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The Urbz: Sims in the City (Game Boy Advance)

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Title Screen

The Urbz: Sims in the City

Developer: Griptonite Games[1]
Publisher: Electronic Arts[1]
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Released in JP: December 2, 2004[1]
Released in US: November 9, 2004[1]
Released in EU: November 12, 2004[1]

MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

To do:
Unused text. Early screenshots.

The handheld version of The Urbz: Sims in The City is a sequel of sorts to The Sims: Bustin' Out, beginning directly after the events of the first game where your Sim (or, Urb) crashes back on Earth from the rocket ship. Your goal? Thwart the greedy Daddy Bigbucks' plans, and return King Tower to its former soaring glory.

While being mostly identical to the first game in terms of gameplay, it's noticeably much more wild and creative with its missions and objectives, having you impress and impersonate others, travel through time and even attempt to make running legal again.

A Nintendo DS port, with some extra features was released in the same month as a launch title.

Unused Music

Hard Rock

An unused variation of Pattern 2 from Motorcross Mayhem's theme. It slightly differs in panning.

Unused Strings

Menu Strings

Cheat Menu
Music Test
SFX Test
In Game Cheats
Ignore Motive Game
VA Mode
Map Select
Mission Select
Goal Complete
Add Attrib Point
Mini Game
Mini Game Level
Change Gender
Get Some Beads
Unlock all Xizzles

Some strings that are probably for a test menu.

GameCube Connectivity

Welcome to Miniopolis!
Thank you for visiting!
Transfer failed. Please make sure the Game Boy Advance is connected properly.
Unable to link to the Nintendo GameCube.

Some strings that are probably for scrapped GameCube connectivity.

Storage Area

You found the Bayou Storage area!
You found the Sim Quarter Storage area!
You found the Miniopolis Storage area!

Some strings that probably were meant to show up when the player entered any of the storage areas.

House Warming Gift

@1 gave you @2 as a House Warming Gift!

This likely would have appeared after getting a housewarming gift.

Character Introductions and Biographys

People around here call me Daddy Bigbucks. If you like what you see in Miniopolis, it's a good bet I own it.

These are grouped in with the other character introductions.

XXXNOTUSED Casino Dealer
XXXNOTUSED Bio: Gordie Puck
XXXNOTUSED Bio: Pepper Pete

Extra Rep Group


This is a string grouped in with the rest of the rep group names. It is likely a shorthand for "independent", the name given to characters who are not in a rep group.

Zodiac and Personality System


These were for a personality system, probably identical to the ones in the GBA Bustin' Out. These strings can be seen used in some early screenshots.

Popularity Names


These tags may have been applied to the player depending on how popular they are.

Location Names

Streetball Court
Civil War - Time Machine
Hayseed's Farm
The Crater
Paper Boy - Time Machine
Paradise Island
Planet of Apes - Time Machine
The River
Salty's Riverboat
Sim Quarter Farmer's Market
Tar Pit - Time Machine
Twin's River Bed
Urbania Park
Glasstown Mega-Mall
Glasstown Mega-Mall 2
Small Brownstone
Large Brownstone
Bus Storage
Captain's Quarters
Salty's Lounge
Cinema d'Urbania
Cinema Theater
City Apartment
City Apartment Lobby
City Storage
Zeke's Zydeco Club
Coffee Shop
Crawfish Shack
Dark Tree
First Mate's Quarters
Fortune Teller's Shop
Chopper Garage
Miniopolis Hospital
Caf£ Multiplaya
Magic Lamp
Moon Base Zeta
Museum: Floor 1
Museum: Floor 2
Epoch Museum
Miniopolis Chronicle
Slice O' Life Pizza
Sim Quarter Storage
Artsie Clubhouse
Rep Group Clubhouse
Nerdie Clubhouse
Richie Clubhouse
Streetie Clubhouse
Secret Lab
Secret Tunnel

The names of each map in the game.

Sim Locations

Civil War - Time Machine BUG ME
Hayseed's Farm BUG ME
Paper Boy - Time Machine BUG ME
Planet of Apes - BUG ME
Tar Pit - Time Machine BUG ME
Hey. I'll be shopping on the first floor of the department store @1
Hi there, roomie. I'll be at home @1
Hi there, roomie. I'll be at home @1
Bus Storage BUG ME
I'm hanging out in this crazy Glasstown apartment. I'll be here @1
Hello. I'll be in the Glasstown apartment lobby @1
I don't know why I am in the city storage bin, but I'll be here @1
I'm not positive but I think I'm inside the dark tree. Should be here @1
Oh... It's you. I'll be in the mausoleum @1
Hey! I'll be floating around Moon Base Zeta @1!
I have to keep quiet. If you want to talk I'll be in the museum @1
I have to keep quiet. If you want to talk I'll be in the museum @1
Hey. I'll be pacing just inside the entrance to the museum @1
Well hello. I'll be ruminating in the Artsie Clubhouse @1
Hey. I'll be in the Rep House lobby @1
Greetings. I will be convalescing in the Nerdie Clubhouse @1
Hello. I'll be relaxing at the Richie Clubhouse @1
What's up! I'll be kicking it at the Streetie clubhouse @1
Hi there roomie. I'll be at home @1
Hi there roomie. I'll be at home @1
Hi there roomie. I'll be at home @1
Hi there roomie. I'll be at home @1
Hi there roomie. I'll be at home @1
What? Speak up! Listen, I'll be at Club Xizzle @1

Some of these were not intended to be used. Others are not used because no Sim is programmed with a location on that map.

Call Dialogue

This is a bad time. Try me in the morning.
Why would I bother? I don't even like you!

These messages are likely different kinds of refusal when the player asks a character to visit their house.

Conversational Dialogue

Bayou Boo

Plant one right here, girl!
Gosh, that's fine idea. Don't mind if I do.

Berkeley Clodd

I looked into buying a talented chimpanzee, but very few know how to pick pock- er, pick their nose.
Come hither and embrace me, @1!
Sure I'll move in with you. What a splendid way to meet a whole new set of clients.

Lincoln Broadsheet

I have my pet rabbit to thank for my interest in journalism. Why? Well... isn't it obvious?
Come here, you!
Sure, I'll live with you, buddy. But be warned: I stay up late.

Crawdad Clem

You know, It'd be real fun to share accommodations with you for a bit. Sure.

Ephram Earl

A piece of human interest seems to be the loving way.
If arms were ribbons consider this my bow.
I cannot kiss that which I cannot touch.
To haunt your house with your permission, this I will do.

Ewan Watahmee

Hugs are free, yes. But they are also round.

Pritchard Locksley

I was so proud my pet lizard Harvey was cast as the lead in a new gladiator film. Sure he beat me for the role... but he was wonderful!
It's so good to see you too! Let's do lunch.
Sure, so long as you help me memorize my lines.

Harlan King

Eh? Does that have a saucy secondary meaning I am not aware of?
Ugh! No! Your breath smells like everything but fresh!
Of course I will. How wonderful!

Lottie Cash

I have a cute little pug named Paris. You don't think I'll get sued for that, do you? I hope not.
It's fun to be this close to me, huh?
Okay! That'd be killer! We're going to have such an awesome time.

Luthor L. Bigbucks

Wrap your arms around me, baby.
Sure, why not. It'll be just like college all over again.

Mambo Loa

I would gladly share accommodations with you. When do I move in? Now?

Maximillian Moore

Sooner or later, every disease that pets get will jump to humans! The end is near!
You washed your hands before you hugged me, right?
Sure, why not? So long as you don't mind the smell of bleach.

Misty Waters



I totally want a pet dolphin so it can protect me from sharks.
Gee, thanks. You're sweet.
Okay! I can't wait to redecorate your dumpy pad.

Olde Salty

Arrr, you've cracked my barnacle encrusted heart!
That's right, give poor Olde Salty a nice hug.
I'll kiss no one! Not until you proves your devotion!
You're darn tooting! I'd be your roommate any day.

Phoebe Twiddle

My mom was a cat lady and my dad was a dog guy, so I learned to love pets very early on. But I'll never forget the smell.

Polly Nomial

Your colorful colloquy is highly amusing.
Yes. To maintain a domicile with you would be most enlightening.

Giuseppi Mezzoalto

If I tell you I like snakes, you'd better not make any jokes. Got it?
Why not, right? It'll be loads of fun. I'm moving in today!

Roxanna Moxie

Come by the carnival sometime! There are lots of needy animals there.
Sure, why not? It'll be fun, you know? A real laugh.

Sue Pirnova

I'm not organized enough to take care of another creature. The best I can manage is feeding ants.

Theresa Bullhorn

Yes! I would love to share your life of glamour and fame.


I like goldfish. What?
Heck yeah, dawg. We can kick it together.

Daddy Bigbucks

Yuck! There is nothing worse that a sniveling, drooling, hairy servant who cannot follow orders.
Hello there... do you mind if I buy you a small island?
Normally I don't let people touch me if they're not wearing an expensive coat. But for you'll I'll make an exception.
Normally I don't let people kiss me if they're not wearing fruity lip gloss. But for you'll I'll make an exception.
Get away from me, you pest! I'd sooner kiss a sneezing dog
You betcha!

Det. Dan D. Mann

When people don't clean up after their pets, who do you think has to do it for them? Huh? I'm asking you because I don't know the answer.
It's an interesting proposition. Hm... Consider it done!

Lily Gates

Every time I buy a pet, I get so busy I forget to feed it. And then... well... I shouldn't own any pets.
An excellent plan! Your place is much closer to where I work!

Kris Thistle

Don't remind me! My landlord doesn't allow pets, so when I moved here I was forced to sell my ferret.
You want me to move in with you? After all I've done? Wow. You're great.

Cannonball Coleman

I owned a crow a few years ago. He made enough noise to scare ghosts away. I miss that old bird.

Gramma Hattie

I'm definitely a cat person. And a dog person. And a chicken person too. I'm really a pet person.
Stop it this instant. I know you're just trying to fool with an old woman's mind.
Ack! Help! Help! Police! This boy is trying to inhale me!
What a grand idea. Your house will be a great place to hold meetings.

Dusty Hogg

I used to own a small python and a small dog. Now I just own a bigger python.

Some of the dialogue is from a scrapped interaction, likely about pets. There is dialogue for when a character accepts the player's kiss or hug in the string table, but characters say nothing when they are actually hugged or kissed. Additionally, all characters have dialogue for flirting and accepting a kiss, no matter if they can be flirted with or not. Similarly, characters who cannot be the player's roommate still have dialogue for accepting being the player's roommate.

Visiting Dialogue

This place is awesome!
This place is a dump... how do you live here?

Unused dialogue for when a character is invited to the player's house.

Roommate Dialogue

Want to move in with me?
I don't think we should be roommates anymore. Move out.

Leftovers from the previous game's social system.

Object Names and Descriptions

No description available.
BBQ Grill Outdoor
Readily available and usually hygienic, these water dispensers serve to slake your thirst.
Invisible Jail Bed
Invisible Bookshelf
Invisible Jail Door
Invisible Rusty Gate.
Invisible Love Seat
Invisible Creative
Fixture of the modern global postal communication system, it works best when placed in front of the home and not in your pocket.
Invisible Shower
Invisible Sink
Invisible Telephone
Invisible Toilet
XXXNOTUSED Cozypod Standard Incubator
XXXNOTUSED Cozypod Super Incubator
XXXNOTUSED Gathering and treating ancient animal DNA is the most important step to any serious cloning project. The BASIC SPLICER automates the process in one easy step, leaving you plenty of time to plug in your incubator.
XXXNOTUSED The DNAce Gene-Splicer is faster, smarter, and more efficient than any splicer currently on the market. It is so powerful it occasionally recombines DNA into new and potentially dangerous combinations.
The last thing you want when whittling away at your masterpiece is a table made of the same material as your subject. That's why we use high strength Plethlar fiber in this special table made specifically for artists.
XXXNOTUSED If you're sitting on a crumbling trove of petrified pitch and craggy stone, why not smooth those stones with an amber tumbler. Guaranteed quick or your lost hours back!
Don't get caught in the dark! Stock up on Glo-Green brand cyalume light sticks today, before the light in your attic goes out!
This is a moving crate. The longer you wait to unpack it, the more it costs you.
XXXNOTUSED Lava Lamp Museum Exhibit
XXXNOTUSED Dinosaur Museum Exhibit
XXXNOTUSED Meteor Museum Exhibit
XXXNOTUSED Mummified Elvyz Museum Exhibit
XXXNOTUSED Ball 'o Twine Museum Exhibit
This is a puddle. You just wet yourself!
With this single land-claim flag Daddy Bigbucks intends to circumvent and sabotage more than a century of (mostly) honest and (occasionally) peaceful land purchases and developments. What a sneak.
Manacles (Invisible)
XXXNOTUSED Amber - Nugget
These are utility bills. Pay them or pay the consequences.
A drawing of the bayou brothers' late mother Bogland Bessie.
A dopey, lumbering brontosaurus saved from the late Jurassic period. This one is full of love, affection and liability.
A giant flying reptile yanked from the late Cretaceous period and into your home. Pteranodons are quieter than parrots, but quite a bit messier.
The Simosaurus Rex was a rare breed of dinosaur whose remains can only be are found in and around the tar pits east of Miniopolis.
Slow and stupid, but impossible to tip over, a Triceratops is the perfect pet for those with lackadaisical lifestyles.
XXXNOTUSED New World Dragon
The result of a heinous fusion of plant, human, and animal DNA, the Konga Gorilla is actually quite well behaved.
A feisty, fussy sabre-toothed Llama. The likes of these strange animals have not been seen around these parts since the Ice Age.
The legendary Veloci-Rooster. Created in a VirtuChem Lab accident twenty-three years ago, the Veloci-Rooster has genius-level intelligence, a large ego, and a nasty temper.
No name available.
BBQ Grill Outdoor
Drinking Fountain
Invisible Admirable
Invisible Computer
Invisible Jail Bed
Invisible City Bench
Invisible Park Bench
Invisible Bookshelf
Invisible Jail Door
Invisible Locked Door
Invisible Shower
Invisible Sink
Pay Phone
Invisible Telephone
Invisible Toilet
XXXNOTUSED Cozypod Incubator
XXXNOTUSED Super Cozypod Incubator
XXXNOTUSED Helix Splicer
XXXNOTUSED Amber Tumbler
Swarm of Flies
Moving Crate
Lava Lamp
Mummified Elvyz
Ball 'o Twine
Pile of Ash
Daddy B's Claim Flag.
Manacles **NOTUSED**
XXXNOTUSED Nugget of Amber
Simosaurus Rex
New World Dragon
Giant Konga Gorilla
Sabre-Toothed Llama

Most of these objects are used, but are not obtainable or are used in the DS version of the game.

Rep Group Dialogue

Hey, @1. Check yourself before you wreck your Rep. The Streeties are getting sick of you hanging around.
Sorry to be the one to break this to you, @1, but the rest of the Richies think you're getting a tad uppity. Clean up your act or we'll boot you. 
Our patience with your gradual assimilation into our social sphere is waning. Progress or be excommunicated from the Nerdies.
A few words of advice @1. Shape up or ship out of our group. End of story.

These seem to be special dialogue when the player has obtained a negative relationship with their rep group.

Mission Dialogue

Hey, have you heard the recent news? A local TV station is filming a new Reality Television Show.
Interesting, but I don't watch much TV.
Me neither, but don't let that stop you from going up to Paradise Island and signing up. If you do well I could write a big article about you.
Are they still letting people sign up?
I think so. Head up to Paradise Island and see for yourself. And if you do well Id love to write an article on you.

This is grouped with Lincoln Broadsheet's mission dialogue.