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The Micro Xevious

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Title Screen

The Micro Xevious

Also known as: Xevious Micro (boxart)
Developer: MBiTM
Publisher: Zemina
Platforms: MSX, Unlicensed Sega Master System
Released in KR: 1990

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.

The Micro Xevious is an unlicensed port of Xevious, released for both the MSX and Sega Master System.

Hidden Credit

Offset 0x10 in the MSX version and 0x8 in the Master System version contains a hidden copyright string, alongside the game's title. The Master System version has some more additional text, including the game's build date.

Master System
(Source: tikal.)

Version Differences

Title Screen

MSX Master System
ThemicroxeviousMSX-title.png ThemicroxeviousSMS-title.png
  • The Master System release specifies itself as "GamBoy Version" in its title screen. This refers to the Samsung Gam*Boy, the name given to one of the console's distributions in South Korea.
  • The "Original BGM" setting, which starts the game while playing the origial Xevious music, is known as "Arcade BGM" in the Master System version. The bindings for each music setting were also swapped.


  • The bindings for the beam and bomb attacks were swapped as well. Additionally, in the MSX version, the beam input also sends a bomb.
  • The level scrolling is much faster in the Master System Version.