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The Story of Jonah

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Title Screen

The Story of Jonah

Developer: Interlight Productions
Publisher: Philips Media
Platform: CD-i
Released in US: 1992

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

Have a whale of a time learning all about The Story of Jonah!

...Oh, and there's a completely unrelated game involving some young shepherd collecting his lost sheep, with no sea animals in it (not even a fish).

Development Text

Some debugging strings and error messages can be found in the file cdi_b4_data at 6A8:

Error while setting up the video sync inst. title b4_map
  anim_num = %d
  animx timer = %d
New anim_num = %d
  ret = %d
niv_page_num = %d

page # = %d
niv IL childrens_menu() : Error during open() %s
 	errno = %d
CHILDRENS page # = %d
childrens page # = %d
channel = %d   start = %d  flip = %d  stop = %d
how much to adjust the start:   %d  
how much to adjust the flip:  %d  
how much to adjust the stop:  %d  
IL bible_menu() : Error during open of %s
  	errno = %d
IL wordstudy_activity() : Error during open() of %s
  	errno = %d
ws_activity word # = %d
channel = %d   
start = %d    
flip[ %d ] = %d  
how much to adjust the start:   %d  
how much to adjust flip # %d:   %d  
IL ws_activity() : Error during alm_set() - i = %d
  errno = %d
IL playroom_menu() : Error during ar_mask() 	
  errno = %d

IL load_ascii_text() : Error during open() of %s
 	errno = %d
IL load_ascii_text() : Error during read() of %s
 	errno = %d
IL open_up() : Error during open of %s
 	errno = %d