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Tony Hawk's Underground 2: Remix

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Title Screen

Tony Hawk's Underground 2: Remix

Developers: Neversoft, Shaba Games
Publisher: Activision
Platform: PlayStation Portable
Released in US: March 15, 2005
Released in EU: September 1, 2005

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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There's at least one unused article of clothing.

Tony Hawk's Underground 2: Remix is a port of Tony Hawk's Underground 2 for the PSP.

Previously Undocumented Cheat Codes

The only previously documented cheat codes for the game are tightrope, which unlocks the 'Perfect Rail' cheat, and birdman which unlocks THPS1 Tony Hawk as a playable character. However, there are numerous other cheat codes defined within the game's scripts. These cheat code definitions are not defined in plaintext, but instead stored as hashed values using a custom hashing algorithm based in part on iteratively hashing the cheat code using CRC32 100,000 times. Because of this, the cheat codes cannot be trivially determined or decoded. However, through bruteforcing numerous possible cheats, a number of previously undocumented cheat codes have been discovered.

Cheat Identifier Cheat Effect Cheat Code
cheat_unlock_always_special Always Special ???
cheat_unlock_perfect_rail Perfect Rail tightrope
cheat_unlock_perfect_skitch Perfect Skitch ???
cheat_unlock_perfect_manual Perfect Manual ???
cheat_unlock_moon_grav Moon Gravity m00nraker
cheat_unlock_pedgroup1 Unlock Pedestrian Group A ???
cheat_unlock_pedgroup2 Unlock Pedestrian Group B ???
cheat_unlock_pedgroup3 Unlock Pedestrian Group C hate2love
cheat_unlock_pedgroup4 Unlock Pedestrian Group D gumdrops
cheat_unlock_pedgroup5 Unlock Pedestrian Group E ???
cheat_unlock_pedgroup6 Unlock Pedestrian Group F bratpak
cheat_unlock_pedgroup7 Unlock Pedestrian Group G evenmore
cheat_unlock_pedgroup8 Unlock Pedestrian Group H ???
cheat_give_shrek Unlock Shrek nevertold
cheat_give_soldier Unlock C.O.D. Soldier dogtags
cheat_give_phil Unlock Phil Margera tirejack
cheat_give_hand Unlock The Hand hangloose
cheat_give_paulie Unlock Paulie Ryan spittle
cheat_give_nigel Unlock Nigel Beaverhausen tigerthong
cheat_give_steveo Unlock Steve-O jackazz
cheat_give_jesse Unlock Jesse James ???
cheat_give_thps Unlock THPS1 Tony Hawk birdman
cheat_give_natas Unlock Natas Kaupas ???
cheat_unlockmovies Unlock all Movies playbill
cheat_reallygivelevels Unlock all Levels ???
cheat_give_story_skaters Unlock all Story Mode Characters ???
unlock_all_cheats Unlock all Cheat Codes ???
cheat_select_shift Select Shift (Unknown Effect) ???
cheat_sce_patchtest SCE Patchtest (Unknown Effect) ???

It is worth noting that many of these cheat codes' effects can be unlocked through gameplay as well.

(Source: CB9001)

Development Unit Switch Debug Display

There are a number of General Purpose Input (GPI) dip switches within the hardware development kits used by developers to test, debug, and develop PSP games[1]. The status of each dip switch is checked by calling a kernel function, sceKernelGetGPI(). While these dip switches do not exist within retail PSP units, by modifying the return value of sceKernelGetGPI() to non-zero values, one can pretend that certain dip switches are enabled. The retail version of Tony Hawk's Underground 2: Remix retains calls to this function within its code, and when pretending certain dipswitches are enabled, various debug information is displayed on-screen. Depending on the switches enabled, this can include a bar displaying Graphics and CPU loads, an FPS display, and a breakdown of the specific features that are contributing to those loads.

Only Graphics & CPU Load Bar Enabled (See Top Left Corner)
All Displays Enabled

With all displays enabled, some of the fields displayed include:

	misc updates
The Gap
The Gap Peak
Right now
You still need
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Debug Options

Code for a debug menu is present within the game's scripts. While not usually accessible to the player, the only check in place to determine whether or not to show the debug menu is a check of a flag in memory indicating whether or not the game is running off of a UMD (for ULUS10014, this flag is at 0x08a651d4). By setting this flag to false before opening the pause menu in game, a new 'Debug Options' entry appears, similar to the original version of the game.

Pause Menu Debug Options
THUG2R Pause Menu with Debug.png THUG2R Debug Options Menu.png

Cheats: Debug

Cheats: Debug Menu

Available options from the 'Cheats: Debug' menu are:

  • Time of Day
  • View Cutscenes
  • Levels Unlocked
  • Goals to complete bracket
  • 100 Stat Points
  • Beat current goal
  • Unlock all chapters
  • Unlock all stats goals
  • Score 5 million points
  • Mark all goals unbeaten
  • Set Difficulty Level

Goto Restart

Goto Restart Menu

The Restart menu lists available spawn points within the current level. Selecting one will teleport you to that location.

Debug Menu

Debug Menu

Available options from the debug menu are:

  • Auto Rail Level
  • Time Of Day
  • Lighting Tool
  • Rail Display Toggle
  • Bouncy Object Debug Display Toggle
  • Toggle Profiler
  • Toggle FPS Display
  • Toggle Anim Times
  • Toggle Particle Times
  • Toggle Particle Emit Dir Display
  • Toggle Model Scene Light Display
  • Toggle Geom Scene Light Display
  • Toggle Active Scene Light Display
  • Toggle Geom Stats
  • Toggle Poly Count
  • Toggle Free Memory
  • Defrag Animation Cache
  • Wireframe Toggle
  • Wireframe Skins Toggle
  • Show Vert Polys
  • Show Wallride Polys
  • Show Trigger Polys
  • Show Camera Polys
  • Show Not Skateable
  • Show skater shadow
  • Show no skater shadow
  • Show no skater shadow wall
  • CheckForHoles (Slow)
  • Hide HUD

Test Menu

THUG2R Test Menu.png

Available options from the test menu are:

  • View Humans
  • View Cutscene Heads
  • View Animals
  • View Cars
  • View Cutscenes
  • Set Pro Skater
  • Set Pre-Made Skater
  • Edit Appearance
  • dialog box
  • Scrolling Menu
  • Face Texture Test
  • View High Scores
  • Keyboard