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The Sims 2: Pets (GameCube, PlayStation 2, Wii)

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Title Screen

The Sims 2: Pets

Also known as: Die Sims 2: Haustiere (DE), Los Sims 2: Mascotas (ES), The Sims 2: Lemmikkielämää (FI), Les Sims 2: Animaux & Cie (FR), De Sims 2: Huisdieren (NL), The Sims 2: Dyreliv (NO), The Sims 2: Zwierzaki (PL), The Sims 2: Djurliv (SE)
Developer: Maxis
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platforms: GameCube, PlayStation 2, Wii
Released in US: October 17, 2006
Released in EU: October 20, 2006
Released in AU: October 26, 2006
Released in KR: November 28, 2006

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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The Sims 2: Pets is the fifth console entry in the series, based off the mainline expansion pack. It's also notable for being the first Sims game on consoles that simplifies lot of stuff - in this case, the removal of death (where Sims "faint" instead) and fears, a simpler social system, lack of story mode, downgraded control system and some other tidbits.

It's also the first Sims console game not to be released on the Xbox, the last to be released on the GameCube, and the first to be released on the Wii.


Developer Options

Build Tags

Platform Sandbox Version
GameCube (USA)
GameCube (EUR)

The Sims 2 console leftovers

To do:
More, including leftover sounds.

As this game was built off of The Sims 2 for consoles, it's safe to say most unused content would appear there. Although most of the Urbz leftovers have been taken out, likely to make space.

Xbox Controller Buttons

Sims2-Pets-Castaway Button xbx a.pngSims2-Pets-Castaway Button xbx b.pngSims2-Pets-Castaway Button xbx x.pngSims2-Pets-Castaway Button xbx y.pngSims2-Pets-Castaway Cntr XBX whit.pngSims2-Pets-Castaway Cntr XBX black.pngSims2-Pets-Castaway Button xbx I D.pngSims2-Pets-Castaway Button xbx I G.pngSims2-Pets-Castaway Button xbx I H.pngSims2-Pets-Castaway Button xbx I I.pngSims2-Pets-Castaway Button xbx l.pngSims2-Pets-Castaway Button xbx r.pngSims2-Pets-Castaway Button xbx I S.pngSims2-Pets-Castaway Button xbx I V.pngSims2-Pets-Castaway Cntr XBX Dpad.pngSims2-Pets-Castaway Cntr XBX DupB.pngSims2-Pets-Castaway Cntr XBX DrtB.pngSims2-Pets-Castaway Cntr XBX DlfB.pngSims2-Pets-Castaway Cntr XBX DdwB.pngSims2-Pets-Castaway Cntr XBX Lanl D.pngSims2-Pets-Castaway Cntr XBX Lanl G.pngSims2-Pets-Castaway Cntr XBX Lanl H.pngSims2PetsPS2-FIN-cntr XBX Lanl I.pngSims2-Pets-Castaway Cntr XBX Lanl L.pngSims2-Pets-Castaway Cntr XBX Lanl R.pngSims2-Pets-Castaway Cntr XBX Lanl S.pngSims2-Pets-Castaway Cntr XBX Lanl V.pngSims2-Pets-Castaway Cntr XBX back.pngSims2-Pets-Castaway Cntr XBX strt.png

Graphics for Xbox controller buttons can be found in the game, suggesting that an Xbox port was considered or are leftovers.

EyeToy Leftovers

The PlayStation 2 version of this game and its followup doesn't have EyeToy support, so the icons and funframes from the previous entry go unused. Strangely, the first funframe is missing.

Leftover Wants and Fears

As Fears were completely removed from the game, the leftover graphics for most of the Fears are present. There are even graphics for platinum and gold Wants as well!

Unused Unlock Codes

The Unlock Codes normally unlock gifts whose IDs are in the range of 1-46, however the game allows the gift ID to be in the range of 0-50. The 0th gift ID seems to have been meant to unlock an item in the Dog Hats section, but the other 4 gift IDs remain blank.

Attempting to input these keys in the Create-A-Pet, the game will inform you that the item is already unlocked, but in the Pet Purveyor all of them also award you with what would normally be unlocked with a key containing the 32nd gift ID (Dog Fur Colors - Blue).

ID Unlock Code
0 X49R-7ZI7-M6K7-QINJ-TE3
48 X49R-7ZI7-M6KF-ZINJ-TE3
50 X49R-7ZI7-W6KF-ZINJ-TE3

Key Validation Oversight

The key is a 19 character string which encodes a 13 byte array. The first 8 bytes are for the gifter's name, the 9th byte is for the gift ID, and the last 4 bytes are meant for the CRC-32 hash of first 9 bytes with the sign bit of each byte removed. However, for whatever bizarre reason, the first 9 bytes are first converted to UTF-16 (inserting a NULL after each byte), yet the array size that is passed to the CRC-32 function is never updated.

The name + ID byte array is now 18 bytes large, but only the first 9 bytes of that get hashed - this means only the first 5 characters (technically 4.5) of the gifter's name are actually checksummed. It is entirely possible to make a typo between (and including) the 8th and 14th characters of the key and have the game sometimes accept it, displaying a corrupt name or even unlocking the wrong gift, since that region is almost entirely unprotected against the checksum.

(Source: Edness)

Unused Text


String Label String Additional Info
urbzui\NewUIStrings\cap_fashion_head Headwear Unlike "Bodywear", the Headwear menu just says "Head" (cap_head)
urbzui\NewUIStrings\cap_fur_pattern Pattern The pattern selection menu normally says "Fur Markings" (cap_fur_markings)

Unused Graphics

The console versions were never translated to Czech or Hungarian, but there are still graphics of the logo translated to those languages.

Dog Patterns

Several placeholder dog patterns that are just a pink drawn X.


There are several wants that have a placeholder texture. Normally pet wants just display the icon of that specific pet. 36 of them say "TEMP", 2 of them say "PLAY", and there's one for "HOME", "TREAT", "DO TRICK", "TRAIN", and "TRASH".

There's one other unused want that's just replaced with a red texture.

Menu Icons

Main Menu

As seen in the Revisional Differences section, the Start and Continue icons are different between GCN/PS2 and Wii. The Credits button was likely also meant to be different, as it has alternate unused icons.

Used Unused
Sims2PetsPS2-FIN sim2.png
Sims2PetsPS2-FIN sim1.png
Sims2PetsPS2-FIN sim2 hi.png
Sims2PetsPS2-FIN sim1 hi.png

Pause Menu

The icons on the pause menu highlight the background when selected, however there are unhighlighted variants of the icons themselves, all of them with the exception of the "Build/Buy Mode" icon having earlier designs. Some of them, most notably the "Game Options" and "Save/Quit" icons, are also very similar to those used in The Sims 2. The only exception is the "Object Catalog" that doesn't have an unhighlighted icon, which doesn't even follow the same naming pattern. (object_catalog)

Side note: The regular highlighted Neighborhood Screen texture is misspelled. (main_neightborhood_hi)

Used Unused
Personal Info
Sims2PetsPS2-FIN main personal hi.png
Sims2PetsPS2-FIN main personal.png
Family Inventory
Sims2PetsPS2-FIN main inventory hi.png
Sims2PetsPS2-FIN main inventory.png
Sims2PetsPS2-FIN main recipes hi.png
Sims2PetsPS2-FIN main recipes.png
Game Options
Sims2PetsPS2-FIN main game hi.png
Sims2PetsPS2-FIN main game.png
Build / Buy Mode
Sims2PetsPS2-FIN main buildbuy hi.png
Sims2PetsPS2-FIN main buildbuy.png
Neighborhood Screen
Sims2PetsPS2-FIN main neightborhood hi.png
Sims2PetsPS2-FIN main neighborhood.png
Save / Quit
Sims2PetsPS2-FIN main savequit hi.png
Sims2PetsPS2-FIN main savequit.png

Unused Files

For whatever reason, creating copies of save files on the PS2 version is prohibited. Despite this, there's an icon for copying the save file.


There's also a placeholder icon.sys and some unknown/unused slime1 - 3.ico save icons, which are also present in The Sims 2 and The Sims 2: Castaway and can be read about here.

Team Photo

To do:
Is there a cheat to see this?
Sims2PetsConsole TeamPhoto1.png
Sims2PetsConsole TeamPhoto2.png

Two hidden photos of the developers that worked on the game can be found in the files. Unlike the last game, they are two separate images, each of them being 256×512.

Build Dates

Also present in SLUS_215.36.

At 3C67D0:

EOR/Maxis Engine v3.0 built 16:28:08 Sep  7 2006

At 3F6948:

PS2 The Sims 2 Console Build B.08.24.0

At 3FD000:

SKU: %d [%s]%s
Build Version: %s
Sandbox Version: %s

Version Differences

Dog Breeds

A few dog breeds in the Create-A-Pet use different names between releases and regions.

Breed Name & Icon GCN PS2 Wii
Sims2PetsPS2-FIN d pet breeds large 25.png Luten Yes No Yes No No No No
Rottweiler No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sims2PetsPS2-FIN l pet breeds large 23.png Brighton Yes No Yes No No Yes No
Staffordshire Bull Terrier No Yes No Yes Yes No Yes

Pet Shoes

The pet shoes d_sh_bonus03 have three stripes on them in the European and North American PS2 v1.00 release, as well as in all the GameCube releases of the game. This was corrected to show a dog bone instead in the European PS2 v2.00 release, the Korean PS2 release, and in all the Wii releases.

Original Fixed
Sims2PetsPS2-FIN d sh bonus03 thumb-v1.png Sims2PetsPS2-FIN d sh bonus03 thumb-v2.png
Sims2PetsPS2-FIN d sh bonus3-v1.png Sims2PetsPS2-FIN d sh bonus3-v2.png

Neighborhood View

The PAL GameCube release has a slightly narrower and further zoomed out neighborhood view, which also includes the main menu, where the map boundaries can be seen. This is not present in the PlayStation 2 or Wii releases.

NTSC (GameCube) PAL (GameCube)
Sims2PetsGCN-FIN NTSCMainMenu.png Sims2PetsGCN-FIN PALMainMenu.png


The "Continue Game" and "Start New Game" buttons have different icons between consoles. The "Credits" button was also likely meant to be different, as seen in the Unused Graphics section.

GameCube/PS2 Wii
Sims2PetsGCN-FIN ContGameIcon.png Sims2PetsWII-FIN ContGameIcon.png
Sims2PetsGCN-FIN NewGameIcon.png Sims2PetsWII-FIN NewGameIcon.png