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The Ninja Warriors (Arcade)

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Title Screen

The Ninja Warriors

Developer: Taito
Publishers: Taito (JP), Romstar (US), Electrocoin[1] (EU)
Platform: Arcade (Custom)
Released in JP: February 1988[2]
Released in US: March 1988[3]
Released in EU: 1988

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

The Ninja Warriors is a Kung-Fu Master-style beat-em-up with the three-monitor display from Darius and the most political plot in a Taito game: you control two ninja Terminators created by an anarchist terrorist organization with the mission to kill every single living human, animal, and demon (kill-em-up?) until you reach and assassinate a corrupt president of the United States! All that's missing is CNN reporting these robots' rampage as "murderous but mostly peaceful protests" and Snopes' mandatory fact-checking whenever someone denies it.

Unused Graphics

To do:
There are more unused characters in the Japanese subtitles font.

Japanese letters meant to spell "1993年" (Year 1993), obviously meant for translating the "A.D. 1993" screen in the attract mode, but the final game's Japanese version doesn't translate that screen for some reason. This was later used in the PC Engine port.

Unused Sounds

ID Track Transcript
No one could maintain the public order. The evil dictator Banglar controlled not only the police but also the underground world: drugs, murder, sex. He held the key to everything since he became the president. Mulk, who was the leader of the revolutionists, built two assassination machines to kill the president. They were called...

This clip of the game's narrator explaining the game's plot, as evident by him being about to say the robots' names, was supposed to be used in the attract mode during the screen that shows a black and white background of the soldier assembly. Its non-use resulted in the story not being very clear and the oddity of the said background being shown for way longer than it needs to, considering it's just a static screen. If it was used, it would've synced perfectly with the title screen sound of the narrator saying "The Ninja Warriors".

This narration was later used in text form on the PC Engine port, and even later, the sound itself in the Mega CD port.