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The Walking Dead: Season Two

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Title Screen

The Walking Dead: Season Two

Developer: Telltale Games
Publisher: Telltale Games
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iOS
Released internationally: December 17, 2013

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The Walking Dead: Season Two follows from the events of Season One.

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TheWalkingDeadSeason2 Telltale EP1 Icon.png
Episode 1: All That Remains
TheWalkingDeadSeason2 Telltale EP2 Icon.png
Episode 2: A House Divided
TheWalkingDeadSeason2 Telltale EP3 Icon.png
Episode 3: In Harm's Way
TheWalkingDeadSeason2 Telltale EP4 Icon.png
Episode 4: Amid The Ruins
TheWalkingDeadSeason2 Telltale EP5 Icon.png
Episode 5: No Going Back

Unused Text

In the PlayStation 3 version, there is an unused .landb file containing early episode names for Episodes 2, 3, and 5. Interestingly enough, the PS3/PS Vita versions of the game still show the name of episode 5 as "Better to Sleep" in its trophy listings

Speech=Playing Episode 2: Don't Look Back.
Speech=Playing Episode 3: In Cold Blood.
Speech=Playing Episode 5: Better to Sleep.

Unused Graphics

UI Elements

Some UI leftovers from Telltale's The Wolf Among Us.

The Walking Dead Season Two Telltale safeArea.png

Title-safe and Action-safe area guide, a detailed explanation on its purpose can be found here.

Episode Backgrounds

There was originally a 3-episode mini-series DLC planned for The Walking Dead: Season Two, however it was later developed into a standalone game as The Walking Dead: Michonne.

Notably, grayscaled episode backgrounds from The Wolf Among Us are used as placeholders.

Episode Screen Notes & Changes

Episode 1: All That Remains

Diorama Luke's model
Telltale Walking Dead Season Two EP1 Diorama.png Telltale walking Dead S2 Luke's Beta model.png

In the diorama for the episode, the obscured figure with the flashlight pointed at Clem is actually Luke. But not only that, it specifically uses Luke's earlier model. According to the developers, this model was changed to make Nick and Luke more distinct from each other. His concept art still depicts this earlier design. The model itself is known as obj_lukeFlashlightDiorama201.d3dmesh, and it's the only place in the game where Luke's early model still gets used. However, the animation actually reveals another interesting detail, as its file is known as ui_diorama_201_clem_sk54_winston.anm. The name of this file implies that the one looking at Clem was actually meant to be Winston, the scavenger. The fact that Luke's early model was used here implies that it might've been a placeholder, which was later meant to be changed with Winston's model, but the chnage just never took place.

Episode 2: A House Divided

Telltale Walking Dead Season Two EP2 diorama.png
The animations for this diorama are also interesting:

All of these refer to Johnny and Carver, however the person actually depicted alongside Johnny is Troy. Similarly, Troy is also shown knocking on the cabin door in the "Next Time On" preview for Episode 2: A House Divided, which is something that Carver does in the final game. In all these cases, the animations specifically point to Troy internally, rather than Carver. This implies that Troy's model was used as a placeholder for Carver's, and it was also never swapped out. In the same developer post talking about Luke's changes, it was also mentioned that they were still altering Carver's model even after the voice actor had been cast, which may be why a placeholder was used for so long.

Episode 3: In Harm's Way

Pre-Episode 3Release Post-Episode 3 Release
The Walking Dead Season Two Telltale EP3 Screen Unpatched.png The Walking Dead Season Two Telltale EP3 Screen Patched.png

Episode 3's diorama was different up until the episode's actual release, at which point it was replaced. It originally depicted the truck stop bathroom and had a prison bar overlay. The final variant removed the overlay completely, and now depicts Clem and Rebecca inside of Howe's Hardware.

Episode 4: Amid The Ruins

To do:
This diorama is a real mess. The version differences should be noted under "Version Differences", and so should this Definitive Series bug be, for that matter. When not taking the different console versions into account, this slide didn't really change, and all its otherwise noteworthy changes are documented on the pre-release page. Also explain the glitch in question. What file causes it?

This diorama had different variants depending on which console it was played, as well as which region. After the episode's release, all different versions were consolidated into one final variant. It's worth mentioning that the diorama was changed one more time in the Definitive Series version of the game. Clementine doesn't have the blood on her face anymore. Although this further sparked confusion and discussion over the cryptic nature of this diorama, this is actually just a glitch that Telltale never bothered to fix. There are files within the game itself to reapply the blood on Clementine's face

Clementine's Bloodied face texture still present in the Def edition Definitive Edition Diorama with Bloodied face
Telltale Walking Dead S2 EP4 Clementine Bloodied face texture .png
TWD S2 EP4 Blood face .png


To do:
Add the tracks that do now play in the final release. Also, check for the original filenames.
File Notes
The music that was originally meant accompany episode 1's diorama. In the final game, it can be heard in the import file section, as well as whenever you decide to pause the game. This song was used in certain versions for the diorama when the game initially released, but was changed in later updates.
The music originally intended for episode 2's diorama. This song did play before the release of the episode, but was later changed upon its official release.
This song was used when the game first released, but was changed in later versions of the game.
Once more, his was used upon the game's initial release, but was later changed after episode four's official release.
Unlike all of the other dioramas, episode 5 never at one point used its original music, its track was always unused in the files.