.

Carnival of Time (in-game) Carnival of Time (pieces stored separately)
Mm3d carnivaloftime full.png Mm3d carnivaloftime pieces.png

Notice how the tower, the man with a red shirt and blue mask, and the built sign are all partially obscured.

Four Giants (in-game) Four Giants (pieces stored separately)
Mm3d fourgiants full.png Mm3d fourgiants pieces.png

The right giant's left foot is obscured, along with the left giant's left foot, and part of the sun. The background mountains are also hidden from view.

Carnival of Time Background Four Giants Background
Mm3d carnivaloftime background.png Mm3d fourgiants background.png

The backgrounds for the two pictures are also partially hidden. The Carnival of Time background is just black underneath, but the Four Giants' background has some hidden detail to it.

Early OoT icons

zelda2_dangeon_keep.gar.lzs still contains the models and textures for the early icons of the Kokiri Sword (knife_model.cmb), Slingshot (patinko_model.cmb), Bomb Bag (bombhukuro_mode.cmb), and Small Magic Jar (mahou_bin_model.cmb) that already went unused in the original Ocarina of Time.

Unused Bombers' Notebook icons

Professor Shikashi Cursed Skulltula
MM3D UNUSED Professor Shikashi Notebook Portrait.png MM3D UNUSED Unknown Skulltula Man Notebook Portrait.png

Two unused icons for both Professor Shikashi and the cursed Skulltula meant to be used in the Bombers' Notebook can be found in the game.

(Source: Zelda Wiki)

Unused Scenes

You can use the following code to warp to these maps by pressing R + X. The XXXX values correspond to the entrance index.

NOTE: When you want to access another area (normally, without using the code), make sure you deactivate the code first, and then go to the area (otherwise you just will be warped again to the place that you accessed using the code).

EUR v1.0
Gateway Code
DD000000 00000500
6079C6F4 00000000
B079C6F4 00000000
20003E59 00000001
D0000000 00000000
D3000000 00000000
107786F0 0000XXXX
207887F8 00000000
6836E794 00000000
B836E794 00000000
2000C858 00000000
D2000000 00000000


Entrance index

The test map from the Japanese Majora's Mask was ported over. However, a few differences are present:

  • Some of the floors are no longer colored, making them look the same as most other floors.
  • The ladders as well as the water textures are opaque.
  • All textures now have a specular reflection.
  • No actors are present. However, there is one unloaded object present: zelda2_sea_railings (ID 0x0284) (a wall model with various blue stripes).
  • Leaving the map will return the player to the same map, as opposed of being warped to the uncursed Southern Swamp.

The test map is supposed to show this image in the bottom screen. However, the "No Map" text is shown instead.


Entrance index

It's identical to test01_0_info, except for a few differences:

  • Although the model itself seems to be identical, it's subdivided in more meshes.
  • There are no textures, except for the water, which now has newer animated, semi-transparent textures, looking similarly to the water in all other used maps.
  • An owl statue can be found in the stairs area as the sole object. Saving the game in it works although the name of the place displayed in the save file will be "(?)". However, when going back to the save file, the map loaded will be the one in which the player has saved before saving in said statue from the test map.
  • An additional, unloaded object is present: zelda2_and (ID 0x0015) (Anju from her wedding cutscene). In Ocarina of Time, the object ID 0x0015 corresponds to Child Link.
  • The bloom effect is present, which becomes very strong from around 10 AM to 2 PM, brightening the scene considerably to the point where it becomes very shiny.

The test map is supposed to show this image in the bottom screen. However, the "No Map" text is shown instead.

(Source: fkualol)


MM3D-kakusiana 6.png
From the right Inner Palace Garden From the left Inner Palace Garden
Entrance index 1480 14F0

In the Japanese version of the Nintendo 64 Majora's Mask, the path to get to the Magic Bean seller at the Deku Palace was much different: the player had to enter the left garden rather than the right and pass through several enemy-filled grottoes to get to the one with the salesman inside. In the international releases and most later versions of the game (including this one), the path was greatly simplified so that the player only has to sneak through the much smaller right garden and drop into a hole. Despite their removal, map data for the removed grottoes remains in Majora's Mask 3D, although their textures were removed.

This vertically-oriented cave originally contained two climbing walls, a few Skullwalltulas (in one of a whopping two appearances in this game!) and a horde of Black Boes.

MM3D Unused Grotto test water.png

This map actually has a single unused texture, named test_water. It is referenced by the model's third material. However, said material is not mapped to any part of the geometry.


Entrance index

This grotto, on the other hand, is much simpler. The circular area cut out of the shrubs in the middle of the area housed a Deku Baba in the original Japanese release.

The unused water texture and material from the other grotto is also present here (but unused) as well.

In-game Model render
Mm3d-kakusiana 8-ingame.png MM3D-kakusiana 8.png

Unused Rooms

Much like in the original N64 version, Majora's Mask 3D has some rooms that can never be accessed.

Stone Tower Temple

Rooms 05, 06 and 0B

These are located in /scenes in the RomFS, and named z2_inisie_n_5_info.zsi, z2_inisie_n_6_info.zsi and z2_inisie_n_11_info.zsi respectively. These rooms serve as counterparts to rooms that are only accessible in the Inverted Stone Tower Temple, each corresponding to the room that has the same index within the inverted version of the dungeon.
More specifically, room 05 corresponds to one of the eastern rooms that has a block puzzle, room 06 with the flippable room that has a lava pool, and room 0B with the Gomess miniboss and the dungeon boss key room. Room 05 and 06 are byte-to-byte identical (save for their filenames). Room 0B is almost identical to these as well, with the only difference being that this room contains one actor (an upside-down treasure chest, much like in the original version).

Unlike in the original version, these rooms now have a complete 3D model, which consists of the collision model for the dungeon ported straight from the N64 version, with all the room models being present at once. There are no textures, which makes everything look gray and unshaded, making it difficult to traverse through without the aid of the minimap or a source of light, such as Tatl's. Despite this, if the player gets near places that have different collision types, the color of these parts will change dynamically, such as when getting near lava pools or ladders.

Interestingly, the scattered triangles that appeared in the N64 version of these rooms appear here as well. Now, this is obvious, as the 3D model consists the collision from the original game. What's interesting is that these triangles can still be stepped-on, meaning they are still present the collision model in the remake. This is likely a leftover from the porting process of the assets from the N64 version.

Altered Scene Setup

To do:
Some other objects, like a tree, the bushes and the Keaton Fox also have different positions. The camera angle seen when entering this scene setup is very similar to the one from the original N64 version (in the remake, the camera always stays behind Link).

For some reason, Grezzo altered the position of Tingle's object in an unused scene setup of North Clock Town (setup 01) that was ported from the original version.

Unused Setup Used Setup
MM3D-North Clock Town Moved Tingle.jpg MM3D-North Clock Town Normal Tingle.jpg

You can use the following code to warp here by pressing R + X.

EUR v1.0
Gateway Code
DD000000 00000500
6079C6F4 00000000
B079C6F4 00000000
20003E59 00000001
D0000000 00000000
D3000000 00000000
107786F0 0000D600
207887F8 00000001
6836E794 00000000
B836E794 00000000
2000C858 00000000
D2000000 00000000

(Source: fkualol)
(Gateway Code: B_squo)

Unused Music

To do:
Figure out if the streamed versions of the ocarina songs are unused or not. Supposedly, only the sequenced versions are used in most cases.

Besides from a few select examples, all of the music in Majora's Mask 3D is streamed, meaning it is prerecorded instead of synthesized. All of the songs below can be found in /sound/streaming/stream

Sun's Song

The Sun's Song, which was unused in the original Majora's Mask, returns...to be unused yet again. Well, its audio does, at least. In the N64 game, the Sun's Song could still be activated via cheat codes, making the Moon fall faster. It could also be used on the Final Day, only to make the Moon crash into Termina at an unstoppable speed. Its song ID is 0x33.

It is named 051NA_BGM_OCA_SUN.dspadpcm.bcstm in the files.

Ocarina of Time 3D Credits

The second end credits song from Ocarina of Time 3D returns to Majora's Mask 3D, albeit unused this time around. However, this version of the song is synthesized, compared to the track in Ocarina of Time 3D, which was fully orchestrated.

It is named 130NA_BGM_STAFFROLL2.dspadpcm_1.bcstm in the files.

Stereo Milk Bar Theme

The stereo version of the Milk Bar music that was used in the original game is still left in the game files. It's song ID is 0x56, and its filename is 086NA_BGM_MILK_BAR_DUMMY.dspadpcm.bcstm

Partial Copy of Credits Music

A copy of the second portion of the N64 credits music exists in the game, called 127NA_BGM_OCA_MUS.dspadpcm.bcstm

Unused Ocarina Songs

Enable the code below on an European v1.0 copy of the game, and then play any song in the ocarina to bring up any of the following songs. The XX refers to the ocarina song playback ID.

EUR v1.0
Gateway Code
6FFFF004 00000000
BFFFF004 00000000
200078B4 000000XX
D2000000 00000000

NOTE: All of these songs display the "ERROR!****" ("ERROR!エラー!" in the Japanese version) message when attempting to display the "You played the X song!" message (in the 1.0 version of the game), likely due to missing text referring to these songs. Besides, when playing these songs in the ocarina, no music will actually play, probably because its associated music sequences are missing in the ROM.

Sun's Song

Like in the original, the Sun's Song from Ocarina of Time 3D is present in this game and fully working just like in the aforementioned game. The only notable difference is the missing light effect that appears above Link (although the lighting around Link still changes) when playing the song. While a streamed version of the song exists in the game (see the section above), it doesn't actually play when performing the song from the ocarina. Interestingly, playing this song results in the time speed increasing to 0x010B, unlike in Ocarina of Time, Ocarina of Time 3D and even the original Majora's Mask, in which said value is 0x0190. Its ocarina song playback ID is 0x0B.

Saria's Song

Likewise Saria's Song playback data still exists in the game. When playing the song, a green visual effect appears, similar to the one that appears when playing the Elegy of Emptiness. Unlike in the original, the Final Hours music does not start playing when performing the song. Its ocarina song playback ID is 0x05.

Zelda's Lullaby

Playback data also exists for Zelda's Lullaby, although unlike with the songs above, no visual effect can be seen when playing the song. Its ocarina song playback ID is 0x15.

Unused Instrument Voices

EUR v1.0
Gateway Code
D3000000 00000000
207CB2E8 000000XX
D2000000 00000000

Much like with the original N64 title, Majora's Mask 3D has unused instrument voices, those that can be heard when playing the ocarina, Deku pipes, Goron drums or the Zora guitar. Use the code above to change the ocarina's voice to one of the following XX values:

  • 03 - Impa's Whistling
  • 04 - Sheik's Harp

Unused Models

To do:
Should all of these be moved to the "Unused Actors, Objects and Variables" subpage?

Ganondorf and Sheik

fishing_man.cmb fishing_man2.cmb
Mm3d ganondorf.png Mm3d sheik.png
Object Actor Filename
0x028F - zelda2_fishing_man.gar.lzs

Present in zelda2_fishing_man.gar.lzs are models for Ganondorf and Sheik (with her harp) from Ocarina of Time 3D (Ganondorf is named "fishing_man.cmb", while Sheik is named "fishing_man2.cmb"). The "zelda2_" file prefix indicates that the model was reworked for Majora's Mask 3D. Another piece of evidence to support this is the fact that its object index goes beyond the last object index in the original N64 version (0x028F > 0x0282), implying it was added for the remake.

Both have an animation from Ocarina of Time:

  • g_demo_sakebi_wait.csab (Ganondorf): Screaming when being defeated by Link (first battle).
  • xechu_hiku.csab (Sheik): Playing the harp.
Swamp Fishing Pond (/scenes/z2_turibori_0_info.zsi) Ocean Fishing Pond (/scenes/z2_turibori2_0_info.zsi)
Object Instance Address in Object List (decompressed room file) 0xF727A 0xED87A

Based on the file name, these characters would have been related to the fishing pond. In fact, there's more evidence to support this: the object index for both characters is present in the object list for both fishing ponds rooms (found in the addresses mentioned above). However, they don't show up in-game, as there's no actor associated to said object.

(Source: CloudModding - Object IDs)


Model Animation
Mm3d impa.png
Object Actor Filename
0x0290 - zelda2_fishing_woman.gar.lzs

Present in zelda2_fishing_woman.gar.lzs is the model for Impa and her knife from Ocarina of Time 3D. The "zelda2_" file prefix indicates that the model was reworked for Majora's Mask 3D. Another piece of evidence to support this is the fact that its object index goes beyond the last object index in the original N64 version (0x0290 > 0x0282), implying it was added for the remake.

She has one animation from Ocarina of Time, named impa_matsu.csab (idle).

Swamp Fishing Pond (/scenes/z2_turibori_0_info.zsi) Ocean Fishing Pond (/scenes/z2_turibori2_0_info.zsi)
Object Instance Address in Object List (decompressed room file) 0xF727C 0xED87C

Based on the file name, Impa would have been related to the fishing pond. She has exactly the same bone structure as the fishing man. In fact, there's more evidence to support this: the object index for Impa is present in the object list for both fishing ponds rooms (found in the addresses mentioned above). However, she doesn't show up in-game, as there's no actor associated to her object.

(Source: CloudModding - Object IDs)


Mm3d saria.png
Object Actor Filename
0x0291 - zelda2_sa.gar.lzs

Present in zelda2_sa.gar.lzs/saria.cmb is the model for Saria and the Fairy Ocarina. The "zelda2_" file prefix indicates that the model was reworked for Majora's Mask 3D. Another piece of evidence to support this is the fact that its object index goes beyond the last object index in the original N64 version (0x0291 > 0x0282), implying it was added for the remake.

Swamp Fishing Pond (/scenes/z2_turibori_0_info.zsi) Ocean Fishing Pond (/scenes/z2_turibori2_0_info.zsi)
Object Instance Address in Object List (decompressed room file) 0xF727E 0xED87E

It seems she was intended to appear in both fishing ponds, much like Ganondorf, Sheik and Impa. A piece of evidence is the fact that the object index for Saria is present in the object list for both fishing ponds rooms (found in the addresses mentioned above). However, she doesn't show up in-game, as there's no actor associated to her object. In addition to this, Saria's object ID (0x0291) goes right after Ganondorf/Sheik's and Impa's object IDs (0x028F and 0x0290 respectively).

(Source: CloudModding - Object IDs)


Saria retains all the animations from Ocarina of Time 3D, plus 4 new ones introduced in Majora's Mask 3D. Sadly, all the animation files are empty, and all that is left is their filenames and the length of the animation in frames (at offset 0x34 in each CSAB animation file).

The unique animation files introduced in this game are as follows:

Filename Translation Length in frames
sa_fue_kamae.csab Saria - Whistle - Prepare 20
sa_fue_niyari.csab Saria - Whistle - Grin 15
sa_fue_play.csab Saria - Whistle - Play 65
sa_fue_wait.csab Saria - Whistle - Wait 30

The "fue" in the filenames indicate the action of playing a flute or a whistle (note that the animations for playing the ocarina have "okarina" in the filename instead).

Curiously, Zelda had unused animations with these filenames in the original N64 version (those also exist in this game, but are empty).

Moon Children's Faces


The Moon children's model has a very disturbing unseen feature: their faces are identical to the Happy Mask Salesman's! This is in contrast to the N64 version, in which their faces were not textured.

Biggoron's Sword

Found in actors/zelda_gi_longsword.gar.lzs, is both the Biggoron's Sword and Giant's Knife "get-item" model from Ocarina of Time 3D. The one pictured below is the Giant's Knife.

MM3D Biggoron Sword Model.png

Master Craftsman's Son

actors/zelda_hs.gar.lzs/model stores two models: nadekuro.cmb, which is the model used for Grog, and bossheadson.cmb, a leftover model from his previous appearence in Ocarina of Time 3D (known as the Master Craftsman's Son there). They can be differentiated in how the leftover model does not have Grog's hairstyle.

MM3D Leftover Master Craftman Son.png

Leftover N64 Moon

eye_newmoonlod_model.cmb newmoonlod_model.cmb
MM3D unused moon eyes.png MM3D unused moon body.png

In the RomFS, in /actors/zelda2_keep.gar.lzs/fall, there's a leftover model from the original N64 version of the game, the original moon model.

The eyes are stored in a separate model file from the moon body. Oddly enough, there's no mouth texture.

Ocarina of Time 3D Logo and Copyright

The 3D logo and copyright from Ocarina of Time 3D can be found in zelda_mag.gar.lzs.


Ocarina of Time Actors

Actors brought over from Ocarina of Time 3D have filenames that are prefixed with "zelda" rather than "zelda2", making them easily identifiable.

Filename Translation Identity Used
zelda_ahg.gar.lzs A - Beard Bearded Man in Green Pants / Back Alley Youth in Green Pants / Thin Man in Green & Black
zelda_bb.gar.lzs Bubble Bubbles
zelda_bombf.gar.lzs Bomb Flower Bomb Flower
zelda_bubble.gar.lzs Shabom
zelda_cne.gar.lzs C - Young Lady Thin Woman in Blue & Yellow Dress / Thin Woman in Blue Dress
zelda_cow.gar.lzs Cow
zelda_crow.gar.lzs Guay
zelda_daiku.gar.lzs Carpenter Carpenter
zelda_dekubaba.gar.lzs Deku Baba
zelda_dodongo.gar.lzs Dodongo
zelda_d_hsblock.gar.lzs ? - Hookshot Block Hookshot Target Pillar & Wall Target
zelda_efc_star_field.gar.lzs Effect - Star Field ? ?
zelda_efc_tw.gar.lzs Effect - ? ? ?
zelda_ff.gar.lzs Firefly Keese
zelda_fishing.gar.lzs ? ?
zelda_fu.gar.lzs Windmill Windmill Man
zelda_fz.gar.lzs Freezard Freezard
zelda_gi_arrow.gar.lzs Get Item - Arrow Arrow Bundles (GI)
zelda_gi_arrowcase.gar.lzs Get Item - Quiver
zelda_gi_bean.gar.lzs Get Item - Bean Magic Bean (GI)
zelda_gi_bombpouch.gar.lzs Get Item - Bomb Bag Bomb Bags (GI)
zelda_gi_bomb_1.gar.lzs Get Item - Bomb 1 Bomb (GI)
zelda_gi_bomb_2.gar.lzs Get Item - Bomb 2 Bombchu (GI)
zelda_gi_bosskey.gar.lzs Get Item - Boss Key Boss Key (GI)
zelda_gi_bottle.gar.lzs Get Item - Bottle Bottle (GI)
zelda_gi_compass.gar.lzs Get Item - Compass Compass (GI)
zelda_gi_fish.gar.lzs Get Item - Fish Bottled Fish (GI)
zelda_gi_ghost.gar.lzs Get Item - Ghost Bottled Poe (GI)
zelda_gi_glasses.gar.lzs Get Item - Glasses Lens of Truth (GI)
zelda_gi_heart.gar.lzs Get Item - Heart Recovery Heart (GI)
zelda_gi_hearts.gar.lzs Get Item - Hearts Heart Container & Piece of Heart (GI)
zelda_gi_insect.gar.lzs Get Item - Insect Bottled Insect (GI)
zelda_gi_ki_tan_mask.gar.lzs Get Item - Keaton Mask Keaton Mask (GI)
zelda_gi_liquid.gar.lzs Get Item - Liquid Bottled Potions (GI)
zelda_gi_longsword.gar.lzs Get Item - Longsword Biggoron's Sword (GI)
zelda_gi_magicpot.gar.lzs Get Item - Magic Pot Magic Jars (GI)
zelda_gi_map.gar.lzs Get Item - Map Dungeon Map & Stone of Agony (GI)
zelda_gi_milk.gar.lzs Get Item - Milk Milk (GI)
zelda_gi_m_arrow.gar.lzs Get Item - Magic Arrow Magic Arrows (GI)
zelda_gi_nuts.gar.lzs Get Item - Nuts Deku Nut (GI)
zelda_gi_ocarina.gar.lzs Get Item - Ocarina Ocarina of Time (GI)
zelda_gi_purse.gar.lzs Get Item - Purse Wallets (GI)
zelda_gi_rabit_mask.gar.lzs Get Item - Rabbit Mask Bunny Hood (GI)
zelda_gi_soul.gar.lzs Get Item - Soul Bottled Fairy (GI)
zelda_gi_stick.gar.lzs Get Item - Stick Deku Stick (GI)
zelda_gi_truth_mask.gar.lzs Get Item - Truth Mask Mask of Truth (GI)
zelda_heavy_object.gar.lzs Golden Gauntlets Rock
zelda_hintnuts.gar.lzs Hint-Giving Deku Scrub ? ?
zelda_hs.gar.lzs Head's Son Carpenter Boss's Son
zelda_ka.gar.lzs Scarecrow Pierre the Scarecrow
zelda_kanban.gar.lzs Sign Square Sign
zelda_key.gar.lzs ? ?
zelda_kusa.gar.lzs Grass Regenerating Grass
zelda_lightswitch.gar.lzs Sun Switch
zelda_mag.gar.lzs ? Ocarina of Time Title Logo
zelda_mastergolon.gar.lzs Goron Shopmaster Goron Shopkeeper
zelda_masterzoora.gar.lzs Zora Shopmaster Zora Shopkeeper
zelda_mir_ray.gar.lzs Mirror Ray Mirror Shield Light Ray
zelda_ms.gar.lzs Bean Seller Bean Seller
zelda_nw.gar.lzs Chicken Cucco
zelda_ny.gar.lzs ? Spike Trap ?
zelda_ph.gar.lzs ? ? ?
zelda_po.gar.lzs Poe ? ?
zelda_rr.gar.lzs Like Like Like Like
zelda_sb.gar.lzs Shellblade Shellblade
zelda_st.gar.lzs Skulltula Skulltula / Skullwalltula / Gold Skulltula
zelda_syokudai.gar.lzs Candlestand Torch
zelda_tsubo.gar.lzs Pot Pot
zelda_tt.gar.lzs Tektite Tektites
zelda_vm.gar.lzs Beamos Beamos
zelda_wm2.gar.lzs Wallmaster 2 Wallmaster / Floormaster
zelda_yabusame_point.gar.lzs Horseback Archery - Point ? ?

Development Data

Internal Project Name

Majora's Mask 3D is referred to internally as "Joker". The reason for this becomes apparent when looking at the internal names of other Zelda games released in the same timeframe: Ocarina of Time 3D is known as "Queen", The Wind Waker HD is known as "King", and A Link Between Worlds is known as "Jack", while Tri Force Heroes is known as "Alice". The last moniker might seem out of place, until you remember the playing card elements in the classic tale of Alice in Wonderland, which this seems to be a reference to. The internal name may also be reflected by the game's two-letter code "JR".

Unused Language File

In the European version, there's an additional language message file called eud.gmsg and only contains the word "Link". The name suggests that Dutch may have been an additional language.

Odd Object Placement


There's a door out of bounds in South Clock Town, using glitches to go to the Dummy version of East Clock Town and peeking through the wall will let you see it.

This is actually the door that let to the Shooting Gallery in the original N64 version. Its position coordinates were left unchanged in the remake, which causes it to be out of bounds (due to the larger redesign of South Clock Town in the remake).

(Source: gabyelnuevo)

Revisional Differences

To do:
Check out the Korean version when someone gets it.

A patch was released on February 26, 2015 which updated the game to Version 1.1. The update was also pre-installed later on carts. This update fixed the following bugs:

  • It was possible to become swordless and get the Ocarina of Time on the B Button by starting a game in Honey & Darling's and hanging off the edge just before the timer runs out so the game ends while Link is hanging off the edge. This glitch is actually inherited from the N64 versions where it works in all regions.
  • The "ESS Bottle Dupe" glitch which lets you overwrite masks into bottles was patched. This glitch was also inherited from the N64 versions.
  • The European version contains a small control code error in the English language. Attempting to deposit 0 rupees to the banker locks up the game. This was fixed by removing the control code.
  • On Gorman Racetrack, trying to talk to the blue Gorman Brother to start a race without having enough rupees, then talking to the orange Gorman brother would cause the game to print the error message "ERROR!****" ("ERROR!エラー!" in the Japanese version). In 1.1, the error message was blanked out which prevents the text box from appearing.